Everything You Need to Know About Wall Plugs

published on July 9, 2020

In this video we're gonna go through aton of different options that work fromlight duty to heavy duty so that youdon't waste your time and money andeventually end up having a really nicepicture that you love fall on the groundin smashing so here we go

I'm gonna show you something right nowdrywall screw into drywall a lot ofpeople have the misconception that ifthe screws made for the material then itshould hold reality is it doesn't holdnothing okay this is for attaching

Drywall to the stud not for hanginganything on drywall so forget that thereare a ton of different anchors in themarket today and some of them aredesigned just for hanging in a pictureand it doesn't take a lot

They have adhesives or that little wirethat's kind of looped and it sits on thedrywall what I love to use is a drywallanchor plate now you'll see me use thesein a lot of different applications I usethis when I'm drilling a hole in tile to

Mount fixtures in the bathroombasically this kit comes with the plugand the screw that work together and thedrill bit to make the perfect size holdand make this optimized and I'll showyou how this gets installed and we'll

Show you what it looks like on the backside of the wall as well and then we'regonna put the hammer to it and try torip it out and see how well it holds soone of the advantages and this is reallylight duty this is great for hanging

Pictures and that sort of thing or evena mirror that maybe only 20 pounds andthe idea is that you just find your spotand you drill your hole nice and cleandon't work it around and make the holetoo big okay and you'll notice the plug

Barely gets in there no special toolsnecessary the strength in this anchor iswhen you sink the head nice and flushwith the drywall then it just screws inand threads and the idea is that thescrew is just a little bit wider than

The plug and it makes the plug expandinto the drywall increase compressionsnow there are a lot of things in theworld that you can set like this there'sfurniture and mirrors and that have thelittle hole in the back and you slide

Over and drop down on top or you can puta picture wire over top of that screwand that does pretty good job nowif you're just putting moderate pressurein there that'll workbut if you're gonna mount something like

Let's say a medicine cabinet and youdon't have the studs this is whathappens it's not gonna hold so thispackage says it's a number 8 screw andit's a quarter-inch hole all right forthe drill bit so whenever you're going

To shop make sure you get the rightdrill bit for the plastic anchor becausenot all the kits are this big that comewith your own drill bit this is the nextone we're gonna take a look at it saysit's rated rated for 35 pounds not bad

That's a pretty significant amount ofweight now on the back of this it alsosays it's a quarter-inch hole so let'smake another one now you'll see thisone's a little bit different instead ofjust a plastic sleeve

It actually has sides that expand andpop out so forcing this into the hole isa little bit a little more complicatedof course anything can be fixed with ahammer and anything abused as a hammerhere we go I'll get the screw we'll put

It in we'll try that outnow this one's rated for 35 pounds as Isaid and it reacts a lot the same exceptthat the compression mechanism it seemsa little bit more durable let's givethis a shot with a hammer and we'll just

Give it a straight yeah you can see whathappens okayI left a bigger hole I don't know if itseemed to have any more strength beingpulled off the wall but they've beentested so at 35 pounds of hanging weight

Is what that rating is for has nothingto do with if you're mounting a cabinetjust remember that now the next type isthis it's got a rating for 63 pounds andthat means 63 pounds of vertical hangingweight it's kind of like a corkscrew

Plug it's got a thick thread on itthat's designself drill so you don't need an extradrillwith this that's an extra benefit nowthe idea here is you just put your drill

Bit right in there see it's the PhilipsGod you know how much I love Philips andit just drills into the wall you gottabe real careful not to over drill herebecause then you'll end up just boringout the hole that's the danger but

They're so use something that you can benice and careful and trigger-happy withand we just attached the drill at thescrews time for the hammer just wow thatreally holds a lot better but I'll tellyou right now if you're using this to

Attach a vanity sink to a wall or acabinet or something and somebody sitson it you're gonna pull it right out ofthe wall and destroy a good part of yourwall as well now in order to fix thisyou have to take all of this off of

Course prime it with some oil paint thenyou can patch it what a messthe next product is the metal versionand here's why they invented this it'sbecause the plastic version sometimes incertain situations especially if you've

