Elementor 2.8 New Features For Everyone – Easier On The Eyes, Speed Up Your Workflow

published on July 19, 2020

That's right we have a brand new version of Elementor it's Elementor 228 it's in beta it comes out in about a week or two but we already have access to it we know the big new features that are coming but it's mostly an update that's gonna bring refinement now this is the element or

Not element or pro so whether you have the paid pro version of Elementor or not everybody's going to get this access to this update if you don't have the pro version there's a link down to that in the video description box down below hey

Let's just go ahead and jump on into it so first let me go over my favorite change if you use the social icons module and that when you drag that sucker in there something's missing here and you might not catch it they finally

Got with the program and got rid of Google+ you have to be probably an older guide to know about Google+ it's Google's failed social network so they finally got rid of it and now they replace it with YouTube as a default

Icon actually I think they kind of got this mixed up they should move YouTube to the top like that because I think that's just the order that I see things so anyways I'm just joking here let's seriously get into it but that is

Actually an update a part of this update so let's first hit one of the easy ones every time you use a module in Elementor that might want to look different on a mobile device well there's been some mobile refinements so here I am I just

Drag the headline in and I'm gonna go ahead and show you right here where it says alignment you see you now have the responsive option right there before it was these three little dots that would be above you'll see this a lot here in

The advanced as well the mobile settings for it so I could go ahead and I can go like this and now when I click on it I see an icon and it's this vertical list of devices and when you read why they're doing this it's so that in a future

Update they can allow you to have custom breakpoints and what a breakpoint is is depending on the size of the display that someone's on your website as it hits certain that's called a break point then the

Elements on your page start to shift a little bit and you can have it go to different sizes so in this case for a mobile device if I wanted it to be different on a mobile device I can make that change right here so this leads us

To a future of custom breakpoints developers are absolutely going to love this now you might not have known this but for every module that you add or even section to element or you can show or hide it based upon the device

Someone's on so you would go into the Advanced Settings so I'm in a heading here and then we have responsive down there and here's our options where we can toggle to show this on desktop tablet or mobile so what used to happen

Is when you would toggle this off on a particular device then when you were previewing it in that mode you wouldn't be able to see it but now what happens is if you have it toggled off on a certain device you would see it's now

Grayed out so if I wanted to say not show this on a mobile device I'm on a desktop you don't see it but if I change it to mobile view like this you're gonna see it's got this grayed out this is going to give you a better idea and

Control visual control over your designs when you're tweaking it to make them look good on a mobile device so those are some of the improvements and what's to come when we're looking at responsive editing the breakpoints are gonna be

Awesome for developers next is a refinement that I just thought man they must be reading my mind it has to do with colors so I was putting together this page on my website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and so I thought

Why don't I get some of these Christmas colors I want that Christmas red and that Christmas green and I was going to go and grab those colors but I wanted to use them in multiple places and I thought man I I wish I could just save

This color as I'm going about the editing experience and guess what this new version of Elementor is going to have fully brand-new color picker where you can save colors on the fly so let's go ahead and take a look at that so

Wherever you can set a color in Elementor such as right here the heading right here I'm in style and you can see it's the text color if I click here you'll notice this looks totally different so let me show you how this

Works it's so easy so you would go ahead and you can choose your color as you normally would with the dot right here and you can also choose the transparency of it like that and that's an option you could paste in the hex code here which

We were able to do before but now you can also paste in an RGB value I never do that I could care less about that but this is what I do care about I can hit this little plus button and bam did you see what happened now

That red is saved there let me show you that again let's go ahead and try to find some kind of green that looks kind of green I'll go ahead and hit the plus and guess what BAM there's that green just like that now here's the best part

I can go here and I can use a totally different module so I want to go ahead and use this and I'm like I want that same green I'll go ahead and click on and click on style and then here for the background color guess what there is

That color that I saved on the fly and I could just click on it and there it is and guess what after Christmas I don't need to have these reds and greens lying around what you could do is click and hold and all of a sudden you have a

