East: the strangest places in Game of Thrones?

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Most of Game of Thrones happens in Westeros home to the Starks and Lannisters the wall and the Iron Throne but Daenerys a story starts in the Eastern continent of Essos with the Dothraki sea and slavers Bay we also see Braavos pentose volantis Valyria in the

Show and calf but the world of Game of Thrones is far bigger than we see in the series the world book describes far distant cities and kingdoms with their own cultures histories and mysteries some of the strangest places are in the

Far east of Essos and in the southern continent of Sethe aureus Sethe aureus is full of jungle ruined cities and mystery no one knows how big it is a dragon rider once spent three years flying over the continent but she never

Found its southern border said it's a land without end colonies on South Oreos have all failed and treasure hunters don't return because the jungles are full of disease blood boils sweet rock worm bone red

Death archmaester Ebro says the disease kills half of all Westerosi visitors and those who survive the sickness are often killed by the wildlife there are huge crocodiles carnivorous fish snakes and basilisks and apes so huge they can kill

Elephants with one punch the only animal that isn't deadly is the purple eyed lemur called the little valyrian further south in the Green Hell regions are said to be vampire bats that can drain a man of blood and tattooed lizards with claws

On their legs like some kind of dinosaurs most terrible of all are the wyverns which are similar to dragons they don't breathe fire but they're angry ER to make up for it some kinds hunt in packs of a hundred or use

Stealthy black scales to sneak rid their prey and if somehow you survive the wildlife and the disease there are slavers prowling the coast and there are the natives Authority called brindled men they're hairy big boned massively

Muscled creatures with noses like snouts and thick skin like a hog colored white and brown brindled men can't reproduce with other humans the brindled men near the coast have learned to speak the local trade talk

But the men further south are said to be savage cannibals who worship Dark Gods it said that there were once lizard men and eyeless cave dwellers old races who were destroyed or devoured by the brindled man for the greatest mystery of

Sethos is yin yin is a ruined city older than time and built from massive blocks of oily black stone no trees or vines will touch it it's a city so evil that not even the jungle will enter when princess Nymeria tried to settle some

Rona in yin the entire population vanished overnight so that's a Thoris off its western coast of the basilisk Isles the festering sore of the summer sea hot and humid to the Isles swarm with stinging flies sand fleas and blood

Worms old Valyria used a Nile as a penal colony for their worst criminals in their city of the gospel eerie and torturous devised new torments and practiced blood sorcery mating beasts to slave women to birth twisted half-human

Children it's actually crazy how often half human children are mentioned in the books it's possible that ancient interspecies breeding is what gives the Targaryen x' their dragon magic and the Starks their logging powers it's also

Possible that some of the twisted monsters on Sethe oreos might have been created by a Valyrian blood magic there's some weird shit in the books anyway after the doom Gaga sauce grew rich and powerful on slavery and sorcery

Until it was wiped out in a plague eventually people returned and the Isles are now home to pirates in towns with names like sky whores gash and black pudding they have some charming local customs like piling the skulls of their

Enemies on an island as an offering to some doc God occasionally the Free Cities come to wipe out the pirates but the Pirates always come back one time a captain called Sethos son was sent to destroy the Pirates and he in

Dead became a pirate king who ruled for 30 years and that guy's south or Sun is an ancestor of Davos as friend Salladhor saan also in book 5 Barristan Selmy trains a boy from the basilisk Isles called Tom Cole oh and Barristan

Says he's the best natural swordsman he's seen since Jamie Lannister which is high praise one of the basilisk Isles features an ancient idol of a gigantic toad of malignant aspect the statue is 40 feet high and carved of greasy black

Stone the people of Toad aisle have an unpleasant fish-like aspect to their faces and many have webbed hands and fate so like yen this is a reference to HP Lovecraft who wrote about strange fishy

People worshipping strange fishy gods these black stone structures are scattered all over the world of Thrones and it's hinted that they were built by a Lovecraftian fish people called the deep ones whose descendants apparently