Got fire rated drywall that plastictends to be ripped apart by the drillbit from your drill and then you can'tget it all the way in and then of courseyou can't back it out cuz it gets justmauled so we're gonna use the metal one

Now and we're gonna see how much easierit is okay so that's funny Mac'sactually missed that shot it happened soquick we're gonna try this againready that one has a much greaterability to be threaded in and driven

With some action and attitudewe're gonna have the screw give her theyank test whoo that actually came out alot easier oddly enough I think it'sbecause I over tightened and what yousaw there was the action of me boring

Out the hole yeah yeah it could bereally careful of those things the nexttype of fastener is a little more uniqueand it has a different kind of design toit again it's a plug for going in thedrywall but on the back side you'll see

It's got this really cool Arrowheaddesign so you pinch it together to stickit in the hole but then when you tightenthe screw it comes out the other end andit flares out to grab the backside ofthe drywall a little different so I'm

Just guessing here we're gonna try itwith the 5/16 see if I can make thiswork yeah wonderful thing about drywallif the holes a little small you can justgive it a bit of a rotation and thereyou go work it in I'll give this one a

Yank test hopefully I don't pull myshoulderokay not all that excitinghow's expecting more from that you'llsee the hole here is more rectangularand it matches the design of that flared

Out piece of plastic it didn't seem tohave any better of a grip than any ofthese other plugs and it still made ahuge mess very interesting so before wego any further and I show you thismonster

Anchor that I picked up I just wanted todiscuss the cost because this one isabout 100 pieces and it's $18 thinkabout that all of these other optionscame for in a package and remember 5 or6 bucks which makes them a little more

Than a dollar each so you think about itif they all do the same job in holdingthe vertical weight and they're allgonna tear out with any kind of forcethere's not a whole lot of need toupgrade from the cheap ones to all of

These other ones that's my opinion buthow comes the mother of all anchors herewe go there's only two in a package sameprice these are two dollars apiece soI'm thinking to myself when I'm at thestore two bucks an anchor it's still

Only going in drywall drywall still onlyso strong how good can this be so we aregonna find out now before I stick thisin I'll just mention there is one othertype of anchor it's called the togglebolt and have you seen those yeah they

Were big in the seventies you're gonnaattach like your hanging lights and yourpotted plants and everything from theceiling what it is it's a it's a it's awing nut and you screw it in and thenwhen you when you tighten it up it

Really fans that you've got these hugearms on what the size of my fingers andthat did really good job this isdesigned to be very similar actuallywhat happens here is when you screw thisin it causes this the pivot because

We'll have to just stick it in and we'llshow you I don't know if it's me or thepackage I can't read the instructionsthank God for cell phones you know wecan blow this up now I can read it okayhere we go

The Cobra can't be held responsible forany time you do something stupid itdoesn't tell me oh it's self-drillingnice I don't need to pre-drillhere we are whoa okay and then there's abit of thread I don't want to

Over-tighten this time I don't beresponsible for boring it out thatwouldn't be a fair test for the Cobranow you see it's not a regular screwokay it's just a machine thread screwput this in

It's gonna be hard to do the hammer testcuz I've been I'm gonna check on theback here oh yeah so when you back itall the way and it tightens that in andthe back swings around and gets nicesolid lock on the drywall and then you

Can back out the screw to the depth thatyou need for hanging whatever you'rehanging and the back stays intact that'scool alright here we golet's see how about like over hangs upalright to be fair I really yanked on

That bad boy that's kind of open hope myhandle almost came off my hammer Wowlet's take a look at the mess that'spretty significant I think what we'relearning here is it doesn't matter whatkind of anchor you're using if you're

Going direct into the drywall you'regonna have failure if you're expectingit to act like a structural component inyour home if all you're doing is hangingsomething on the drywall that's fine butnow I'm going to show you the best

Fastener that you can getso there we go we've seen a bunch offasteners work and to the varying degreethey'll all perform reasonably welldepending on what you're attaching tothe wall but the biggest test for

Attaching things to the wall comes inthe bathroom literally roebucks toiletpaper holders towel rods all of thesethings that get put in the bathroom whenyou buy them they give you this cutelittle package of hardware and when you

