Eve V vs Microsoft Surface Pro Review: (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

This video is brought to you by Webroot the surface pro is a great computer I've been using it for about three to four months now it's lightweight it's built really well it's very powerful and this iteration here is literally the blueprint for two-in-one tablets right

Now but it's not perfect the lack of ports the lack of USB C and Thunderbolt 3 in 2018 leaves a little bit more to be desired so a company named Eve tech asked of community what more would you want out of the surface pro then it

Became a crowdsource project and about a year later there was a little bit of delays here and there but now it's ready to come to market it has more features and even comes at a lower price point so we're gonna look at both of them today

And find out is cheaper actually better if you look at them side-by-side they are the same form factor and definitely the surface was the inspiration for the e V but they both have detachable keyboards and they are tablet on their

Own they both have the kickstand and they both have the keyboard here there are a few differences though the e V has a little bit better key travel a little bit thicker here and it has some cool things with the keyboard the e V

Keyboard has some whimsical stuff on it like the backspace key is to upski and the V is replaced by the e V logo some people might like that and some people might not like it but I think it's kind of cool because it gives it a little bit

Of personalization and the biggest difference for me is the backlighting where the surface Pro's backlighting is very subtle hard to see in a day time but it's not like that with the e V and you can also change the colors there's

RGB lighting in there so just hitting function and V button at the same time it will give you a change in cycle of color so it'll give you a little bit of personalization there which I like the trackpad on both are about the same size

And they both use Windows precision drivers but I did notice that the Eevee's trackpad is not as responsive as the one on the surface Pro's so keep that in mind but I guess you could just use a mouse even though they are the

Same form factor and they look very similar you do get some different build materials you get aluminum here on the EB while you get a magnesium alloy on this surface pro I like the way they both

Look but I kind of prefer the black stealth look of the Eevee but one thing is it does attract a ton of fingerprints so I do have a deep brand skin on here this is the marble Edition and I also have the black dragon on here now since

I decided to switch it I kind of like black dragon but both of them work so link in the description below if you want to check one of these out if you have an Eevee but the one thing that I did notice was the quality of the hinge

Now there's no problems with the hinge on the Eevee but this bottom part is really really sharp so if you're gonna take this and actually change it on the table you can kind of hear that scraping here because it is very very sharp and

The mechanism is not as smooth as the one on the surface pro in terms of portability they're both about the same but the Eevee is a little bit thicker because it does have a higher watt hour battery so you're gonna get some better

Battery life out of the Eevee okay so the two big attractions to the Eevee is the port selection and the price on the surface pro it's very limited you only get one USB a and a mini DisplayPort so that's not very much but on the Eevee

It's a different story because you get two USBA ports one on each side and you get two USB C ports which is great and one of them is a Thunderbolt 3 port so you can hook up external GPUs which is a big deal if you

Want a game on this and faster storage you can output monitors to it so that's really convenient and definitely more fitting for 2018 I forgot they do both have a headphone jack but the difference here is the way that you unlock the

Device or for security is that the Eevee has a fingerprint scanner on the power button here on the right side it works really well it's fast and responsive but if I had to call it I really prefer Windows hello on the

Surface Pro because I don't even have to touch it you just turn it on it scans your face and you're right in there so they both work well but just my personal preference I like the Windows hello method of face unlocking the second

Thing is probably the most important thing and that's pricing and we'll get into that in just a second before we get into the details I want to thank our sponsor for this video Webroot the Internet is a scary place and

Cybersecurity is a big deal and you need to protect yourself the numbers can be pretty scary the stats say that 45% of all consumers have been a victim of a cyber crime sometime in their lifetime and I have to admit it's happened to me

Twice I've gotten my credit card information stolen and even though I got all my money back it was a painstaking process and it was a wake-up call for me to be more careful on the Internet this is where Webroot comes in it's a very

Easy to install and lightweight software that is going to protect you from these types of scams and malicious websites it's really fast scan my surface pro in less than 30 seconds what I like about Webroot is

That it's cloud-based so it's being constantly updated all the time and your machine is not susceptible to these old vulnerabilities and there's new protections being added all the time without you even thinking about it so if

I end up visiting one of these malicious sites Webroot will block it to protect me they have a huge cloud database of known attacks and it also protects and encrypts your passwords usernames and

Credit card numbers once again since this cloud base is really fast and does not bog down your system and it also works really well with Windows Defender so it's that second layer of security and protection and it's that peace of

Mind so if you're interested i'ma leave a link down below for you and it also works great on the Mac so don't forget about these new phoner abilities that are now coming up on the Mac so make sure you check that link down below

Download it and let me know what you think okay so let's talk about pricing so the biggest thing that you need to know about the evie is if you purchase any model you're gonna end up getting the keyboard and the pen included in the

