Easy Drywall Tricks to Fix Any Mistake

published on July 9, 2020

Today I'm doing a video just for youguys this is gonna be a response videoto answer all of the questions I've beengetting on our channel about drywall andrepairs and home maintenance and I havea simple message to tell you don't worryabout it it's just drywall so in today's

Video I'm gonna show you all the tipsand tricks that learn from my past yearsof working on the construction site nowto fix messes like this messes like thisgaps and cracks unevenness holes oilpaint transition when you put your

Drywall in backwards how to cover upstucco ceilings and different kinds ofscenarios where you've got texture onthe roof there is a lot of informationout there that can be really simplyapplied to solve your problems but if

You're intimidated with touching yourdrywall that you're gonna be toocreative and do something risky forinstance if you want to know if you havea leaking plumbing valve don't be afraidto open a huge hole in the back of the

Closet take a look it's so easy toreplace and repair drywall we're gonnashow you all the steps today to take thefear out of been opening up your wallsand solving your problems number one ifyou have a hole and you've got to repair

It the easiest way to do itwithout damaging your house cutting yourelectrical circuits cutting a hole inyour plumbingtake your often knife okay you can geton Amazon just follow our link in the

Description you set it to just a littlebit more than 1/2 inch okay and you wantto cut the hole wider than the damagebecause impact damage always is biggeron the back side of the drywall than thefront it's kind of like a hollow-point

Bullet it doesn't look too bad up frontbut it's not designed to make a big messon the front right here we goall right and you want to just run acouple of passes until you're all theway through piece of cake because once

You've got a square hole it's easy topatch it now if you've seen some of ourother videos you've probably seen thisalready but this is such a greattechnique it's worth revisiting this iscalled the California patch and what I'm

Doing is I'm just eyeballing to cut apiece of drywall a couple inches widerin both directions so that'll cover myhole okay what I'm gonna doline it up take my knife just inside thecut and I'm gonna score the brown paper

From the backside it's both sides andwe're gonna do the same here and we'regonna try to give ourselves a little bitof room to work with cuz you only wantto do this once it's okay if it's alittle smaller than the hole break it

And then hold them and then peel it fromthe paper leaving the paper on the frontthis makes the perfect patch one of themost amazing benefits is at the whitepaper on the front of the drywall isthinner than the drywall tape that you

Would buyer to patch it with so itactually creates a lot less work whenyou go to finish you're gonna take yourdrywall compound and you can buy this ina variety of different ways if you're ahomeowner you're just doing one repair

You can get in a little tub if you'regonna buy just a little bit I wouldrecommend buying the powder by the 45 orthe 90 mix up for yourself because thenyou'll always have it on hand you getreal good value it's only ten bucks for

A huge bag and the other stuff that youbuy in the little tubs generally isreally difficult to sand it's gonnadrive you crazynow you take a little bit of mud and theidea here is to leave it on the inside

Of that framing that of the cut okaydoesn't work too well in the top everbut here we go here we go alright andthen all the way around take it andwe're gonna put a little bit on theinside edges of all the rope as well and

We're just gonna press it in if you findit not going in all the way maybethere's a little bit of restriction justuse your knife to level off the cornersand then press the tape in you're justembedding the drywall tape and you want

To do this just once okay if you work ittoo much it's gonna wrinkle because ofthe moisture and it'll cause you allkinds of pain so get it in wipe off theextra mud and walk away after that's dryyou can come back and do another coat

And it should be done with a four by tenknife like this alright and I know it'snot dry yet so bear with me okay and useoutward pressure on the top pull it niceand tight and then come through themiddle at the end all right if you let

It dry between coats sometimes a secondapplication with this knife is allyou're gonna need so you don't have todo it over and over and over again youdon't have to sand it between coats justlet it set up less is more pull it tight

And flat and you'll be happy everysingle time the second situation I see alot of people commenting about is theyneed to check their and do an inspectionon their valve or they want to changethe valve from the backside if you want

To do an inspection anywhere in yourhouse let's say there's sharkbite valvesand maybe you think might be dripping orsomething like thatyou can buy one of these spring-loadedtrap door okay they work great and the

