Eyes Wide Shut – What’s the Difference?

published on July 2, 2020

oh boy that's right it's time to dive

into the Christmas classic you forgot

took place during Christmas Stanley

Kubrick's erotic thriller Eyes Wide Shut

the film is an adaptation of Arthur

Schmidt's lers 1926 Austrian novella

dream story a marital drama that could

be described as a psychosexual nightmare

ooh paging dr Freud please lie down on

the couch

it was Stanley Kubrick's wife who turned

him onto the novella which led to his

purchase of the story rights in the

1960s finally delivering his take in

1999 with over 70 years in a sexual

revolution passing between the release

of the book in the film how did Kubrick

translate it to the screen without

further ado and no restraint on spoilers

it's time to ask what's the difference

wait did you say ass I don't think so if

you watched Eyes Wide Shut and thought

what the fuck is happening in this oddly

clinical fever dream you might be

surprised to learn that the movie is an

exceptionally accurate representation of

the book Kubrick's film follows the same

beats and includes almost all the same

characters but while the book serves as

a very clear road map for the film

Kubrick adapts to major changes time and

location the book is set in 1926 Vienna

during the carnival celebrations the

features free to live and Albertine a

married couple living in the trendy

district of Yoshi's then the movie is

set during Christmas in New York City

1999 Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman played

Bill and Alice Harford living in swanky

Central Park West both mediums begin

with a ball where the husband and wife

have flirtatious interactions with

people who aren't their spouse but while

the book reveals the events of the ball

from conversation the night after the

movie spins screen time at the party it

establishes bills boss Victor a

character not at all present in the book

who asks bill to discreetly revive a

prostitute who had od'd in his upstairs

bathroom yes the day after the ball is

all backstory and perfectly aligns with

the book he's a doctor and she is a

housewife and mother that night the

couple revisits the flirtatious events

from the night before and what begins as

playful jealousy turns serious when she

confesses a sexual fantasy she had about

a stranger during their vacation in


I always ready to give up everything but

the movie leaves out the fact that

Friedel and also fantasized about a

stranger in denim what really drives him

into a jealous rage is Albertine s

confession that she was DTF long before

they were married the movie brings this

conversation into 1999 because

expectations of virginity till marriage

were no longer as significant now

obviously both versions are told through

the male perspective but Kubrick is able

to weave more of Alice's journey into

the story in a way schnitzel er could

not he foreshadows her unconscious

Odyssey with Alice staring into the

looking-glass and throughout the film

Kubrick interrupts bills scenes with

shots of Alice in the throes of

infidelity we bear witness to her

subconscious escapades which is just as

tangible as bills real-life adventure

both mediums the doctor leaves his house

feeling very insecure in his manhood and

just like in the book bill later

accompanies a prostitute to her

apartment fully prepared to do the deed

but is interrupted by a call in his

fancy 1999 flip phone gasp it's your

wife with no cellphone to bring

Albertine into the scene the novella

relies on Frida Lynn's fear of crossing

the line of infidelity as the reason to

leave unsexed it is the clash between a

eagle and supplier seeking heed in the

book Frida Lynn heads into a coffee shop

where his old med school buddy nothing

ghoul happens to be playing piano its he

who points freedom in towards the

hush-hush sex party with the password to

Denmark it just had to be Denmark never

the movie changes Nachtigal to

Nightingale and introduces him in the

first act so it's less of a coincidence

when bill finds him playing at a club

yes sir

and thanks to another fancy cell phone

we get the password to the party which

turns out to be a taunting reference to

fidelity then it's off to the costume

shop at 2:00 am waking up the shop

owner who helps him rent a mask in cloak

in both the book and the movie the

doctor is able to make insane requests

like this because of his social status

this plays much better in the book

because he's always carrying around his

medical bag like you did in 1926

whereas Tom Cruise keeps presenting his

medical license whenever he needs

anything and it's frankly quite


does that license make you feel like a

real big dr bill runs into another

sexual situation with the costumer his

