Ellie Kemper Solutions the Net’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

published on July 3, 2020

– Hi, I'm Ellie Kemper,
and today I'll be doing

the WIRED Autocomplete
Interview from home!

[salsa music]

The first one says, "can Ellie Kemper"

"Can Ellie Kemper sing"

♪ I can show you the world ♪

Does that answer your question?

Yeah, I can sing


"Can Ellie Kemper improv?"

Yes, I can!

I got my start in,

I guess acting,

by doing improvisation at the

Upright Citizens Brigade Theater,

and the Peoples Improv Theater

Yes, and

"Can Ellie Kemper yoga?"

I am so bad at yoga

I do something called "bar method"

which is like a strengthening regimen,

but I can't,

I'm not very flexible

The next question is "How Ellie Kemper"

"How did Ellie Kemper become famous?"

I like to think that I gained recognition

from my role as Erin
Hannon on "The Office"

Which is a great NBC show [laughs]

which is a great comedy that

I was lucky enough to get a part in

I started laughing in the
middle of that because

it sounded like I was doing
press for "The Office"

Or something

You can catch it now on NBC,

which you can't,

it's not on NBC anymore

Catch it on Netflix!


"How Ellie Kemper teeth?"

I don't wanna brag,

but I have really great teeth

I had a wonderful orthodontist,

Dr Shaheen in St Louis Missouri,

and he did a great job aligning my teeth

when I was,

I think in seventh and eighth grade

And now I floss every night,

I brush twice a day,

but I only floss at night

I was wearing a retainer up
until like five years ago,

and then I lost it,

but so far they're hanging in

But my routine isn't
even that extravagant

It's just,

you know what it is?

It's dedication

So I do it every night like most people

The next question is "Was Ellie Kemper?"

"Was Ellie Kemper in Hairspray?"


"Was Ellie Kemper on The Office?"

You know I was!

I played Erin Hannon on NBCs "The Office"

I would say Erin is probably in Scranton,

and I hope that she found love,

but also I hope that she is,

you know happy in her job,

and maybe has a family?

I don't know,

but I bet she's in Scranton

"Was Ellie Kemper pregnant?"

Yes, Ellie Kemper was pregnant!

I was pregnant,

I have two boys

A eight month old named Matthew,

and a three year old named James

So young,

but all of a sudden he
has four teeth on top

It's crazy!

That's how long we've all been quarantine,

my baby now has teeth

The next one is "Where Ellie Kemper?"

"Where does Ellie Kemper live?"

That's none of your business

But I live in New York City,

and that's all you're getting

"Where is Ellie Kemper from?"

Ellie Kemper is from St Louis Missouri

Go Blues!

"Where did Ellie Kemper
go to high school?"

Ellie Kemper went to John Burroughs School

in St Louis Missouri

One notable allum from this school

is Jon Hamm!

Maybe you've heard of him?

"Where is Ellie Kemper new book?"

My new book is "My Squirrel Days"

and it's not so new anymore

It's nearly two years old,

but you can buy it
wherever books are sold

"My Squirrel Days" by Ellie Kemper

"Where is Ellie Kemper running?"

I don't know

What am I running from?

I run in Central Park,

I run in St Louis when I'm in St Louis,

and I run when I'm traveling for work

But I don't know what
it is I'm running from

The next one is "Who Ellie Kemper?"

"Who are Ellie Kempers parents?"

My parents are the best mom
and the best dad on the planet

Dotty Kemper, and David Kemper

And in fact,

during this quarantine period,

I've been staying in St Louis,

and so this is actually my parents home!

But they're not anywhere near me

Otherwise I would be wearing a mask,

and staying very far away from them

"Who is Ellie Kemper like?"

Some people say that my face

looks like Renee Zellweger's face

That's just something that's
been thrown out there

But who is Ellie Kemper like?

I'm unlike anyone I've ever known before

The next question is "What Ellie Kemper?"

"What did Ellie Kemper
study at Princeton?"

I got a bachelors of ar–

a bachelor of arts?

Is it bachelors of arts?


A bachelor of arts

I didn't study that

I got my undergraduate degree in

English Literature at Princeton

I wrote a thesis called,

"Isn't it ironic?"

Which is the name of an
Alanis Morissette song

That was my thesis

"What is Ellie Kempers age?"

Guys, I just turned 40 years old

I'm 40

"What is Ellie Kemper famous for?"

I would like to think I'm known for

parts in really good shows,

like "The Office",

and "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt",

and a great movie "Brides Maids",

and I also,

I wrote a book that I'm trying
to sell during this interview

"My Squirrel Days" by Ellie Kemper!

"What is Ellie Kemper voice acting?"

I've done some voiceover work,

probably my biggest part was Sofia–

in the show "Sofia the First"

I voice Crackle The Dragon

The next question is "Does Ellie Kemper?"

"Does Ellie Kemper have a sister?"

Yes I have a sister named Carrie Kemper

Carrie is a writer,

she lives in Los Angeles,

she has written for

"Silicon Valley",

"The Office",


she's my best friend

Carrie and I were on The
Office at the same time,

and it was so much fun because
we would have lunch together

every day in my trailer and,

yeah I miss working with her

She's a good egg

"Does Ellie Kemper sing?"

We've established that,

but yes I can sing some more if you want

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪



"Does Ellie Kemper field hockey?"

Yes, I played field hockey!

I played field hockey at
Burroughs in St Louis,

and then for one year in college

"Does Ellie Kemper natural hair color?"

Now what a question for quarantine

My natural hair color is red

I am a born and bred redhead


I am 40 years old,

I have gray hair

But my natural hair color is red

However I've,

I think I did a good job
with the root spray today


Wow, internet!

Thank you for asking those questions!

Because now I don't have to
worry about the answers anymore!

Thank you for having me today, WIRED,

and to everybody watching,

stay safe,

and I hope that everyone
is hanging in there

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