Engine Bay and Interior Prep #ETCGDadsTruck (Part 2)

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

Greetings viewers ere at the car guy back with part 2 of the engine compartment and interior modifications on hashtag etcd dad's truck I almost forgot what I was working on there for a second I will put a link in the description to part one actually all of

Eat ECG dad's truck videos are episodic they're all numbered you can find out what number episode you're on down in the description and you can find the last video that was produced and the next video if there is one available

Also there extended versions of these videos available Premium Members on my website also link that in the description but I'm done telling you about all that stuff so you just want to see what happens with the truck to get

It up and running well let's get to that right now obviously this is the dash and I've decided that I'm going to put my cooling fan switch right here and I want to put my exhaust cutout switch right here this is what I'm gonna use for

Cooling fan switch you might have seen previously I've wired at least Ram one of the wires there I got this bag of switches which is fun they're three different colors I can choose from or wait a minute they're four different

Colors blue I have blue I'm using blue blue for cooling fan right anyway lighted switches I have four different colors here but I'm gonna take this switch put it in here for cooling fans and in this box we have my new exhaust

Cutout has I'm sure some wiring yes yes look there's wires and this motor that's got to go down on the exhaust but we're not there yet anyway all the bits are here here's the wire here is the switch which is what I intend to install up

Here as much of this wiring down in there as I can which this looks strange we'll have to figure that out some it shrink – well that's fancy – oh I've discovered that this switch is set up so that you can run two of these

If you want since I only have single exhaust coming out of the engine I only need to run one but since I'm only running one of these these can go in my pile of connectors to use so they don't need to be around and all I really need

To do I mean this it doesn't get more simple than this there's already an inline fuse this is gonna get 12-volt switched ignition hot and this is gonna get a ground already my my clutch slave solder hole is coming in handy

We're running wires through it oh we were running wires through it we plan to run wires through it right now cuz eventually we will need to hook up to this look where my wire comes out like right there I am liking this a lot

Alright well that part of itself so I'm gonna work on putting that switch in that dash panel I'm gonna start with this one I believe the hole that I need to drill is 19 millimeters that says 20 so if I

Drill at 19 I'll be good right alright almost the end it looks like that's the thing about these round switches is you got to get the hole just the right size or it'll be a problem I'm using the X method to find the center so I'm going

Corner to corner corner to corner and that's the middle of roughly and we do the same thing here because I'm also gonna be drilling a hole for the other switch and I'll just make the actual marks in the middle on the part that

It's gonna go away when I cut it and I'm staying off the edge here on account of this was getting a little bit of thickness to it that hole goes there that hole goes there close enough for dad's truck alright we need to take this

One all the way down to the thirteen sixteenths I'm just gonna recheck that glad I double-check cuz I just noticed something see that little Ridge right there well I didn't notice that when I was

Clamping down and that accounted for that extra millimeter so I just hold it slightly offset and hey I do get a 19 millimeter as far as the size and I went all the way to that step when I went too far so 19 is really close to 3/4 this is

The 3/4 mark on the drill bit with step bits you kind of have to do this so you go through the one-way and then you go through the other side try to sneak up on it if you go too far well then it's game over still needs a little more but

I'm not gonna use the drill I'm gonna get my rat tail file and to file this out until I get to the proper size nice takes a bit of resistance to get it to come out and if I really need it to stay in there I can always glue it ok this

One's a little more straightforward I say the washer for the outside and you know you could set the depth of this so if you don't want this sticking out a bunch you can have it set up the way you want it so it doesn't have to be like

Sticking out of the – it can be whoo but it looks like honest to the right I like that on to the right on to the right let's switch it to inches this time find out what I'm gonna do it like this so I don't wind up and one of the threads 1/2

An inch and this doesn't matter if it gets drilled a little big now it's got this washer and this nut on the back so you're hearing a SafeZone there but it looks like this goes to half an inch we're like third down there

Half an inch nice snug fit I like open closed very pleased about this you should just run this in buy a couple of screws or something it's being annoying I will be covering the installation of the radio

And speakers in another video just gonna put this upper – piece in place I really don't need to take it out again and it's gonna be a lot easier to mock things up if this radio stays put just try to think things through it gets harder than

The longer you go on just I'll share that with you yeah motivation begins to wane is you know you're starting to take every last part of the vehicle whatever you're modifying doesn't necessarily have to be a truck like this but

Whatever you're modifying it just gets to a point where like jeez how much more stuff do I have to take apart before I can put it back together all my wiring is gonna come up through here same place in the fog light switch but I'm probably