Open it up and inevitably they all havethe same thing in there there we gothey're gonna give you the bracket ofcourse that gets mounted to the wall andthen this gets set on there that's greatbut they also give you this and the

Minute you see this most people tend tothink oh greed I can just attach itanywhere so you'll sit down on yourtoilet and you go I like my toilet paperthere and then oh the Robo could beperfect on this location and carelessly

You go and drill holes and put theselittle plugs in and then a week latereverything falls off your wall it'sbecause it doesn't work now the truth isthis I'm gonna draw this it you have astud okay this is gonna be what we call

Our two-by-four okay it's three and ahalf inches wide some reason it's calledthe two by fours because originallystuds were actually 2 inches by 4 inchesbut over time engineers have realizedthat we don't need that much wood in the

Wall to do the job and so they've madeeverything skinnier now they're actually1 and a half by three and a half then wehave an actual half-inch of drywall okaythen we're gonna have this littlebracket that we're going to attach now

If you put a screw in a little plasticplug right here what do you think isgonna happen if there's no stud it'sgonna pop right up and if you use thescrews that come in the package and youfind a stud we're gonna find is that the

Screw only makes it into the wood withthe last two threads bad idea insteadyou want to use this screw bomb this isa 1 and 3/4 flooring screw okaythere's your bracket here's your drywalllook how much meat you have

That was market okay this is where thebest fastener is your brain okay youneed to understand your code allows youan inch and a quarter of space from thefront of the stud to the back before theplumber or the electrician is allowed to

Drill a hole alright so you know if youhave half-inch drywall how long yourscrew can be up to that point because ifthe electrician wants a wire he'll drilla hole and who run is wire in that placeand if you put in a screw you're fine no

Contact no risk if when you put in ascrew and you blow through a water lineor electrical line that's becausesomeone else didn't do their job rightand they have liability insurance forthat now what we're gonna do is a quick

Little demonstration how you can find astud before we do that if you're doing anew renovation new construction haven'tclosed your walls yet take the time tothink about where you want all thesefixtures to be in advance and put

Bracing in the wall and if you aren'tsure how to do that you can click thecard we have a video on how to prep yourwalls for pour you put the drywall onit's a brilliant way to show you how toadd blocking anywhere in the house you

Need it to tie in a wall to put in at alow bar that'll be the solution to theproblem but the answer is you go to thestore and you buy something like thisokay you stick it on the wall you pressthe button and it stays green as long as

There's nothing in the way and when youget that little red line you stop andyou make a mark come the other waymake your solid you okay there you golet's see how accurate that is but studsare one and a half inches wide and that

Marks it off at one in five-eighthspretty darn good the goal here is to aimfor the middle of that all right so whatI'm gonna do is I'm gonna actually mountthis bracket on the wallnice that grabs really good all right so

This particular type of fixture itdoesn't come like a lot of them it's notan allen key so there is no allen key inthe package so make sure when you're outbuying fixtures that you take a look inthe box confirm that it's an allen key

Or not because you might need somethinglike this which is a really small tinyscrewdriver in order to set the setscrew and that would be another wholetrip to the store for no apparent reasonall right so you set it on the top of

The bracket all right so jiggle it inthere on the walland then you tie up your little setscrew now this is done right with theright kind of screw you should be ableto hang off the wall on this thing

Already for this I don't even know if Igot enough strength to do this I'mgetting old and back yep she ain't goingknows that is a fixture cuz it's fixedin place and before everybody complainsthat your drawing on your wall

That's why I have kills this stuff workson anything there we goproblems up all right if that washelpful guys then like the video do ithelp a brother out hit the like buttonalright it sends a positive signal to

Youtube that says you liked it andtherefore they should maybe share with awhole lot of other people don't forgetto hit the subscribe button and the bailnotification for new videos that comeout so that you can stay up to date

Because we are producing a ton ofcontent and if you enjoy gettinginformation in this kind of style wekind of call this our bench seriesthat's where we just talk about randomthings and give you as much information

As we can it's kind of like goingshopping and talking about what's on theShelf right you can click the buttonright here and we've got information inthere about different cocking and nailsand screws and all kinds of things and

Tools that we use thanks for joining ustodayhopefully was helpful we'll see youagain soon

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