Elon Musk Predicts Tesla Stock Crash? TSLA vs Nikola (NKLA) Stock Market

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Everybody keeps asking me about Tesla and you guys know I love Tesla and I love Elon so let's talk about it what's happening with this stock price is gonna go up down sideways is it a house of cards is about to crash like many people like to say that's what we're about to

Get into and remember in this free training that I always talk about we go over exactly how we play Tesla over the last few months it's actually the example right here in this little mini screen talk about how we play it on the

Downside and the upside so if you want more and you want to learn the strategy that we use and a bunch of are fallible members use then definitely check out the training it's free there's link in this video and down below in the

Description comments definitely worth it and Tesla is just one example we do this on a lot of stocks so what's happening now is the Tesla has run up so much that it's literally one of the biggest companies on the market what's its

Market cap at right now 253 billion it's nuts and like it says in the CNN business article Tesla exceeds the value of almost every company in the S&P 500 these are huge huge companies and out of all the auto companies that it competes

Against if you want to call it competing it is the most valuable on the planet even ahead of Toyota it's bigger than coca-cola Disney's Cisco Exxon Mobil there's now only 19 companies in the S&P 500 worth more than

Tesla one of them being AT&T and the funny part is the Tesla isn't consistently profitable enough to join the S&P 500 but it's still bigger than most of them and you really got a feel for these other car companies like

Toyota GM Ford how mad must their executives be like look at Tesla stock price and then look at something like GM just terrible just goes down down and then down some more even though they produce so many more cars than Tesla

Makes so much more money and when executives are tied to their stock prices you know this is not what they like to see you know they got whole departments trying to figure out what can we do to move this stock prices it's

All about posting memes on Twitter like is one mean we're at the 100 million because it seems so with the way Elon does things seven things every kid needs to hear I love you I'm proud of you I'm sorry I forgive you

I'm listening communism has failed every time it was tried you've got what it takes I think this is where the hundred million minimum you'ens got to be careful though you know you start talking about communism you're also

Indirectly talking about the CCP the whole world's mortal and you know if you say anything about the CCP they're not gonna let you operate in their country and Elon has that big factory going in over there

Right so you better watch his memes but it looks like people are waking up to what the CCP does because did you hear like tick tock is looking at getting banned while tick tock isn't looking at it the government is looking at banning

Tick tock already done in India good job India now the u.s. is looking at it too so Tesla being shut out of China you know it'd be terrible for the company probably but I'm done with it time to cut ties with the CCP unless

Things changed as in the CCP is not there anymore but even before the government steps in and maybe Elon will screw it up for himself but maybe this is why Tesla's price

Keeps going up when you have the future president of our United States hanging out with the CEO he said when you go to your boys house and you're both wearing orange so cool can GM do this or maybe what GM needs to do is vehemently attack

Short sellers you guys saw this release of Tesla short shorts only 69 dollars already out of stock oh look at those so shorts so sexy I'm pretty sure this is actually you I'm modeling it himself does GM need a pair of shorts like this

To boost the stock price celebrate summer with Tesla short shorts run like the wind or entertain like Liberace with our red satin and gold trim design relaxed poolside our lounge indoors year-round with our limited edition

Tesla short shorts featuring our signature Tesla logo in front with se XY across the back enjoy exceptional comfort from the closing bell ouch a direct shot at the short sellers because you know yuan was always tweeting jokes

About short shorts because of all the short sellers and by the way if you're wondering if I read this word and thought liber8 first off yes yes I did reading is hard and I love when Elon goes after these short sellers and bears

Because they are just so stupid and I made a few videos disrespecting these guys but you know I just love it I'll just do it again and again Yan clearly loves it too speaking of stupid bears JP Morgan raised its price target buy

Twenty dollars to two hundred and ninety five dollars for Tesla shares yeah they really did that when Tesla share price is almost fourteen hundred meaning that they think Tesla is gonna fall 79 percent from current values they're

