EXCLUSIVE iPhone 12 Pro & iOS 14 Leaks!

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Hey what's up guys everything Apple Pro here and we've been working on this one for quite some time I hope you enjoy it in collaboration with Max Weinberg well I did have the pleasure of meeting awesome dude I'm presenting to you a huge exclusive iPhone 12 Pro leaks dump

As well as I was 14 and some other products sprinkled in so strap in let's take a look at what Apple's doing next first of all I want to address mac's wine backs credibility this is our second year working together thank you

So much for the opportunity and he did predict a number of things correctly in 2019 the map back glass on the 11pro the green color the ultra wide lens dark mode and automatic dark mode as well as a redesigned volume HUD and the

Air pods pro naming so this guy does have a fairly solid track record not to mention all the s20 and s20 ultra leaks although there are a number of weeks that didn't come true from 2019 first let's start with the March event max

Wine back source is telling him that it's very likely Apple will not be holding a March event after all that they'll just be doing a press release like last year they dumped a bunch of new product out just by updating the

Website including the new air pods – it wasn't officially announced they'd have to figure it out with the CDC find a venue and at this point with so much chaos happening in the production line it's much easier for Apple just to host

An online event not to mention safer Plus Apple did just pull out of the SXSW Film Festival not to mention a lot of other companies have canceled upcoming events it definitely makes sense it's a logical thing to do and margarin agrees

Apple is most likely going to do an online event in regards to the outbreak and how it's affecting Apple it's very possible that we won't be seeing one of the products Apple had planned for March instead seeing it later in September

This is coming from some random dude on Twitter though so take it with a grain of salt didja times is reporting some good news for the iPhone se 2 or the upcoming just iPhone are saying that it's entering the

Final production verification stage which is pre mass production so they are making good headway on that and that gives me even more reason to believe that the upcoming iPhone will just be a random press drop on the website instead

Of a full-blown event meeting chingkuo himself is commenting on this outbreak saying Apple's full production of the iPhone line will not go back to normal until quarter two of 2020 they are getting it under control

Even Tim Cook himself is reassuring that mostly they've got a handle on and from here on out it should be getting better not worse and Margar mina bloomberg is reporting that Apple stores throughout America are reporting low

Stock of the iPad pros the current models which could be a sign of an imminent refresh for the 2020 iPad pros with a 3d time-of-flight sensor coin X is confirming that the new ipad pro's will 100% have new cameras that'll be

One of the biggest focuses of them and that raises a question for me how is it going to look we know that Apple is going to implement the 3d time-of-flight sensor how those the question may be my theory on the ring flash could be the

Way that Apple implements it on the iPad probe that's just speculation but whatever Apple chooses to do is what we eventually will likely see on the 2020 iPhones okay almost there at the juicy stuff but the information is reporting

That this year's upcoming iPad pros will be receiving a smart keyboard with a built-in trackpad we heard earlier about this trackpad that it would include keys using the scissor switch key mechanism also they would be backlit but now Apple

Will be adding a trackpad very similar to the new bridge pro and I was 13.4 basically rewrites the keyboard from the ground up on the iPad all the shortcuts according to Steve trot and Smith so it's very clear here that Apple is

Working on a huge refresh for the iPad and a smart keyboard okay getting into those wine back rumors let's start with an air tag he's saying that Apple is working on a loss mode for air tags so if you find something with one of these

Built-in you can scan it against your iPhone and you'll be able to get the contact information of the person it belongs to for easier contacting but it will be a feature that the owner must enable it'll be called lost mode and

There's a chance that it might not make it into the final build and found by a Reddit user in the latest iOS 13.4 beta software Apple is enabling Bluetooth Low Energy long-range protocol on the iPhone 11 and

11 pros which presumably is the technology that the air tag will use it basically quadruples the range of Bluetooth without increasing the power drum it's very efficient especially for an air tag which will have a system in

Chip design it'll be very compact bluetooth low energy that you one chip this thing is going to be a lot more advanced than the rumors have let on okay getting to the good stuff the iPhone 12 pro leaks so for the first

Time in years Apple will be crossing the Mega Pixel threshold that they've been out for quite sometime 12-megapixels and bumping up the sensor quality potentially up to 64 megapixels whiny Becky's reporting that

They're testing various sensor sizes 64 megapixels would be the Sony sensor very likely and out will be focusing heavily on the camera for the iPhone 12 Pro they already did so with the 11 Pro and clearly the s20 ultra showed Apple

What's what with that massive 108 megapixel sensor size so Apple does need to retaliate and a 64 megapixel iPhone would be quite adequate we don't necessarily need 108 megapixel sensors and this report is supported by Mac at

Saqqara who previously reported the sensor sizes on the 20/20 iPhones would be getting bigger it might be a little difficult to notice but in our concept we bumped up the lens size about 10 to 15 percent versus the iPhone 11 Pro

Series it's very hard to notice so I think Apple will be counting on the fact that it's already so big what's an extra 10 15 percent as for the ultra wide lens Apple will be widening the aperture 35 percent more to an aperture roughly

Around 1.6 1.7 equivalent to the 1 plus 17 the actual angle the field of view will stay the same it's just the aperture that's getting better presumably to include the new night mode while using the ultra wide sensor the

Focal length on the ultra wide will be changing as well max Y in back is reporting that you'll be able to get two point two centimeters closer to objects and be able to focus still freely using that ultra wide sensor this is

Presumably some sort of macro mode on that lens a lot of smartphones are adopting this feature personally I don't need that but why not include it and whine back is reporting that Apple is adding night mode to the