Still live on toad Isle so in conclusion the world book says the basil is Geils best avoided a thousands of years ago in the grasslands of Essos the first civilizations began legend says that a silver sea was ruled by Fisher Queens

From a floating palace there were savage hairy men who rode to battle on unicorns and a city of labor where acolytes of a spider goddess ward against those of a serpent God it said that there was a kingdom of centaurs who might have just

Actually been mounted warriors these are all just ancient legends but we do know there was a kingdom called SAR nor thus are nori called themselves tol men and they were worried as sorcerers and scholars they built cities across the

Grasslands with canals caravans and libraries worshipping a hundred gods Senhora soldiers wore steel and spider silk and road sized chariots with women and men fighting together Sano award against the Karthi and the

Dothraki and even fought in Valyria sua's against case the Sun Ori were divided into lots of rival kingdoms traditionally they were ruled by a high king in a wonderous palace with a thousand rooms legend says that the

First High King was called whose or am i which sounds like azor Ahai the hero who ended the long night many of the cultures of Essos have their own versions of this story it's like how Noah's Ark and the Epic of Gilgamesh

Tell different versions of the same flood myth Asano dominated the west grasslands for thousands of years but after the doom of Valyria the Dothraki United an attacked sonoran

Force city after city fell and sana was too slow and divided to fight the threat they were broken in a final battle called the field of crows and now their kingdom lies in ruins fewer than 20,000 told men remain north of Essos is a vast

Ocean called the Shivering sea it's full of fish crabs seals whales and leviathans the size of Islands sailors also describe mermaids and drowned spirits and mists that can instantly freeze a whole ship there are many

Reports of ice dragons colossal beasts much bigger than regular dragons they're made of living ice and breathe cold instead of flame which might explain the freezing mists when ice dragons die they melt so no one can prove that they exist

In the far north is an Arctic waste where the blizzards never end sailors describe strange lights in the sky which might be aurora borealis there are also tales of cannibal bay where ships enter then a trapped when

The sea freezes behind them it said that a thousand ships lie entombed in cannibal bay still inhabited by the children and grandchildren of their original crews who survived by feasting on the flesh of sailors newly caught

Much of the Shivering sea is ruled by the people of the island of AB the urban EES are short strong and hairy with ridged brows and massive jaws even E's can sometimes reproduce with other humans but the offspring are sterile so

Like the brindled men the ebony x' might be another species of human kind of like out Neanderthals lived alongside Homo sapiens in the real world for a while the Ibanez are cunning craftsmen hunters and warriors who fish

The Shivering see their whaling ships are renowned for their strength in weathering storms and taking whales for bone blubber and oil the island of it has dark forests and mountains full of bears wolves and mammoths many ibanez

Live alone in these woods as foresters or miners but others live in the main port of eben in the shadow of the god king's castle a colossal ruin that once housed a hundred ibanez kings under the god Kings Eve conquered the forests to

Their south which were inhabited by a small shy forest folk called the if a cave Ron or the woods walkers the woods walkers are thought to be related to the children of the forest of Westeros the woods walkers carved trees like other

Children carve we're woods but the woods walkers also built a settlement or City which is cool because we've never seen a city built by the children in Westeros the god Kings are gone now and EBEs ruled by a Council of nobles but the

Woods walkers are said to still live in the deeper woods and will bless a household that leaves offerings of leaf and stone east of it we start getting into the really distant lands author George Martin warns us that we're seeing

This world from the perspective of Westerosi maesters whose information on distant places might not be accurate distortions and errors creep in here might be dragons type stuff so everything from here on in might be

Mixed with myth east of AB are the thousand islands scatter of bleak windswept rocks they're inhabited by a strange hairless people with green skin and teeth filed to sharp points they said to sacrifice a list of fish headed

Gods but they're so afraid of the sea that they won't touch the water even on the threat of death some say that the Thousand Islands are the last remnants of a drowned Kingdom whose towns and towers were submerged

Thousands of years ago so again this stuff is straight out of HP lovecraft south of a thousand islands is the port city of Nephi surrounded by cliffs and shrouded in fog Nephi looks like a small town but

