Extraction – Movie Review

published on July 2, 2020

man I got to say I am so glad that my

friend has cut my hair for the past few

years because I could just call her up

and be like can you just come to my

house and cut my hair please because all

the salons are closed right now so

that's my advice to you find a real life

friend that can cut your hair because

you'll always have a haircut available

extraction was directed by Sam Hargrave

and stars Chris Hemsworth as a mercenary

that's tracking down the son of a drug

lord that was kidnapped in India but as

his mission turns deadly very quickly he

begins to realize this kid has sought

after by a lot more people than he

originally thought this film premiered

on Netflix today and I gave it a watch

because it's written by Joe Russo

produced by him and his brother Anthony

and it's directed by Sam Hargrave the

veteran stunt coordinator of the

Avengers movies some of the Pirates of

the Caribbean films

he's been around doing stunt work for a

while and this is his first time behind

the camera and in the past I would have

been like who's stunt man making a movie

but ever since the John wick films I

don't take anything for granted and his

past work as a stunt coordinator is

obvious throughout this movie the action

scenes are mind-blowing there are at

least a couple scenes in this movie that

are some of the best hand-to-hand combat

I've seen recently in a movie there's

one in particular that's about an 11

minute simulated one take you can tell

where some of the cuts are but the

effect is pretty seamless and this

sequence in particular has the potential

to be an all-timer in regards to action

scenes I think this movie will be

studied by stunt coordinators and people

who want to work as stunt people it's an

extremely violent movie Chris Hemsworth

is killing motherfuckers left and right

ripping off heads throwing people into

brick walls tossing people around people

are getting hit by trucks and just

fucking flying into the air it's really

really fun stuff if you're an action

movie junkie and despite its VOD like

title a title that seems like it would

star Michael Madsen and Bruce Willis and

be at the bottom of a bin at your local

Walmart this movie was a lot better than

I expected it to be I'll put it this way

I've turned off a lot of Netflix movies

way through I didn't turn this one off

all that being said it will definitely

not be studied for its characterization

or its subtlety or its plot this is a

very bare-bones plot chris hemsworth is

a mercenary he's got a bit of a

traumatic past he's been hired to track

down this kid and bring him to safety

the movie doesn't try to be too much

else it knows exactly what it is and

it's pretty good at being that and it's

pretty okay with being that if this was

being written by a spec writer someone

who isn't Joe Russo someone who wants to

get into the business it would probably

be thrown back into their face saying

look this is just some straight-to-dvd

shit you're never gonna get this made

just forget it

but since Joe Russo's behind it and

Anthony Russo the film got made and

obviously this is the Avengers team

figuring out how to make a cool action

movie that could be on Netflix and I'm

excited for Sam Hargrave forgetting to

direct this movie because he shows a

real flair for this type of action work

but there's definitely something to be

said about the fact that movie doesn't

really have that much else to offer

beyond the action scenes and Chris

Hemsworth's extreme likability and

charisma in the lead role he's very good

in the film he does a lot of the stuff

himself the stunt team again I must say

is just remarkable in this movie and

they can't be given enough praise but if

you don't really care that much about

action films and you'd rather be

invested in the characters in the

situation and the drama of the moment

you're not going to get as much of that

although they do give about as much as

they can to a plot that is as fast as

this there's enough of a backstory for

Chris Hemsworth to get invested in him

and to feel for him in a way we've kind

of strayed away from the Cobras and the

Predators of the 80s where heroes

spouted one-liners and now we have

really tragic backstories for our main

characters instead there's still some

fun to be had in this movie but I can

understand why some people might

actually think it's a little too violent

that's not a problem for me though I

don't watch a movie like this expecting

it to be tame and in a world where

everyone loves John wick I'm surprised

that so many critics have actually

complained about the violence well I can

understand it does surprise me I have a

feeling it's probably because John wick

is a more pulpy experience it's a little

more fun extraction is more hard

edged although the action is

over-the-top it feels a little more

plausible and so it's a little harder to

disconnect from the fact that you're

watching a movie and in some ways some

of the violence in the movie might

bother some it didn't bother me it's a

movie it's a fiction and although I

don't really expect that much more than

some great action out of a movie called

extraction directed by a stunt

coordinator I would have liked to have

seen a lot more characterization given

to the kid that he's rescuing Hemsworth

gets some you understand his backstory

eventually and you can relate to him but

the kid he likes to play piano he

occasionally moves his fingers on his

knee like he's playing piano to calm

himself down but besides that you don't

really know that much about him he's a

son of a ruthless crime lord

what's his life like what's it like

being the son of a crime lord having a

target on your back just to get at your

dad that's interesting and they don't

explore enough of that I think that

could have really helped a movie still

there's in particular that 11-minute

one-take scene and then there's like a

hand-to-hand combat scene where

Hemsworth is just tossin dudes around a

brick building really amazing stuff and

I found myself pretty riveted by the

action scenes but you're not gonna get

that level of attention with the

characters in this movie and sometimes I

can really be in the mood for one of

those I'm gonna give extraction a B it's

on Netflix right now give it a watch if

you just want to watch some really great

action scenes I think this movie

delivers for the most part guys thank

you so much as always for watching look

forward to more reviews very soon and if

you like this you can click right here

and get stuck mine eyes


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