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by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna do an overall review and a deep dive into the project ethos I first heard about this project because after I did my interview with one of the members from the seal project they

Announced an airdrop that would be coming to the universal mobile app I signed up with the beta and I've been using the wallet for quite a while now and in the spirit of transparency I do hold a small amount of ethos in my

Portfolio before we get started I wanted to first thank everybody for liking subscribing and sharing my content I appreciate all the support if you haven't hit that subscribe button or that like button yet please do so I put

Out new content pretty frequently and I would hate for anybody to miss out quick disclaimer I am NOT a financial advisor all investments have inherent risk and please always your own research let's get start with a project history ethos

Is a us-based company and a cryptocurrency and the mission is to make it easy for anyone to own cryptocurrencies they believe that in order for cryptocurrencies to gain accept into

Society it needs to be simple to use so they propose an easy-to-use Universal wallet and a Fiat gateway that will make buying selling and trading and managing your assets very simple their vision is to create a people-powered new economy

That makes crypto currency markets accessible and trustworthy to the average user here by accelerating adoption of blockchain technology and democratizing ownership of both digital and traditional assets ethos was

Formerly known as bitcoins since their debut in 2017 they later changed their name to ethos in November once a new name caught some traction interest in the project grew pretty steadily after the ICO ethos popularity exploded in the

First week of 2018 as evidenced by the price of the coin in the fact that people were impatient ly waiting for the wallet to be rolled out shingle Levine is the founder and CEO he's also the chairman and founding member of fusion

Financial advisors he's a self-reported digital asset enthusiast and a blockchain technologist Stephen Corliss is the chief global strategist and a leader in compliance there are ton of other main members of

The team like most teams but I'd be here forever if I tried to go through them all so if you're interested in seeing the full team roster you can go on their website all right on to the ICO ethos launched a token sale in June that

Ran till mid July of 2017 their ICO price was 3 cents and they ran on the ethereum blockchain before conducting the sale ethos had a functioning internal alpha to demonstrate the use and the function of the ethos ecosystem

Before any tokens were sold on average the ICO contributions were 1/8 per person I reached out to the team to try to get some answers about their ICO because I was curious about the token ah mcc's

How much of the funding went to the team versus development versus any sort of angel investors and how much went to the community in November they went through that rebrand that I just mentioned from bitcoins to ethos so be honest the ICO

Details were a little bit difficult to find because of the name change I didn't receive an email back so I opted to make the video anyways so in some places you still may see ethos being referred to as bitcoins or see the old token ticker

Which is bqx under the technology the current circulating supply is 78 million tokens with a total eventual supply of 222 million tokens the token is in ERC 20 tokens so it runs on the ethereum blockchain and as far as i know they

Have no intentions of making their own blockchain there are quite a few components that make up the ethos ecosystem this would be the ethos platform the ethos token itself and the ethos bedrock their platform consists of

The universal wallet Fiat diversification and a social community aspect the ethos wallet is a decentralized wallet management system allowing for the easy transfer of value anywhere in the world the wall is open

To consumers institutions and developers alike ethos smart keys are a component of the wallet that the team reports as a breakthrough solution that allows secure self custody or custodial management of hundreds of different coins tokens and

Currencies within a single key Fiat diversification refers to the legal structures that the team has worked on to make it possible to eventually have a Fiat to crypto gateway available on the wallet in the

Future the team has stated that they would also like to have a one-click diversification ability meaning that you can pick your risk profile and the app will allocate your investments accordingly social and community the

Goal of the ethos platform is to connect newcomers and seasoned crypto people while also rewarding those who are there to help educate others next is the ethos token ethos is the fuel that powers the ethos ecosystem any developer can build

Applications that leverage each those wallets keys or data in the bedrock and pay for micro service API utilization through the ethos token additionally ethos tokens can reduce the cost for consumers businesses and developers

While enabling micro payments at very low costs to create a safe secure and verified way for anybody to participate in the ethos economy that being said it's the ethos token won't pay out any

Dividends like neo does with gas there's no voting mechanisms and holding the token does not give you a stock in the physical company the third component is the ethos bedrock the ethos bedrock represents the fundamental building

Blocks that will allow people and businesses to build a scalable and compliant set of services on top of open standards think of like stripe for crypto for those who don't know strength as a third party online payment

Processing company for internet businesses they will also be offering the ethos relay this system is the foundation for diversification and relay values between exchanges and liquidity providers the ethos relay will allow

