by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

we oftentimes get so much stuck in the
external aspects of worship in order to
understand worship we all know this
analogy who hasn't ever heard of the tip
of the iceberg analogy we all know it's
right the tip of the iceberg what you
see of an iceberg is the tip of it right
and that's 10% of it people get
preoccupied with that 10% they don't
realize that the real iceberg is
underneath you can't see it it's
underwater level that's the real iceberg
the tip of the iceberg is above water by
virtue of the 90 percent that's
underneath the same applies to worship
oftentimes we get preoccupied with the
number of rock as we're gonna pray right
we get preoccupied with the number of
pages or Jews we're gonna recite and
Saul about finishing my portion of the
Quran finishing that gist of the Quran
and it's all about going on
I pray 36 rocaille today yeah but you
were sleeping in most of them you are
nodding off you were passing out in your
Salah do you even remember what the Imam
recited no clue you don't even remember
anything about your Salaam
that's not salon that's not sort of
because what you see what you notice
with your eyes with your ears with your
five senses of the act of prayer is only
ten percent the reality of the act of
prayer is what's underneath and what's
underneath and human beings is in your
heart in your heart Allah subhanAllah to
add a points to this fact you know at
the polar body that we offer in idul
they slaughter it and people it seems
some people were so much concerned about
the blood and about the shape of it and
the and the size of it and and the the
price of it and so on and so forth so
preoccupied with that 10% which is the
tip of the iceberg and so Allah so Allah
says let me and Allah Allah how to homo
ha well Adam an you know the flesh of it
the blood of it is not gonna reach Allah
Allah is not gonna take direct benefit
from it
when I came en and who who took worming
come what reaches allah of all of this
is the taqwa that's in your heart
because of this activation so I share it
is not a mere hang on long to Hannah
he says manager editor salah
– wanna see em well at the quality
Nahuatl Quran Allah honey he says the
prayer the fast we see to the station of
the Quran they kill all these acts of
worship they were not designed for their
own sake they were designed for your
heart so he says what matters with Allah
is what your heart is going through as
you perform these acts of worship does
it mean we have to do away with these
acts of worship you cons these are an
obligation these are a physical vessel
that you have to abide by them you have
to commit to them you have to fulfill
them to the letter as the prophets are
seldom prescribed as you find in the
Quran you can't play with that
that's legislation it's not our right
but you have to focus on what is the
impact of all of this on your heart
quinoa minkum what reaches allah is the
chakra that grows in your heart as you
are engaging in these notes so what we
want this ramadan if you really want
this ramadan to be special don't be
obsessed with the externalities don't be
obsessed with externalities perform them
perform them but let your attention
divert your attention from the number of
records the number of pages you're gonna
recite or how long you still stood in a
prayer to the quality to your inner
experience as you are engaging when
you'll make your salat let's take a
clear example now let me make it clear
the profits of silences in the authentic
hadith sulukim are or a – money or solid
you have to praise the process and pray
there's no other way there's no other
way around it so it's an obligation upon
us to learn how the Prophet sallallaahu
and you celebrate and do exactly that we
have to but once you do it you
understand this it becomes automatic it
becomes extremely automatic it's taking
for granted at the beginning as you're
learning it maybe you're getting away
from traditions and from culture and
from what your parents taught you and
you figure out how to pray properly
according to the Sunnah of the Prophet
saws and then it takes a little bit of
attention you need to put attention
because you're going against your habits
right against something you've already
built you've lived with for a while now
you're building new habits once you get
into that and you internalize the the
prophet's prayer and you perform it they
say you don't have to well into the
physical and the physic on the
physicality there are people who
obsessed with the physical state of the
prayer that you find an obsession like
where my hands like this or where
they're like this where they're like
that or and where does their attention
go completely with the physicality then
it doesn't stop there they start
observing other people around them
are the feet straight are they close are
they leaving a gap are they moving their
finger in there tisha hood where do they
put their hands as they go for sujood
they put their palms first or the knees
right where is Allah in this process if
your mind is busy with all of this tell
me where is Allah how does the picture
completely out of the pit you're not
praying you're not praying and the
Prophet solemn season loss and hadith so
clearly laser had a commensal that
allisonakemi so that he can ulema at
Anita you will not get of your Salah
except what you are mindful of that
means whatever of your prayer you are of
your prayer you were present with your
heart was there use your mind was there
your attention was there that's what you
get from your Salah if you're going
through your Salah half-asleep
I'm just going through the motions the
Prophet SAW Salim said you solid rajala
salata well a sailor home in her in
learnis for her flew through her robe oh
oh ha como su ha sudo su her to me
reached oh sure oh ha a person prays
their prayer and they only get half of
it half of it
1/3 of it
a fourth a fifth a sixth until he
mentioned a tenth of it so he says they
said a commensal Attica Indiana
Apple – what you get from your Salah is
what your heart was in what your heart
was experiencing so what is what do we
call this insula oh sure sure so it's
not the voice of the Imam is good and
you sort of you know enjoying the voice
and you're turning your head around like
you're listening to a single no when
your heart isn't kosher your head
doesn't go like that when you are in a
state of kosher your soul connects to
Allah it's a spiritual experience so
they firmly amount of the law and Hall
has a statement at cinema Seamus on
enough even I be shaver and so authentic
he says oh well oh my you're filming
Dina come al Haj Amin the first thing
the first aspect of your religion to be
lifted and taken away is all Sherman oh
well the muscle in Lahiya Rafi and how
often you will find someone who prays
they pray and there's no good in them
they are evil they're bad
that's what it means there's no good in
them why you Chico hunter :
Messi Messi del Tommy fella Diouf
iam Kashia and he says it seems that
soon the time will come very soon when
you enter a message it over people and
you will not find among them one person