Idea is the hole that you have on thewall needs to be as big as thisframework here plus some distance forthis to tie in and put some compressionon so what I generally try to dothis isn't 8×8 but I'll try to cut the

Hole so that it's about that big niceand square so here we gonot I'm not big enough here and you canuse a drywall saw for this and you cancut the hole bigger than you need okayit only cost six bucks and all we do to

Set this in is put pressure on thesingle tab first because it will slideand you push it over and you rest thisin and it's snaps back in place now ifthis is down on the wall by the toiletor if this is in the ceiling of your

Basement or if this is in the closeton the back wall nobody cares you canput these in all day long you can evenpaint them the same color as the wall orthe ceilingit's very standard you can also use the

Same trapdoor in the ceiling in thebasement for shutoff valves and pipes indifferent situations or clean outs foryour sink island whatever have you sodon't be intimidated if you need to haveaccess to the area behind drywall cut a

Hole stick in a cover because it's thateasy to take off and it looks justpretty good the next the next trick I'mgoing to show you is actually it answersa few different questions what do I doto fill big gaps what about if I'm going

From a new wall to an old wall andthere's lots of damage or it's lath andplaster and there's lots of damage okayor if the old wall is a differentthickness these situations are all takencare of if you own one of these guns

Having a foam gun gives you lots ofcontrol I'm going to just get thisstarted here here we goturn the trigger really low and you canfeel just about any gap or crack exactlythe amount of foam that you're going to

Need nowif it's really nasty you can overfill itit doesn't matter because what this doesthis sets up in about 15 or 20 minutesokay and you might find that this is agreat alternative to using 45-minute

Drywall compound all right if youalready have this tool it's really handyit does a great job and it becomes thebacking remember we're just adding mudand the surface this becomes the backingit also is an adhesive between the

Different material so you don't getcracks you don't need to apply any paperthat's amazing so one of the questions Iget is a lot of people their first timerenovators they've done all theinstallation they're down to their last

Piece of drywall it's not quite bigenough to fit or you've got a big gap inthe ceiling because you're in an oldhouse like mine and the ceiling has abit of a ball to itand you can't install everything square

And level so again take about the foamopen it up pretty healthy shoot it atthe corner so it has something to hitand it'll expand in and out of thatcorner and don't worry about how much ofa mess it makes remember the goal here

Is that when that's done drying itsexpanded in behind got solid so you cantrim off the face and have a backing todo your taping now we're gonna go up tothe top of the ceiling where I did thisyesterday and I'll show you how it looks

So the secret here is we're tradingbacking right so open up your blade so Ithis tough to boat where do you thinkthe depth is all right and we've beensawing action and then just gently trimit across there okay and then you can

Clean it up nice and tight all right nowI'm only gonna demonstrate just a littlebit less I'll go right into the cornersI actually do need thisto be finished today okay I'm happy withthat it's not looks pretty nasty but

It's ready to be worked withso I'm just gonna tape out the jointhere a little bit real quick now whenyou've got a scenario like this I'veactually got about an inch gap fromwhere the drywall finished till the

Ceiling and the ceiling doesn't make itall the way into the corner it's a nastymess and I made it a nasty mess onpurpose to show you how easy it is tofix there we gorun your mud off the side of this knife

Here no this foam does not react to thecompoundthis isn't gonna melt it or affect it atallokay yeah got to keep the dirt out ofyour mud yeah I'm just gonna go what I

Call flat taping flat taping flat tapingis the process of just going on onesurface I'm not going around the cornerand you can push that up as nice tightas you want okayand then we'll press it in now that

We've got that pressed in you don't haveto wait till tomorrow to come back tofix it here's one other trick whenyou're taping with much you can domultiple layers of mud and paper it'sokay you can sandwich it as long as you

Give it time to dry before you come backthe next time to fiddle around with itokay try to keep your mud in the middleof your hock the whole time you'reworking all right now we're gonna applythem under the ceiling

Catch your drips try to work as clean aspossible okaythere we go and then again off the sideof the knife we're gonna snowplow itright in there okayjust pretend that that paper and bud