Gonna have to power up the system so I can check the fuse box and find out what I have for ignition hot because both these switches are going to need power and really I think that's well for the one this the power is for the control

Box so for the exhaust cutouts the control box but the only reason this other switch needs power is the power of that light I'm switching a ground so you know I can find a ground anywhere look there's one any place metal is pretty

Much a ground evany HVAC in here will also allow me to test compressor and stuff because I can bypass the pressure switch and make sure that that's still working well don't look like they're gonna made it perfect

But that's got nothing to do with me right is on I can even get a little something put it over there or draw on or this will just be the secret thing like somebody'll get in here it doesn't know the truck could be like what's this

For oh no it's all a load and broken it just looks like I'm gonna be feeding the switch up through this hole because this doesn't look like it's gonna be large enough I have to consider this carefully because I still have gauges and

Everything else to wire up and it's not like I can disconnect and reconnect these connectors for the switch at least not in its present configuration but if I take these off and use the Spade connectors that they gave me I can do

Exactly that and therefore I can keep this separate and whenever I remove this I won't have to remove that switch let's go do that now that's a better design I almost wish they hadn't done this meeting wired it

Up previously because anybody else is gonna do this is gonna run into the same problem so once you've got the switch in it's in and yeah it's connected well it's connected to all this so it's not like you can take a piece of the dash

Out like this and put it back in oh there's little remnants here yeah white black red well that's kind of done we just need to wear this thing up inside just a power on the ground so why am i installing the steering wheel in order

For me to find an ignition hot source to run actually my both my switches I kind of want to run the cooling fans off of hot all the time and if you leave them on you'll know because they make a lot of noise but I want to get everything

Plugged in so I can get my powers out of the fuse box and I'll need one that's ignition hot the only way to determine that is to plug in the ignition and I've already got the battery and everything set up outside

So that once I do make this determination I can move forward and in a way having this in here also makes it so that I can help route my wires and everything very important with the testing of these circuits I don't want

The computer to power up for the first time until I'm ready for it to power it for the first time because there's a pairing sequence that you have to go through so I've unplugged it and I basically moved my my battery set up

Which I had on the floor to up here same thing main power lead going to the Power Distribution and I just took a jump cable hooked it up to the body ground up underneath the heater hose there okthis up and we should be ready for testing if

I see dome lights also got my trusty power probe hooked up to the battery so I can test circuits there are a few pins inside the fuse box Mountains powered on now that one's ground ground so this one down here that might be my candidate for

The cooling fan and then this other one up here that's ground to start with let's turn the ignition on and see if that goes hot if it does that's my boy nope that's topping trying to that's my boy we finally solved this problem which

I'm happy about but I've run into another one when I went to do the wiring when I started thinking it through I thought what I've done with the relays is I've made them ground side switch this switch that I've installed these

Three pole switches so you've got both of these silver terminals are going to be what is switched and they will be power both of these will be power and this other brass looking terminal goes to ground so whenever you activate the

Switch it allows the power to pass through it and because it's got a ground here the light on the front will activate so your LED turns on as you activate the switch because I'm on a ground side

However and I'm ground side switching so in other words I'm hooking up a ground here and I'm hooking up a well a path to ground here and then I'm hooking up the ground for my fans here when I close the switch there's no power available to

Light the light and you can't run power into this terminal in other words use the switch backwards from what it's normally used because it simply will not work I'm going to still be able to use this switch and I'll close it and the

Fans will turn on in fact I can demonstrate on the car now if I ground the wire inside the – you can hear the relays clicking that works as intended but I won't have a lighted switch so I'm gonna have to like write something on

Here like on/off cooling fan whatever I don't know what I'm gonna have to do in order to make this work but I'm not going to be able to use the light I found this the radio head unit used to be attached down here to this little tab

I'm gonna use this as my ground it's it's metal and I know it attaches to the body of the truck somebody is for the ground for both switches so it's gonna be the ground for my switch for my relays it's also going

To be the ground for my exhaust cutout and then I'll have to do is run the power for the exhaust cutout down from that's well the control unit whatever it is over to the inside of this convenience center where I found

The switched ignition hot since I'm here I'm just going to take the cooling fan wire up over stuff and then down into that opening what is it about drop lights that never want to go Wow where you tell them to see what kind of guy I

Am I don't even need eyes well that worked ok grounds for cooling fans in fact what I have left over I can probably just run that down to there speaking of which I'm going to find myself an appropriate

Sized fastener and get that in there perfect here is whirring for all that stuff that we were stressing about and I can zip tie this up inside here and get this one set up to where I can also take this and run it

