by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

Who are altcoins currently in one of the single most bullish pennants we've ever seen in cryptocurrencies history we'll be taking a look at that possibility and as well we're gonna be using historical market caps to calculate what the possibility of chain-link making you a

Millionaire is just how much of it would you need to conservatively have a real chance of making hundreds of thousands in a million dollars off of chain-link alone and as well we'll be taking a look at the top ten performers in the

Cryptocurrency market this week and alt season kicking off guys this could be huge and what is the likelihood of Bitcoin actually beginning this massive bull cycle with altcoins taking the lead first that seems to be

What is happening so far but we're gonna take a deeper dive into that data and as well we'll be refreshing on what coins coin base currently has under review pending a coin base listing because as many of you know coin based listings

Equal massive pump egde Wow let's do this Wow what's going on everyone welcome back to an absolute mega soda we have a lot to delve into we're gonna be taking a look at bitcoins charts but specifically looking at some of these

Alt coins and then as well we're gonna be doing some calculations on realistic market caps that we actually had on some of these top alt coins in the last bull cycle and then putting them on top of chain link to calculate just how many

Chain link you would need to actually turn your investment into a million dollars and that is again based on historical realistic market caps obviously I think market caps are gonna go much much much higher than the peak

Of the 2017 bull run in this next coming bull run but we're gonna be pretty conservative with it and just take a very conservative calculation of how much chain link in particular you would need to become a millionaire

And if you guys like this type of data we can do this with other altcoins in the future okay maybe we can do some sort of voting system where we can vote and maybe just do this more often guys absolutely huge alts have been creeping

Up and you can see that by the Bitcoin dominance decreasing guys so much to get into in as well we'll be giving this away in the next webisode we got insanely close to that like goal we might actually have hit it I haven't

Check a few hours but I have to do to enter is leave that smash ding turn on the comments and you'll be giving this away in the next webisode in as well guys before we dive into the data I want to

Let you know we did update to t4 v4 we added a bunch of new content more is still coming with this update but one of the things in particular we added if you scroll down here to active investments this in particular is just information

On what exactly I'm doing what coins in particular I'm doing what prices everything like that just more detail on this okay so we just started keeping track of this just for the past few days here so we're gonna be updating that as

Well so again many of you have been requesting that so I just decided why not add it everybody that's already in t4 has access to it yeah you can just see what I've been doing with my portfolio what coins have been buying

And these are the particular days that I do that and as well there's some other new videos that we added as well there's quite a lot of meaty content in here and we're gonna continue adding it and as well 20% off with the coupon code

Platinum but more on that at the end of the web Wow so a very basic look at a bull pennant is this you guys if you just google bull pen it'll come up with something very similar to this but if we go to the entire cryptocurrency market

Cap excluding bitcoins so every single altcoin you can see this is the pattern that we've we're still currently in okay the consolidation is real and we've just actually started to peek our head above this potential symmetrical triangle or

You know this bullish pen in here you can see right around here of just shy of a hundred billion USD market cap now let's actually do something pretty interesting here so from that bull run that culminated at the end of 2017 very

First month of 2018 altcoins went from a cumulative market cap of about 131 million up to half of a trillion dollars it actually peaked out right around 490 or 480 billion US dollars okay so half a trillion dollars up from only what is

This pretty much half of 200 million dollars so that roughly is an increase of this is absolutely insane it's roughly an increase of about 350,000 percent okay so three hundred and fifty thousand percent gains roughly and now

What we're talking about in this video is extremely conservative instead of three hundred fifty thousand we're talking about only forty four hundred now granted this would go much much much higher than that but we're just going to

Be taking a conservative look and then looking at prices based on that so a forty four hundred percent gain would put the all-time market cap over four trillion dollars as of right now it's a little under a hundred billion but

Another forty four hundred percent increase would put the entire ultimate market cap so everything except Bitcoin over four trillion dollars now within the next few years i 100% think this is extremely likely okay I think alt coins

Are going to continue the pattern that they've done for the past few years specifically with the Bitcoin dominance with altcoins taking up more and more of the Bitcoin dominance so this actually doesn't look very crazy but looking at

This this is forty four hundred percent increase compared to a three hundred and fifty thousand percent increase from the prior cycle so again many of you are looking at this and thinking wow that's actually extremely conservative it's not

That big at all some of you believe this could go exponentially higher and I do as well but I'm just trying to be conservative in this video because even being this conservative you still get some absolutely crazy high-priced

Numbers from some of these charts so cuz I actually want to switch over to chain link now as chain links obviously been running and because of this latest run chain link now makes up more than any other altcoin in my portfolio so I

Believe I have roughly of my altcoin portfolio 20% of my old coin portfolio is now chain link guys absolutely huge I originally got in about seven or eight months ago but I did actually buy into the hype as well and obviously I've been

