Earnin App Review 2020 – How It Works

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

if you have been on the internet for any
period of time there is a 99% chance
that you have seen advertisements
obnoxious advertisements from this app
called the earning app okay where you
can cash out you know your checks from
your job earlier without having to you
know wait for payday or anything like
that you guys seen advertising with a
guy the gas station you know I can't
afford $25 gas so he's catching out on
his paycheck five days earlier or taking
the girl on the date you know what I
mean you guys see I know you guys seen
that well you know the advertisements
you know as bad as they are
you know the apps not that bad and I'm
gonna review that I'm gonna give you
guys all the details on exactly the
features of the application all you have
to do is keep watching

what's going on everybody Alex back with
another video and today we're gonna be
talking about the earning app okay I'm
gonna dive deep into the details all the
various features of how you can make
money or save money on their earning app
and it's actually not that bad you know
I thought you know from the
that'll be ridiculously you know scam me
it's gonna be some type of you know swag
bucks alternative or something like that
but it's actually not that bad and I'm
gonna just dive deep and see how you can
save some money into that okay guys one
more thing I want to say okay towards
the end of this video so don't just skip
around watch to the end of the video I'm
gonna show you guys how to cash out on a
hundred and thirty dollars directly into
your bank account
now I spread this all over the internet
so if you're a current subscriber you
you know you probably already know about
but for my new people that are
interested in the earning app washed or
the end of this video you might actually
make some money a hundred and thirty
dollars cash immediately into your bank
accounts 100% legit and I wouldn't be
coming on the internet shilling this
information if it wasn't legit so do me
a favor hit that subscribe button as
well as the push notification bell so
you can get the videos first by the way
guys my name is Alex I'm an internet
entrepreneur and I talk about everything
entrepreneur on this channel so if
you're looking to make money this is the
channel for you let's jump right into it
so I know you guys seen this before look
I need to earn enough to get paid when I
want this babies don't wait for payday
Benji and you record it right in front
of her – that's cool man I mean it's you
get the point I'm pretty sure you got
spans with a lot of these you know
advertisements as bad as they are the
app is actually not that you know bad I
looked into it right so this is
basically it right here and what it is
is basically you cash out your your arm
but you you upload your bank account
information in the hours you work so
personally I can't do it because of the
way I make money but for the average
person that gets paid hourly that works
for a big corporation that is has
predictable income so for example you
know somebody that works like an
American Express or something like that
or Publix you'd be able to connect your
bank account and I'm gonna talk about
you know the red flags that you need to
take in consideration before doing this
as earning you know getting and earning
out but everything like that but you
connect your bank account and then you
basically just upload how many hours you
worked your timesheet and it shows and
then you can cash out I believe up to
$500 I could be wrong about that but the
reason why I can't you know try it out
for myself is because I make money a
different way I make money on the
internet through affiliate commissions
and various avenues primarily
cryptocurrency okay and again I'm gonna
tell you watch for the end of this video
because I'm gonna show you exactly how
to cash out on some cryptocurrency for
free okay so yeah I mean this you upload
your information you prove to them that
you're working it's as simple as that
and you can cash it out up front now
they do have a tipping system now keep
in mind you don't always have to tip
this is where they get the majority of
their money some people just leave the
auto tip on you can tip them a dollar
here and there and they're gonna make
money over time that's how they make
money off of two things the tipping and
they also make money off of data okay so
keep in mind when you're signing up for
the earning app they will have access to
all of your bank account information yes
you need this to actually you know have
the app work for you right so they do
need to know how much you have in your
bank account because there's other
like the overdrive feature that would
make sense for them to access that data
but keep in mind they're storing this
data somewhere so in the future if you
don't know how the internet works you
know there's companies big data right I
have access to your information they're
utilizing it to manipulate people in the
earth I'm not going to jump into that
there's a lot of privacy law laws out
there that are being broken that's why
when you accept the terms and conditions
of something you got to be careful what
you're doing ask another reason why I
