Etoro Review- How to Make Money For Beginners

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

Now if you've been watching my cryptocurrency videos for any period of time you know how I feel about cryptocurrency trading trying to speculate on the market and make all these different types of moves that could potentially lose you money it's

For good reason we didn't go up as much as I would like right this bit went up it went up 42% a day and then it dropped and did a hundred percent retrace and made new lows over the next 30 days really about 28 29 days

That's crazy like you know did you expect one single day of China pump off of limit up on their stocks and and you know 42 percent a day no I don't think that's a that's not representative of

What Bitcoin normally does like how many people got wrecked if you were short so first of all you should never ever ever trade okay but if you're so stupid you can't take my advice you have to trade okay

Imagine being short on the 50 / 2 hundred daily moving average death cross where the death cross goes up 42 percent that day destroys the shorts the technical guys destroys them they're all dead now and the lungs are all very

Happy and they probably added to their positions at the top and now we get to go back down and retrace the entire 40 42 % move and some more and liquidate all the lungs like okay said like Long's wrecked

Shorts wrecked and now this this is when when the game is China are they banning or unbanning this week and is there a Ponzi starting or getting arrested when that's the game which it currently is if you think you're qualified to win that

Game you're you're wrong alright unless you're in China and you have news ahead of time you're gonna get your chopped up period because you could draw our lines you want and all the lines you want aren't going to tell you what to China

News agency is going to publish that you can shove those lines up your ass so I'm telling you stop getting chopped up stop trading now that was a clip of Richard Hart which is one of the most inspirational influencers in

Cryptocurrency that I have ever watched he's great go subscribe to his channel for sure he's gonna give you all types of insights about cryptocurrency that most people just do not know and he seems to share the same opinion as me

All right trading is just way too much right especially in the most volatile market of the world China has manipulated a lot and I do not recommend it if you want to get rekt you want to get chopped up in little pieces

Go ahead and do your thing but what if you could find an expert trader what if you can find someone to manage your money so that you don't have to really worry about it you could be a more productive human being go do something

Else that actually makes money and let them kind of increase your portfolio over time well there is a solution it's called eToro okay where you could literally just copy other traders you could just copy them and you can see

Your their past performance and see how the good they have done so you make sure that your investment doesn't go to waste and this video I'm going to be talking about that I'm reviewing the website keep watching

what's going on everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency video today we're gonna be talking about eater oh okay this is basically a social media trading platform that you can actually go and

Copy expert traders now I don't condone training for yourself I think everybody should know what technical analysis is and have a very good you know understanding of how these charts and how the market works but actually

Trading yourself in cryptocurrency is a very hard thing and I think a lot of people agree me agree with me on that right the best thing to do in cryptocurrency is to accumulate over time but for the purposes of this video

I do want to show you Eater o because I think it is very interesting you can buy various cryptocurrency assets just like any other exchange with fiat currency and you can copy some expert traders now the reason why I haven't made this video

In the past is because they just now launched this feature for United States customers to actually copy traders like I said you know back in the day I did make ether oh but you couldn't copy traders like whatever regulations or

Laws that you know applied at the time got lifted and now you can so though their community is small I would say that it's probably going to grow because I looked at you know different countries communities and stuff like that and it's

Pretty good like there's thousands of people watching and trading certain guys and you know so let me just jump over here and show you guys but before we get started if you haven't already subscribed in my youtube channel my name

Is Alex and I talk about everything cryptocurrency in entrepreneurship so if you are an entrepreneur trying to make some money on the internet this is definitely the channel for you do me a favor hit that subscribe button as well

As the push notification bell so you can get the videos first okay so what am I do is I'm going to quickly go through eater oh okay I'm gonna show you the various feature it's pretty simple and straightforward but to ethically bribe

You to watch the whole video to the end I'm gonna be giving you guys some crazy crazy crazy details on what's happening to Bitcoin right now so let me just show you really quickly bitcoin has been taking a nosedive and and I can't give

You guys the exact reason cuz nobody knows well what I could tell you is I see some very interesting moves there's like 300 million dollars being moved and specific times but watch the end this video to

Get that information look there's these tabs right here I'll go through it with you ok but let's just jump through each row so I could show you what this is all about so right here as you can see this new tab feature you

Can copy trader so you click that tab right there and you got all these expert traders that probably weigh know way more about this than I do now I'm not saying you know they're gonna make you ridiculous some of cash and you just

Follow them and and just kind of close your eyes but what I am saying is that if you're gonna trade you probably better off following these guys right seeing what they have to offer and there's a feature that you can just

Literally click on them and follow them literally copy their trades step-by-step all you have to do is the deposit funds into your account now again guys this is just like any other you know cryptocurrency exchange so you know do

You leave your currencies on here maybe for as long as the trades or maybe you could just come and see what they do what they're doing it's it's really up to you so I mean you can see this guys here has been trading you know for he

Has an average holding time of 5 months you know been trading you know not even that long for less than a year and he's already 56% profitable you know that's not that bad honestly and he has you know pretty good days as you can see

Here you know I mean this is mine sorry and you can check his portfolio see what he's holding currently so I mean this is down Bitcoin but I guess he bought it at a certain point bitcoins up let's see the chart here this is I guess

The profitability of his trades you got a feed so that's another thing about this that's pretty crazy in my opinion is that it's basically a social media platform for traders so they have a whole community that you can get

Involved with right and you can post for yourself so I can post something new here if the trading is your thing I you know I could at him in this situation right it's pretty interesting another thing that I liked about this that's