Accumulating over the past few months as well long term this is a play I'm extremely excited for and fundamentally okay there's a lot of reasons to be excited about it aside from just technical analysis which again when it

Comes to long-term investing I think fundamental analysis plays a much bigger role than just technical analysis so guys let's take a look at this what are the chances what would you have to invest to get a realistic chance

Of chain link making you a millionaire so let's take a look at this so XRP during the 2017 bull run Etta ended in you know January 2018 first month of 2018 XRP had a market cap of about a hundred and forty four billion us

Dollars okay one hundred and forty four billion US dollars now currently XR peace market cap is a lot lower than that it's only around eight or nine billion US dollars however on this next run i 100% think many of the top ten

Coins right now are going to easily surpass fifty billion a hundred billion USD in their market cap again this is the height of the next bull market okay thanks forget absolutely more explosive than that those might end up

Being extremely conservative numbers most likely they will especially this is a you know a two-year mega cycle this will be extremely conservative as well so it sounds a little crazy right now with the price doing nothing but again

Keep in mind this is after a massive bull cycle maybe even the middle of it towards the end of it as well is when we're talking about these price possibilities here but let's say that chain link would get to a market cap of

What XRP did at its height this is very realistic in my opinion I think chain link is going to obviously pass X RP s 2017 market cap highs but more importantly we're basing this on a market cap that has already happened for

A top coin it's not even Bitcoin okay this is not Bitcoin bitcoins market cap surpassed over 300 billion at its height okay so Bitcoin when you know even doubled of what X RP s market cap was at its all-time high so let's say that

Chain link with a current market cap just slightly over two billion reaches the market cap that x RP reached in the 2017 bull market that would put a chain link approximately around $400 per chain link so just slightly under X RP is peak

Market cap chain link would be worth over $400 per chain link so 2500 chain link at $400 per link is approximately a million dollars and similarly 5000 chain link at approximately half of that $200 per chain link is also approximately a

Million dollars so roughly if you would invest $33,000 as of chain links price right now although chain links price is fluctuating a lot because it's actually pumping today but if you would invest that amount in roughly right now $33,000

When it hits that market cap if it does then that would turn in 33,000 to roughly a million dollars there so you can play around with those numbers and calculate that but is it possible 100 percent we're basing that on a realistic

Market cap of one of the top crypto currencies okay this is not an unheard of market cap it was very high it was the height of X our piece market cap but it's extremely realistic now if we start talking about five trillion six trillion

Seven eight nine ten trillion dollars per altcoins or something like that then again that's a much higher market cap but a hundred and forty billion dollars for one of these top crypto currencies in the next one to two years is

Extremely conservative my opinion this could go much much much higher than those those numbers right there okay huge so I wanted to cover this really briefly Joseph young on coin Telegraph in the past week vet xlm a da

Algo link bsv Adam XRP Crow and aetherium classic outperformed the rest of the market including Bitcoin which only gained about 1% during this period but yeah there's been some massive coins pumping chain-linked obviously have been

Has been huge here there's a lot of news about Cardno with Shelly coming out you guys but with that being said what I did want to do actually is cover what coin base is considering listing okay they have this announcement about exactly a

Month ago about these new assets that they're considering listening to coin base and the reason this is significant is because coin based pumps are real usually one coins get listed there is a very significant increase in liquidity

Obviously and price increase so what they have right now is a v' aragón air we've bank or comp did you bite horizon live Pierre new cipher numeraire keep Network origin protocol Ren render tokens Co coins scale Network synthetics

And V chain as possibilities there okay the things I'm kind of rooting for here are V chain digi bite and comp as well but let me know if those all there alt coins or things you hold or you know about if they're interesting to you and

As well not much else to talk about in regards to bitcoins ta but we did get a very sharp projection off of this two-and-a-half year resistance just about an hour ago at the time he's filming this now we were actually

Climbing right up to about 90 350 and we got a very sharp rejection okay let's actually switch to the one hour and you can see that on the one hour you see we climbed pretty fast and immediately got rejected it was very

Quick happen to within a few minutes there so again we got another rejection right there we're still squeezing in this area so again explosive moves the explosive move most likely on the horizon in the very short term and as

Well guys absolutely huge so I want to take some time out now and cover a little bit of the updates to t4 v4 we have finally rolled out with some of these updates here they're gonna continue we're gonna be using t4 v4 for

A while but we did add some more videos here specifically with trading because that's what you guys have been really interested in asking about and as well what I'm gonna get to new updating is just my portfolio my active investments

So if you're already in t4 you can check it out now just a little text thread on what exactly I'm buying what prices I'm buying if you're interested in learning just kind of what I'm doing with the portfolio because again most of what I'm

Doing is very long term holds but I spent a lot of time in the space and I'm pretty confident in the projects that I'm invested in I take my money very seriously and I obviously want to maximize it and make as much money as

I possibly can so absolutely huge guys thanks so much for watching I'll see you next webisode peace

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