Exciting iPhone 9/12 Pro Leaks & AirPower LIVES!

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Hey guys welcome back to another episode of quarantined apple news crazy times hope you're staying safe and I've got some crazy Apple leaks to go in the midst of it before I begin I want to mention one of the s20 ultras from the giveaway hasn't been claimed I'll be

Giving it away exactly a week from today chance to win down below now in light of the 20/20 iPad pro release we've once again updated the concept for our upcoming iPhone 12 pro and we've considered several options for how

They'll implement the lidar sensor the time of flight let me know which one is your favorite down below personally I like the one with a lidar nestled in the bottom right it looks very clean we gave it a ring in the center a quad ring

Flash with a microphone in the middle of it something I think Apple is perfectly capable of doing in 2020 but again just speculation I'm actually very curious to see how Apple will implement it after seeing the iPad pro lidar sensor up

Close it is a marvel of engineering the way Apple groups the sensors together in the bracket is just brilliant they reduce the amount of materials they introduced grooves in between the lenses it's just it's an engineer's dream of

Efficiency here and we brought the same design over to the 20/20 iPhone 12 Pro just to give you an idea of how Apple could implement this and last year we did the same thing for the iPhone 11 Pro it turned out to be almost identical to

The real deal so I'm very curious how these will compare come September or even later because it supposedly has been delayed and another bummer regarding the 20/20 iPad pro is the a 12 Z processor is literally just a rebuild

Version of the a 12 X after reaching out to experts Tech in size has found that the old a 12 X processor was also a 8 core GPU just one of them disabled the real difference between them is the thermal management the a 12 Z can handle

More stress for a longer duration of time versus the a 12 X now you guys may have seen some concepts floating around of the iPhone 12 pro with similar camera layout of the iPad pro that's not going to be happening the only iPhones that

Will be getting the light art I'm a flight sensor will be the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 pro max not the dual lens versions that's abundantly clear and confirmed by many sources I personally believe that Apple will nestle it in the

Bottom right of the lens the way that the two pieces even click together with the current iPhone 11 Pro lens that lidar sensor fits perfectly in that so Apple will probably put it on the bottom right and just seeing how the

Lighter sensor operates from a couple different sources it is an incredible piece of technology yes the iPad pro may not be able to take full advantage of it yet but by the time the iPhone comes out you know more developers will support it

There will be more apps so the new iPhone will be able to take full advantage of it just seeing how well it maps the environment how many dots it projects incredible stuff ok moving on to a crazy report by John of front page

Tech he's reporting on a briefing that Apple has been holding discussing the iPhone 9 release date apparently they're actually considering releasing it in April due to pressure by shareholders and of course the current economic

Situation it doesn't suit Apple to hold on to this device much longer so they might be releasing it as soon as April this is coming from an apple briefing next thing you know his source will be going out with Tim Cook golfing and

We'll get even more info I'm just I'm honestly impressed how much information this guy's gleaming from these briefings he's a fairly recent source but been very accurate so far leading on to the next piece of news which is that air

Power is coming back Apple has not killed this project it's only been in limbo as I reported on earlier a medium Rider made it abundantly clear that there is no way that Apple would ever abandon an idea like air power

They'll merely tweak it work on it and bring it back in one way one fashion or another he's given us exact details on how Apple will be bringing it back what they're trying and it's some very impressive stuff oh and before I forget

The iPhone 9 may start at four hundred and forty-nine dollars just some speculation for Mark Garmin but it does make more sense the Apple a 13 plus 64 gigabytes of base storage yeah it's not gonna be cheap so air power I was

Overjoyed when I heard about this air power is not dead it's codenamed kalisto an internal project and Apple is trying to bring it back they're trying to figure out by displacing the coils a little bit further apart from each other

Trying to reduce the overlap between them and in doing so fix the thermal issues they had before they bend it apparently there will be less coils inside versus version one and the material they're testing now is a

Leather material I reported on this earlier with max wine back they tried several different materials including leather they even tried wood glass and silicon and John is reporting that the material they're testing now is leather

He also mentions Apple believes this product is absolutely necessary in order to push a portly iPhone which is rumored to happen as soon as next year at least one of the iPhones will not have a port we knew that Apple is working on a

Smaller version of air power but apparently actual product is still on and he says that it may be canceled if they don't figure it out but they are actively working on it he also mentions they're having an issue with it not

Currently charging the Apple watch series which is unacceptable so they're reengineering it from scratch hoping to fix all of these issues this really shows you that Apple is dedicated to the port list feature with the new OS