Trash can appear you let go and you got rid of it it didn't get rid of it on the button where I've used it it just got rid of it in this saved area here tell me that is not awesome and you can even get rid of these default ones here so if

I don't like this blue and I've never been fond of that Elementor if you're watching this let's just go ahead and get rid of that there so you can add saved colors and remove saved colors on the fly in this new version of Elementor

Now the next thing is so cool there is a new preference setting inside the element or editor and they have two settings there one's old you might have seen it before they got a brand new setting in there let's go ahead and go

There so we're gonna click on the hamburger icon here on the top left and you see it right there preferences and when we click on this we have our new settings and guess what the main one is going to be

Right here where it says UI theme what this is gonna bring is dark mode finally to element or now what is so trick about this is if you're using say a Mac and your Mac now has a dark mode option it will automatically enable dark mode for

You on element or if you have this set to auto detect but you can just have it always be on dark mode by choosing dark and now you have this sleek beautiful dark mode in element or I love it I'm one of those people that puts everything

In dark mode my iPhones in dark mode my Mac is in dark mode I put the cars display for the navigation in dark mode everything goes in dark mode when I go to KFC to order my chicken I always get the dark meat it's just I just like this

So anyways that's in the preference but we also have something here is your they moved the love and not the love it the editing handles in here so you have to be an old-school element or user to remember what the editing handles are so

We can turn the editing handles on it's just gonna add an additional option here so you can see there's now this duplicate option and then it also adds two other editing handles so if you hover over the column setting it reveals

Duplicate plus and remove they got rid of this probably like a year ago and people were saying I want my editing handles back but they went ahead and made it an option like this and also on your module you can hover over that blue

Icon and get some additional options I've learned to live without editing handles because I prefer the right-click myself and there it is in beautiful dark mode I'll put that back to auto detect if I was recording this on my Mac which

Is in dark mode it would have gone in there automatically but what would have the fun been in that okay the last update you might some people might view it as they don't like it I actually don't think it's a big deal I actually

Think it's good because it's gonna lead to exciting things in the future so if you had a pro version of element or you already had to when you added the Elementor Pro connected to your Elementor account in order to access the

Pro templates but now in the free version they're gonna prompt you if you want to access the free templates to create a free element or account so if I was to go right here and I wanted to say add this free template right here and I

Click on insert it's going to give me this prompt right here to create a free account in order to get these templates all I'd have to do is connect and create a free account now I'm not a conspiracy theorist I don't think

Elementor is trying to be Big Brother by having us connect even the free users and the free sites using Elementor to Elementor in order to get access to these templates but I do think it's a good thing it might just be an extra

Step for everybody now when you read the release notes about why they chose to do this right here let me scroll down to it it's all it's right here they're basically alluding to bigger and better things coming in the future by being

Able to allow someone to have their library connected to an element or account now could be wishful thinking I would hope that this would mean maybe Pro users in the future could save templates to their own cloud which could

Be connected to all of their Elementor sites I don't know if that's it I don't have any information I would just hope that they would add a convenience and just like that and this would be leading up to that but who knows that's just a

Theory who knows what that actually is going to end up meaning but I do think they'll be able to collect some stats to understand what templates people like what templates people are using and give you the option of saving and better

Organizing a vast library of templates across all of your sites through some form of a sync function alright here we are on the list of improvements and there's just a long list of tweaks and improvements oh they're really listening

To users and what they're saying they want improvement wise in their delivering on it there's some really neat stuff in here regarding playing videos on autoplay so when someone visits the page on autoplay it will play

But on mobile devices that's a new option that is in Safari so for all iPhones users so there's new options for that there's talk about the preferences there's just a long list of improvements that are listed right here that are in

This new version hey give this video a thumbs up before you leave thumbs it up leave me a comment share this video out if you like helpful videos like this and don't forget to subscribe and click on the notification

Bell hey what do you think about this update what do you think about the connecting if you have a free account connecting that in what do you think about the color picker and all these refinements and them really listening to

Make improvements and add just a few useful features like this let me know what you think in the comments down below thanks for watching I'll see you in the next video

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