Engine Bay and Interior Prep #ETCGDadsTruck (Part 1)

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

Greetings viewers and welcome to another episode of hashtag eat ECG dad's truck and in this installment which will be part one I will be covering the modifications that I did under hood and also to the interior of the truck there was a whole lot of work that I did and I

Really didn't have time to like figure out what little videos I was going to make so I just told cameraman Brian let's let it roll and we'll pick up the pieces later in the Edit Bay well that's that's what I've been doing for the past

Few days to bring you this I will ask you this however as you're watching the video please watch the video all the way through before you start commenting on some of the things you see I may have already figured out some of the things

That you're trying to remind me of in the video so please watch the entire video also there will be extended versions of these videos available to premium members over at my website another thing about the eat ECG dad's

Truck videos as I always post the previous link to the previous video right down at the beginning of the description also the video that comes after it so if you want to follow along that way you can there will also be a

Link to the playlist and a link to a bunch of other stuff so don't forget to check the description I'm gonna stop talking now let's get to the action already in progress take it away Eric welcome back for yours

I'm giant head butt giant head was busy last night check it out I took some time I cleaned the engine compartment I even went through and did a little touch-up paint and all that kind of thing yes the wires are still

All over the place but we are addressing that today but I was able to do the frame I was able to basically prep the engine compartment to my satisfaction is it perfect no but I'd say it's way better than what it was and the new

Engine that's going in will look very good and at home in this new area really challenging thing that I ran into removing the engine mounts which we'll talk about at some point inside the truck I did some cleaning because well

There was like 30 year old dog hair in here that was it's making it hard for me to breathe so I went him through and cleaned that stuff out and I found an issue with the HVAC system in fact I found the reason for that phone that was

In the vents and that is because there is a massive hole inside here to the center vent which I intend to seal up as much as possible so that I get some air flowing through that vent whenever I select it I consider

This interior also prepped out the object right now is to go through this wiring harness and take out all the stuff I don't mean that goes to an engine management system I am no longer using don't even have an ECU can't turn

Out a check engine light yay fun my entire engine management system is self-contained away from all this the only thing I want is my HVAC stuff I want my alternator charging system stuff that's it

Let's get new gauges let's get new engine management so I don't need to be concerned about too much here so there's a page in my electrical manual that's blank page two so right there it's blank but does that mean it's blank if it has

Something on it it's not really blank welcome back yours not sure what you saw there but I pretty much cut most of this stuff that I know has got to go out of the harness good on that I also believe I figured out the fuel pump

Circuit there are some other connectors and things that I want to sort of clean up though I don't just want to leave them the way they are so I'm going to come in put some new connectors in a couple of places and get that stuff

Sorted out there's some other wires that I haven't quite figured out yet but rather than wasting my time on that I would move on to other parts of the project cuz there's plenty to do but for now I'm gonna focus on getting these

Connectors on these wires so they're better I needed to do some testing and you see the rig that I'm using here I got some posts that I put on the battery and I hooked up a pair of jumper cables and I hooked into the main power going

Into the truck so that I can test the stuff that I have left I've cut out a lot of circuits and there's a couple more that I'm going to show you though I'm going to cut out and also identify them for you what I'm going to do now is

I want to verify that I have a ignition bypass source which is a power source that actually stays powered as you're cranking the engine and they reserved this for just the vitals the fuel pump and the ignition system I have found the

Wire that goes to the ignition coil which would be an ignition bypass circuit normally all other circuits when you crank go away as you crank and they do that because they want maximum power going to the starter so they only power

Up the things that need to be powered up in order for it to start which is important for me to hook up my computer and a few other circuits I need an ignition bypass circuit I believe that ignition bypass circuit is this pink

Wire which went to the ignition coil and I'm going to verify that with my rig and set up here and turning on the key and well maybe I'll have a cameraman crank or yeah I could just do it like this just to give you a little more detail on

What I'm doing this is the power distribution block for the truck so this this wire here normally goes directly to the battery and then powers up all these circuits basically all the circuits on the truck so I've taken it run it down