Down here in fact both of these can use the same ground then all I've got to do is sort out the power find a suitable eyelet I call these stabby washers so that can have a little bite into the metal but

This is gonna be my ground for a lot of stuff I'm gonna have to also ground the gauges this is gonna come in handy now let's find suitable power wire I'm really glad that that flipped over and is now shining directly in my face

Because that's what a light should do a light should make it so that it gives you the illusion of helping but it's not I'm helping I like to go up above as much stuff as I possibly can when running wires nothing I hate more than

Like driving down the road and you've got to deal with wires dangling around your feet getting tangled up and stuff this is the wire that goes down to the actual exhaust cutout that needs to plug into one of these pigtails that's

Hanging around here somewhere there this needs a plug into this I'm gonna put the end on that goes into the fuse box over there and then we cover come over here cut this to length I'm just gonna plug this in now so I can check my length

We should put a little plug in the exhaust cutout and activate it with the ignition on once we plug this in of course did you forget what colors go where it's okay on the counter there's still remnants of the old wires

Left enough of them where I can actually figure that out let's go plug in the cutout got to put this in such a way to where when it opens it's gonna have room to grow connect the ground ignition on and

Activate and activate and activate activate turn the key all the way Eric that's how it's done and activate and activate I hear clicking what point where that's a mystery uh

I'm not happy I've got a bad one of these how do I know I have a bad one of these well first of all it doesn't work when I activate the switch so I'm checking the circuit all the way to the point where it plugs in so all the way

To this point where this plugs in so I can turn the ignition on I can take my power probe now there's two things inside of this ring there's the outer ring and the inner ring and depending upon whether it's opening or closing one

Will turn the power and one will turn to ground for a predetermined amount of time based on what this little timer here says this sends a signal into this box this box sends power and ground down to this connector which in turn opens

And closes that so I'm not sure which direction I'm in now because it only go one way or the other but sub-cut if I go on the inside of this I've got ground on the outside and ground on that middle part the way it

Sits now so nothing's happening I hit the switch hit the switch so that I can actually hear you hear this click and activate when it's working properly oops didn't quite catch at that time and then it turns off and then you go the

Other way and then the middle one will be the power so this is sending power and this has ground here too I'll show you that it's got both power and ground so it has everything it needs to work but it's not

Working I've even gone so far as to go directly to this connector and trying both ways so I try this outer sheath here as if it were ground and just touching this I'm not even seeing a ground I'm not even seeing a full

Connection so there's an open inside this motor because any time I've done this I usually see ok there's a connection there so there's it shows that there's a loop but there isn't here there's no connection inside this motor

I'm faced with the dilemma I either opt for another one of these altogether but I've already sort of committed with the switch and everything I wonder if I were able to clip this wire if there's just a power and a

Ground in here if there is whatever one of these I get these are just simple motors whatever one of these I get I can use all this wiring and everything down to this point and the whole momentary thing which I think is cool I don't have

That on the Fairmont and I kind of wish I did I hold it to open and I hold it to close and when it's closed I I'm I'm this guy right here I'm this little black box when I do mine what I'm going to do since we've got all this hooked up

Is we're so close to hooking up the other switch why don't we hook the other switch up and see if when we activate that that the relays are out and the fender there click ok let's let's just get our other

Switch hooked up and verify that operation today's lesson viewers by lots of connectors you will sacrifice a few and a lot of it has to do with tools whether or not they function correctly or want to let you down or whatever

These are the leads that are gonna head right down directly to the cooling fans and they're off now switches also off so that's encouraging now that they're on alright now that the switches on it should see power here seeing nothing so

I know why silly be ok it's a relay right so you can't just power up the coil if you want to see what the coil is powering up you also have to plug that into well right here is the power side and it is far

From plugged in so let me get let me strip a little bit of this wire hook this up to battery positive and we should see a result all right so it's gonna work just the opposite because if the switch is turned on now which I

Think it is alright so we've got nothing at the moment okay so the switch works just the opposite of how you think it would and it looks like the way things are wired now I can leave the cooling fans on even

With the ignition out if I wanted to even with the ignition off so it's I have to be careful those fans are loud you will know if they're wrong let's move on welcome back for you it's only been a

Couple of seconds for me maybe it was days not sure remember we needed our fuel pump fuse to supply power well they're in and no I'm not just done done it's very fashionable to wear 30 amp fuses this is a 30 amp

Fuse and I'm just going to cut and trim it to fit and stick it up over on there stick it over on anyway you know what I mean gotta put this on there so fuel pump can have power there's a B over here he's