Pretty cool is that you can not only copy trades but you can copy portfolios now these portfolios are down but if you were to copy this one they have different assets you know right here little combined

Performance of top Krypton cheez-its expertly managed regularly rebalance portfolio so they'll automatically rebalance it you know just again you just got to pick what you want to do and this website has a lot of

Options I think the greatest part about is that is a social media platform to learn for people that are in just got into crypto currencies you know personally again like I said I just hold for the long run but I have the

Emotional intelligence to do that a lot of people they want to trade because they think it's gonna you know fall or whatever and that's what they want to do you know there was times where I was waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning

You know to check pricing and charts because there is no closed marketing cryptocurrency and that's the time when I was trading and you know I realized from personal experience it's not that big of a deal

So I rather just hold and in this case I'm gonna play around with about 500 bucks and see if I can find like an expert trader that's gonna do something you know pretty good now just to show you guys for example when you click copy

Traders not a lot of traders here top-performing there's not a lot you know these guys only have 75 copiers 101 copiers now when I was an eater last time it would give me access to like for example people that traded in Europe or

Something like that I am not allowed to follow traders in Europe but when I did see their profile they had like four thousand six thousand people following them so I could see that in other countries that this is more developed

You know they do have some pretty strong communities so this is an opportunity for someone that's probably look even have data – right all these people this is an opportunity for you guys to go in there and create a

Name for yourself right he's down you know let's see a cdata – he's a pretty cool cryptocurrency channel um that I like to follow but I mean he's down like crazy looks like he just started he just started trading he only has 14 copiers

But yeah I mean guys I'm not gonna make it create a trading community here for sure not I tell you guys everything I do oh look here it looks 66 results 66 people doing this and they're all down because all crypto currency and crypto

Currencies been down so far so my trading strategy is right now you should probably be buying some crypto currency accumulate over time cost average but I do see this community growing pretty large I do think that it's very

Convenient in the fact that you can have a social media platform one other thing that I think is really important guys by the way if you watch this video this far and you like eToro do me a favor use my link below so you I can

Make more videos and do this for a living I recently quit my job so this is definitely something I'm gonna be doing full-time pumping out some high quality video for you guys you know it's as simple as using my links and stuff like

That it's gonna keep me going keep this YouTube YouTube channel flowing guys by the way I'm also driving dropping a course soon I think it's gonna be next Wednesday not 100% sure on that don't quote me on that but it's going to be

About cryptocurrency transactions so if you want to buy sell cryptocurrency I have a price prediction you know Excel spreadsheet that I'm giving it's Google sheets that I giving you access to for free 100% free and I

Also will be launching a part of my digital course which is called cryptocurrency customer service I don't know if that's gonna be the exact name but I'm gonna provide you guys a line that you can call 24/7 365 to get

Customer service with cryptocurrency if you have coins locked somewhere that you want to get it out if you don't know how to send a transaction or something's going on you can give these people a call and you have full access to getting

It all solved I've noticed that there has not been you know customer service line and cryptocurrency and I think – yeah I'm gonna put that to utilization and help a lot of people out in that sense but yeah I mean that's it for this

Video another thing you can do is invite your friends you can get up to 500 bucks I mean that's what I'm doing right now alright you can support my channel by just you know if you want to buy crypto currencies and use eternal use my link I

Get 50 bucks and you get 50 bucks right and then you can go to your friend and get an extra 50 bucks right that's the great part about this in my opinion um you can use my referral link and everything like that but I mean that's

Pretty it for this video invite friends make that you can withdraw I mean it's just like a regular exchange except for the fact that it has you know social media built into it as well as you can copy traders so if you're lazy don't

Want to learn trading I mean I would recommend you learn a little bit but you can copy the traders man there's there's websites keep them on there's websites that you would have to pay for to get access to like signals like for example

Signal profits this is free well that's something to taking consideration as something to think about but for the final part of this video I wanted to show you guys something very interesting that I've been seeing in the

Market it's not gonna say it's manipulating the market boy it's pretty crazy so for example this is a block Explorer and I talked about this in my new cryptocurrency course by the way I'm gonna go into like the block explore and

Explain how it works for each like cryptocurrency but basically you can see the public ledger of all transactions and there's this one massive massive Bitcoin move now you know back and this date right here this person put 47,000

We say that again 47,000 bitcoins into a certain address and I'm gonna pull this chart here cuz I want to show you this is the exact date right here and look you notice there's a lot of green you notice that we kind of rallied a little

Bit since then okay that was a what about six months ago they put this money in there kind of rallied now this is something really interesting because that same 47,000 Bitcoin which is again guy's equivalent

To three hundred and forty five million US dollars 345 million u.s. dollars 47,000 Bitcoin was taken from that address somebody moved it from this address to not gotten I don't even know where but look I don't

Know if it's an exchange it could be an exchange it could be a whale with a huge lump sum of cash I don't know don't there's no way to tell you could only just see the address right they moved it over here

On this date which is today they moved it so look at the correlation here look at the correlation around this point they put it in the address and now at this point they're moving it somewhere are they gonna dump it who

Knows but I know that they think that that $7,000 line is very important and maybe it's important for you I'm not gonna draw any specific conclusions because I would all be speculation I'm just showing you the facts this guy

Clearly thinks that that $7,000 point is very important okay guys but that's it for this video if you like the quality's content do me a favor hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticisms subscribe for

More video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys catch you in the next one

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