Here to battery positive and then I've taken a pair of jumper cables and taking the negative cable it doesn't have to be you can use either any one since I'm going straight to power but the negative cables hooked up to the

Ground on the body there's a ground right here underneath the heater hoses and I haven't I don't have any grounds hooked up to the frame we're outside just hook up to the frame in the front here but I want to make sure that the

Stuff in the body powers up that looks like where a lot of that stuff grounds anyway it seems like the most logical place to do it so giant pink wire used to go to the ignition coil I like it cuz it's a giant wire heavier gauge wire if

You're gonna run multiple circuits that's great this would be more than enough to run the computer I'm sure you see right now the circuit is just grounded a green light now I'm gonna turn the key to on and then crank and it

Needs to stay on the whole time so it should be on now and then when I crank well actually it should be on now and then this is cranking so even cranking that's got power which is what I want well I've learned that

This guy here this two pin connector with the blue and the green this is the backup lights so I will need this circuit now I may not necessarily need it in this configuration but it's conveniently already in a connector and

Everything this one is the speed sensor went to the transmission and that is a yellow and purple wire with rights to white stripe and I found out that one of the wires that I thought went up to the alternator which was this green wire and

The single connector totally wrong on that this was the coolant temp Center so I don't need this my new gauges have their own setup so this wire can go away and also the speed sensor wire can go away but I'm keeping everything for the

Backup lights here's that green wire that goes away and then also this twisted wire here that's the speed sensor once again no longer need that you're gone

But you you mr. mr. reverse lights you get to stay yeah I won't be reinstalling plastic conduit now that I've showed you how all this stuff works as I thought it did so this is the fuel pump relay this is the fuel pump fuse grounding this

Activates it boom you get fuel pump operation but I was thinking to myself last night I'm putting in a high performance fuel pump and I think it's gonna draw quite a few more amps than what the original equipment one did so I

Opened up the instructions to my new fuel pump and the first line says that you're gonna need to install a larger wire into your stock fuel pump wiring system because it's not sufficient so I was correct in my thoughts that this

Wire was likely not good enough in fact they recommend 10 gauge here's the pro flow for wiring harness and on it you'll notice there is a connector labeled fuel pump and when I looked at the wiring diagram and instructions it said you can

Use this to power the fuel pump directly if the fuel pump uses less than 10 amps I think mine is going to use more than 10 amps or there's a good possibility of it therefore I'm gonna use this to ground side switch a relay which then

Can run heavier gauge wire back to the fuel pump that's pretty much what relays are for they're like switches for high amp circuits and you use electricity the flip the switch instead of like you know manually doing it when you do that kind

Of stuff so I'm gonna take this harness and I'm going to use this to switch a relay and I got something pretty funny and share with you as far as what relay I'm using something in oh crap I gotta go get a relay and I got a wire it up

And everything and then I thought hey wait a second I just installed installed a fuel injection system on the Ford and I cut out the fuel pump relay and look what I got here I got myself a fuel pump relay heavier

Gauge wire that I can run all the way back there so this is going to be my new fuel pump relay and those wires that I just showed you will switch the ground side no okay we're gonna cut out the stock fuel pump relay 10 millimeter

I might just keep that ground handy for my new relay but there's the old fuel pump circuit to you that you that you I'm gonna start locating and mounting things it's good to know where other things that need to

Be installed are going to be when you do this because you don't want to be like oh I found a great location for this and then you find out oh it's not so great there's some in front of it battery tray reconditioned don't put that in and the

Coolant reservoir also lived in here but I'll probably taking this in and out to route some wires once again I'm just trying to get a feel for where stuff lives but yeah you can see that oh well there's stuff in the way or not in the

Way I'll fit on there like that this is my new computer PCM what have you I think a great mounting place since the battery's gonna be right here and everything is right here I just need to cut this down so

That this can go over the top of it I don't mind the open hole in the back because that used to be the air inlet going to the engine and it's gonna get cool air run past this thing as I Drive I don't see that as a bad thing it'll be

