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published on June 30, 2020

everybody welcome to history in life

check it out I'm out of my house we've

come to actual historical location not a

location where the greatest locations on

planet Earth this is the deck of hms

warrior launched in 1860 the most

revolutionary ship of all time you'll be

finding out why when I talk to the

curator here at the National Museum of

the Royal baby in Portsmouth and group




everybody welcome to history Landru the

total legend in Portsmouth in this

historic Tokyo in charge of not only

warrior but a transcriptional since when

the ships how you doing buddy I'm good

good me good to see you hello in Bristol

hello New Jersey you're lots of people

we got lots of people watching you got

someone in Turkey

Darby Chile good to see you all and we

have come below decks now because it is

it's June it's obviously Britain it's

completely and but thank you very much

for having us at this museum and for

this groundbreaking episode of history I

hope it's working pretty tell me why is

warrior the most important ship in the

history of the world in a nutshell

pretty much every warship that came

before laureate was built of wood and

not done by sail after warrior pretty

much every warship was built of metal

and powered by steam so he's absolutely

revolutionary and what I love about it

is its she's so revolutionary she comes

at this time when the world is changing

dust for evolution talk to me like well

for how long was she the world's best

longest and fastest warship she only

gets about three and a half years as

hold of that title before something

better comes along and she slowly drops

down the pecking order

after 1864 but by 1871 really she did

not fit to be replying in line of battle

so she pretty much useless as a

battleship 10 years 1/2 10 years and

then you can find various uses for but

after 20 years inconceivable she would

ever used it right well it whereas today

even though we're living through this

great set launch will change absolutely

so it's taken us 20 years pretty much

from the point we came up with the idea

that he's actually aircraft carriers to

have them alongside in Portsmouth

it took 20 years to decide that we

needed warrior design her build her user

and then decide we didn't need her so

the pace of technological change at that

time was fantastic everybody free now

listen we've got a few films we filmed

around the rest of warrior that are

working all day and we'll start by

looking at

the main deck of warriors so take a take

a look at this film look at the rigging

the mast and I'm talking to Andrew about

some of the things right

what are you really nice when you're

standing on this deck of HMS massive

it's the longest warship in the world

when it was launched and it's three

times as long as HMS Victory

extraordinary which is just a generation

or two before square meters of sales so

as well as all the remarkable technology

the engine and propeller everything

going on below decks looked and was able

to be operated as a global fashion stage

yes Andrew that's the interesting about

warrior she's got a huge big steam

engine that we'll look at in a second

but up on that main deck you know she

looks like an old fashioned changer

absolutely and that that's really about

steam power is new therefore how

reliable is it do you want to risk

everything on it the wind doesn't run

out so having that huge rig means you

can go any way you want around the globe

effectively for free and you can see now

we're looking at shots from from the bow

they're looking back in fact looking

inside I mean explain to everyone this

this bishop is painstakingly concerned

that's a beautiful ship of the officers

mess where the officers would have eaten

what this ship wasn't just perfectly

preserved like this for months he's

known quite the journey after she was

affected she's an empty wreck and eight

years of painstaking absolutely

painstaking research fundraising and

then work to return her to as you see

here today and we are still embarked on

that program to conserve that and

restore her and preserver

I'm I just love we just seen the shot

the helm there those two here's the gun

deck I wish we can have a film on in a

second but also none of this know this

was a board this was this is all been

because because what condition was she

in 1979 and when you

by 1979 she'd been a floating Hulk for

the past half century so rain water

pouring in totally empty just a floating

Chappell oven a few areas that had

survived historians and things like that

so it was starting from this bare hull

of the ship to build Liebeck put all the

guns back maps the entrance of bottlers

and that has been a that's an ongoing

process it still happened today

illustration of it because she's being

used as a fuel key yes her role for a

harbour century it had been to allow

other ships to take fuel up so they

relied on her being incredibly starred

strong been able to take knocks but

there was very little TLC applied to her

so there's no painting being done if

rainwater was getting in who cared so

she was in a pretty poor state by the

time she was handed over to restoration

and that's why it was the biggest my

time restoration project ever undertaken

so this is built in 1860 when it serves

1861 at the time the fastest warship in

the world the longest warship in the

world effectively unsinkable by any

other ship yes the biggest of the

fastest most heavily armed the most

heavily armored she's at the time the

ultimate deterrent nobody has anything

even capable of thinking about taking

her own book technological change it's

very very quick so she drops down the

ranks and then the Navy spent basically

that almost a hundred years finding

other jobs for her to do because she's

incredibly strong incredibly well-built

not really prone to rust and it's only

come 1979 a hundred years that she

stopped really being a frontline unit

that the Navy finally decided we don't

need warrior or oilfield Hulk's c77

I should become known we don't need you