There it wasn't a tear of previously andI measure off a piece of tape gonna geta nice straight edge pre fold it therewe go we have a nice flat surface up topso I'm gonna use that to trust my linegentle pressure all the way across okay

Painting the edgeone more pass that's good now hold theknife flat against the wall cuz if youare ain't too loosey-goosey with ityou'll just push everything in and makea mess there we go

IMAX zoom in there and tell me if thatcorner doesn't look perfect now if youwant to save even more time and you'recomfortable with using your knife youcan go back over top and you can applythe inside corner of the forage

Application right over that paper tapealright and then the next time you comeback all you'll need to do is a six inchknife just to make sure that it'sperfectly smooth and feathered oh allright done

It's not that tricky anybody can do thisthe next issue you're gonna run into isI get questions like this all the timehey I got a rusty nail or a rusty stapleor residue from tape or oops I was doinga weird angle and I installed the

Drywall backwards and I see the brownpaper can i tape over that and theanswer is yes of course but you have toprep it first you need to use a Primusso here we go I've got tape let's getthis out of here

Okay well the tapes gone but I still gotthat red stuff left got broke a poorshowingI've got dark pencil I don't care evenif it's marker there is one solution forall your problems and if you're taping

Your house you've got to have this canon you at all times pom pom yeah ifyou're a fan of the channel you've seenme use it before I put this oneverything okay brown paper no problemoil-based primer red tape no problem

Oil-based primer marker no problemoil-based primer with the pigment lookat that this just disappearing I'm doingan infomercial here oil-based primerworks on everything let's say you havean old house with laughs and plaster and

Oil paint kills you can buy it in a canand roll it on the wall they even havean odorless formula of an oil primerjust for transitioning from oil to latexso that you don't have your paintpeeling off over time if you're ever

Stuck and you were in trouble and youdon't know how to solve a problem thinkoil-based primer and then all of yournew muds and compounds will bond to itif you use oil-based primer over plasternew drywall compound will bond to that

So you don't have to go to the buyplaster and mix it up yourself saves alot of time and money this is money inthe bank and before anybody startsputting it in the comment section nokills did not sponsor this video I just

Love the stuff okay let's move on Idon't need the tape here anymore nowwe're gonna get away from thetraditional drywall compound we're gonnaget into the quick-set mud we're gonnashow you everything that it can do

Here's another one of the most popularquestions out there I can't findsheetrock forfive anywhere what do I get this is aCGC company that means Canadian gypsumcorporation trade from the United States

You're gonna find a us G which isUnited States gypsum okay they make aforty five mix as well this is notproprietary technology all right it'sreally basic stuff so 45 here is 45there it's the same stuff just a

Different supplier we have border issuesright so okay I'll just get along allright then what we're gonna do with thepowder of course and a lot of you mighthave seen this alright so we're gonnajust do a quick short version of this

We're gonna make a lot of volcano on thehawk and I don't know sometimes it'seasier to move the hawk than the knifeall rightvolcano time here we go the higher thewalls the easier it is to control

Everythingokay now I'm using hot water if you wantyour coat 45 minute mud to set superfast so you can keep on working use hotwater throw a little salt in it rightthis is a chemical reaction we're

Dealing with now so basic science gradeeight heat plus salt changes all thechemical reactions and speeds things upso we're gonna go add my hot water Ohmaking a mess this is not the way thedemonstrations supposed to work better

Close that upgot a dam up the hole alright got it todo to do I'm gonna sprinkle it in ofcourse and try not to have another dambreak on us but it happens here we godoesn't have to go over the top

Sometimes it start leaking fromunderneath if you want to you can gowith a little bit less water until youknow you've got it under control but Ifound with this hot water and you'vereally just got to be able to move and

Manage the mess and it's worth payingfor here we go ready now we're gonna gofor it we're gonna go making a messthat's okay construction site yeahthat's okay we're not gonna worry aboutit because this reaction happens so fast