Easier to do any cutting in here without this in the way and yes I want to keep my little light it's one of my favorite parts of the structure I'm probably not gonna use it all that often but the fact that it's there I just I think it's so

Cool think I think it's listed in the service manual as the real light like as I'm fishing real not like as in matrix real see I'm dirty my truck used to be how awesome it is now admire the awesomeness I'm gonna take this off too

I like it being up a little bit higher maybe Center it because I've still got a you know what I can put the connector on here put it on and take it off and make sure I can do it so that I place it correctly this is exactly the kind of

Thing I'm talking about I'm gonna install the connector like that see I got to get this up as high as I can get it so if there's any hope I've been getting this on and off of here it has to be all the way at the top and I know

That now if I just went for it I'll be in trouble so I'm gonna go like a mini millimeter down from this top because I don't like to jam things together like that it could make a rattle so I'm just gonna come down like that much my

Kingdom for a sharp drill bit is it rubber mounts so there's a little bit of give to them sweet that kind of like the single mount strategy with this yeah we can tie that up like that that's gotta go to battery good thing we don't have

Far to go that angle this out just a little bit I know it looks funky but one the coolant thing will be in the way but also I'll be able to like actually check the fuse if I do it like that okay these

Go this way that also will go this way right that's our fuel pump that will get connected to this blue wire so we can ground it out this is gonna go to that big pink wire on the other side so that's gonna get routed up over this way

I'm just gonna grab the other harnesses cuz one is the engine harness and the other is the distributor base we got some idea what kind of setup we have the engines are gonna sit back down in here like this it's not gonna sit all the way

Out so I might have just what I need here the distributors in the back so that's nice and then I'm gonna just gonna use a regular ignition coil and oh man it probably back up here somewhere we're at a place in the build well it's

Kind of crunch time should be picking up the engine from the machinist at the end of the week it is now Tuesday I have a lot of wiring to clean up I have ordered some parts for a set wiring that will help me move things along I've made some

Decisions I'm gonna take action on those decisions including some of the stuff that happened on the interior so we're gonna bounce around a bit today not sure how it's gonna all come together but I'm sure I'll put it together in an

Entertaining forum for you to enjoy let's get started when I came in today I looked at this first thing and said I just don't like this Bend and gosh darn it I'm gonna have to change it so it loops around and goes the other way

That'll give me a little more wire that'll also I believe give me a slightly cleaner look although this will sort of be hanging down I've decided so I'm going to remove it also I love this thing I absolutely love this thing

However I'm going to be installing some cooling fan relays I got these off Amazon really cool they come with fuses and everything I love it some of you might be saying those relays are awesome where can I get them I'm going to share

That with you down in the description but I don't want you to get them because these relays are junk and I'll say it again these relays are junk I had to replace them in fact I will cover this in a future video but just know that the

Relays that I installed here were a problem and I had to replace them literally after installing them so do not get these relays yes there will be linked in a description just so you can call them out by name but that's it

Don't get these and connectors so all I have to do is is the wires this is an excellent location for these but I'm gonna drop the battery in here just to see if they'll work here so I can keep this under this light right there I'd

Love that light it's in my favorite parts of the truck I'm going to I think wind up putting these relays here and these will be for the cooling fans which will be controlled by the computer which has two wires coming out here in fact

The three wires coming out of this harness are for fan one fan two and tachometer so another one of these has to be run back up towards the firewall so that I can get that hooked up to my gauge but you can also set the

Temperature the on/off temperature of both one and two fans additionally I'm going to run my own separate switched ground for the fans so that I can click a switch every time I turn the AC on because I'm doing this different it had

A clutch fan on it before but I want my cooling fans to come on both of them whenever I turn the AC on someone have a switch on the dash just like I do in the Fairmont you turn that on you turn the AC on and you're good so I'm gonna have

A bypass as well as the computer control for these relays I also got some new fasteners because these are just a little bit short that can be happy there the main thing is is that I'm able to plug and unplug this not that I'm going

To be doing that all the time I gotta have some space over there you know what though if I really need to unplug this two screws and it's mine so I'm not gonna sweat that too much

