Ethereum ETH Price Prediction – April 16 2020 BITCOIN LIVE Crypto Analysis TA & BTC USD News Today

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Atheria Meza had a monster year so far in 2020 running from $100 all the way up to $300 right now it's at about a hundred and eighty and inside this video we will be answering the question what is next for aetherium so if this is your first time tuning in congratulations

Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK known as the crypto trader and I'm the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone when

My voice is another day you can profit as a result today is no exception so if you haven't done it already smash that subscribe button hit the thumbs up icon you see how to change things up a little bit trying to get it clean for

2020 and I'm trying to do these videos every day so if you just now finding out who I am you know let's go ahead and make this money so here we go man this is et8 to the BTC this is a 343 and in addition

To that I want to remind you guys I do have a free telegram group I just opened up about a two weeks ago and we have almost 500 people in that group so if you're just getting started in the market to want to learn how to make some

Money you know click the link in the description to join our completely free community so when you look at a theorem right when we type in aetherium price into Google these are some of the top results that come up right this is one

Of the ways you can start to assess what is called sentiment analysis basically what is the general feeling with regards to any given term that in the market in the world you can type it in the Google and it will return kind of you know the

General feeling so you know this is a beneficial article right here it talks about it breaks out from the triangle pattern breaks free essentially it was being held down and and it starts to go into some of the different fit for trace

Mints with regards to the price as Bitcoin is concerned it says headed towards 170 tested 150 and it's still trying to figure out which way is up when you look at trading view this is what we have here

Is etherium to the dollar on tradingview also note you can follow me on trading view Biddy Kelly 1 2 0 3 there is a link in the description for you to do so I post free charts on there oftentimes showing the next big breakout and

Training for the market so if you haven't done it make sure you follow me on there as well right so this is aetherium on training view I like this because it kind of shows like a general dashboard

So to speak with regards to you know the technicals the charts and and some of the top authors that you know our publishing material on it and right now you see that little icon right there there so an ethereal as a buy right so

Let's check to see what the boss Memphis is right this is the buffs method this is the methodology I design to help you make money in the market if you don't know how to you are netball you need to do is type in how to chart like a boss

And glue Google watch that playlist right there and you will be some on your way to making money in the markets I don't know why it always does that this little trying to get all the bugs worked out but you see down below we got money

Markets S&P Nasdaq Bitcoin young-sam just keep you guys updated on the price as we do these videos so here you go this is f2 the USD on a 343 first thing to note I tell you guys it's three parts to any cycle right break out break down

Flat on it and essentially I think that's what a theory am has done right if we look at a quick sign my sign wave analysis you can put one there let's jump down to a 77 that's kind of like our macro wave a macro wave get it right

And then even here this would be like our microwave it's kind of cool um one thing to note on etherium we are indeed above water right now how do I know that two quick things that 231 is going up and to the

Right that means the long and strong money likes aetherium right now in addition to that our seven is above the seventy-seven on a 77 mini candle right so this is a good situation for theorem this means that it can actually continue

To move higher provided that those two things stay consistent right in addition to that if we wanted to do a Fibonacci to see how high we can go this is essentially what you look at where right now we're busting out of this to six

Area so if this trend continues we should get all the way up to a buck 80 which I think we were at haven't really tested 180 yet right and if we do break through that and that's when you'll see a fear ium pop up to 200 but bear in

Mind that will be the ceiling right you won't see a theory him go much higher than that and that kind of correlates with this little drop-off right here this little shelf because that was turbulence over there so if we are able

To do something like that right then this will be turbulence right here right what happened on the left side happens oftentimes on the right as well right and then the last thing if we wanted to paste this thing out to see

When we would be making this big run that lines up a very very very well looking look at the harm might in this thing right check it out freestyling on a Fibonacci one time right one six begins your ascent right that basically

Shows you where you're going to start having positive energy you get to limbo land between the two two and the to six on both threads and that's basically kind of like the buoyancy like it slows down it's in limbo limb and

Then right back coming right back like cooked crack this thing hits that 3 2 2 3 6 and this is our money zone this is where you can make some real-deal money out of it and that's what happened with aetherium right so now if we continue

This thing this is basically telling us that we will cap out between here and here right the white one is our big cap and the yellow is our quick cap right 182 honey right you could get the 200 before the end of the month coming up

Right there and just the same we can see this 180 right around the 18th right this is a continuation so the good thing is that it has all of that energy built into it break out break down flatlines so essentially it would do something

