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by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

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Alright let's get started the roadmap states at the project began in 2017 and is decentralized infrastructure that is focused on providing the right balance between privacy and transparency they're planning to offer a payment system

Communication and asset ownership transfer in a fast and secure manner the dust Network was created with one purpose in mind to provide its peers with a ton surveilled and censorship free network infrastructure the grants

And the possibility to communicate freely while safeguarding identities next is the project history emanuelle frenzy Oni is the project and tech lead at the desk foundation he's got a masters of engineering in the

Field of mechatronics robotics and automation engineering from Roma tre University in Rome Italy he's also led the rd of the content and services department of tomtom which is a navigation devices company based in

Amsterdam Fulvio venturelli is the lead researcher at the desk foundation and he has a degree in IT engineering from sap NZ a university he's got a past history of working with leading international companies such as Amazon excite and

TomTom for the past 20 years the two of them have published several patents together in the field of sensor networking location-based services and blockchain tech next is the ICO there will be no public ICO only a private

Sale and there will be a total of 500 million dust tokens that are available the project aims to raise 14.4 million for the 50% token total and the remaining 50% will be distributed as follows

18% will go to the tech development fund 12% is budgeted for exchange in partnerships 7% will be used for marketing and for an airdrop 6% will be sit among the team members and the final

Six percent will go to the project's advisers token sold the pre-sale and strategic investors will be distributed literally during a 12-month period the team uses a new way of distribution which they call the second by second

Vesting and allows investors to call the contract when they want to get the portion that is released up until that moment the team tokens will be completely locked for 12 months with a linear vesting period over the next 12

Months and the price will be 5 cents a token with no bonuses next is the technology dust Network uses a segregated Byzantine Agreement protocol instead of the more common proof of work or proof of stake protocols SBA is a

Privacy oriented consensus mechanism with a network intensive task of block verification voting and notarization are carried out by the non-transactional nodes called provisioners these provisioner nodes are kept separated

From block generation and require a bigger stake that will handle heavier computational tasks the normal transactions are the responsibility of the normal transaction nodes which compete in a cryptographic lottery

Sortition for block rewards quick definition sortition means the action of selecting and determining something by casting or drawing of lots these nodes will require only a small amount of dust committed on a time locked confidential

Transaction to participate in The Blind bed the infrastructure will be governed by Dusk's native token which is dusk and will be used to incentivize participation in a network it will also serve as a medium of exchange the dust'

Network is a privacy protocol that uses zero-knowledge cryptography to remove the middlemen from a regulated markets without losing regulatory compliance it's got three major components the anonymous Network layer the segregated

Byzantine agreement and the secure tunnel switching the dusk anonymous network layer this network layer uses the gossip layer which basically means that it uses a mechanism to avoid revealing IP addresses of the network

Peers and it also allows for offline data retrieval it has stealth addresses which help to protect the transaction recipients anonymity and ring CT signatures to protect the transaction sender's identity you may have heard of

This kind of technology if you're familiar with Manero the ring CT technology makes the payment virtually unlink able to the original spender it's also fast and conceals the amount being transferred confidential

Transactions include cryptographic proof that a given set of input amounts proves that the sum equals the output amounts without revealing any pertinent information this is pretty important stuff if you're a privacy oriented prod

Next is a segregated Byzantine agreement this is a new consensus mechanism using bulletproof technology which makes the project much more centered around security instead of using normal proof of work or proof of stake what is

Bulletproof technology basically instead of obscuring the entirety of the blockchain the boat roofs will conceal the quantities sent within a transaction and lastly secure tunnel switching this is a data streaming layer with full

Confidentiality auto and videoconferencing online and offline file transfer and real-time payment channels to sum it up it's a fast peer-to-peer private and data communication channel all these

Attributes will be accessible to the platform users and paid for in the desc tokens it will also support bi-directional atomic exchanges of value which basically means transfers of asset ownership or security token offerings

They plan to provide the confidential security token standard or what they've dubbed the xst this will make it possible for third parties to issue security tokens on the dust' network similar to how a theorem was the

Platform for icos dusk wants to be the jumping off point for security token offerings stos that implement the xst will reportedly benefit from the privacy and regulatory compliance data they'll be integrated

Into the transaction protocol as far as actual use case for the token goes dusk aims to be a real currency for the sto ecosystem used for fundraising security token trading recurring dividends and also return on investment payments it

Absolves functions as a means of payment for the network usage like in data transmission use cases or gas fees security token issuers are incentivized to hold dusk for the recurring ROI operations while token owners can either

Run a provisioner stake or bid on a block generation node in order to join and win the block generation sortition lottery that brings us to present day they've got some pretty strong advisors on the team Marcel Rowland's was a

Former general manager of bitpay which is a Bitcoin payments company he's also acted as a general manager at MasterCard and GE Capital a LAN Morley he was a mentor at tech stars and was also a senior analyst at Thomas Reuters Ivan

Poon as a CEO to switch geo Neos decentralized exchange Gary Quinn is known for bringing the market billions worth of IPOs and James Roy Poulter has worked as an international tax advisor for earnest and young upcoming as far as

The future things to look forward to for dusk in q1 of 2019 they've got their SBA implementation implementation of the anonymous gossip network the creation of xst 20 confidential standard which is their security token

Standard and the release of the test net if you're interested in the main net launch that's listed for q2 of 2019 out of the pros they've got a good team with considerable expertise in the IT and entrepreneurship fields obviously having

A strong team is always a pro if the transition from IC oast SEO s actually occurs the dust' network will be one of the first projects to lead the charge and we know how important first mover advantage is in this space a crypto

Project that's regulatory compliance is a sustainable business model especially considering the SCC is really starting to crack down on the crypto space cons mostly a white paper at the moment that can always be a concern for people

Obviously because you're taking the team's word for it however their dev net is launching on the 14th of December and they're actively incubating stos at the moment no public github currently also however the team states that they plan

To make the github public starting at the 14th of December long roadmap the project's estimated to release its first functionality the issuance of the confidentiality tokens are xst which is the equivalent of the ERC 20 tokens for

Aetherium through their main net of q2 of 2019 that's a ways away yep but comparatively it isn't as long or far away as some other projects I've looked at as far as development wise goes final thoughts security tokens need to be the

Talk of the crypto space as of lately I love the idea that dusk is trying to get ahead of the game and my major issue with projects with a bit of a longer road map is that people can easily get bored or feel like the project may lose

Steam I'd suggest to the team that they do their best to put out frequent updates or a mace the public to answer questions and keep people interested in the loop all in all I like the project I look forward to seeing how this evolves

And how the crypto space evolves in the next year alright guys that about wraps it up for me today at my project review I want to thank you all for watching as usual and I'll see everyone soon so you've gotten to the end of the video

Huh are you still in the mood for more crypto content then you come to the right place check out on my playlists over here and get your crypto fix and as usual thanks for watching my channel

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