The cruise control may or may not get used so I want it to still be around but I figure while the paint is drying I can remove this I'm gonna need a passage through the the firewall bulkhead whatever you want to call it for my

Wires a fairly large one because they'll be sensor connectors on the ends of some of those wires so I figured what I'd do is I'd use the old clutch master pass-through as my new harness pastor now it's what I'm hoping to make for my

Pass-through but it's got that rod in there and on the other side if there's a clutch switch that somebody has put a zip tie over to make it look as if the clutch is depressed all the time so that the engine starts but I've got to cut

That rod out and do what I can to try to make that hole large enough for my pass-through the reason I have to do this there's this end that won't pass through going this way and on the other side there's another end that won't pass

Through going the other way the only way this is gonna happen is to cut this so this truck ain't going to be a Manuel anytime soon again okay this hole needs to be larger like I said and well camera and Brian pointed

Out that you might be able to get that out this way so that cutting that I just did well I didn't need to do it that's perfect huh like it couldn't be more perfect I just had a thought for the pass through what I can do someone's

Like at the cutoff wheel out it's cut this whole thing off then stick it back in there inside this rubber thing cut the rubber thing down also put this back on there I could even run the fasteners down and I will still have this giant

Opening but I'd have this radius edge going in here with rubber on the other side what better thing to have wires passing through right if you have a manual transmission this hole is still there kinda in other words there's a

Place there where you could drill straight through it and know that you're not going to drill into anything know that they would make the hole for the clutch so that's the way they make trucks so there there's probably a space

That you might see with that exact size hole that you can either drill out or it might even knock out I'm not sure and I am keeping that light I bet you I got a car shows stuff like that more

People will comment on that light than anything else just want to see how it lives yeah even if it slid over its not gonna hurt anything now side post battery I'm honestly I'm not a fan but I got new side posts for this just like

This I'm gonna run this battery till it dies and then I'm switched over at the top post so my wires down here are gonna be a little long as a result to start with this is gonna help me locate things like these new relays which I just

Discovered are just fine even if the battery slides in it's not gonna hit them these are 30 amp relays I don't know if I showed you these but they're kind of neat not only do you have relay but you also have a fuse so I've got a

30 amp fuse on the load side of the relay and the relay and the harness so all I got to do is connect up wires cameraman just pointed out something this is gonna have to come out so if I move this over here yeah I'll be good

Freakin excellent and I can run the wires for the fans right down here behind the battery and over into this area I like dialing in electrical systems fan one fan to temporary hold I gives it

Ties in the past also for this you know what I should probably get that evaporator mocked back up in here too actually this pink wire might as well get going or that way too because we know this is going to connect

To the other pink wire I'm trying to bunch them all together as if they were in a conduit so when I do put the conduit on the length and everything is approximate that's gonna fit in there like that so

It's not even an issue what I do need to be concerned with is there's an AC line there but this this can go back up against here almost before we do that let's connect the pinky this is candy well I'm calling it and if you get the

Joke well good for you come on candy do your job here you go candy I hope this makes you work better yay it does work this pink wire is my ignition bypass oh I had my doubts a little bit beyond its range

Okay and this is the wiring going to the fuel pump from the ECU a couple different ways you could wire this up what I'm doing is wiring it through a relay you can wire it directly up to the fuel pump of the fuel pump there's a

Very specific ampere taught that it can use but it's not usable I would anything that's a high amp circuit like a fuel pump and this is going to be a performance application really should have a relay attached to it you're much

Better off so instead of this directly driving the fuel pump what it's going to end up doing is basically switching on and off the relay I looked it up in the instructions it's ten amps is the maximum which you know

Fuel pump can I take ten amps it's gonna take more than that I'm pretty sure of it just in case I'm gonna energize this relay going in both directions if you're curious the orange wire is gonna be the power and the tan with the white stripe

Is going to be the ground for the fuel pump coming out of the computer I don't think this matters I'm just sometimes they put a diode in these and there's only one way that it can go it's clicking so let's strip it strip this

Side yeah Kandi's a lot happier with some financial motivation pain or way through school doesn't matter no matter which way you hook it up at least on this relay most relays it doesn't matter but some they put a diode or something

