FAANGS For Nothing – Gold/Silver Market Update – Mike Maloney

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

The Fang stocks and this is supposed to have another a in there it's Facebook Apple Amazon Netflix and Google are hitting record highs this is insane over half the world has asked the ioe be for a bailout oh that's IMF hmm the International

Monetary Fund managing director told the meeting of the g20 finance ministers and central bank governors central bank's Wednesday that over a hundred countries have approached the International Organization for emergency bailouts the

IOE b44 bailouts this is funny and I don't know who Tyler Durden really is this is a pseudonym for probably a whole bunch of people but it's funny despite just ten countries so far receiving emergency funding with many more

Expected to receive lifelines by the end of the month she said the IMF will use its full toolbox and one-trillion firepower of lending 1 trillion dollars boy that just seems like a pittance these days doesn't it I mean the u.s. is

Only 4% of the world's population and we're throwing about 6 trillion at it so far in all of these different programs and things there's going to be six trillion by the end of the year that we're throwing at this thing and the IMF

Is only throwing a 1 trillion for the rest of the world you know they can they just need to ask me I'll be glad to loan them a hundred trillion so they can go a hundred fold on that I've got you know I'll keep another five and a half

Quadrillion for myself but you know we used to I bought six I bought a sec still Ian I calculated back several years ago and we used to send these for free when somebody ordered from goldsilver.com

We'd send you a hundred trillion dollars as a bookmark and a free book and then for people that were buying over a certain amount enough to become an insider for a while we were sending them an

Ounce of real money so we'd send you a hundred trillion dollars of fiat currency and an ounce of real money as a silver Pegasus round so that's what's going on with the IMF today and the countries around the world the gold and

Silver IOUs are falling even though it's getting very very difficult to actually find real gold and silver it's vanishing right now and so they're both falling and you know maybe these IOUs will fall to Zil is to zero and gold and silver

You just won't be able to get it at any price so the market opened way up today and European car registrations crashed the most on record in March that is extremely deflationary China's own economy in worst downturn since the

1960s you need to go and do an internet search on the great leap forward because the the downturn in the 60s is is the leftover from what happened with mouthes program right at the end of the 50s beginning of the 60s Chairman Mao

Introduced something called the Great Leap Forward it was an economic program that was supposed to launch China's economy past that of the United States and create great prosperity for them and what happened was somewhere between 18

And 60 million people starved to death it is the greatest man-made famine in history and the historians the average that they estimate is around 30 the average estimate of all the different historians that have studied the Great

Leap Forward then go down here there's over 43,000 u.s. millionaires to get stimulus averaging 1.6 million each and all of these different government programs whatever it says on it it means pretty much exactly the opposite this

Was the Kerr's stimulus bill and instead of care as it means we don't give a flying friggin flippin finagle about you you can have your 1200 bucks we're gonna give 1.6 million each to you know average 243 thousand millionaires I

Think this is you know if you don't laugh you got a cry so I'd rather laugh Brett Johnson of Santiago Capital does anyone out there think that the state and feds are going to spend all of this money I think he means currency time

Training and training to ensure social distancing tested test testing and travel restrictions and then just throw it all away when the virus goes away I think this is brilliant I hadn't thought about this but Brent is right there

They're not going especially like these travel restrictions once they've got a digital blockchain currency they can prevent you from buying gas anywhere outside a certain radius from your own home or prevent you from buying an

Airline ticket to a place that they don't want you to travel to prevent you from making any transactions in a restricted area so you'd only be able to go to certain countries certain states or cities or whatever they want to do if

You were able like if you went to a different country that was still using cash and you were able to get purchase a bunch of cash but they can restrict that to to just a certain amount per day so you couldn't get enough to actually go

To a restricted country and be able to travel around there and stuff so get ready for total state and federal you know the federal control that's coming through the Fed Michael McDonough he posted he tweeted the China retail

Sales year-over-year change and so there was always this growth this is 10 this is 20 I believe this is percentage of sales so there was this growth 30% in their GDP figures used to reflect this tremendous growth of their