anymore thank you very much to shame

view from the turret for your donations

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thank you for all

donations we got Marcus businessing is

it's a world war 2 ship knows it's a

ship laid down 1860 a revolutionary ship

which we'll be learning a bit more about

this I'd like to go to the next film

that I shot now let's look at the gun

deck because that was the kind of

business end of this remarkable

battleship let's take a look this is my

favorite space by HMS way this is the

gun tech this is where the business end

is look at these

cannon arrayed along the broad side

you've got the you've got the crew

sleeping in the hammocks obviously above

it handles well so it's a next space and

living space worth the fighting space

and these check these guys these are

twice the size of the biggest counts on

HMS retreat at the Battle of Trafalgar

that we learn about a previous

livestream this month and they've got

something like five times the

destructive power of the guns fired at

Trafalgar just fit years before

technology is moving on really fast but

those encased it looks a bit like a

genetic tree it's all it's a step the

whole ship is made a complete material

victory my hope this is now I am

therefore incredibly powerfully built

cannon balls is bouncing off the outside

this is brand new

the ship is innovative and revolutionary

for its bills as for the artillery on

board so this is a brand new cannon you

load it from from here you loaded from

the breech from coca cannonball valve at

the mouth of the cabin over there

and this is rifle it can find the far

further extraordinary accuracy this was

part of the cutting-edge gun design

projects that didn't actually work that

with an issue but cuts the British

government tens of millions of pounds

and we leave from this to the kind of

massive guns that you see the first

world war beyond huge guns behind the

trenches because I got the steering on

wet weather days like this one you know

at least at least eight men on the

Hellmouth and if it was rough rough

weather or in the back you might have

like 16 men or screaming's up to keep

this ship on crew

well Andrew that's the extraordinary

Gunder which is just through there which

looks quite similar to gun that you

might expect to see on a ship built 50

years earlier hms victory at the Battle

of Trafalgar absolutely the the approach

to designing warriors in many ways very

similar to the approach designing

victory how many guns are you gonna have

on the deck we've selected he's 68

pounders for the ship they need to be 15

feet apart to be able to find them that

into the length of the ship and then

it's not quite a case of sharpening up

on end and rounding off the other and

putting you through the walls but it's

not far about that so she's

fundamentally a wooden design that has

been then built in iron to make sure

it's strong enough and these guns were

that there are some revolutionary new

guns that there's the 68 pounds which

was something like five times five times

more powerful yeah the biggest guns on

HMS but there's the top secret accounts

so we have what were known at the time

as the Armstrong 100 pound and whereas

the 16 pound which you say is a bigger

version of what Nelson's got its a

smoothbore gun fires a cannonball its

muzzle loading it's loaded from the

front of the gun the 110 pound of the

hundred pounder is a breech loader it's

loaded from the back so in theory it's

quicker to load and fire it's also a

rifle gun which means it spins the

projector on fires a bullet shape rather

than a Campbell it's brand new it small

versions introduced in 1855 if you want

something to be more powerful the

Victorian rule is you just make it

bigger so we've scaled it up now to a

gun that weighs in at about three and a

half tonnes to find this one hundred

pounds the problem is there's a few

flaws under the design that are really

exposed when it's scaled not so it

doesn't work terribly effectively and it

withdrawn from service after the

government spent an awful lot of money

on it but we tend to keep them a bit

quiet and in the background as far as

DPR is concerned with Andrew this ship

was revolutionary not just for its

firepower its armament the speed it

could travel through the water but also

the way it treated the men on board very

very different for a couple of

generations before absolutely ending for

some of these men

very different to any other ship they'd

have been used to observing on

so yes generally the companies in the

Navy are better uniforms have just been

introduced and it's only and not five

years that you've been able to join the

Navy as opposed to joining a ship so you

have a period where you signed up for 10

years but we've got bathrooms on board

with the first washing machines ever

taken to sea on board we and dive dry

your clothes in the drying closet on

board with a fully equipped operating

theater and a cutting edge wide stance

of the day and seat Bay so there's a

huge emphasis on technology but there's

also an understanding that you need a

crew on board that is well trained and

therefore well paid and well looked

after on board to be able to operate

that technology so the whole view of the

Navy towards crew is changing now we've

got a few questions period american

military asked me how much did the ship

cost so all in by the time he's

commissioned almost 400,000 pounds in

1861 which is about one and a half

billion pounds today's prices so couple

of billion dollars american military but

now the interesting thing is that a lot

of people ms saying what battles was she

involved in what we did what impact did

she have well did this ship ever fire a

shot in anger

well the reason not very many people

have heard of her is that she never

fired a shot in anger victory has the

Battle of Trafalgar and for warrior

she's built as a deterrent she's

incredibly expensive but she's so

superior to anything anybody else else

that she doesn't have to fire guns it's

far cheaper to eat very sweetly terrible