In there you can only go through one direction but honestly you can hook these wires up to either or to trigger the relay which is precisely what I'm about to do now I'm going to run the attack wire

Over into our wire pass through that we just made I just thought hey I got an idea why not temporarily hold these guys together fail Oh No candy you lost your dollar the

White ones I'm gonna call my triggers so they will be the ground side I'm basically gonna connect them up to these two wires over here so for fan 1 and fan 2 then the large red wires are going to go to the fans

These black wires are gonna have to go to a power source I'm considering taking this power and taking it directly off the battery so my cooling fans will have like straight from the battery power which would be kind of Awesome you go

Under there virtually the same distance so I feel confident just doing this someday I'll get good at this and I'll just be able to trim them up perfect every time triple-check yellow is fan 1

All right I've decided these guys are gonna share a common power or not I kind of screwed up a little bit not so bad I can't fix it especially since I just remembered right now what I wanted to do computers gonna ground the

Fans individually fan one fan two I can program the on/off temperatures for each fan but I also have air conditioning and my air conditioning is hooked up in the traditional fashion aware when you turn on the air conditioning your cooling

Fans come on therefore I'm going to run a separate switch on the dash that's going to ground these relays both of them simultaneously that you can hit either if the air conditioning on is on or you feel like the engine is hot

It'll bypass the whole computer out of the system so the plan is after I get this power wire run up here I'm going to come back in and cut these out and redo them but this time with I'm gonna start with two ground wires coming out to like

Maybe about here and I'm gonna choke it down to a single ground wire in the same way I'm doing this with this power wire then I'll run that into the dash for my switch so that I can switch on the dash both cooling fans will come on the

Computer can switch individually at given prescribed temperatures I'm not overly concerned about this these two wires going into this one wire this is just the power side of the coil side of the relay which is not a hang-up side of

The relay at all it's basically like a finger turning a light switch on and off I feel supremely confident that I can do this and just run a single wire back to the Power Distribution box because this is a ground side switch circuit oh yeah

Totally good with that connection now it just let me go get in eyelets and that works fine so this will go up in there and power up the relays sweet I pulled it through on this side this wire is gonna terminate at the switch so I

Want to make sure that I've got plenty of wire to reach over here which is where I'm placing the switch not to go over the steering column through the dash all that this seems adequate so it's gonna leave that there run the rest

Out there while we were away I took some time and sealed up the inside of that vent I'm glad I did massive gaps there massive air loss what I used was this metal tape you can find this like the hardware store you can use this on HVAC

Systems it's really good for that believe it or not duct tape was originally invented for that kind of thing but this stuff is actually infinitely better it's it's kind of got a metal quality to it's almost like tin

Foil but it was extremely difficult I wouldn't be able to show you anything anyway and I'm left with scrapes on both hands for my effort of getting that tape down in there but I managed to get as much of it as I think I could and I

Think I have everything sealed up so we'll get air on our air out of our vents now yeah so my bypass when activated will turn on both fans simultaneously and leave them on until the switch is deactivated

So here's my trick these dots represent the colors that go I mean often times I mean the colors of these connectors aren't always the same but they're usually represent the size of the connector or whatever so you've got

Yellow which is the biggest blue which is in the middle and red which is the smallest see my other connectors which are smaller are red so these are designed to fit within these holes this is designed for a larger wire this is

Designed for like a you know 14 16 gauge so I just go to the smaller size and this when we crimp this side but I go to the normal side when I crimp this side seems to have worked out one quick note here on the cooling fan wiring

Everything went together it works the switch works turns on both fans however when the computer goes to turn on the cooling fans both fans come on simultaneously every time just you know with the first temperature setting so in

Other words it's supposed to be set up to where one cooling fan comes on and then the other cooling fan comes on I can set the temperature with the computer but the reason that's happening is because the way I wired things up

Here which I'm going to go back and correct in a later episode when I add a diode I have some diodes here I'm gonna put a diode and in one of those circuits to prevent that from happening and I'll explain why and how that works in that