Like that on the next run if it happens you're gonna need a lot of help and that's what that's what I wanted to talk about in this video it's not up to aetherium if etherium gets this valuable right it's really up to the money

Markets behind the scenes you know disseminating their energy and and what happens right and this is why I literally have those money markets at the bottom of the screen now because I think as that money moves around that's

When you'll see you know a lot of these crypto currencies move around as well you have to remember crypto is you know I think that too not even what was the total market cap crypto I should know this

Total market cap 200 billion right that's nothing in the end with regards to you know GDP and and fiscal policy and macroeconomics that's literally pennies pennies on the dollar and so you know you have to keep an eye on the

Stock market to really get insight as to when the money will start moving in or out of these crypto currencies and so aetherium is setting up to do well right but that means Bitcoin needs to do well because up until now there's been a very

Very very strong correlation between Bitcoin and aetherium so if Bitcoin essentially falls off the table goes down six grand you could probably see another 20 or 30 percent drop off the top for some of these altcoins

Etherium included right in addition to that you meet the stock market to keep performing well in order for Bitcoin to do will do you see how all this works it's literally like one bucket pouring into the next boring into the next

Pouring into the next so we need the stock market to continue to outperform and to continue to move higher even though we are in the midst of a macro global correction recession depression who the hell knows it's just a lot of

Money leaving and moving and shaking and so you know it's it's literally not up to aetherium this thing can can literally go either way at this point if I draw a chart here let me uh pull it back up real quick and

I'll show you what it could look like if this thing does decide to go down I showed you what it looks like going up right this is what it would be going down will pull off at that one still play this one right here and if we

Did go down this would be a pretty big catch basin for us right there moving up to right here and closing right there right so you can see like going up is more like of a parabolic growth you know

Basically just replicating that breakout break down flat line again whereas going down would be kind of like this extended runway right that wheat that we see a lot in crypto in a Bitcoin kind of like just a slow descent you know through

These different bands to finally get Steam and figure out what it wants to do again I don't see it being like a catastrophic sell-off especially with this last little pop here and if it does then this is where if it does like crazy

Sell-off that's where you would expect that to happen but if it doesn't happen you know before it into April we're playing this thing to that up if it does then we know we have these different bands at 150 140

130 and finally 120 right all the way out here to slowly catch ourselves in order to get to a hundred we would literally have to have an over sale which is what aetherium does you see I'm going like up to the top tip top of

Those candles you know and again that would likely happen I don't think it would happen on this band but that could likely happen in early May middle of May between this three two and three six area if we have like a crash crash

Scenario where like it dumps you know recovers let me show you what that would look like if we did something like dump recover right it comes down comes down and dumps again you could see a situation where we

Hit $100 on that third wave right you would need a wave to jump from here to here wave one a wave to jump from here to here wave two and then a wave to jump down again wave three right so you know I think it's more likely that we

Probably tread water at least at the very least a flat to medium positive staying north of a hundred and fifty dollars given that Bitcoin is north of $6,500 there you go everybody that's my analysis for aetherium I hope you

Appreciate this content if you do make sure you subscribe join the money team I'm trying to make these videos and entertaining enlightenment engage in an amazing so you know if you appreciate that I appreciate you make sure you uh

You know show some love in the comments and you know let me know let me know what you think let me know what you think of the new set up if you fill in the new uh the new thread and then last but certainly certainly not least make

Sure you do check out boss of Bitcoin this is the website I've developed for two different paid products and packages we have available the first of which is the profit package top seven coins to swing trade every seven days I'll let

You know right now I had a theory I'm on this list you know way back and much F you know I always put like a top ten coin top five top ten coins probably two or three of those because I know that money flows in the crypto verse from the

Top down trickle-down economics right too bad it never trickles far enough but arrested a coin but eight that's a problem with a modern-day cactus dr. C also known as a fiscal policy nonetheless we do have the profit

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Right VIP trading brew bus alert messages 200 for the first month 250 thereafter and I think if you have like half a Bitcoin or more then it's definitely worth it to do this I do limit stop losses live trades

You know and then basically I have 24-hour trading community with people all over the world it's a lot of people making a lot of money in that group right and so uh that's available for you as well so thank you very much if you

Made it this far in the video I appreciate each and every one of you again hit that thumbs up button if you haven't done it already and I will be back tomorrow with a live new update on BTC with that being said everybody is

That time of the day signing out votes boy BK no matter where you stay Brasil debate California all the way back out fou jerk Monday good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time

Show me some love leave me a comment down below do that for me if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y'all like a boss

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