Exclusive Interview with CEO of Exodus Daniel Castagnoli

by birtanpublished on September 21, 2020

What's up roof no gang welcome back to another episode if you guys are new here we do a giveaway at the beginning of every single episode and today's winner is sparkster 2010 thanks so much for commenting on the previous video with your Bitcoin wallet address sparkster

Just sent you some crypto on this episode I sit down for an exclusive interview with Daniel the CEO of Exodus wallet it is a revolutionary wallet that is extremely well designed they flew me out to LA this past weekend I got a

Chance to sit down with Daniel and talk about where their team is at what type of traction they're seeing which is over 4 million downloads and also some of the technology that he's excited about in terms of design Exodus is the cream of

The crop you cannot get better than Exodus on mobile as well as desktop exciting thing that they've implemented segment addresses you can literally use legacy Bitcoin addresses as well as segment addresses overall their

Experience is phenomenal now further ado let's dive in the interview with Daniel the CEO of Exodus what's up everyone I am here with Daniel Castagnoli the CEO and co-founder of Exodus wallet how's it going Daniel it's going great me for

Sure for sure so we were just catching up a little bit about Exodus as you guys know I've been a big fan of Exodus and their practices over the last three or four three years now and I got my parents on it it's a fantastic wallet

And there's some really exciting things coming so first of all I kind of wanted to just hear the founding story so how did Exodus come to be great question you guys probably all know in the beginning this was in 2015 my co-founder 98p we

You always wanted to create he actually had a wallet coquimbo and I met him and I was like we need to create something that it looks nice it looks beautiful and you know we kind of went back and forth a little bit and I sort of playing

Around and eventually she shipped which wasn't shaped by the time but came out with this ability to swap assets and this was real early in 2015 and we went to each other you're like we can build a wallet that

Is kind of around this ability to exchange assets so that was the genesis in the beginning of Exodus and so today Exodus has grown into something that hard than I could have ever imagined but that's the story it actually we have a

Lot to thank shape-shift for for doing that because that will gave us images to say let's do the wallet on top of this exchange service that's awesome that's awesome and one of the cool things we're here at crypto space in downtown because

San Pedro which is technically elevated but we're here and there's probably 50 people right outside all having a great time so it has become this huge community and when it comes to team we're going to go through team traction

And technology as usual so in terms of team when you first started it was just you and JP and then what was that like scaling it up to where it is now and where you guys at now yeah so JP and I I went it was just PMP and I remember we'd

Give these customers more tickets that come in and we would actually you know each of each one of us would loved answer them because it was so cool like he's like wait we built something good people are actually using it it was

Awesome of course I want to talk to you and then we ended up having a kind of a beta channel in our slack group and in this beta group a lot of people were just diehard Exodus users we ended up hiring some of those people they became

Some of our very first employees because they love that city so much um then we kind of built our customer support team and JP and I are still answering tickets now you know fast forward 2019 we are over 50 people and it's distributed all

Worldwide so for us we try to get the best people that we can and we're lucky and that you don't have to have a geographic location you just work for material so for us the team all just kind of works in slack and we're 24/7

Remote we have a 24/7 customer support team that runs around the clock I I joke my co-founder that no matter what you know I've gotten married I've had kids we've done all this crazy stuff and Exodus is always released every two

Weeks even when I was married even when I was in the hospital having babies and my co-founder and I Joe can we say like if one of us dies the other person better releases the software because we do not want to not release after you

Know three four years of this we can't we can't stop that so from a team perspective we are we couldn't be more proud than when we instead that it's great that's great I love the whole distributed team and growing 50 people

In this space is a big accomplishment that's fantastic so in terms of traction you guys are a leader I would like to say but in terms of the actual numbers yeah what what are the numbers as far as what you can share with traction yeah

Sure good question we're really open about this Exodus doesn't keep track of a lot of things inside the application so like if you asked me today you know how many how much assets those excess whole I can't answer that for you

Because we choose to not give that information away because we don't know it but I don't want to know it um I can tell you how many downloads X this has no word we're over four million at this point in time as far as people that are

Using the product on a daily basis we do keep track of exchanges inside the application because obviously if you're exchanging if you want to make sure you get that exchange but goal on the other side of things and so with that exchange

Volume just like highly podcast viewers with YouTube when the market rages up we have a lot more people that use the product and then when it goes down to you know where we were in February it everybody's look at each other like is

Actually going to go anywhere um you know it was kind of boring sometimes so it goes up and down but for us we just continue to focus on the product build build build build build and I think that our greatest accomplishment for us is

That we really didn't do a lot of advertising we just we focused our energy and our other products and people just luckily just talked to each other and they were like hey check this out it's cool for us