now some of the scholars who commented
on that statement they said oh well um
I'm from Indiana come on kosher the
first thing to be lifted from yours from
your Deen from your religion is actual
why because it's intangible it's not
something physical you can't say I
missed you can say I'm mr. loco right I
missed the middle to shahad you can it's
physical they can point it out but it's
hard to say I missed her sure it's
invisible so it's easy just to pray and
that's it this is why someone one one
person trade in front of the profits or
salaam problem when he finished he says
LJ suddenly for in neck LM to suddenly
go and pray again because you have not
prayed the man prayed but first instead
you have not prayed why it doesn't count
it doesn't count you just went through
it robotically so quickly so he prayed
again and he came back the problem says
just suddenly find the control Sally go
pray again you haven't prayed is he
honest a lot I live near a lady in fc-1
levy Matic about half an hour synovial
delicacies almost enjoyable all I know
nothing better than that
teach me problem told him on a plane it
was about to Marina marina is the grand
for koshwal so what I'm saying you want
this Ramadan to be the best ever in your
life you want the soroban to be special
what I would say make a point this
trauma bond this year to turn your
attention as you perform what you
perform for the sake of Allah turn it to
your heart's Turner to heart experience
this to eat the sweetness
of a man as you are going through your
acts of worship through fasting which we
think it's mere physical abstinence
right but no we want to tune in to a
different level of that experience this
year and show when you read pour on all
of us when I read more Quran I believe
it was Abdullah Thomas wrote of the
eleven who says that an ekala area Taney
faretta double human hire only min after
Amon and a croc al karana can even have
that he says that I recite two verses of
the Quran there all reflect upon them
and I contemplate on their meanings it's
better for me than reciting the whole
Quran just going through the words so
I'm telling you the reward is not when
you recite Quran when you pray when you
are fasting it's not with the quantity
it's not
it's not it's not with how thirsty you
are it's not with how hungry you are how
tired you are it's not with how many
pages you recited how many times you'll
finish the whole corner Ramadan it's not
with how long your ruck as well is not
with how many raka as your prayed it's
not with that these are just a small
part of it the reality is the verse and
sort of that had Johanna King Leonardo
who talked worm income what's happening
in your heart what's happening in your
heart as you are engaging with these
things you can say subhanAllah spineless
fellas fellas fellas fellas fellas
fellas fellas fellas fellas – 100 times
right how many rewards have you got it
could be nil could be zero could be it
could be zero as the Prophet SAW says
they said I can as'll Attica in the
this is Salah what about dhikr and other
things so in your dhikr as a mammal time
I came along to Allah he says enjoy it
alone at the crow a soliton little old
one Margery Denise an inlet the Leland
what are even physical so he says liquor
the reality of Vika remembering Allah
span Tejada this act of worship was
designed for the heart it's an
engagement of the heart he says but the
tongue there is the precursor it's just
a pointer for your heart that's it
that's it and this is why there's a big
debate among the scholars and the
strongest opinion which everyone I am
really champions is if a person just
does liquor without really contemplation
without having an inner experience say
alhamdulillah alhamdulillah
alhamdulillah hamdulillah Heimdall I've
already thinking of you know what I'm
gonna do tomorrow as I'm doing shopping
what are the items I'm gonna I'm gonna
you know buy right he says in this case
you don't get no reward whatsoever
so what is the curve it's your hard
experience exotic space and since we
live in a world that there's a lot of
emphasis on achievement external
achievement most of us have been
devoured by this culture of focus on how
things look like now what things really
are so as long I look like someone who
is good that's what being good means for
many people being good means looking
being honest means looking honest even
if you are dishonest so we have
exchanged we have traded off the real
thing for the mere facade events that's
scary that's what hypocrisy is


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