Elektra – Movie Review

published on July 2, 2020

electro was directed by Rob Bowman and

came out in January 2005 the film once

again stars Jennifer Gardner a spinoff

of her role in Ben Affleck's daredevil

that had come out just two years prior

and in this film Elektra finds herself

protecting a family that she was

originally contracted to kill from the

hand they want this girl and her father

dead and Elektra as the only one

standing in their way so like I've been

doing this year with Mulan and the James

Bond movies I decided to review Elektra

because Black Widow was originally going

to come out this weekend so I sat down

to watch the movie for the first time in

15 years I haven't seen it since it came

out with the hopes of making it a

hilarious 'ti but I hadn't watched the

movie in a very long time and so I

decided to watch the director's cut

because I hadn't seen it I wanted to see

if it changed anything

the daredevil director's cut is

significantly different it adds a lot of

deleted scenes and changes the movie's

tone a bit but I still find the movie

aggressively silly and I don't really

like it that much obviously if you saw

the title of this video I decided not to

make a hilarious 'ti out of Elektra

because I just don't really think it

warrants inclusion in that segment this

movie isn't hilariously bad it doesn't

have a lot of laugh-out-loud moments

that are embarrassing and I don't find

this movie horrendously terrible like

some other comic book adaptations of the

mid-2000s I just think this is a

below-average mediocre movie that could

have been a lot better in 2005 I

absolutely hated this movie I hadn't

seen the movie in 15 years I thought it

was horrible it was strange to watch the

movie today because anno 5 this was

coming out right after x-men and x-men 2

spider-man spider-man to these giant

comic book movies that were really

successful in that I loved Elektra felt

very small-scale to me and it was the

budget was only like 43 million dollars

and they also didn't have a lot of time

to shoot this movie they were working

around Jennifer Garner's schedule with

her TV show alias Rob Bowman has talked

a lot about that in the coming years

whenever he's asked about this movie

they just didn't really have a lot of

time to shoot this film they rushed it

and that's why he made a director's cut

and he talked about how the studio

actually gave him complete control over

that cut they had no supervision he

could do whatever he wanted so he

included some deleted scenes he extended

some shots there's a tonal

in some ways in the movie and it is a

slight improvement over that theatrical

cut but the movie is still rather

uneventful and that's how I felt in 2005

and it was strange coming off of those

big spider-man movies and x-men movies

and and seeing a movie that felt so

small-scale watching the film 15 years

later having seen the way comic-book

movies have flourished ever since

strangely the small scale element of

Elektra no longer turns me off it's

actually kind of refreshing don't get me

wrong I have no love for this movie but

it is a film that has more merit than I

think it's often credited for this movie

is commonly found in lists with the

worst comic book movies of all time it's

often compared to Halle Berry's Catwoman

which i think is genuinely hilarious 'ti

worthy that's a movie about the Catwoman

up against a makeup conglomerate

Elektra being contracted to kill a

father and his young daughter and

feeling conflicted about that because

she's gotten to know them over the

first-act is interesting I like that we

get to watch her deal with that conflict

and go against her instincts the action

sequences are mostly fine although they

get unnecessarily cheesy when members of

the hand that she kills just kind of

vaporize into mist because dead bodies

are bad for a pg-13 movie children will

leave the theater if they see a dead


they have to fade away like in Goldeneye

64 and Rob Bowman for the most part

Helms the movie efficiently it's good

enough for the time frame he was working

with I'm actually a fan of him he

directed some of the best x-files

episodes as well as the first x-files

movie which I still think is pretty good

and rain of fire starring Matthew

McConaughey and Christian Bale I always

call it ran a fire because that's how

Matthew McConaughey would say it the

real issue I have with this movie is how

uneventful so much of it feels there is

an opening action sequence with a really

ludicrous shot where Elektra is revealed

and wind seems to be blowing at her from

eight different angles even though she's

indoors this cold open

was necessary to set up what she does

jason isaacs is basically used as an

exposition factory to give us a lot of

information about how she's kind of a

myth or an urban legend and people are

terrified of her but after that there's

a 30 minute period where Elektra is

getting to know this family and it just

feels so boring nothing's really

happening and Jennifer Garner's

portrayal of Elektra is unnecessarily

stoic and it's a little hard to figure

out what's going on with her we get some

flashbacks that explain a few things but

even those flashbacks are also a little

confusing Terence Stamp as stick kicks

her out of his dojo and were like why

what the did she do and we

recognize that she doesn't really even

know what the problem is and there's not

a lot of resolution for that in the

movie even though there's a conversation

later in the film where sticks says

actually I've been testing you this

whole time didn't you know it's just a

weird turn of events the

characterization in the movie feels very

rushed but my biggest issue with this

movie by far is its third act that just

appears out of nowhere Elektra

demonstrates the ability of foresight

throughout the movie and it's rarely

explained or delved into if you don't

know anything about these characters

they do a really poor job of explaining

why they have powers and what their

abilities are they all just kind of have

magical things they do and we're just

supposed to accept it Elektra has a

telepathic conversation with the man

that she learns killed her mother when

she was a little kid and they just meet

up at her old house and they all have a

big battle it's extremely abrupt it's a

weird shift it happened so quickly that

it's hard to get invested in it Elektra

shows up at this house they all have a

big fight and she saves the little girl

who is suddenly demonstrating that she

has powers and abilities of her own she

has a weird little lasso of truth thing

that she's spinning around and forgive

me for not knowing what the this is

because I don't read the Elektra comics

again as someone who doesn't read these

comics a lot of this just doesn't make


everything about the last half of this

movie feels very rushed and everything

about the first half feels too slow all

that being said I really don't think

this is a movie that deserves to be

compared to Catwoman it's nowhere near

as bad or embarrassing as that movie

it's just a kind of boring mediocre film

that could have

a lot better you can tell they were

attempting to make a far more serious

and less silly movie after 2003's

daredevil which is really absurd and

kind of hilarious if you watch it today


and I give them credit for that and I

like the fact that the movie feels more

small-scale than some of these bigger

superhero films we see today but

unfortunately the final product feels so

below average that it doesn't really

matter but you can see hints of a much

better movie especially in the

director's cut that they just couldn't

achieve in their final version I'm gonna

give Elektra a c-minus like I said in

good faith I couldn't make a hilarious

'ti out of this there's just not enough

there for that segment but in the case

of Marvel's first attempt at a female

led superhero film this one didn't go

too well I do admire what they were

trying to do but it just didn't work out

guys thank you so much as always for

watching look forward to more reviews

very soon one day I would like to review

daredevil Ben Affleck's movie that'll be

a lot of fun and a lot of Evanescence

guys thank you so much as always for

watching look forward to more reviews

very soon and if you like this you can

click right here and get stuck mine eyes


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