Emil and Rasmus VS. Audi R8 – By Vilain photograph shoot Undercut Fast hair repair

published on July 3, 2020

what's up guys thank you for tuning in

on Flickr TV today's episode will be

special because we are recording a

commercial for the new night fiber wax

and you probably already have seen the

commercial by now but today we are going

to pick up the car and no it's not the

Lambo today because we got a broken

glass so we cannot use it because of our

constant now we don't pick up an r8

holding and recording so I will do some

fun footage so follow you when also

we're bicycling to everything because

it's super fast





and we are arriving to the threat what

is going on Rasmus right now we are just

in the camera to free settings when I'm

walking out of the car and then when

we're rolling in in the car so it's very

easy on the slide you'll see here we

have the dolly and the red camera a lot

of flights already fired I'm up toward

me it's a very nice car get used to it

alright you the fly dolly it's going


zoom ready to make the drive in three

years and the best tested car products

on the market so we need to do every

test possible you will need some effects

yeah it's raining a little bit right now

so – gonna have before we left for the

shoot here and now I have to get some

product in it because right now it's

only blow-dried with sidekick spray and

I forgot too much rain in my hair then

it will end up too curly for the logo

once I'll go and add some Bible in night

fiber you're going to use the knife and

so add a little bit this much you can

see fibers fibers everywhere let's go

it's actually very hard to see yourself

in the mirror

I'll use the window or here it's better

I think and the night fiber it goes very

easily through your hair and it gives a

little bit of a natural glow to it

without too much stigmas it's very

smooth and nice as you can see you can

add high volume it's still flexible and

yeah I think it's just perfect for this

occasion tonight and of course the

reason why I can do it do it that easy

it's because I blow dried my hair with

the Bible in psychics break to give

maximum texture and hold and hear

protection as well so what do you guys

think you like it use the pole up here

and I would like to show you something

under set we're gonna pick up some

products from the trunk in front

the stank's don't you why don't you put

them in the trunk now you have you we

have baseball bat some and I bought

equipment golf club next thing is we

have a trunk filled with stash extra

five main products and we have an axe

and we have a golf club and the

Facebook package the ring on if you want

to see what we're going to do with this


so now we have recorded for two hours so

far and it's midnight and now we have

made a display of the new Bible mein

Fuhrer night fiber and in a few minutes

we are about to smash a product or two

so stay tuned what I was doing Rasmus

about 5:00 late night





I actually nailed it with the axe it's

cut in two and you can also see here the

liner it's it's no kidding it's for real

no product and at all it was just an

example a trap a threat trapped product


the photo shoot is done and right now we

are heading home and remember to check

didn't see the actual commercial go

watch it






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