That if I don't move and get it done bythe time I'm done fiddling around it'llought to be red rock hard try to mix itsomewhat smooth this is a race againsttime here we go and it's already turninginto a hard pace now just for fun we're

Gonna come back after this brief briefword from our sponsors we don't have asponsor or am I talking aboutI'm just saying it's not yet yeah I knowit's gonna happen that quick give itabout 60 seconds

Okay so now we're back we have only beena couple minutes and to be honest it'snot completely hard but it is setup okayit's stiff enough that I can work withand I'm just gonna cover this now withmy regular compound and it won't end up

Blending together and peeling out of thehole and when this is dry it's not gonnashrink or expand or do anything crazylike that on you you can do all this atthe same time all right I mean is thismud my goodness

It's a little loosey-goosey what I'mgonna do is I'm gonna put paper tapemajority on the old wall all rightand I'm pressing it on the original hardsurface and now I'm just gonna set itinto the soft with a little bit of

Pressure and then I'll watch the mudjust rising away from the tape andthat's how I know that I've embedded itI don't have a ridge from the mud Ihaven't embedded it and it will bubblethere we go you remember earlier we

Talked about that we can use expansionfoam and it bridges the gap and it sealsit together so you don't need the papertape you should use the tape anyway ifyou're using the 45 you have to use thetape all right again we're just gonna

Come down and set this up with a nicenew layer mudand we're gonna embed it on the surfacehere now nice force here on the originaldrywall okayand what we're trying to do is eliminate

The action of having too much bloodstuck in behind the basement we don'twant to raise the surface off too muchnow we're going to just press those twopieces of paper together that arefloating over that mud in the middle

Okay look at that it used to be a nastymess is now really well embeddedtogether and if you see any areas wherethe paper tape looks like it's comingapart just get your knife in there put alittle mud follow it up make sure the

Surface is nice and wet so that itdoesn't bubble so okay while you'reworking you can always use the pail as atable okay so we're getting close to theend of all of the questions I've stillgot one two

I got three more things to show you butbefore I do my floor is creaky I've gotto screw that down oh yeah let me justaddress this one issue if you have dentsremember drywall is just dust compressedbetween papers so if you have a dent if

It's dented on the surface it's alsodented on the backside it doesn't getcompressed it gets moved and that's finebecause dents can be adjusted simplylike that you don't even think twiceabout them just fill them and go unless

They're big enough that they've actuallybroken through the backside my rule isthis if it's not bigger than one and ahalf inches it's not concerned about allright you don't need tape you don't haveto fuss with it just fill it and you'll

Be fine now getting back to this allright once this is filled you got totreat this like a butt joint you want tofill this side and then you want to fillthis sideokay and by Phil meaning pressure on the

Outside here and pressure on the outsidehere I think it'd take a little bit ofmud and run it right down the middlewith a fair amount of pressure andhere's a secret will be even it bedon't touch it again let that's right

Completely what we've done now is we'veset the depth of the wall to this pointthis Ridge simply means that I have tofill a little bit here and a little bithere to get this nice and smooth thisRidge actually becomes your guide line

Now tomorrow when it's dry I can comeback and I can use my four inch knifejust scrape off that Ridgeall right and I'll start in the middlewith a thin coat and I'll be usingpressure going the outside if you want

To know how to actually finish a buttjoint properly you can click the link tothis video here we've done someinformation on this series previouslyand it'll go through all of you how tofill corners and do it all that sort of

Thing when to use the 45 minute mudversus the other it's a great video Ithink you're gonna like itand one other thing I'm not going tocover today is nail pops we've got agreat video on nail pops

We call them nail pops if it's a nail ora screw so don't get offended if youhave one or the other it's all the samebusiness and it's all dealt with in thesame manner if it's a nail hammered in alittle bit if it's a screw you screw it

In a little bit but follow all thatinformation in the card up in the cornerokay yeah let's get on to the next twothings that are going to be life saverson your job site so the next thing thatpeople get intimidated about dealing

With drywall is the mess and rightly sobecause drywall dust is actually lighterthan air it seems right it goeseverywhere there are two things you cando to manage your mess well actuallythree one you can clean as you go