and it is to fight a war

so she's about deterrence so her biggest

PR hate is when they send her on a and

summer cruise around Great Britain and

three hundred thousand tourists come

aboard across four months 15,000 people

a day and buying their ice creams and

the pro souvenir programs and wandering

the ship so the point is it was it was

about over all right well it was about

the tourists of the British taxpayer

money is being well spent but also I

guess European allies and potential

enemies absolutely brings very fortunate

this time because we're the world's only

truly industrialized power so being able

to put that industrial capacity to use

in terms of iron production making guns

manufacturing steam engines nobody else

can manufacture steam engines on scale

we count of the power income so it sends

a very clear message if you want to get

into an arms race we can do that but

it's only going to end one way and

that's the message it sent

do not try you will be defeated that's

the message was intended send the

Johnnies use thank you very much for

your donation fantastic I'm gonna we're

gonna you mention the angel I'm gonna

look at the engine in a second we got

video of me down in the engine room

which is wonderful but I've got quick

question for you on this deterrent tell

me a story you told me only about the

British spine extended to keep an eye on

the French well were very very nervous

at this time around what is happening in

she's building out the Crimean War where

we actually been allied with France so

from the 1850s onwards mid 1850s Britain

is sending spies in particular name is

sending spies as one man in particular

called Eugene Sweeney who we sent two

too long and spends his days equipped

with a telescope in the hills

overlooking too long looking down into

the French dock yard looking what's

being built and how it's being built and

how quickly it's being built and then in

the evenings he strolls down into town

into the bars and catch up with the men

who've been working you in the day all

that is reported back to the Admiralty

and the government and that's how we

find out that France is building a ship

called Lavoie which is similar to

Victorian that it's a timber build ship

but she's coated in iron armor plate

she's going to go to sea

that's really a starting pistol that

Warrior is the response to so a British

panic when the French unveiled their

cutting edge at naval vessel agua with

glory um let's go with more with Andrew

banks the Brit brains behind all these

wonderful ships at the National Museum

of the Royal Navy here in Portsmouth I

think one of the best museums

HMS Victory maurienne Wilson's wonderful

things Mary Rose is next door's won

anyway let's go and have a look at the

engine room which I was filming in a

little bit earlier

for my history hit documentary which is

coming up on history child up on the

deck of the boy their master sales looks

like a fairly traditional but down

in size in the heart of this beast is

this engine obscenity legend this is the

largest – I mentioned ever install of

any ship it's that point in history

it made whirring the fastest ship in the

world of Ballantyne and just represented

a step change Oh thousand horsepower and

it could push the ship even if there's

no wind blowing was blowing on direction

she could do a thousand miles just under

engine the combination carried onboard

well that was the engine back 100 days

now he's in charge with all those sorts

of mushrooms in the Royal Navy in


Andrey's you run out of soup as we talk

about the ship but just that engine it

was at the time the largest engine ever

installed on a ship for the rel-nei me

that's the biggest piece of kit they

burn em out to deal with so again how do

you operate it effectively

how likely is it to break all those kind

of concerns but capable of driving the

ship through the water at 14 and a half

knots she's the fastest ship we'll start

in the world when she's commissioned

ever remarkable and then key to that

process known as focus because I've just

been down in the furnaces and you tell

me what's involved those guys work

pretty hard

yeah it's back-breaking work and

incredibly hot downloads start with it's

54 degrees C as a stoker you're down in

the stone cold with nine of your

absolute number and you are going to be

shoveling a ton of coal an hour for four

hours in that temperature so he's back

breaking work but it's also really

skilled and work we've got all this

technological equipment with an engine

with the boilers cutting edge of the

time but it all boils down to how fast

it can go

equals how will you install you need

really well trained skilled Stoker's so

brute force and skill at the same time

so they're in there in over 50 degree

now working for that they're shoveling

four tons of coal in four hours

unimaginable and then do they get bit

time alfalfa yes so everyone and else on

board ship works ship pattern of four

hours on four hours of the Stoker's the

engineers work four hours on eight hours

off the still could also get 50% more

than there were equivalents in the deck

Department there's an incentive to

recruit you into that branch in the

first place let's just talk the other

end of the ship literally is where we

are now we're in the captain's day cabin

with this basically a star dechkotzar

person and then his sleeping quarters

just here the first captain of warrior

no one knew how absolutely he we've

got the letter he writes his mother when

he appointed our first captain the

Honorable Arthur ultimately pedlow

Cochran the third son of the $10,000

Thomas Cochrane was a very famous naval

officer the napoleonic and here and he

just writes mother you'll be delighted

to hear I've been appointed to the and

finest and largest command in the whole

of the Navy he's 36 years old when he's

appointed similar similar age nah yeah

those are the days he's appointed to

command a crew of seven hundred and four

other men he's got a ship that today

parties worth about 15 billion pounds

and it's his job to find out how it


