Exodus Wallet Review – Free Multi Crypto Wallet Tutorial

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable
to attacks hacks like mountain ox people
you can lose your money if you keep it
on a centralized exchange okay we all
know that the blockchain technology
within the coin is not hackable so the
best way to store your cryptocurrency is
on a cold storage wallet but people are
telling you to buy a ledger nanoa xor at
res r which can cost up to $300 for a
little piece of equipment in this video
I'm gonna be showing you guys a free
cold storage wallet with a beautiful
keep watching what's going on everybody
Alex back with another cryptocurrency
video and today we're gonna be talking
about wallets cold storage wallets and
I'm gonna specifically be talking about
Exodus wallet because I've been using it
for years it has a beautiful interface
it's very clean easy smooth to use and I
just used it to hold about five to ten
percent of my cryptocurrency I'm
explaining all the wallets I use and
everything like that
so you guys can you know use it for
yourself whatever I have been in
cryptocurrency for like six years so
maybe you can learn a thing or two but
look guys you do not want to keep your
money on centralized exchanges like coin
base and by Nance and all that stuff
like that because there's success it's
very unlikely but they can be hacked
blockchain technology cannot be hacked
and so it defeats the purpose
if you leave your money on an exchange
technically you do not own that
cryptocurrency if it's on an exchange
okay so to actually own it you have to
put it on a cold storage wallet and have
that private key okay I'm gonna show you
guys how to use it – how to do that with
Exodus you don't need a bi I mean I have
them don't get me wrong I have these
little cold storage wallets called the
treasure or the ledger nano X that you
can buy for yourself and it gives the
portability aspect so like you can like
walk with it but Exodus is on your
computer so that's really all most
people need right now adays you're not
gonna take your you know your your cold
storage wallet and walk to a store and
buy something you're just gonna keep it
on your computer or your laptop and you
could travel with it that way right if
you have a laptop so most people guys
you're going to be using this
if you want to go ahead and buy one I
mean be my guest but I don't recommend
it if I was to start over I just
probably have one of these or you know I
do keep the majority of my
cryptocurrency on my treasure
the reason being you know I want I want
it to be hard for me to have to sell my
crypto you know a lot of people like
like leaving on coin because they want
to get out really quickly no I'm a
long-term holder so I have to plug it in
I have to type this code in and I have
to open the wall I have to do all this
stuff so that's why I keep it on there
not because it's any more safe as long
as you have the private key it's gonna
be safe I'm rambling here but guys if
you have already subscribed to my
channel my name is Alex I talk about
cryptocurrency and Internet
entrepreneurship all the skill sets you
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mal Cox you can't lose your money
alright Mountain God's was a huge
example of this you know back in the day
one of the first cryptocurrency
exchanges they lost over 70 percent of
their Bitcoin it was likely stolen
valued at 450 million dollars people
just lost all their money okay
now that can happen what exchanges but
it cannot happen on the blockchain right
so so I'm just gonna be descending some
transactions here so you can see right
because I know a lot of you have coin
bases and stuff and it's probably locked
away in there and you don't know how to
get it out alright well I'll show you so
I'm gonna do one from let's just send
this Bitcoin real quick alright so all
you do is going to your portfolio right
so you click portfolio you send it okay
enter a Bitcoin address I'm I know this
is basic for a lot of people so just
bear with me here but some people just
don't know how to do it so I'm just
gonna show you okay so it's real quick
so I have my Exodus well like I said I
do not keep all of my money on Exodus
all right it's a download link guys use
the link below I don't get paid for
anything it's just the link right you
could just download it goes to the
website click that download button put
it on your thing okay so it's gonna
what's gonna happen I want to be very
clear about this when you download this
and you install it on your computer it's
gonna have something called the private
key it's gonna be a series of numbers
okay a series of numbers this is the the
important part about all of it okay this
is just a you know when you log in like
people if they know your password of
course they can log in but if you
ever want to recover like your computer
dies on you or something like that and
you want to recover this cryptocurrency