Resist the temptation to sweep unlessyou but this this is what we calldrywall sweeping compound all right andthere are a couple of differentcompanies that make this stuff one ofthem makes it green one of them makes it

Red I buy this stuff because it'savailable on my local Home Depot and thetruth is I've been shopping Home Depotforever becauseRaya grew up we didn't have options itwas Home Depot or no Depot so I'm just

Really used to their store and productswhat you do is you just sprinkle it justlike as if you're raking your grassright you throw it up against the walland this step is formulated it instantlybonds with that light drywall compound

Okay and it will bond to it and then youcan sweep so it doesn't go up in the airall right if I sweep compound regularyou see all the dust floating around didyou see it if I sweep it with the reddust you're not kicking anything up in

The air all rightthat whole bag will last the entire jobso 15 20 bucks whatever it is to not bekicking that dust up brilliant inventionthe other thing you can do is you'regonna open your window and you can shove

A fan in it okaythe best defense you have against dustin your house – putting a fan in yourwindow like this you can get these athome table for 40 bucks and they blow aton of air that's what I do without a

Doubt the most intimidating project ineverybody's house is the stucco ceilingseverybody's worried about and we getcomments every day how do I deal with mystipple ceiling what if I have asbestosshould I remove it should I take it down

Should I go over top should I skim coatit dear Lord no skim coating thatceiling will take you more time toenergy and money than doing this takeyour piece of drywall get yourself alift or a couple friends okay throw some

Mud on it and the thicker the texturethe more mud you're gonna want to haveI'm just doing a quick demonstration soI think for purpose of demonstration I'mgonna cut this down to size you're gonnawant to use these to install these are

Called drywall laminating screws andit's just like it sounds it's forsticking one sheet of drywall intoanother sheet of drywall when you haveno idea where the framework is here'sour worse you take your sheet with your

Compound okay you stick it under yourceiling yeah that easy and you throwthese in all right now these screws willnot tighten up and be pretty okay whatthey will do is they'll hold that sheetin place until the drywall compound

Dries then the next day you come backyou guess it um removed the screws tapeyour joints fill your little holes youcan put in one of these screws everycouple of feet it's not necessary to puta ton of them in just make sure you're

Holding it in place till it's dry andyou can put a brand new ceiling over topof any textured ceiling in just a coupleof hours no mess no worry about asbestosmwahperfect every time

And if you want to know how good thatdrywall mud holds trust me when I sayit's not going anywhere it creates likea vacuum so here is my secret for whatto do with my mud at the end of the dayyou've already mixed it in a pail clean

Down the sides okay and if you like youcan even use a sponge the closer you getto the bottom the more you're going towant to have a sponge clean all the mudoff okay you know nothing's perfect inthis world this mud has been exposed to

The air the whole time you're workingand drying it you're going to put yourhock on top of it as a lid and it'sgoing to dry out a little bit more sowhat you do just put a layer of water onthere here's your lid

There's your tools okay and you're goodto go the next daynow the next day when you get here youdon't have crusty dry mud on the pail sowhen you're taking your compound onyou're not gonna have those hard chunks

In the mud which will wreck your finishthis is how you protect it so it's silkysmooth all the timesoapy smooth like Zohan now one of thequestions we get all the time is shouldI buy the small tubs no I always buy it

Buy a big box or big pail it's not a lotof money and if you don't use it allit'll only last three or four weeksafter you've opened it up and startedusing it okay it's not a big deal youcan make your own compound and put it in

A pail and store it like this in thelast three weeks bottom line is you wantto make sure that your mud is in perfectcondition for doing the job now listenguys we've got other great drywallvideos that help you with a lot of your

Other questions we put a playlisttogether you can click the link overhere and if you learn anything todaymake sure you hit the like button okayhelp support our channel by promotingour channel by hitting that button we'd

Appreciate it don't forget to subscribeif you haven't and if you're interestedin what's in behind that plastic wallover there then go into the videodescription click the link for realityRenta vision it's our other channel

You're going to love it it's got all theproject videos that we're putting upfrom this farmhouse renovation we'll seeyou next

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