Most of the city is hidden underground so never is called the secret city known for necromancy and torture east of Nephi are the grim gray forests of Massa V a dark land of shape changes and demon hunters these mysterious lands are as

Far east as any Westerosi has been esos is divided by a great mountain range called the bones named for the remains of those who try to cross them the mountains are riddled with rivers canyons vast underground caverns and

Sunless seas there are passages into the mountains ancient carved steps and hidden passages but only a few roads lead out of the bones the steel road the stone road and the sand road each of these are guarded by a fortress city

Kyah Kyah Naya samiri Anna and BIOS Abad for these cities were once outposts of the kingdom of her Coon but the lakes and rivers of her Coon dried up reducing the kingdom to ruin now only these three cities remain defended by warrior women

Who believe that only those who give birth a permitted to take life the women wear iron rings and their nipples and rubies in their cheeks trained in combat from childhood most men in these cities are gelded and live

As eunuchs only the strongest and handsomest men are allowed to breed and to rule the cities making the bones a confusing mix of matriarchy and patriarchy east of the bones are the plains of the jogos nigh these guys are

A bit like Dothraki nomadic mounted warriors roaming across grasslands but the show goes nyeh don't ride horses they ride horses which in the real world hybrids of zebras and horses the sources of Game of Thrones are similar but tend

To be tough and angry there's a book character called Vargo hOAT who rides his horse in Westeros he leads the brave companions who cut off Jaime Lannister's and in book three but the jogos nigh are short and squat with pointed skulls

Because they bind their heads when young which is actually a thing in the real world groups of Jurgis and I are ruled by a war chief and a moon singer usually the Chiefs are men and the moon sing as women but sometimes they switch roles

And live as the other gender because of their religion the Joker snide don't kill other jogos nay but they constantly wage war on the peoples around them including the cities of the bones it said that the jurgis nigh wiped out the

Last of the stone giants which were twice as large as the giants of Westeros which would make him like 24 feet or 7 meters tall the jugglers may also fight eet an empire to the south sick of being raided the et shove tried to wipe out

The Joker's night and one time they got close under Emperor lo boo but as ya-gaus' warrior woman called Zia rose up and destroyed lo boos armies claiming the Emperor's skull as her drinking cup ye tea is the oldest and greatest of the

Eastern civilizations inspired by Imperial China a land of hills and plains jungles and rainforests it's said to be so wealthy that it's princes live in houses of solid gold its forests dense and said to be infested with

Basilisks but a web of stone roads provides safe passage the cities of ute are more magnificent than anywhere in Westeros the current Emperor lives in a palace that's larger than the entire city of King's Landing so he T is crazy

Powerful and legend says that it was once even greater the great Empire of the dawn covered most of Far East Essos with riches and armies even greater than the Valyrian Empire the first emperor of Yi T was believed to be a God on earth

Son of the Lion of night and the maiden made of light it said that this first god Emperor ruled for 10,000 years of pace until he ascended to the stars et was then ruled by the Pearl Emperor than the Jade tourmaline onyx topaz and opal

Emperor's each reign more troubled than the last finally the amethyst emperess was killed and aserp by her brother the bloodstone Emperor he began a reign of terror practicing necromancy slavery

Cannibalism and torture he took a tiger woman for his bride and worshipped a black stone that had fallen from the sky which might connect to the black stone of yin and Toad Isle it said that the bloodstone Emperor caused the long night

When the world went dark and demons attacked Yi tshh believed that the long night was ended by the hero azor Ahai so this seems to be the same story as the long night in Westeros when the White Walkers first attacked and were defeated

By the last hero yi t even has a structure like the wall the huge five thoughts protect Yi T from the demons of a freezing desert so are the White Walkers of Westeros the same as the demons of ET also the story of the

Bloodstone Emperor is really similar to the Westerosi story of the night's king they both marry a monstrous woman make themselves rulers and worship dark forces they seem to be like different cultures myths of the same events so

What really happened what caused the long night and what ended it these questions are central to the final season of Game of Thrones and the war to prevent a second long night from the White Walkers another mystery is that