Holding strong to that 295 but you you know they stay honest because you know they had to increase the price target by twenty dollars because there is also results in you know Tesla delivered sixty percent higher because results are

Results in you know Tesla delivered more vehicles and they thought possible sixty percent more so JP Morgan with their objective analysis said yeah we'll raise it twenty dollars but there's still a lot of risk it's a lofty valuation

Coupled with high investor expectations and high execution risk Thank You JP Morgan as if your price targets are relevant at all they don't expect Tesla to turn a profit in the second quarter and they expect to earnings per share

Loss of 30 cents and if Tesla doesn't turn a profit that's going to delay their eligibility to be included in the S&P 500 index and getting included in the S&P 500 would actually be fantastic for Tesla and really any stock because

As soon as you're in there that's when you start getting all this passive money because nowadays everyone is invested in all these ETFs and index funds that just track the index so if you're in that index your company is automatically

Getting that natural little push higher with its shares as if Tesla needs any more it doesn't but you know it's still good in this research from JP Morgan if we can even call it research it's just so laughable because they're like hey

Hey wait a second even if they do report better than expected second quarter earnings it could include items of one-time or somewhat one-time nature maybe they included some lump ezv credit sales or

The release of deferred revenue basically what they're saying or trying to say is that even if Tesla did report something good in the second quarter it still BS and we still don't like like these Zev credits or Zev credits I don't

Know if people actually use that word but they are regulatory zero emission vehicle credits that are awarded by States to auto manufacturers that have you know more efficient vehicles and automakers need to earn a certain amount

Of these credits each year either by producing a quota of electric vehicles or buying those credits from another automaker so it's basically like the same carbon tax thing what was it cap and trade and I forgot what that thing

Was called so Tesla being a fully electric automaker obviously they're gonna make some good money from it they sold five hundred and ninety four million dollars worth of these credits in 2019 but even so it only represented

2.4 percent of their total revenue so JP Morgan here you know grasping at straws but again just to barely convince people that their research is still legitimate they did acknowledge three upside risks to their bearish price target for

Example the price might up if the demand for a Tesla vehicles rise materially beyond our expectations okay great night nice and vague gasoline prices could increase or government penalties on combustion engines could

Increase maybe more people want electric vehicles after that or maybe they execute better on their operation targets you guys see how terrible this research is and this is from JP Morgan and I know when you first get into the

Stock market you get all these free research reports from these banks and you think oh these are professional analysts they know what they're talking about but in fact they don't know anything and most of what they're doing

Is just BS and they know it too I have multiple friends in the equity research industry and it's honestly going away because most things are switching to quant anyway they don't really have a job anymore

They know it's BS and useless we know it you know everybody knows it like what we just went over is the worst research report it's so stupid and most of the times with this type of research on companies other than Tesla they're

Always overly bullish because if you're too bearish on a company then you lose access to those executives because they don't want to talk to you anymore and in this case they barely have an argument but they're just making a call that's

Super short and different from hopefully other people and something that's so outrageous a 79 percent drop from current levels and they're doing that so down the line you know Tesla does drop if it does collapse then they could say

See we call that very low probability scenario we are clearly geniuses it's like the people that call for a crash every year you know non-stop so that finally when the crash comes they're like see told you so it's the same as

The saying that even a broken clock is Right twice a day so I can't even believe JP Morgan published something like that and that's why I think the Bears for Tesla are just so stupid same thing with the short

Sellers who I hope all-star free ball and then these shorts right here to enjoy that exceptional comfort from the closing bell when they're absolutely getting blown out of their shorts get it but anyway if you objectively look at

Tesla there is no way this is a good short candidate when you're trying to short a company needs to be very clear that it's going lower you don't try to short something like Tesla which is completely sentiment fuel people love

Elon retail traders love Tesla and the thing is gonna keep going higher and higher you don't jump in front of a moving train or if you did want a short Tesla if you truly believe that it was something that was gonna fall apart