didn't jump into this because I don't
want people knowing my financial history
right they will have access to all this
information so keep that in mind before
you're joining the earning app
regardless of that you know it's not
that bad anyways right it's really not
that serious but I do like to tell
people you know what's really going on
here rather than you're just clicking on
an app and just you know not knowing
what the truth is right so yeah you just
join there you download the app you can
get free access to your bank accounts
your um your check right so before
payday or whatever and keep in mind guys
this is for people that are probably
living paycheck to paycheck they need
the money upfront
personally when it comes to finance you
shouldn't have to cash out before you
get your paycheck of hopefully you have
that in order but I would understand why
in certain situations if you need to go
take your girlfriend on a date I get it
you know do what you got to do and this
apps good for that what I think it's
better for though okay is basically the
there's a feature called the overdraft
blocker or the I don't know the exact
over driver here already makes impact on
overdraft fee so this is definitely
better and I'm a victim of this back in
the day I would have overdrafts right
and it would be like $35 so they charge
only a dollar and fifty cents so if you
hook up your bank account you can see
right here look members made the same
purchases on earning would have incurred
over a hundred million in overdraft fees
so they're saving but what they'll do is
when they see that you're about to hit
overdraft they send you a hundred bucks
that your bank doesn't charge you you
know the thirty five dollars whatever
I'm Wells Fargo I'm over my limit in
overdraft fees and you know it's not
because anyone's broke raining is
sometimes you know you get these random
charges that you don't know where they
came from and the next thing know you
happy thirty five dollars right so this
is gonna save you money right in that
case and I like
that right there's only a dollar fifty I
rather pay a dollar fifty in 35 bucks so
you know in hindsight after looking at
you know at the advertisements and
everything like that it's not that bad
right if you use the overdraft fee
another you know feature that I think is
pretty interesting and they have a lot
of analytics is finding of fighting your
financial health so a lot of people have
overdue bills right and they'll actually
go and negotiate bills for you right
okay so it they don't charge fees right
so you can tip them that's another thing
you just do it for free if you want to I
don't know how long you can use the
service for free if you're just saving
you know hundreds of thousands of
dollars with the service and you don't
tip them I don't know if they're gonna
you know I would recommend tipping them
if they save you money right but they
say that debt is the number one cause of
personal bankruptcy in the United States
younger Americans being hit especially
hard and their late 20s three times more
likely to have a medical bill sent to
collections compared to in LA 60 so I
guess you know medical related debt is a
big problem people don't take care of
themselves they don't have health
insurance now that it's not contractual
and being a health insurance advisor and
a license in 33 states I know that this
is a fact
you know I guess health aid has saved a
total of one hundred and twenty thousand
dollars people have used it so far an
average 120 per person I think it's
pretty interesting man they have another
health aid feature they just dropped
this feature I don't think that's bad I
mean if you have debt to a provider and
you don't want to do it yourself they'll
do it for you and you can tip them for
it right so all you have to do is upload
your medical bills and the date so you
can verify your account with medical
providers and they'll go look I guess
they have an encrypted database for just
to basically not you know your all your
information about what's going on with
your health doesn't have like the HIPAA
laws and everything like that right I
guess they have an advocate that would
look into your case negotiate a bill
it's pretty interesting if they can save
you money why not so I had to present
free and then you tip them after there
is nothing wrong with that
I think that's phenomenal to be honest I
would say the only downside to it is the
fact that they have access to your
health records but it's not even that
serious okay so yeah I mean they're
saying you can choose what you want to
pay for the service and here's some more
statistics here
41% of the working-age Americans are
paying off medical debt I have problems
with medical bills maybe you have
problematical bills you know I think
this is really cool honestly I've never
seen anything like it they just dropped
this and use that to your advantage
Monday so what I've seen I think this is
a better feature I don't like the
feature where you can cash out your
check early just because it teaches
people bad finance cuz now you're
spending some money that you don't have
okay I don't like that but I do like the
fact that can save you from overdraft
fees they can help knock down your
medical bills and then they do have a
cash reward system so you can get to up