Anyone whether they are front-end user to an institution or small business to seamlessly interact and transfer value across open protocols the goal is being able to utilize atomic swaps within the app eat those Fiat Gateway ethos will

Enable Fiat buys and sells through the API with additional kyc and AML restrictions the goal is for the ethos API to connect seamlessly with financial institutions creating a new breed of FinTech applications ethos broadcast

Evo's with broadcast key data signals in the form of historical prices and future predictions that can be leveraged by the crypto community so what's coming up that we have to look forward to well as of two days ago the signups for the

Airdrop on the wallet had been finalized the air drops are a huge incentive for people to download the wallet for those who signed up early for the wallet back in I believe July they've stated they are now starting to airdrop projects to

Those users on August 21st was the first airdrop and it was bit degree and on August 22nd it's supposed to be limbo I actually interviewed their CEO and Founder way back when so you should go check it out if you're interested and

The list goes on I believe they currently have 21 projects signed on an agreement to airdrop to the ethos participants however the wallet has been rolled out so you can download now if you want to use it on August 16th ethos

Partnered with simplex for Fiat to crypto purchases with credit cards the integration will mean that eat those customers will soon have access to liquidity and exchange services between fiat and cryptocurrencies on an

International scale this is huge news and I cannot wait to see how this integration rolls out so where does that leave us now currently ethos sits at number 145 on live coin watch with a market cap value of 33 million if you're

Looking to buy the project you can find it on Finance bit hub and hit BTC there are quite a few other exchanges that you located on as well but those are the bigger ones as I mentioned before there air drops are actively going on

Right now which is very exciting especially for me because I did sign up for the beta and now I am getting the airdrops all right under the pros first the whole concept of a universal wallet is awesome when I originally gotten a

Crypto I remember asking around if there's any place that I could store everything in one place and the answer was a resounding no nowadays you can get a ledger and hold a pretty significant amount of tokens but you have to pay for

It if you want something with a little bit more accessibility and it doesn't cost anything then the ethos wallet is right up your alley at the moment though while it really only holds ERC 20 tokens and

Bitcoin but they stated in the future that they plan to be able to hold most of everything they have a Trello board that's online that's basically their roadmap so you can go over there and look and see exactly what they're

Working on and how close they are to implementing each individual coin very interesting I will leave the link below I love the fact that they're trying to add a Fiat gateway I think that is a huge Pro the easier we can make it for

People to get involved in crypto the better another Pro for me is activity level the team always seems to be pumping out articles or updates or air drops or something they've done a very good job of continuing to make

Themselves a topic of conversation next up is the cons so this con might be related to a general misunderstanding about how the seed is created for the wallet but I'm curious that how the ethos wallah is any different from any

Other mobile wallet in a security aspect if you or I receive a twenty four word seed through a cell phone how is it protected because we wouldn't have it been exposed theoretically because the phone has service or is connected

Through some kind of internet or Wi-Fi again there might actually be some very serious difference that I'm missing but that was just the first thing I thought of a common complaint I heard from a few people was that they took too long to

Roll a wallet out or that they kept pushing back dates I can't speak to that personally as I found out about the project about a month before the beta testing started on the wallet so my experience with them as far as timing

Wise has been great last Konica pica is entry barriers related to concerns of security the crypto community can be a little skeptical sometimes it feels though they may have trouble convincing diehard people who have been in this

Space for a really long time the wallet is safe I mean some people store everything on paper wallets in a physical safe so I don't force you those people who do that really being open to utilizing the app final thoughts all in

All I really love the project and I think it's kind of obvious I tried to make this one I'm biased but I just I think that it's a great use case and I love the way the app looks I love that they're doing air drops and I think that

There is absolutely a need for a universal app that's a great way to onboard go through Fiat and to make people less intimidated by crypto in general I think having the universal app will seriously

Reduce stress and fear amongst newcomers who are intimidated by traditional crypto wallets or addresses I mean let's be serious the first time you ever sent a transaction was a little scary alright guys that about wraps up for me

In this video final point if you like my t-shirt and you want to own one you can check out my website where I sell merch or I recently set up a red bubble store where there's a lot more variety and if you want to support the channel you

Could do so by heading over to my patron signing up and becoming one of my patrons either way I want to thank everybody for watching and subscribing and I will see everyone soon

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