You wouldn't be shorting it right now because again you're just gonna get blown out like crazy it's a open move so why the short sellers do it and why are the Bears so bearish it's

Purely ego and jealousy so they look at Elon right and how much fun he's having and how much he's doing how much he's worth and they can't handle it someone shouldn't be able to do all this stuff and be so cool at the same time I know

This sounds like the most childish reason and that's because it is and the thing with adults especially professionals is that they don't actually change from their childish desires it's like in the schoolyard if

You see someone better at basketball than you then you start hating on them when you're a little kid same thing here but the only difference is that you know these older people they make up all this reasoning in order to rationalize their

Base childish desires because when it comes down to it it's jealousy so their first objective because they're jealous is to bring down a successful guy like Elon just for the sake of them not being comfortable with themselves and thinking

That hey no one should be able to be that great and try this hard and do this many things let's bring him down can't be real there must be some con here they let their insecurities really come out and then the second desire fueling their

Source is that they want to make that hero play it's that ego driving them just like this JP Morgan idiot and not this guy this is an ad I saw ever being on the trading exchanges is probably the worst

Job do you ever see a picture of these guys when they're not covering their faces and looking stressed why is this guy so stressed when the market is going straight up does he not know that stocks only go up does he not know who Jerry

Powell is anyways like I was saying guys like that JP Morgan research they want to do that thing where if Tesla collapses then they could go back even if it's ten years later they could say hey I was right uh-huh for those 10

Years I told all of you oh I told you again and again and you didn't listen even if the people not listening made tons and tons of money doesn't matter because four idiots who are not successful in the stock market the only

Thing that matters is whether they're right or wrong where if you're an actual successful operator in the market then the only thing that matters is whether you're making money or not the best investors the billionaires they're wrong

All the time and it's so funny because JP Morgan around the same time upgraded niccola which is another company I get asked about all the time the tesla competitor with no product so niccola like this

Stock was just ridiculous right and then it fell over 50% so as if l JP Morgan actually raised their price Tower even though it's a story stock as if Tesla is not a story stock they say yeah it might be volatile but there are some

Real good reasons why I could go up for example they might announce a partner for their badger truck which does not exist or they might have a hydrogen station deployment plan for the UK or maybe they potentially accelerate the

Implementation of this or that or whatever who cares it's just once again stupid because you could take all these reasons and just turn them into bearish reasons too you could say these are all reasons why oh you know Nicola isn't

Going anywhere so for some reason they're so bearish on Tesla but so bullish on Nicola stupid reasons either way you see what I mean here right just don't look at this analyst research it's idiotic and I'm not saying not to play

Nicola either because you definitely can make great money on this it's super volatile and I myself am playing Tesla like I told you that's what we go over in this training but the most important part that we go over in this training is

Risk control because like I said you could play Tesla you could play Nicola you could play any of these crazy stocks it doesn't matter where the stock is it doesn't matter what the research is really what matters at the end of the

Day is is it going up or is it going down and even more than that the true key to investing is that risk control that no one wants to talk about but it's so important because yeah these stocks can go up and they could go down real

Fast – I don't think Tesla's gonna drop 80% like JP Morgan thinks but we saw Nikola just drop over 50% Tesla's dropped over 50% a few times Tesla just got crushed recently so what's the constant to still be able to

Make money through all this craziness again the risk control the trade management that's the stuff we go over in this training that's the main reason why we're able to make money on things like Tesla not just because Tesla is a

Great stock that's like 10% of the process picking a good stock other 90% is how you're actually managing it how you made sure that you don't get cut by this market on the downside so anyway free training there's a link in this

Video and down below in the description and comments definitely check it out if you want to hear more about Tesla as we continue to ride this stock higher we're still in it with the strategy that I'm talking about and definitely subscribe

To this channel and I will see you in the next video stay foul about there you

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