Just kind of hanging out I don't know what he's doing he seems to like my electrical connectors anyway we need one connection to the firewall that feels like a reasonable distance really on the big ones too

Someday I'm going to learn the secret handshake of this let's try another I didn't feel like it did much not feel like it feels like it did too much it's not going anywhere though and once I melt it you would never know well you'll

Know you just saw me do it on camera I'm gonna go for a little bitey washer down there to make a nice clean connection greetings viewers ere at the car guy back working on the truck but I did a few things off-camera that I want

To share with you before we get started today mainly I worked on the wiring harness inside the engine compartment here I took all the tape away and I replaced it with zip ties I think this is a much way there better way to go

About building your own wiring harness because you're able to move the wires inside the zip ties unlike you would be with the tape I did this with a Fairmont it actually worked a lot better I'm really kind of questioning why didn't do

It this time but whatever I also added a couple of new ground straps and I've got something else to show you as well I got a working you sauce cut out now so I exchanged this one with Summit and plugged it in and that's all I had to do

Was plug it in now a little disappointed doesn't open all the way though I like that it opens on its own but it doesn't seem to open all the way it gets better the more you use it I guess

Anyway exhaust cutout works now one other thing I did was I ordered a different switch that is not lighted that is clearly marked on and off for the cooling fans and it does work you can hear things click under the hood and

It's clearly marked on and off so I'm gonna go with this instead of that lighted switch problem salt welcome back viewers I've been a busy boy since you've been going and I'm kind of glad I had the time sometimes it's nice just

Work now I have cameras on and just get stuff done because there's a lot to do in a short amount of time this is what I've done I'm going back through the wiring harness I think I've already mentioned that I've switched things over

To zip ties but you may also notice that I have the fuel pressure regulator installed with a fuel pressure gauge I've also routed the fuel line going up to it which would be the return line that's down underneath it I also dropped

The fuel tank and install the new fuel pump and found the wires for the fuel gauge sending unit and ran those up into the dash so that I can easily access them so I went ahead and just threw a coat of paint on these hinges that was

With a piece of cardboard behind it it worked let's go inside the truck you might notice this shiny new BM shifter which is also sitting up a couple of inches higher I found out the adjustability of

The height with these things is actually done in those lower mounts that when I took it off they were slotted so you can move it up or down I moved it up as far as I could with the cable being the way it was now it works as intended and the

Indicator and everything works like it should be able to ratchet down ratchet back up and then it also has illumination hooked up or ready to be hooked up this is the wire going down to the illumination inside of here I was

Also able to hook up the backup light switch inside of this so the backup light switch is going to go through the shifter and not necessarily through the transmission I put the interior back together for the

Most part so it's virtually together all the stuff in the back here and on the carpet you know I thought about cleaning the carpet and doing something like that but given that I want to remove the carpet and put down more that Eastwood

Ex mat stuff the same stuff that I put up onto the headliner I figure I'll do that all at once when I just get a new piece of carpet because the hole that's cut over here well and was never it was never quite right

So it would be nice to have a new piece of carpet so that I could really clean up the interior remember the speaker covers that baroque when I remove them I put some epoxy in here seems to be fastened down all right I haven't

Installed these quite yet there are some things that I may run down through this area before I install them this is a big one and kind of a huge win not just in the sense that this is probably the largest radiator you can stuff in a GMT

400 but this took a bit of fiddling and figuring out to make all this work but this is the front clip on the truck that's sitting here on the bench and this is mounted where it's going to be when it's on the truck so this is a be

Cool radiator that I got from Summit like I said it's pretty much freaking massive it might have been for diesel applications or whatever but it does fit there were some modifications that I had to do as I mentioned one of those

Modifications was on this lower mount okay so this lower mount on what would be the passenger side needed the most modification not only it used to sit in here so the old radiator used to mount and sit in this area and it's been

Extended out like what two or three inches in both directions actually so I had to not only trim this because it was too wide but it was also too tall and causing this whole side of the radiator to sit up high so I trimmed it

Lengthwise as well as side to side so I can get it up in there this side over here went right in but I also this lip sticks over on the end here so I cut a little bit off the bottom push this in so the lip would fit

Over the outside then came the challenge of mounting the cooling fans which as you can see it's smaller than the radiator I'm okay with it I'm gonna roll with it this is a massive radiator I know it's going to move a lot of heat so

This to me is extra so even though this piece this part over here isn't shrouded if you looked on the other side it's almost blocked off anyway so anyway I'm not gonna justify it I'm just gonna leave this on here like now if their