Box we're on the surface pro you're gonna have to buy those separately so you're gonna have to add on about $250 to the cost to get the keyboard and the pin but Microsoft's shaking things up a little bit because on the lower end now

You can get a core i5 model not an M series process but a core i5 with 4 gigs around 128 gigabyte SSD for about $800 where the Eevee starts at the core m3 model for about 900 $60 but if you the pen and all that stuff and the

Keyboard you're almost approximate at the right price so when it comes to the lower end in the mid tier it doesn't look as different when it comes to the gap of the price but when you go to the higher end I 7 models that's where you

Really start to save you can save up to about a thousand dollars buying the same spec configuration but it is really nice that though the entry level on the Eevee comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM versus 4 gigabytes of RAM so it's kind of a big

Deal since you can upgrade after the fact but there is probably one major thing you should know about the Eevee is that all of their models including their i7i 5 are running why series processors while the surface is running new series

Processors so there is some difference here in performance so I didn't know how much difference there would be so I ran some benchmarks and I saw that the CPU performance is quite a bit higher on the surface pro you know say what you will

About benchmarks but every benchmark that I ran the surface pro scored higher so on everyday use you're probably not gonna see much difference so if you're using it for a lot of word documentation and for business which these things are

Kind of intended for then you probably won't see a huge performance gain but if you're dabbling into some Lightroom or working with some raw photography and things like that then you're gonna see a difference here on the surface pro so

That's something that I wanted to know and of course these are not made for gaming so I wanted to try some like games like rocket League so I played rocket league on the surface pro and on the highest settings it was definitely

Playable the frame rates were acceptable and it was no problem at all with the integrated GPU but I tried those same settings here on the Eevee and it was almost unplayable very choppy and if the frame rates weren't good and I would not

Suggest it without dropping it down to the quality so it was pretty impressive on how different these two are but the higher clock speed and the faster processor on the surface pro will kind of help with that but you can't forget

About the Thunderbolt 3 capability of the Eevee so that it opens up things for a GPU so if you had a powerful GPU you could probably game on this so if you want to see that test I don't have any GPU right now but I could get

One and test it out so if you guys are interested I'd be happy to buy one to try this out so leave a comment down below if you want to see that video I almost forgot about the displays but I probably would've been killed on the

Video if I didn't mention it they both have the same size same aspect ratio but technically the Eevee has a higher resolution display you can see it a little bit but it's not a huge difference here it's a sharp EXO panel I

Think that the off angle access viewing is a little bit better on the Eevee but the pixel sense display is also very very nice on the surface pro so I don't think you'll be disappointed with either of these but I think if I had to make a

Choice I think the Eevee's looks a little bit better a little bit better contrast as well but the Eevee is actually not factory calibrated because this is an earlier version of the Eevee so when I get my final unit in I will be

Able to make a better decision about that but both great displays as I mentioned before they both have support for the pen so the Eevee's comes with it and it's basically like the older generation surface pro pen where there

Is a little bit of lag and there is a little bit of delay so if you're gonna use this for art it might not be the best thing where the new surface pen is very good and it's definitely better than the older pen so if you're gonna do

Some art I would suggest buying the newer pen or going with the surface pro but if you're interested in the Eevee that might not matter because that pen is supported here on the Eevee so you just need to get a better pin but that

Does add an extra hundred dollars on to your purchase but that's good that it does support the new surface pen so to round things up they both have cameras on the front and back both aren't stellar and quality at all but they're

Made for video conferencing and just quick pictures if you need it so it's nice to have them there and they both have micro SD cards underneath the kickstand so that's a nice thing if you need to expand your storage a little bit

So I want to know from you guys is the Eevee a better surface Pro honestly I have to admit I think it's a better deal all across the board because you get the keyboard included you get the pen included you get a lot more ports but

The processor decision is a little bit of a mix-up for me because I wish they would have went with a you series processors to give it a little bit better performance on the EB side but I think if you're using it for

Productivity and you don't really need that power then I don't think it's really much of an issue and I think the e V is a better value if you care about my opinion at all I like the surface Pro's design better

I like the build quality it feels better in the hand it's less finger print E and I like the attention to detail if you look at the ventilation just that precision it looks really really nice and the hinge mechanism is better it's

Smoother I just feel like the execution is a little bit more polished here but I do feel like the e V is a better consumer choice overall but this is not considering that the surface is an ecosystem so if you're working in

Education or in business where the surface hubs being used and things like that I'm not even taking that into consideration but for the general public I feel like that you get a better deal with the e V if you're willing to

Sacrifice a little bit on the performance side personally I am glad that companies like Evie are pushing forward stuff like this because as consumers that means that we win we have more choice and I feel like what we say

Are getting implemented into products like Evie and that's just great for the feature of tech both of the products will be linked down below if you are interested so subscribe to the channel if you want to see more cool videos like

This and thumbs up if you want to see more PC videos on this channel I really had a good time making this and I will see you guys in the next one

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