Episode but just know that is forthcoming I'm trying to get as much done as possible so that all I've got to do when the engine arrives is rebuild it put it in plug it in away we go so we've still got a few things to sort

Out but I think we're making good progress today all right I've made an executive decision I'm thinking this is only going from here to about here this is 10 gauge wire but it's got really thick wires in

It so it's very stiff as opposed to my other ten gauge wire which has multiple strands which is a lot more flexible I'm going to use this quote-unquote heavy-duty stuff and I'm going to do the same thing I've been doing here and

Everywhere else I debated for a while but if it's a problem look where it is it's not going to be in a place to where I'm gonna be like a crap I wish I would have done that I can be like oh well that didn't work out let's change this

Up this will actually work really well then I can come in with us on the other side well I can have some heavy gauge wire going over there this is the power and ground for the computer I got two power wires

Coming up to the battery terminal here although now that I'm thinking about it this needs to go like up on top so if I need to I need to set the battery in here because eventually one day this will be a top post battery I have to

Consider that yeah so this is a top post battery with this side I'll be ok with that mm-hmm really snug with that so I need to run that belts we're regretting not making a longer wire but so I need to do

These for power and ground let's trim this down looks like yeah there's several grounds so the computer ground had three grounds to it and then one power these can all be bundled up and then these can go to the power side and

I'll get those all together and in there now I'm gonna run over to the cooling fans and just get them out so I can see what kind of electrical stuff I'm dealing with on those these are the same fans that I have in the Ford and they're

Excellent and if you're gonna run air conditioning on your vehicle I strongly suggest these these are 4,000 CFM so 2,000 CFM apiece these are small fans they're freaking amazing thing is you can see that my

Radiator is obviously bigger than this fan unit and I've been sitting here thinking to myself okay what can I do well not much based on the time that I have but I could still use these fans in a homemade shroud if I wanted to so I'm

Gonna run this and then if there's an issue well I'll make myself in your shroud but if it's not an issue there's no problem to fix so I'm just gonna let it be but I know these will pull some serious air and like I said if

You're running the air tuned to air conditioning you need a lot of seat you need the highest CFM you can find and these were the highest ones I could find now single fans like I think it was the 90 something Lincoln Continental had a

Giant fan on it that thing if you can find one of those in a boneyard and graft it to it is is awesome but this got it from Summit Racing same with the radiator this is what I'm working with and this is what I'm gonna use but right

Now I'm gonna try to get a my eyeballs on the electrical connections and how I'm going to deal with all that so we can go through here with the wiring coming out I'll make a four pin connector here that has the power in the

Ground and then I'll run these wires here through a connector also unfortunately I don't have a 4 pin connector yet I'm gonna order it no later today until then what I plan to do is get these fans ready to wire I'm

Gonna run the wires out the side I've got this grommeted thing here the upper fans going to be fan one the lower fan is fan 2 so I'll just run these down and over and out here

File it yes I will I don't know if the holes big enough or not let's try silicon spray is my friend done trying to make an executive decision on where to cut it because everything's gonna terminate at this

Point this is where things are going to go right there decided everything is going great and all of a sudden the crimping tool stops working well back in business my connector will go here and it'll just

Be a matter of plugging in I won't have to be like oh yeah what's fine one what's fan 2 because my viewers are awesome I have this tape because I'm not so awesome I don't remember the name of the person

That sent me this tape but if you're watching right now I want to thank you because I love it I love this stuff thank you until I get my connector those are ready depending upon where this I'd rather go with a 4 pin connector that I

Can just do one because these guys can just about go to ground anywhere I'm pleased and that will conclude part one of the Interior and engine modifications on atcg dad's truck down in the description I'll put links to tools and

Parts and things like that that are useful so please check the description if you have any questions as mentioned there are extended versions of these videos available to premium members there's a link to more information about

That also in the description so please check the description if you have automotive questions not covered in this video I asked you head to air at the cargo comm also link down in the description please don't forget to Like

Comment and subscribe I really appreciate it when you do that stuff so please do that stuff be safe have fun stay dirty thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

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