EMUI 10 Leak: Huawei P30 Pro Android Q Features!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

even as the future of Huawei phones
continues to be mired in uncertainty the
company is hard at work on the next
version of its emui software based on
the upcoming Android q this is the
update will see hitting the huawei P 30
series later in the year and first a
little bit of background on that Huawei
has recently confirmed that even with
its current black listing by the US
it'll still be able to push our updates
to Android q2 the p30 and a bunch of
other phones as well as ongoing security
patches the specifics of this are bit
unclear but at least it's made that
commitment and we'll see how things pan
out anyway thanks to a recent firmware
leaked by funky Huawei we have our first
look at the software that'll likely ship
on the mate 30 later in the year it's
very much pre-release though remarkably
stable for software that won't be
shipping for another three or four
months so far the visual changes in emu
white n aren't too overbearing UI itself
has a new logo for whatever that's worth
but the interface is broadly in line
with what we remember from version 9.1
of the software maybe that'll change
before the mate 30 ships
who knows who's talkin a few months left
before that happens some of the biggest
visual changes so far are in the weather
widgets which now have a splash of color
compared to before and this is also
reflected in the new redesigned weather
app the quick settings drop down has
also been tweaked with a new black
gradient effect which actually looks a
little bit weird in certain
circumstances what ways signature
gesture navigation is still there and
works the same as before which is
actually the same as Google's new old
gestural navigation system in vanilla
Android q and the task switching
animation is a bit snappier now with
more fluid animation and pleasing
physics there also some very minor color
and design tweaks to some huawei's built
in apps which you'd expect from software
that isn't quite final yet
and how screen wallpapers are overlaid
with this zig-zag pattern which you've
seen in previous pre-release versions of
Huawei software perhaps some kind of
barcode built on this to track the build
also this particular build shows faked
version information and the about page
which again is very common for free
release versions of software on huawei
phones it's done ironically to prevent
things from leaking out if we load of a
system information out though we can
very clearly see that this is in fact
Android q and because it is Android q we
cut our standard load out of android q
features check out our Android Q beta
coverage for a more exhaustive list of
what's new in the next version but in
Androids permission and privacy
management system has been overhauled
and you've got prompts for one-time or
permanent access to sensitive
information like your location you can
see this here in the new camera app
which is arguably the most visually
changed of all the built-in Huawei apps
in this early leaked build like I said
the new um UI 10 camera app has mostly
visual changes with the biggest
difference being the font and icon
changes that move further away from the
Leica style that you've seen for the
past few generations of Huawei phones
instead this is much more in keeping
with the rest of emui
the physics of scrolling between
different camera modes seems smoother as
does the slightly redesigned zoom level
switch over on the right hand side throw
these new photo filter options which are
pretty neat but oddly revolutionary
they're more useful as an example here
to show how the new UI looks and moves
as for the functionality of the app app
scene is pretty much unchanged for now
no major new camera features that we can
see at least instead it's likely that
we'll see whatever new camera features
do emerge with the Mait 30 series later
in the year so that's it for our very
first quick look at emui 10 and Android
cue right now it's a lot of the look and
feel of emui 9 with a sprinkling of new
features and of course extra features
that you would expect from Android q of
course still early days here and there's
ample opportunity for more exciting
changes to take place between now and
the expected September or October
release timeframe when this stuff should
start arriving on devices that's it for
now be sure to subscribe for all of our
future Huawei and Android q coverage
thanks for watching and I'll see you
next time


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