underage daughter and two deviants that

has made more uncomfortable in the book

by the fact that free de lijn wants to

protect the child just as much as he

desires to let's just move on to the

orgy passwords today via the secret sex

party plays out almost identically with

the chanting singing masks and cloaks a

naked woman trying to get the doctor to

leave before he is discovered in a tense

moment where the apparent leaders of

this apparent cult ask for a second

password that bill doesn't know

forgotten it the biggest difference in

the film's party scene is well seeing

tons of naked people doing that and this

and and like a like a flipped version

the book mentions nudity and dancing but

doesn't walk the same nc-17 line and

while free de lijn also ignores the

woman's warning and is found out by the

group leader he refuses to take off his


thinking he's perhaps being tested but

in the movie bill removes his mask in a

moment that is just like that dream

where you go to school naked you know

the one tells us he is emasculated after

the mysterious woman accepts

consequences for Friedel ins actions

he's forced into a carriage which drops

him off in a field outside of town

ending a dreamlike series of strange

events since the movie spent so much

time showing us orgy business it cuts

straight from the woman's sacrifice to

bill entering his apartment where he

finds Alice laughing in her sleep her

crass recounting of the dream mirrors

the events of the sex party though bill

never did participate she was engaged

with a number of other men this is just

a condensed version of Albert teens

recollection in the book though her

dream culminates in Friedman's

crucifixion either way the doctor's

jealousy is reinvigorated so the rest of

the story is spent unraveling the

mystery of the sex party and getting

even with his wife's subconscious

infidelity and so he retraces his steps

both bill and Frida 'ln swing by the

prostitutes apartment only to find her

roommate in the book the prostitute was

sent to the hospital for 19:26

tuberculosis while

movie she's diagnosed with 1999 HIV

never be going in the book Friedel and

returns to the customer hoping to

examine the young girl only to find her

father is now prostituting her out to

the deviants from the night before okay

Bill's motives are less clear in the

movie though it's worth noting that he

doesn't call the police which may speak

to a guilty conscience

one could say you want to go daughter

okay that's enough had I said one could

say he's getting under my skin towards

the story enters its psychological

thriller phase as he tries to find

Nightingale and returns to the orgy

house in search of clues only to end up

with more subtle threats from the

mysterious party members a possible lead

on the woman from the party appears in

both mediums when the doctor reads a

headline about a woman found dead then

just like in the book he goes to the

Morgan stares at a dead body for an

uncomfortable amount of time what's uh

what's up with this Freud Shh provides a

lot of closure with the morgue scene as

we get to read Frida Lin's thoughts even

though he's not sure it's the same woman

from the secret party seeing the body

symbolizes the death of his sexual

adventure it's time to go home

the movie is more definitive the corpse

belongs to the mysterious orgy woman who

is in fact the prostitute bill saved at

the Christmas ball no question were you

playing now just a few balls we then get

a scene with bills not in the book boss

Victor who happened to be at the sex

party Kubrick puts a bow on everything

with Victor telling bill that

Nightingale is fine and the girl who

died was at the party but she died of a

drug overdose and was not in fact

murdered by a secret orgy Society bill

is made to feel silly and leaves for


the homecoming is exactly the same in

the movie and the book the doctor breaks

down and confesses everything to his


it's a cautiously optimistic ending with

the couple's conclusion that one night

doesn't tell the truth about a person's

innermost being but also no dream is

altogether a dream and that is what I

have been saying this is for time the

conclusion plays out pretty much the

same in the movie though it takes place

at FAO Schwartz because remember this is

for sure a Christmas movie this is also

where Nicole Kidman adds one last f-bomb

just to make sure the movie is really

really sexy all in all the movies

thing's very true to its inspiration

it's just set in a different time a

different place and we can see

everything well it's time to put this

episode to bed thanks for watching and

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inferiority to you it was merely

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