you're gonna need that private key you
need it it's gonna be a series of
letters write it down on a piece of
paper that's the best way to do it write
it down on a piece of paper and store it
somewhere don't don't leave it on your
computer or take a picture of it because
someone can take it don't like a hack
your phone if you write it down no one
can physically ever take that away from
you do not try to memorize it you can
either write it down print it whatever
all right but make sure when you install
this wallet that you save that private
key because that is the security part of
this if you if you own that private key
you own the coins it's as simple as that
just because you have the software
doesn't mean you own the coins the
private key makes you on the coins all
right I think I got that out here okay
so go ahead use the link below download
it and then this is what its gonna look
like very beautiful man it's clean
interface look you got all these
different types of coins you know I mean
if you need other coins that can be
other wallets you have to download I'm
just this is for this video so you know
I don't keep all my money on here I keep
a little bit on you know some exchanges
sometimes because I'm like I'm working
in and out it's a little bit annoying so
I'll keep someone coinbase I keep son on
Bioneers etc etc I do keep a large lumps
and lump sum on exodus wallet you don't
I mean I'm sorry Exodus him I'm talking
about exercise I'm talking about monarch
wallet if you guys don't know what
monarch is it basically pays you
interest on your Bitcoin I think it's
about 4 to 6% a year so I keep a little
bit of Bitcoin on there just to gain
that interest right but I can I would
say I keep 80 to 90% of all my
cryptocurrency on Mitra's are because
it's hard to get out right so I keep it
on my treads are and then all the money
that I kind of play with I you know the
alt coins and stuff you guys know I have
majority aetherium and Bitcoin and then
these are just like 5 to 10 to 20% of my
portfolio I'll play with alt coins and
those will be typically on my Exodus
wallet right as you can see here so to
send a transaction right so I'm getting
off topic here let's go to Bitcoin send
this Bitcoin of our so what I do is I go
to the Exodus wallet okay
I press receive I copy that address do
not try to type it in just copy you copy
that address then you come over here to
claim base and I'm gonna exit this off
you press
send so you're sending from coinbase to
exodus wallet you press send you paste
the address control-v okay now how much
do you want to send I want to send a max
okay $19 or whatever this is like
affiliate Commission's that I get from
my videos like I mean if you have Pete
friends that I want to get in crypto use
your link here let me show you get $10
invite friends use that link in your
coin base you'll get $10 free and
they'll get 10 for $10 free so let's do
this again so you come over here to
Exodus I know this is basic for a lot of
you you put receive copy that address
come over here to coinbase send write
paste the address in send max continue
done there you go the power of
cryptocurrency it's pending now it's
going through the blockchain now you can
get like crazy and you see you guys
heard that noise that was exodus
receiving the coins look at that that's
the power of cryptocurrency look I just
received it ten dollars
power of crypto cat could have been I
mean there's only 20 bucks but that
could have been like a hundred million
bucks and it would have gave you the
same example like you could have send it
immediately across the you know the
world without having to pay any fees
that is the power right I just wanted to
show you guys that cuz I know a lot of
you have been asking me questions so
what it's gonna do now is it's going to
go through the it's gonna go through a
block right so that's hard to explain as
complex but you can view the transaction
on the block Explorer that's another
thing about cryptocurrency is that
there's block explores it shows you all
the transactions ever made ever made
right every single transaction in the
that's ever made on Bitcoin you can is
right there it's a public ledger that's
the power of it okay
now and you can see it right there you
can verify everything this beauty of
blockchain technology by the way guys if
you didn't know that so you know that's
how simple Exodus well it is you just
keep it on here right and I'm gonna show
you some maybe some finance transactions
right so I got some light coin here that
I want to withdraw so boom withdraw
super simple okay so what address do you
want to withdraw it to let's go to
Exodus let's go to litecoin receive I'm
receiving the light coin copy that go
back to by Nance
boom amount all of it submit done now
okay yeah they're just saying finances
detected a recent increase in farther
activities okay whatever they're just
basically saying now you have a ghoul
sometimes they after you ask you to
