Earn Free Crypto In 2020? My 5 Recommended Methods!

published on August 2, 2020

Hey everyone so today i want to chat with you about five great ways for you to get a little bit of crypto for free and in a safe and legit manner so these are your airdrops certain special ways of mining

Faucets bounties i'm gonna cover them all open a discussion with you and just share the most important things to keep in mind about each of these methods

So if you like free coins or maybe you're a beginner and you want to dip your toe in and get some crypto to play around with then this video is made for you and i just want to thank bit yard

Exchange from singapore for sponsoring these videos they also have a way to earn a little bit of crypto for free which i will touch on briefly but now let's just dive right in

Okay so number one is airdrops right these are when you get free coins and tokens sent directly to your wallet or maybe on an exchange account usually how you qualify is if you hold a certain number of an asset in your wallet

Or on the exchange a lot of them choose ethereum or bitcoin just because they're the biggest ones but there's been neo airdrops tron airdrops or maybe if you're just a member of an

Exchange they give you that airdrop sometimes they also require you to do kyc sign up for their newsletter etc to qualify some of them have you jumped through

Many hoops to get their coins and others are kind of just worthless airdrops and they just show up in your wallet and they're never worth a penny these are like the erc20 tokens you see showing up in your ethereum wallets on

Ether scan when you take a look and you're like what is this random token that just appeared but they never have any value in the marketplace other ones have been

Super profitable though if you remember stellar lumens ontology bitcoin cash these are all airdrops in the past that have made people thousands of dollars if they participated

Or were lucky enough to qualify for those drops right for ontology even they sent people 1 000 onts just for signing up for the newsletter and kyc

I didn't do that because i was like it's not worth my time probably not worth anything but at the peak of their pump it was worth ten thousand dollars just for signing up

For the newsletter and going through kyc which is insane now why do companies and token projects want to do these airdrops well because it's a great way to get some recognition and generate hype for your project right

People like free stuff and also it's just super important to seed your early community some people even say that it's a great way to decentralize their initial network

Which is important in the space because projects have been criticized over and over again about like whales bag holdings centralizing of the coins for their network which is not good if there's some like governance

Feature and so forth so if you're wondering where you can find the latest airdrops you can find them at a lot of aggregator sites like airdropio reddit has a subreddit crypto airdrop

And airdrop bob there's a lot more just find some and check and verify that their information is legit and they don't make you do some shady stuff in order to

Access their site and the info that should be free right number two method of gaining some crypto is what i call simulated mining now this is not real mining because there's no resources

Spent there's no proof of work even but you just visit an app or site and do a simple action periodically and you essentially get an airdrop after you complete that action

Pi network and electro neum are really well known ones that offer this on their mobile apps right and bit yard exchange also has a daily mining feature which is a great example

Of the simulated mining it's really fun and easy to do just sign up and visit that page daily click on the mountain for the different coins and then you'll accumulate coins from this

I definitely encourage you to check this out go sign up using my link below on bityard you can use the coins that you gain within their platform i'll leave a link in the description in case you're curious

Generally speaking i think this method of earning coins is super fun easy and relatively safe as long as they don't ask you to do things like send them coins first or requires you to download something that might be

Potentially non-standard right so just keep that in mind number three is a fun one it's faucets and this is just a website or app that distributes rewards like coins in exchange for completing

Certain small tasks like viewing ads completing captchas and playing simple games you do have to visit periodically in order to receive these coins and it's different from an airdrop

Because an airdrop is usually a one-time reward or multiple rewards over a limited time period but this kind faucets you can visit over and over again until someone closes it one thing to keep in

Mind is that you usually have to get a minimum amount before you can withdraw to your wallet and usually these are just for one crypto coin like nano faucet bitcoin faucet litecoin faucet etc

This has a really fun history because the earliest bitcoin faucet was by gavin andreessen and it gave five whole bitcoins for completely in captcha which was a great way for him to spread

Adoption because back then that was worth like a few cents right but just wanted to show people an easy way to get their hands on some and start sending it around and trying it out to

Get early adoption and it's a great way for newbies to get comfortable with a particular cryptocurrency but do beware of a few things though crypto jacking is number one i've made a video about this in the past

So you should check that out if you don't know what cryptojacking is basically just have good virus protection and other like browser extensions that protect you as well and you shouldn't ever have to connect

Your crypto wallets or deposit anything to access faucets right if it does those are probably scams a few famous ones are like free bitcoin coin to ply

And faucet hub and there's a lot more especially coin specific ones that you should check out but of course be careful do your due diligence and ask people for recommendations first

Before you just go all in and try some shady ones per se next up is cpu mining right this is easy to do because everyone has cpus like your laptop your

Desktop computer you're probably using one to watch this video really easy to do just download some mining software and generate proof of work some coins want to make it possible for everyone to

Participate and not only the big time gpu farms or asic farms right so they utilize special algorithms to make it resistant to those some famous coins and projects include

Cash monero horizon electro neum and vertcoin essentially it's just like regular mining back in the day even for bitcoin when it wasn't so popular yet people could mine whole bitcoins with

Their pc but now the global hash rate is so high and it's so competitive you literally never get a worthwhile amount that's even worth the electricity time

And effort spent if you use your cpu to mine bitcoin right you can run it for the rest of your life and not even get like a satoshi that's how insane the competition is but for

Those other coins you can still use your cpu to mine and get a non-negligible amount just make sure you have trusted software and worthwhile coins you want to mine

Right some antivirus software may complain about these so just do your thorough research or maybe just use a new or separate device if they appreciate in price it could be very profitable for you

But if it drops in price maybe you just wasted your time and computers resources and didn't get a positive return on investment so keep that in mind especially because if

You just have your laptop on all day all night turning away mining like monero for example it may die faster than if you just used it with regular use last but not least bounties and these

Are rewards and tokens that a company or project gives people after they successfully complete a certain type of task right because if you think about it back for air drops

You usually just get them for holding a coin or being a member of an exchange but bounties you need to do stuff that's helpful for the project too like sharing them on social media

Creating some content about them translating some documents finding bugs and so forth and then you mark it down somehow maybe on a google form they later check it for validity on a manual

Process and then you get the rewards later oftentimes there are tiers too so the more you do and the better job you do the more you get bitcoin talk is huge for this they have

A lot of projects sharing bounties on there bounty ox is famous for it bounty hub there are quite a few you should check out now there are some risks though if you do these

Successfully they may not pay you on time or at all which really pisses me off when a company does that and also maybe the price drops a lot in the meantime while you're waiting i have done these boundaries before and

Most of the time i receive it without a hitch my only complaint is that it does take quite a while to receive it it's not instantaneous and they do have a lot of rules to

Verify so sometimes you have to do more effort to show that you qualify if something messes up on their end so i hope you enjoyed this video let me know if you've tried any of these five

Methods before and what's your experience let me know down below if you have any questions or comments i'd love to hear that from you and don't forget to check out my bit

Yard exchange link down below to try out their daily mining on a simulated mountaintop with different coins that you can get super fun and simple check it out let me know what you think and i'll see you

Guys next time

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