The five thoughts are made of fused black stone difference to the Lovecraftian oily black stone fused stone was made by Valyrians with dragon flame but the five forts predate Valyria so maybe the great Empire of the dawn

Had dragons of their own and another place with ancient fused stone is the high tower in Westeros did ancient Yi teach Dragon Riders build the pyramid I mean the high tower will go down that rabbit hole in another video but check

Out Lucifer means light bringer on YouTube who goes real deep on this stuff the south of Yi T is the island of Leng it's lush jungles are full of tigers and apes and it's rich in spice and gemstones the people of Lange are

Some of the tallest in the world many reaching seven feet tall and they have better eyesight than other humans for most of its history Lange was an isle of mystery closed off to the outside world the Empress of Lange was known to have

Congress with the old ones gods who lived in ruined cities deep beneath Lang's jungles sometimes the old ones told the Empress to execute all the strangers on the island that stopped when ye T invaded Leng and became the

Dominant people the ruined cities of the old ones were sealed off but legends persist that the old ones still live in the darkness below so these old ones are another clear reference to Lovecraft in fact Leng is the name of a mysterious

Interdimensional plateau in a Lovecraft mythos further to the east there's also the city of Carcosa ruled by a Yellow Emperor and Kadath where unspeakable riots are performed for mad God's author George Mardan has said that he added

These Lovecraft references basically just to fill out the map along with places like the city of the winged men cities of the Bloodless men and bone town so these places are just fun world building probably not that important to

The story but there is one city that seems central to the world of Ice and Fire a shy is easternmost and southernmost the end of the known world it's a huge city bigger than King's Landing old town volantis and calf

Combined and ash I is built entirely of Lovecraftian greasy black stone making a shy dark and gloomy even in the summer though the city is huge the population is small there are no crowds or noisy markets people walk masked and veiled

And alone there are no children in a shy and no animals apparently they can't survive the foul pollution of the river ash the wider area is called the shadow lands when glowing ghost grass grows and Dragons stir ash I is a center of dark

Magic where red priests blood mages neckerman is a nightwalkers practice that terrible spells apparently magic is stronger in a shy and seekers come from all over the world to learn secrets and magic

Melisandre quaithe Marwan and Mary Mazda all study magic in a shy euron greyjoy claims to have come and seen wonders and terrors beyond imagining the masked shadow binders like Melisandre and Quaithe are said to be the most sinister

Of all the sorcerers of a shy they alone dare to go up the ash deep into the shadow lands with as demons and Dragons and worse in the heart of darkness lies ste guy the city of the night where even shadow binders fear to tread so this

Place seems like a cosmic center of dark magic the heart of darkness is like an opposite pole to the heart of winter in the north of Westeros but who built a shy and why build a giant city out of oily black stone one theory is that the

Bloodstone Emperor built it because he worshipped black stone after all or maybe a Shia used to be normal stone but some magical Cataclysm like the long night transformed it the polluted shadow lands are like the fallout of some

Disaster like the doom of Valyria or maybe a Shia was built by the Lovecraftian Deep Ones along with the cities beneath Lang and yen and the toad stone all these evil places seemed interconnected the darkness of a Shai

Runs deep so the world of Game of Thrones is far bigger than Westeros it's full of exotic creatures ancient peoples uncomfortable race undertones Lovecraftian Horrors and cosmic mysteries and these same forces

Of Ice and Fire are playing out in the final season of Game of Thrones much of the artwork in this video is from unseen Westeros an exhibition of work by 40 Game of Thrones artists you can see the exhibition for

Free in Berlin in January or you can get a beautiful art book on their Kickstarter it's got 80 pieces to pick ding Westeros and beyond many never before seen this is all non profit this isn't sponsored just a celebration of

The world of Thrones and the artists who bring it to life the Kickstarter is the only way to get the book and it closes literally like today so get it while you can the map in this video is by Clara docks

And other artworks by a drafter g-man Dee Fink's and Rick's Ian Kevin Catalan Orianna Weisner Matt Olsen and more links below most of the info from this video is from the world of Ice and Fire which you can

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