verify stuff like this with you know
Google authentication and stuff you know
do it it's a little bit easier on other
places but it's good that they do that
because they might see that you gotta go
to your email and verify let's just
verify with my email real quick
hopefully I think my girlfriend's email
don't look guys don't look don't don't
look at it you this I got a sign in hold
on let me just sign it real quick I'll
blank this out so you guys oh I don't
even need a blank it out as I just look
at my phone all right bear with me here
bear with me
okay I'm signed in so I'm a verify this
through by Nance
excuse me that's something different
look updates right there go to buy Nance
send you some bit confirm withdraw
okay boom okay it's done now you're
gonna hear that sound again with the
litecoin coming and you're gonna see the
black point pop up here okay you're
gonna see that so that's it right there
that's exodus wallet man
clean interfaces go over it real quick
so you got your back up here you can
reset read this is the recovery phase
remember I'm telling you guys a private
key that's it I'm not gonna view it
because you're gonna be able to see my
stuff I don't want you guys to see my
stuff and take my cryptocurrency right
someone's gonna hack me so then you got
the exchange I didn't even know they
added this feature you can exchange
Bitcoin to be theory I maybe they'll add
more in the future but all you can do is
take change from Bitcoin to e theorem
and back I think they did that because
sometimes you know if you want to send
like for example some cos I believe you
need a little bit of aetherium
to use as gasps that's a little bit
complex that's for another video but I
guess they added that little exchange
there the wallets cool you have all
these different types of coins where's
my light coin at man I want my light
going to come in supposed to be fast but
I think it's the brightest exchange
that's being annoying but like coin
should pop in soon but you got all these
different coins like you know I don't
recommend you add more two if you wanted
to so like any of these coins you can
add let's see if they can chain link Oh
add already half chain like oh that's
not not what I meant
let's add I remember there was a coin
you can tell Raven coin let's see if you
add a breaking point Exodus
because you guys know I love my Raven
Cole you can add a Raven coin let's add
it oh I just added it let's go all right
I'm sending some Raven coin let's
receive so I press receive come over
here to bar dance all right I got some
Raven coin in here all right let's see
exchange wallet stains wallet show the
okay the light coin hasn't sent yet it
should be sending soon left let's
withdraw the Raven coin put the address
and there yourself quickly this is guys
see how quickly I'm doing this like 500
bucks right here 500 bucks okay at first
I wasn't this quick I'll be honest with
you guys it took me a minute I would
verify like 30 times because I was
sending you know like 20 grand across
the internet and it's pretty scary to do
that especially that if you get these
codes wrong that's why I always
recommend you guys to copy and paste it
that you know it's gonna you can Oh lose
your money man oh don't lose your money
like do it right like look at it three
times four times I mean I've been doing
this for a while now so I'm it's not
really that serious to me but just be
careful when you send these crypto
currencies because there's no
third-party intermediary you are your
own banker right you are your baker
okay so withdraw request confirm
withdrawal let's do it all right
I sent my Raven coin over I don't like
to keep my stuff on bye Nance I'm going
to keep it on
Exodus wallet because it's a private
court I have the private key now let's
just wait for that to come in all right
guys so that kind of concludes it for
this video one thing I want to talk
about before I go is basically guys I
have a private group I do giveaways all
the time I'm literally doing a giveaway
right now as we speak so all you have to
do is go in my link below it's gonna be
my top secret private group I get I do
giveaways I give advice you know I have
some guys on there that are smart like I
am you know and you know if I'm not
there they're gonna answer your question
so if you have any questions jump into
that group right now for me go below
click the link stop playing if you watch
my videos go into the private group it's
gonna be a telegram okay get into it get
some access to these cryptocurrency news
and stuff like that don't mind my dog in
the back of drinking water
and that concludes this for this video
if you like the qualities content hit
like if you don't leave some
constructive criticism subscribe for
more video updates and like I always say
if you don't get with it you will get
left behind thanks for watching this
video guys catch you in the next one

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