Cooling system problems I'll extend this out to the edge I don't suspect there will be because we have 4,000 CFM worth of air movement here from these small fans and this derailleur setup getting this centered up there was some

Modifications I needed to do these lower mounts in particular to try to get all this stuff in here also I sort of makeshift welded stuff to make it so that I could remove the lower fasteners down here and then I

Came up with some spacers that also work but the trick is thing that I did out of all of this which you may or may not notice this here is the old fan shroud so the old fan used to spin in here but it also held the radiator in place on

Top of that core support if you'll notice I cut some pieces out and I've gone through and added them as my hold downs for the radiator assembly so I those are all trimmed down and they work this is not going anywhere

Still using the same rubber mounts I kind of like that this is also plastic and flexible you don't want too hard mount these kind of items because vibrations can damage them so these things will be insulated from vibrations

And everything is good to go went back through the parts for the Fairmont and happen to find this which did not work out in the Fairmont but it's going to be the upper radiator hose where this radiator which is kind of

Awesome but in addition to the radiator I had to purchase separately this fitting right here so that I could run the heater hose into the radiator the radiator already had provisions to put this in thankfully because the heater

Hose did run in one of them the returned did run into directly into the radiator like this does now I have this fitting I have a similar fitting just like this for the water pump also because they used to take cooling off the back of the

Intake manifold which is no longer an option so now there's a place on the water pump that it's going to come off and feed the heater core from I'm not done here yet because in addition to the radiator and everything there's one more

Cooler that I need you may have noticed that there's no transmission cooler in this radiator is made for a manual transmission so I have to run a separate power steering cooler which could be this one here that I are not power

Steering cooler I'm sorry transmission cooler there could be this one here but the transmission should arrive later today and it is also supposed to come with a transmission cooler so I'm going to look at the two and decide which one

Works best and figure out how to mount that to the front the challenge with this is the only area I had passed through is right here so going through in front of the radiator this will already be taken up by two AC lines that

Are going to the condenser in front of all this in addition to all that stuff I have prepped things out for the installation of the gauges which did arrive recently they're over here that's going to be covered in

Another video I'm making a separate video on making your own instrument cluster in gauges and those types of things however one thing I did have to do which during my testing I found out that what the headlight switch screws

Into is pretty much junk there's virtually nothing there so I have to be very careful when I plug things in to do any testing with this but I did have to spend some time to try to repair that and lastly you might remember that I was

Gonna put the acrylic blank inside of here this is all in an epoxy so this is all done and ready to go now I'm gonna probably take a couple of magnets and put them there so I can either mount my phone or the tablet that runs the

Integer engine management system and will also connect to the transmission management system as long as we're in the engine compartment I cannot forget about the engine mounts which I did complete reassemble and paint and

Install back in the truck now I'll give you a nice time-lapse of what I did here to get these up in there but the basically you've got to sneak up in through the front of the upper controller amount to get the nuts on the

Back of those which ya challenging oh and while I was down there I also put a new fuel filter in it and I did go up to what caneta to caffeinate our engines and picked up the engine block and all the parts for the engine so everything

Is here ready to be assembled and that's a good thing because there are as of today officially seven days to get all this together and running in the truck and I cannot forget that I installed the throttle cable when I've loosely

Installed it I'll have to get the engine in there to find out where I need to trim this this is a low car throttle cable and I've got to admit that the throttle cable that I used on the Ford was not nearly this good

I think the quality of these is quite good i also got this from Summit I'll link this down in the description so if you're looking for throttle cables I I really like this one expensive too but worth it I think I also went through

This lighting wire loom that goes through the front and just redid all this got rid of that plastic garbage and this is a prelude to where you're gonna see what the rest of the wiring harness it has now covered in zip ties but this

Is how to look when I with it that's a wrap on part two of the engine compartment and interior modifications on hashtag etcd dad's truck as I mentioned at the beginning of the video there are links to the

Previous video and the video that comes after at the top of the description so if you're trying to figure out where you are or if you just want to figure out what's going on with EGCG dad's truck links available to you including one

With the whole playlist if you want to sit down and grab some popcorn and watch the whole thing all the way through I won't mind it all go for it I will put links in the description to parts tools additional information things like that

Could that could help you with your truck if you have a similar truck other than that if you have automotive questions I ask that you head to air at the car guy comm that will be linked down in the description along with all

That other stuff that I mentioned anyway thank you so much for watching be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe I really appreciate it when you do that stuff be safe have fun stay dirty thank you again for watching and I'll see you next time

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