Economy and then this is the collapse in the first quarter now the first quarter contains a lot of the spending in preparation for Chinese New Year and you know it was Wuhan that got the big lock down the Wuhan province not most of the

Rest of China and so a lot of the Chinese New Year did take place you know it happens through from mid January through early February and so a lot of sales and stuff for that celebration so this collapse is basically February and

March is what you're seeing here with you know it would have gone up if the figures had included Chinese New Year and there was no coronavirus and that reflects on their GDP and the GDP here again from 1992 you've got fifteen

Percent growth annually ten percent growth annually you know it's slowing to six percent and now you've got a seven percent contraction in just the first quarter so this is each quarter compared to the

Previous the same quarter in the previous year that's how they calculate this now Dan just reminded me that China is the they you know because of their booming economy over the past 40 years they've been buying a lot of resources

When they create homes you know they had this incredible real estate boom we went there and we filmed in some of their ghost cities and stuff and it was just an amazing sight to see that the government would nationalize a whole

Bunch of land just bulldoze it and build a brand new city with nobody in it and eventually they would become occupied over the like the following ten years but they kept on doing this and doing so there's always ghost cities in China and

One day something was going to happen and those cities are not going to get occupied and guess what something did happen but while they were doing that they were buying all of these resources like copper for why

And plumbing and timber and cement and iron fruit to make steel for cars and so on because they were you know that Chinese Chinese the number of automobiles the growth is is just amazing and where most of those

Resources came from was Australia was selling them a tremendous amount of resources Australia's economy is made by digging stuff up and chopping stuff down and shipping it overseas and I was there in 2013 and I gave a presentation in

Sydney and in Melbourne and I showed the audience this stat and the stat comes I can't remember I don't see the attribution on this chart but it was from their own like the University of New South Wales or from the Australian

Reserve Bank the Reserve Bank of Australia or one of its their own dataset is what I'm saying and the growth in this century from 5% at the beginning of the century to 30% in 2013 and this probably continued to grow is

Probably 40 percent and I told them back in 2013 when China sneezes you're gonna be the one to catch the cold and right now they had the the one of the world's greatest real estate bubbles just a couple of months ago and that's popping

Right now because a whole bunch of this national income is going away so it's this they're getting this enormous effect that's like double triple I will cover that in a special report video I want to welcome the 886 new subscribers

And just remember hit the notification bell and we'd really appreciate it if you give us a thumbs up if you get things from these videos that really does help us that thumbs up ratio chart of the day and there's this is several

Charts the Fang stocks and this is supposed to have another a in there its Facebook Apple Amazon Netflix and Google are hitting record highs this is insane this is insane the economy is like going into this deflationary collapse and

These stocks are hitting record highs and then when you look at the S&P the five largest companies in the S&P this is their percentage of the espys market cap so the value of the SP is most of the

Value of the stock market it's like 95 percent of the value of the entire stock market is the S&P 500 and the top five companies are now at like twenty one point four percent of so just these and another change the peak before was in

The year 2000 with the blow off top of the tech bubble the Nasdaq bubble and then the five top companies were a mixture of the virtual economy and the real economy of Microsoft Cisco and Intel representing the internet or the

Virtual economy and GE which is manufacturing and Walmart which is retail representing the real economy manufacturing and retail the stuff that we buy to stay alive these were the things that we you know this was running

The financial system and a lot of business and so on but it's it's all virtual it's on the Internet and now all of the companies here are 100% virtual Microsoft Apple Amazon this is Google alphabet is Google and Facebook so it's

Part of the Fang stocks and it's 21% now there's going to be a huge wealth transfer and warping of the economy from the all of these bailouts and the Federal Reserve and when they start buying stocks they're going to be

Purchasing stocks through ETFs which means 21 percent of all the currency that the Fed creates to plow into the stock market is going to go to these five stocks are they a good front run for investing ahead of the Federal

Reserve's manipulation I don't know I do know that according to history that one day gold and silver will vastly outperform whatever performance these stocks have this is much riskier to me than investing in the precious metals

And betting on you know you're betting against the Federal Reserve and all of this voodoo hocus-pocus manipulation where you know Bay basically they're just doing these magical incantations and they're casting