Selfie camera the telephoto lens and the ultra wide lens so that feature is spreading from just the standard wide-angle lens to every lens on your iPhone no matter which lens you're using or whether or not it's the selfie camera

You'll get a great shot at night no word on optical image stabilization on the ultra-wide lens yet though he also reports that Apple will be further improving smart HDR so that feature where you take a picture and it uses

Nine composite images to combine them and make the perfect quality image on the iPhone will be getting better inside sources are calling it smart XD are although that won't be the official name and the next pro max smartphone the 12

Pro max the we'll be getting bigger by about 10% max wine Beck reports it'll be increasing in density to about four thousand four hundred milliamps and if we can take an example from the s20 ultra there's a

Very good reason for this Apple needs the biggest battery they can fit into the smartphone and they're doing that in several ways one increasing the density to reducing the size of the controller on the battery three by further

Condensing the logic board saving space internally as well as the new 5 nanometer node so they're coming and attacking the battery problem from all areas because the s20 ultra with its 120 Hertz display which the iPhone is

Rumored to adopt actually shaves off almost three hours from the battery life using it in that mode doing the same exact thing you would in 60 Hertz not to mention 5g which most people aren't even using yet but will be a huge

Battery draw Apple needs as much battery life as possible and with the 12 Pro they're expanding on that according to wine back Verizon did enquire with Apple about producing an exclusive product read

IPhone 12 Pro Edition to celebrate the millimeter-wave 5g technology to them it would be a nice way to mark the beginning of an era with 5g it's very unlikely this will happen but if it were the way they were planning it is with a

Black border red glass in a black Apple logo it wouldn't be the first time a product red iPhone rumor didn't materialize and some exclusive Iowa's 14 leaks with mac's wine back for one the call screen will be redesigned finally

With iOS 14 that's a feature that Craig federighi even responded to a fan and said that they wanted to include it with iOS 13 just didn't have enough time now we'll be seeing that wine mac reports that Iowa's 14 will be a minor refresh

Not a major redesign there will be some minor redesigns throughout the system but nothing groundbreaking it'll mostly be a stability update as Bloomberg earlier did report and to my comment about the not sticking around for quite

Some time wine back reports that Apple has been working on and will be working on for quite some time a periscope zoom system not exactly for optical zoom but for face ID for the front of the iPhone to

Reduce the knotch on upcoming iPhones this isn't for 20/20 so apparently Apple is trying to relocate the face ID components and use a periscope lens system to shrink the notch into the size of the bezel on the

IPhone so that is something we could see within the next few years anytime soon apparently Apple likes the results of mini LEDs so much that they'll be ramping up production to many of their products starting with a 14

Inch MacBook Pro 27 inch iMac Pro the 12 point 9 inch iPad pro as we heard later this year the 16 inch MacBook Pro 10 point 2 inch iPad and a 7.9 inch iPad Mini so Apple will start with quarter for

2020 and all throughout 2021 we'll be seeing the rise and insurgents of mini LED oh boy I can't wait displays even as good as they are right now are about to get a whole lot better okay and looking into the future xt60

Modem has been announced by qualcomm it's very likely the chip Apple will be using in the 2021 iPhones it uses a 5 nanometer architecture so it's more energy efficient and it can operate sub 6 gigahertz bands for 5g and millimeter

Wave at the same time to get even faster speeds and speaking of the fast approaching future I've long been awaiting the glowing Apple logo to be natively supported on the iPhone it's a patent we saw surface and then disappear

Maybe 2021 is the year we can finally see that I'm saying that because I'm working on a project right now to bring it to the new iPhones it's very difficult to do but for the first time ever it's gonna be the the cleanest

Install forever stay tuned for that there's been another monumental feature found in iOS 13.4 called OS recovery found by 905 Mac and it's a precursor of what's to come so Apple is working on some sort of iOS

Recovery tool which would enable your iPhone to get restored by either another iPhone or over the Internet without needing to plug it into a computer any of you guys want to guess what that's for of course the portlet

IPhone which is rumored to come in 2021 so the future is fast approaching and this OS recovery is a much-needed tool to make that happen in fact it goes beyond that it could work on the Apple watch on the home pod on devices that

Don't have a way to plug them into the computer so you can easily restore them just by connecting to the internet or even over that 802 dot 11a why short-range Wi-Fi protocol with a different iOS device the future is

Exciting and the poreless iPhone is happening sooner than I thought and speaking of restoring iPhones with other iPhones you can now jailbreak an iPhone with an Android phone check-rein can now be executed on Android the

Android phone must be rude but it's possible and it's kind of funny this is the new doom getting doomed to run on various devices and you can jailbreak your iPhone with a ps4 even anything that has Linux on it what a

Time to be alive okay and it gets better so the iPhone 7 and 7 plus and an iPod Touch can now run Android because of the check-rein jailbreak it's called Project sandcastle by the Karelian team and it enables Android to run although an older

Version and very unstable it doesn't have drivers for the camera Bluetooth or cellular modems but that's Android a fresh version running on a very modern iPhone I can't wait to do that I'll make a video on it

And lastly the air pawn pro giveaway winners those are them if I haven't been selected I'll be contacting you soon I'm still running the giveaway for the s20 ultra 3 of those instructions for that down below and an update on our case so

We still don't have a concrete ship date it should be an April still we're making good headway but because of the outbreak it makes this very difficult to plan within the next couple of weeks I hope to have a concrete date thank you to

Everybody that pre-ordered honestly you guys didn't have to but I'm honestly stunned at how much support we go out and what I'm trying to grow this company into I'm trying to make this one of the biggest and best case companies with the

Accessories and everything and I just want to say thank you so much guys for supporting that alright stay tuned for more videos I got a lot cooking peace

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