to 10% cash batch back on each purchase
you make simply like you know those
other cash reward systems you know get
some discounts when you go purchase on
Amazon or something like that pretty
straightforward I'm not gonna dive into
specifics but keep in mind guys when you
guys are signing up for something like
this this is an application that makes
money off of using your data now that
could be utilized in other ways in the
future it's kind of too late right now
with mo Amazon Alexa all these Google
products think about all these free
Google services that you have out there
how many people watching this video you
use Gmail right it's pretty pretty much
too late so the downside is not that big
right it's not that big they already
have access to all your information
whatever man it's another website that
gets to see your bank account I mean as
long as they're not withdrawing fees or
money or anything like that
it's not gonna be a big deal okay so
very little downside a lot of upside I'm
gonna be signing up specifically for
like I said you know the the cash back
school of the health aid school and even
though I have health insurance you know
it probably comes in handy in in the
future I guess and I do like my number
one feature which is the overdraft fee
it's it's gonna definitely save me money
in the future if that does ever happen
and there's no reason not to have that
okay so I mean that's really it with
earning man they're making money off the
tips they're making money off of the
data that they mine and it seems like
they're doing a lot of positive impact
so I can't really hate on them even
though the ads suck and they can do
better with the ads I'm not gonna be mad
about it right I'm not gonna be mad
about what they're offering after
looking at the fine print looking into
the details now like I promised you guys
I was gonna tell you about this one
opportunity and cryptocurrency because I
do primarily cryptocurrency on this
channel that can pay you 130 dollars now
if you're looking into this video the
earning app chances are you can use 130
dollars of free money I think everybody
can it's gonna take you less than 30
minutes I think it's more than that so I
actually teach you in another video
which I'll link below how to turn that
money into 330 dollars well in 30
minutes of work but I'm just gonna sneak
peek it I'm just gonna show you guys it
and then just use my link below go to
the main video go to the main video
it'll give you a full complete tutorial
this is what video what made me popular
it should let me just prove to you that
it's real so that you actually click the
link below
look it's called coinbase earn
Hey okay so just watch the video though
because you got to see how to do it it's
not all you to do is watch videos you
literally watch video so you come here
and they have videos on these various
cryptocurrency assets now for people I
don't believe in crypto guys
it is booming well not right now not
today but Bitcoin for example is a
number one asset of 2019 and it's been
the number one asset ITAT in the past
ten years okay
so right now of course it's down we're
two currencies volatile but if you got
free crypto we're getting free crypto
who cares what goes down you know a
little bit twenty dollars minus ten
percent is loss of two bucks right I
mean it's not that serious right or I
think it's a yeah it's there's less than
or whatever the however the math works
out it's not gonna be a big difference
but look you could get $50 of xlm $50 of
AOS $20 of die $6 and it all adds up to
130 and if you keep these crypto
currencies and everything and I did the
math on my other video click the link
below okay how to make three hundred and
thirty dollars in less than 30 minutes
that did the math if you wait till the
crypto currency goes back to its
previous all-time high that money can
turn into a lot of money okay I'm just
gonna keep it short and simple click the
link below to actually you know go to
the video I'm not gonna show you know
the earning app and everything like that
cuz it's cool and on it does have you
know some good financial services but
what I really like is the fact that if
you learn an actual skill instead of
saving money you can make money okay let
me say that again if you learn an actual
skill instead of saving money with an
app you can go out there and actually
earn money I've made a living off of
cryptocurrency I've been able to travel
the world I helped my families and
friends I made my girlfriend like 30
grand off of a thousand bucks
I love cryptocurrency I love what it has
to offer not for the fact that you can
make money but the technology behind it
this is what this cryptocurrency channel
is about so again click the link below
to go ahead go access your coin base or
and get your free cryptocurrency oh you
can cash out to your bank or you could
wait for it to go up to three hundred
thirty dollars your choice right and hit
the subscribe button leave some
constructive criticism if you don't like
what I'm talking about hit that
subscribe button for more video updates
and like I always say if you don't get
with this technology you will get left
behind thanks for watching this video
guys catch on

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