A bunch of goat bones and nichkhun entrails and and reading a bunch of tea leaves to try and get the economy going one direction or the other the Port of Los Angeles this is hugely deflationary this is you know you can

See there's seasonality to it but this is the number of containers going in and out of the port each month in Los Angeles the Port of Los Angeles and I know it's monthly data because each one of these vertical lines these dotted

Lines is a quarter this dropped they were this is 900,000 containers in that month they're exceeding 900,000 this is nine hundred and fifty thousand containers that's summer of 2018 or a fall of 2018 summer of 2019 and we've

Fallen by 50% 450,000 containers this you know 0.45 million this is hugely deflationary and this is only you know here's the first quarter this is January February March when April May you know the next quarter

In April will be way down here somewhere and this is going to continue falling for a little while because there's inventories and stuff that have to be used up and so viewer feedback I want to thank

Stephen if ocation how it will work it's simple they will counterfeit on one hand while on the other hand they ensure depressive conditions so severe that net inflation is near their inflation target permanent depression covered over with

Fiat some vice-grip they will continue to falsify the stats to hide the poverty they're creating you know what I think Steven vacation may have hit the nail right on the head and I want to point out too that I think it was there was

Somebody I think as Winston Churchill said that economists are always saying on one hand and on the other hand and they said that John Maynard Keynes had three hands there was some quote doctor tech tech the world today looks

Something between looks like something between V for Vendetta and antlia shrugged now if you have not watched V for Vendetta please watch that movie you know I don't normally like movies like this however the theme of

This movie really hit me close to home and it is just such a phenomenal film I own this on DVD and I've watched it numerous times I love this film Atlas Shrugged I read that when I was 17 years old being dyslexic it took me about

Three months to read that book and I just you know I was up in the woods in Northern California and living all alone while I was helping build my uncle's geodesic dome cabin and I read that entire book and then in 2013 or 14 I

Reread it again and I was so impressed with one section of it I filmed that and put it up as one of the videos that's on this channel and you can click this link up here and it'll take you to that video and you can come back

Once this later but that is the reason what I'm reading there happens a few hundred pages into the book and when you you know you'll think that this book is outdated and why am i reading this and then you get to that and you go oh my

God that is the reason to read it so if you're at home quarantined then you know do something with your time that's really constructive and both of these are constructive with your time black

Bear goat Junior says anyone can see this is going to a digital currency will where they'll just drop a couple of zeros off the bills well if it's digital they won't have bills and you know I used to carry around these joke bills

We've got some Federal Reserve notes that are a million dollar bill and a trillion dollar bill and I used to say these are coming to an ATM near you well they're not they're going to be digital now and they're coming to a phone wallet

Or a card that will be issued by the government and then the government will be you know the Federal Reserve in conjunction with the government will be able to track everywhere you go and like I said with Brett Johnson's tweet they

Will be able to actually restrict where you're going because you won't be able to fill up with your with gasoline or you won't be able to buy certain airline tickets and so on depending on who you are and where you come from they'll be

Able to control everything now I want to show you that on our video channel if you go to the home page you click the link that looks like this that's underneath any one of the videos go to the home page and then click this

Spyglass in this search bar appears use that search bar and you can search for any topic if you search for Bitcoin or cryptocurrency or yield curve or anything else or you can go to these playlists underneath and there you know

We've got hundreds and hundreds of videos so if you want to know something about a specific topic it's probably right there the quote of the day you know remember though get my book it's free and if you haven't gotten it yet I

Want to tell you this is not some internet PDF that we came up with as some sales tool this is the best-selling book on precious metals of this century and it's still the best-selling book on precious

Metals on Amazon and when this came out it was at every Airport book store Barnes & Noble booksellers Hudson books everybody carried this book it's a real book and we're giving it to you free or you can go to Amazon you can buy it

Either one your choice the quote of the day the means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home James Madison and if that doesn't apply to the 9/11 act if it doesn't apply to what's

Going on with coronavirus I don't know what does I want to thank you for watching

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