EXPERT: Coronavirus Outbreak “Simply Starting”

published on July 3, 2020

a whu-oh expert warns that the corona

virus outbreak is just beginning

as an authoritarian crackdown in China

only gets worse


this is China uncensored I'm Chris

Chappell it's not for an update on the

deadly coronavirus first some good news

this coronavirus now officially has a

name cove it 19 a naming something gives

you power over it at least according to

Rumpelstiltskin I mean

Tovah 19 sounds much better than that

mysterious deadly disease we can't stop

now we can say with confidence that

kovat 19 is that deadly disease we can't

stop it sounds much better right and

don't worry they put a lot of thought

into that name to make sure it was

totally woke and not offensive we had to

find a name that did not refer to a

geographical location an animal and an

individual or group of people and which

is also pronounceable and related to the

disease having a name matters to prevent

the use of other names that can be

inaccurate or stigmatizing I'm still

offended I should have called the conch

flow still you should be terrified a WHL

expert said the outbreak is just


he means the outbreak outside China and

if the coronavirus is left unchecked 60%

of the world could be infected with 99%

of cases in China this remains very much

an emergency for that country but one

that whole is a very grave threat for

the rest of the world unless we use the

window of opportunity that we have now

which is why cope with 19 should be

treated as public enemy number one a

virus can have more powerful

consequences than any terrorist action

and that's true and if the world doesn't

want to wake up and consider this enemy

virus as public enemy number one I don't

think we will learn

from our lessons man and China claims

it's the us that's spreading fear as

of recording there have been more than

1300 deaths in almost 60,000 cases of

infection in China there was a huge jump

in the number of cases this week

that's because who've a province which

is the hardest hit by the virus has

changed how they count cases they now

are counting patients who have symptoms

and cat scans that look like covin 19

but haven't tested positive for it one

reason for that is a shortage of test

kits of course those are only official

statistics even with the jump in cases

most experts think the numbers are

actually much higher which is why it's a

little funny that the Chinese regime

keeps refusing international help

Chinese doctors really want to help but

the Chinese Communist Party seems

resistant for some reason I guess the

party probably feels they've got the

situation covered I mean authorities

have started seizing private hospitals

hotels apartments cars and even face

masks you know I don't think I would

want to seize the face mask of someone

who might have the corona virus but I'm

sure seizing someone's car is definitely

a quarantine protocol but I'm not sure

why all the cars seized so far been

Ferraris weird by the way the doctor who

uncovered these SARS cover-up in 2003

he's under house arrest don't worry he's

in good hands

last year they put him in a military

hospital for a month according to family

and friends the doctor was given

medication which led to severe memory

loss well that's one way to cover up a


I told you last week about Wuhan citizen

journalist Fong Binh police in hazmat

suits came to his house confiscated his

electronics and forcibly detained him he

was released after being told to report

more positive news about the corona

virus but this week he wasn't so lucky

Fong bin has gone missing again

according to courts he was arrested the

same day he posted this video to YouTube

resist all citizens hand the power of

the government back to the people I

wonder if that was connected Fong

disappearance comes less than a week

after the disappearance of another

citizen journalist Chen Xiao sure he

traveled to Wuhan to cover the outbreak

according to his family he may have been

forcibly quarantined by local

authorities even though he wasn't sick

here's part of a video Chen posted

shortly before he disappeared

bullshit ha which numbers are beaten Oh

Hobart room with a file English senior

leader we can do it here Joe or that

it'll issue well where did you thought

about what you saw a Canyon or what

Sienna habitually older what do I didn't

bother well your yacht is doable huh Oh

Polly good hunt ah I can see why the

Communist Party felt that Chen needed to

be quarantined they don't want him to

spread his dangerous ideas but I

wouldn't want you to think the Chinese

Communist Party is only dealing with the

corona virus through cover-ups property

theft and detaining journalists they're

also firing people in a classic move the

Communist Party secretaries of Huub a

province and Wuhan are being purged

everyone saw that coming but Chinese

officials who aren't yet purged are

still fighting coronavirus the state-run

China News Service released this footage

it shows a sterilizing wheel in the city

of Chongqing that can disinfect a person

in 20 seconds

Wow the party is great they built two of

these which combined they say can meet

the needs of a thousand people

that sounds great unless you can do math

then you realize that in a city of 30

million people this meets the needs of

just 0003 percent of the population

Taiwan has crashed a whu-oh meeting

who needs permission when you're a

baller actually it was way less cool

than that it was just an online

technical conference also Taiwan worked

it out ahead of time with the whu-oh but

Taiwan crashing the world's lamest party

was still a big deal for the world

most authoritarian party the Jones

economy's party gets angry when any

organization including the w-h-o treats

Taiwan in any way that implies Taiwan is

an independent country even if that

means risking the lives of 23 million

Taiwanese people but there is one party

that I'm sure is worth everyone's time

in the Chinese city of Chongqing a man

wrapped himself with firecrackers doused

himself in gasoline and threatened to

set himself alight

unless village officials approved his

birthday party

amid the outbreak that's a man who takes

his birthday a little too seriously and

that's it for this update on the corona

virus and as you may have heard me

mention YouTube is targeting coronavirus

coverages too controversial for

advertisers all our episodes about the

corona virus have been demonetized

either temporarily or permanently if a

news show can't generate income while

reporting the news it can't survive

YouTube would have shut down China

uncensored years ago like this but

fortunately we have the support of

viewers like you

well I call the China uncensored 50-cent

army through your contributions on the

crowdfunding website patreon China

uncensored has survived to today so we

can continue to let you know about

important China issues that affect you

like a deadly global pandemic so as a

thank you to supporters I answer

questions from them at the end of some

of my episodes today's question comes

from jump dog Chris is there any

information on coronavirus infection in

China's rural areas now that's a good

question but answering it is going to be

difficult if the Chinese regime can

successfully cover-up the statistics of

Wuhan a city of 11 million people it's

going to be even easier to cover it up

in more rural areas of China but I think

we can guess that the coronavirus

sorry kovat 19 is hitting the poorest

people in China the hardest those

insanely rich politbureau members are

probably doing just fine the rural poor

however don't have access to good

hospitals or in some cases even mediocre

hospitals things may not end well

for them but don't worry top officials

will be fine thanks for your question

jump dog and if you'd like to join the

China insensate 50-cent army head over

to patreoncom slash China uncensored to

learn more thanks for watching China

uncensored once again I'm Chris Chappell

see you next time


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