nobody's done this before so it's all on

him and his ideas and he's he has three

years really to work out how you get the

best out of this incredibly expensive

and incredibly exciting new ship that

the Royal Navy house it's just exciting

play and watch guys are coming for last

few minutes now feeling I've got any

questions for Andrew Baines let me know

but just under talking about me the

problem with the restoration of new

ships is designed to last a hundred two

hundred years right so it just has we

good to keep this listing afloat it's

incredibly challenging and by

challenging what we really need is

expensive a ship like Vickie was

designed to last about nine years flow

something like warrior mill to Ryan

mainly 20 so we really are trying to

defeat the laws of physics as it were in

keeping them going as you can see these

pictures she is still floating that's

Portsmouth Harbor and we've got some

more pics interview missed these earlier

but this is the officers Ward room this

at this area is actually an indecent

Nick when you when you got yeah this is

one of the been areas a lot of timber

paneling through this area was still

intact but look here in the captain's

cabin and this has to be had to be

recreated rebuilt based on examples

elsewhere and the ship's joined and

today we have a team of almost 30 people

whose job it is to keep the ships in

Portsmouth ticking over so the cuffs for

these ships are about two and a half

thousand pounds per day in a quiet year

once we get big projects where he needs

to be dry docked we're going to need to

find another three million or so to look

after the ship in the not-too-distant

future right so if anyone fancies days

as I noticed Matt Johnson so we're going

to the USS Texas for a live stream

that's one of my other favorite ships

and it is a scandal is it not that you

do not have a big gun battleship in this

museum it really is great I get very

angry about family those decisions were

all made really when war spy I get

triggered whittled made us meet our ah

shocking and so we will but yeah but we

will be when it be great to come back on

HMS Victory one of these in the future

and down to Texas as well and Andrew

just asking what with the UM when when

this went out of service how rapidly

back technology keep evolving what was

that what was the next stage from a ship

like this with you know I held on so

there's a fairly clear and step between

ships like warrior and the ships that

the First World War and Second World War

battleships they're the big gun

battleship with incredibly thick armor

and these fourteen sixteen eighteen inch

guns plus in any case of Japan you trace

them directly to warrior choose the

origins of what people think is as the

SiC naval battleship and luck and what

but you say that but of course you just

explained to me today that this wasn't

just about big guns firing the enemy

with inverted Newton it was a bit of a

ramming em well they are well they've

got this idea that you know what if we

made armor plate T and nobody has a gun

that can you can push through on the

sides of this if this is where on the

plating and guns are how do you sink the

enemy and the idea comes up that they

should have a ramp so worry has a

beautiful curved wall to the ballot from

that elegant curve that's all disposable

it's possible to remove bone at the back

we have a round shaped like a swan neck

that after a week of sewing Dockyard

pounds we'd be able to in theory go out

to sea and Ram our enemy and sink them

that way the downside is that cage

warriors fear is very very very badly

and although a number of ships with

these rounds whenever they did sink a

ship it tended to be one on their own

side when an accident had happened

rather than the enemy but it's a very

popular concept for about ten years

at this point my colleagues on the

steering you saw earlier I was doing

that piece the camera got a short video

mix the hell mostly for steering wheels

so there was 16 there were eight men

there all times a minimum as a minimum

and if there was heavy weather wet

because you mentioned it steers badly so

if there was heavy where the big storm

how many mega people the steering's

you'd have an additional six key for

they've got to overcome just over 20

tons of force and against me if they

need to turn the welder so they are

actually all pulling on the ropes that

have wrapped around the steering wheels

that is astonishing know you're lots of

lots of people so they're gonna come

visit when it's open oh my oh she's

going to do that please please come

visit we're hoping using will be Oakland

at some stage yeah we are working on the

following all the exactly so but when

that when it opens please come down one

question Corina Petric though what was

the hardest thing on this ship to

restore the hunt believe it or not the

guns because it probably things about

guns being it's a warship

to have guns all the guns and thousands

of 68 pounders had been manufactured

they've all been scrapped we didn't have

any drawings we didn't know what they

look like and we were really still for a

very long time until one was found by

chance in a pile of a couple of dozen

other guns and that had to be cast in

terms of the research and physically

replicating it that was the most

challenging thing and to get right

fantastic thank you so much and

basically well thank you to the National

Museum of the Navy thank you to you all

for watching this totally cutting edge

awesome livestream we've taken it to the

next level here so please check out

history it lies yeah and of course keep

watching lots of documentaries to watch

on timeline if you want to go to history

which is just the world's best History

Channel you can use the code that's very

timeline and checkout history hit TV a

place for true history fanatics and

Andrew now just make a documentary about

Gloria and we'll be going up there very

soon information is there at the bottom

of screen thanks very much for joining

everybody see you on Monday


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