Recovery feature which removes the reliance on the computer completely and air power you'll never need a cable in your iPhone life again and unfortunately John stands by the fact that the iPhone 12 will likely be delayed into October

Or November Engineers weren't able to go to China because of the travel ban to finalize the prototypes so that's still up in the air and will cause delays and because the design has not been set yet the iPhone 12 is still in fluid motion

Apple may change things they may go back up some features we heard about and we'll be learning more about that in the coming months regarding the outbreak he mentions Apple will start to reopen their stores in the first half of April

On a location basis they want to have all open by the end of May even we with the production of our cases we've been affected by this outbreak and it's probably gonna set us back one to two weeks so just want to let you know it

Won't be a terrible wait but it will add just a little bit on top also funny to me Apple is not happy at the absurd amount of leaks surfacing lately which goes to show you I mean there's probably a

Degree of accuracy there especially since all this recent stuff has been true and there have been many news sources claiming the iPhone 12 Pro will be delayed by at least one to three months and the latest article from loop

Ventures claims that Apple is still dead set on releasing in the fall Apple usually takes three to four years to build an iPhone so they're saying it's not something settled in just one year there are many

Factors at play here and each iPhone has a huge development cycle behind it fall is still likely they say in other news TSMC China Times is reporting is delaying the production of five nanometer chips for Apple which would be

The Apple a fourteen the insane over 3.1 gigahertz we've been hearing about apparently they're delaying that chip production by one to two quarters it really doesn't make sense all the new sources have different timings here and

It does seem more and more likely that we'll get a staggered release like the iPhone 10 and the iPhone 10 are series 1 to 2 months release after announcement Wiki chip reports that the Apple a 14 with the new 5 nanometer process will

Have a higher density by 84% over the Apple a 13 chip now with this new density they can improve performance by 15% and keeping the same energy requirements or make it 30% more energy efficient while keeping the same

Performance also a solid report by my boy Ming chingkuo he's saying the 20/20 iPhone 6 point 7 inch model so the high-end model will feature sensor shift image stabilization on the lenses so instead of Apple

Stabilizing the optical lenses they'll be stabilizing the sensor itself which does provide added benefits such as being able to add this tech to the ultra wide lens which currently has no stabilization only digital he's also

Saying this tech will be expanding to 2 to 3 iPhones in Apple's lineup in 2021 this sensor shift image stabilization was earlier confirmed by digit times so now ku is also confirming it you can be certain that's what Apple will be

Doing for 2020 and even better than that cool mentions in 2022 Apple is working to bring a periscope zoom system to the iPhone so that space zoom from the Galaxy S 20 ultra yeah we're getting that on the iPhone or just

A couple years away from unfortunately whine back earlier reported that Apple was studying that for incorporating face ID into the front bezel on the iPhone and it's good to know Apple is exploring all options here also the new Huawei p40

Pro features a 10 x optical zoom system they're calling it the world's first multi reflection super periscope so there are two periscope zoom systems on the p40 pro insane i'll give it to huawei and they handle

Artech very well they always are cutting-edge here and the quality is just amazing and early reviews a couple other things about the p40 Pro the colors incredible I love that new Sheen it looks so futuristic I love that

They're exploring these things also they've added a new digital assistant called hey Celia which is triggering people's series on iPhones I wonder how intentional that was Nikki publication is also reporting that Apple

Is considering delaying the iPhone past its fall release so we may be getting that staggered release so many sources saying different things right now one thing is clear is from this Apple may be forced to consider an 18-month

Cycle very similar to that of the iPad pro where it'll give them more breathing room as iPhones get more and more complex I think it's only a matter of time until we switch to that model they're saying the final decision on

Production whether it'll make it on time will happen in May Foxconn in the meantime is saying it has hired enough workers to meet seasonal demand for the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro so many of the pieces are set up it's just Apple needs

To make that final decision whether or not they can make it and lastly car key has been visualized Mac's wine back source has provided us with screenshots of iOS 14 and a car key interface it looks awesome

Apple is reportedly working with BMW on this it'll be their first client as a 9 to 5 Mac reports and it's possible that it may be an ultra wideband exclusive with ultra wideband you wouldn't need to remove your iPhone to place it on the

Pillar with NFC you would have to do that but theoretically this would work on both just newer iPhones would get better functionality I can't wait I love how clean and integrated this is Apple is definitely moving in the right

Direction thanks for watching guys I'll keep you updated it has been crazy stay safe peace

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