Expelled for Criticizing China?!

published on July 2, 2020

a student in Australia could get

expelled for criticizing the Chinese

Communist Party

this is China uncensored I'm Chris


imagine getting expelled from your

University for exercising free speech

and standing up for human rights well

that's what's happening to this guy drew

pav loo he's a student at the University

of Queensland and his university wants

to expel him for criticizing China just

to be clear his university is not in

China it's in Australia over the past

year drew organized protests on campus

in support of Hong Kong protesters and

to criticize the Chinese Communist Party

for human rights abuses and Pro CCP

students came out in force peaceful

protest turns punch-up

students carful on campus at the

University of Queensland violence began

with a face-off

it was definitely very heated on one

side anti-communist China protesters

rallying in support of Hong Kong

independence on the other pro-beijing

students blast the Chinese national



and get this drew pav Lou was punched

and received death threats for him and

his family so what did the university do

they tried to silence him

that's because Australian universities

have become very reliant on money from

Chinese students approximately 10

percent of all students now attending an

Australian University hail from China

international students from China

typically pay full tuition and a lot of

universities have seen this as a win-win

Chinese students get the opportunity for

a great education and the university

gets tons of money but the problem is

the Chinese Communist Party has the

power to turn off the taps and that's

made some universities afraid of

angering the party we investigated this

two years ago when we went to Australia

and that's not all there are 13

Confucius Institutes at Australian

universities these are institutes funded

by the Chinese government to teach

Chinese language and culture largely as

a soft power propaganda exercise the

Australian government is currently

investigating whether Confucius

Institutes require registration as a

source of foreign influence so

Australian universities are facing both

economic pressure and academic freedom

issues with China but instead of putting

in safeguards to prevent getting

pressured by a hostile foreign

government a lot of universities have

doubled down scientists at some

Australian universities are

collaborating with China's top military

technology universities that is insane

and because these are often public

universities that means Australian

taxpayer dollars are indirectly helping

the Chinese Communist Party's military

so now you might have an idea why

University of Queensland which just

signed another five-year agreement with

their Confucius Institute might be so

eager to expel the students like drew

Pavel ooh No well here's another piece

of the puzzle the school's Vice


Peter hoy received a two hundred

thousand dollar bonus based partly on

his success in growing the university's

relationship with China the

vice-chancellor and drew pav Lu do not

get along in fact you can hear all about

that in the interview we did with drew

last week on our China unscripted

podcast we do have a podcast in case you

didn't know I'll put a link in the

description below this week the

University held a closed-door hearing

about expelling drew the university said

the hearing was to decide whether mr

pavlo had breached its code of conduct

and brought UQ into disrepute but

maintained the case wasn't in relation

to mr pavley's criticism of the

institution's relationship to China

right anyway the hearing didn't go so

well drew and his lawyer walked out the

UQ disciplinary panel has decided not to

comply with its own rules its own rules

required that mr pavlo be given access

to any documents that the university has

that are relevant to defending himself

Drew's lawyer also said that since two

out of three panel members were paid

staff of the University the panel would

have been likely biased drew pavlo and

his lawyers say they will take this case

all the way to the Australian Supreme

Court if necessary meanwhile the

university panel has found drew guilty

on almost all of the charges and said

that he has a prejudice the university's

reputation in response drew has

continued to prejudice the university's

reputation by saying that as a student

elected senator he officially represents

the university when he calls for the CCP

to be overthrown and again if you want

to hear more of Drew's story check out

our China unscripted podcast I'll put

the link below and now is the time when

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Chris Chappell see you next time




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