That was the best kind of way to get more users and we feel like that that was good or anyways yes so now that we've gone over the founding story I started the company how big the team is over 50 people over 4 million downloads

That is pretty substantial so now technology you can mention what you want to mention and I always like to keep this open-ended but I will say that just to chill exodus for a little bit here the design is something that I find to

Be so intuitive and I'm a fan boy as I mentioned before the preface the interview but the design is so intuitive and the mobile application is phenomenal I mean in terms of putting it next to things like any competitors out there is

Extremely sleek and easy to use so in terms of Technology you guys pride yourself on design but can you talk a little bit about like the importance within the team of design and how that how that goes within the team

Yeah ok this is really interesting because what's cool about this is no one asks about this and we love this because everybody that's involved in crypto is so interested in like just mapped and like all this crazy crypto stuff which

Is awesome that no one really thinks about this um I love this question because Exodus isn't designed during company and so everything starts an exodus from design it doesn't start from crypto so what's cool about Exodus is

That and you see what you see on the screen no one's thinking about Bitcoin no one's thinking about litecoin no one cares about EOS all they care about is does this line is this actually connecting does it look cool and how can

An animate is it gonna make you feel good when it grows and shrinks that's like the most important thing to us because what we want to do is we want to talk to people and say when you open Exodus we want you to have this

Emotional reaction inside of you that you're like oh whoa this is awesome and it heals good because for us if you feel good you're gonna tell somebody else about it and whether use Exodus or not we want

You to spread cryptocurrency and so I think it kind of like like Elon Musk is that says like yes our cars are saving the earth but by the way you can go really fast and then and that's what people like and so when

People open up Exodus they see that and they're like oh this is sweet and they want to go show and tell other people about it and then that brings them into the cryptocurrency space so for us it is being one of the most important things

In our whole company we start with design we always start the design it starts there and then we go to the developers and say hey can you build this and a lot of times they are like no you're crazy you may be there's no way

We can do that and then we're backwards but it's cool because we have what we want like it's shown on the screen we can show them and then we build to that in gold and I think that's why it looks so different and feels so different in

Anything else why people have ever seen it yeah I and that is pure pure truth right there in it it is user focused because everything is intuitive and you can feel it like right when you open the mobile application now there's not even

Words on the side we receive and we just know what to depress which is a testament to design so in terms of what's coming what can you share what are you excited about when it comes to this year maybe next year in just five

Years hours yeah these are really good questions um I its cryptocurrency is like getting worse so cool because like we've seen all these deep eye things and there's all these greats like compound finance

And Blankfein everyone's like really getting into all these great things you can do with finance the thing they're not doing though is they're not making it super simple for people to actually use them I like my mom probably like

Your parents they have cryptocurrency I want nothing more than my mom to get interest on her crypto but I cannot tell her go do this click this download this thing move it here and so when excites me about the future is all these

Like situations that people are seeing in traditional finance they're building a new cryptocurrency me now can just like exodus take those things and make them super simple and super easy for everybody to use and so we're looking at

All these things right now and people email us all the time they're saying can you please state this can you please do this can you please do that and so for us we're now looking at what would be the best thing to start to build on top

Of exodus with all these new platforms and things right very cool just hints there yeah what's coming in the future I like it so for viewers and listeners that are listening in where do you want them to

Check out Exodus where can they find you guys so you can go to exodus bio and check it out there if you're on a mobile phone you can type in Exodus in the app store you'll see it kind of come up there and you can download it if you

Have Exodus and you like aren't a big fan of software wallets which we totally understand as you are worried about security Exodus is now partnered with trees or and you can actually like have a trees or and just use Exodus but not

Even kind of money inside of Exodus all religions for us is bananas because me all that our company have uber wallets and so we try these just pick your own flavors so to speak very cool well thanks so much for sitting down with me

Today Daniel this was a lot of fun and all the links and everything between the description below thanks again absolutely and thanks for the good questions about design much appreciated that is it for my interview with Daniel

The CEO of Exodus it was so much fun going to the event in LA this past weekend and hanging out with a lot of different creators in the community there at crypto spaces and the fact that they have 4 million people using it and

That they don't really track a lot of the things that are going on on the platform they keep track of the exchanges like you said in the interview just cuz that's how they're making their money but in terms of like how many

Assets the users are actually holding they don't keep track of that which is actually pretty powerful that is sticking to the belief that cryptocurrencies started upon which is sovereignty and people being able to

Control their own wealth and be their own bank so that is it for this episode I hope you guys liked it if you did slap a like on this video let me know that you liked it and don't forget to subscribe we're doing all sorts of

Amazing content in the coming months and weeks here so I will see you on the next episode of hack crypto

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