Expedition Everest: The Mission – 360 | National Geographic

by birtanpublished on June 29, 2020


what we're supposed to be doing here is

not simply a climb in the mountain the

scientific objectives that we're doing

here with global climate change are

really what define our expedition and

will allow us to bring back some

information that will be pertinent to

everybody on earth

it's really a perspective on man's

relationship with the natural world and

it's critical that we understand that we

don't inherit our resources from our

ancestors we borrow it from our children

this environment is uncontrollable it's

hostile it doesn't care whether we're

successful on our expedition whether we

climb it whether we get our scientific

data or not

the mountain is just going to move as

its going to move and we have to be

prepared to to deal with that as best as


the mountains like a mirror that holds

you and your performance up to you there

are days where you feel like you're

struggling to put one foot in front of

the other that's the same as it was back

in the 1920s same as it is today

we have a great team of Sherpa we have a

great team of scientists but ultimately

we're pretty puny in the face of a

mountain that doesn't always tolerate

humanity so well it's really quite a

daunting task for our team but we're up

for it

but the winds in excess of 50 miles an


snow in your face all the time trying to

breathe in air and do some complicated

assembly we have the team here to

achieve and succeed in all those types

of scientific objectives but also to be

able to tell the story

what's our ten-year plan what's our

20-year plan where do we need to be to

be protecting these places the story

that we can bring back will be

incredibly compelling and a show what an

expedition in 2019 is all about




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