Drugs, guns, and Mexican propaganda songs

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

do you remember that Simpsons episode

where Bart and Milhouse and Ralph and

Nelson form the party posse and then

accidentally take part in a massive

brainwashing campaign to enlist children

in the Navy well the us is doing kind

of exactly that in Mexico right now


seriously that is a pretty great episode


in 2004 a CD called No Mas Cruces a la

Frontera began circulating in Mexico

full of traditional kirito's a narrative

popular style of ballad these songs spun

tragic violent tales of attempted

illegal crossings of the country's

northern border No Mas Cruces a la

Frontera was commissioned by United

States Customs and Border Protection it

was written by an ad agency from

Washington DC and it became reasonably

popular in Mexico it was so successful

that they did it again with a song the

government claims is now in heavy

rotation on 21 radio stations throughout

Central America

I love


la fecha is directed at countries like

Honduras and El Salvador we're hopeful

migrants hitch rides on the deadly

bestia train network going through

Mexico to the United States but the

noise and the rattle lulled them to

sleep and frequently they are waked

beneath the wheels in many ways this is

a campaign without precedents in past

episodes we've discussed music is

torture and subliminal messages and

music those are both great episodes and

you should watch them but to attempt to

dissuade illegal immigration through the

use of traditional song is pretty





credo form is nothing if not powerful


yes narco corridos Mexican gangster rap

where the protagonists are ultra violent

drug lords and the beat is narco

corridos are the opposite of what the

American government does which has been

dubbed nigra kirito's Migra being a

derogatory term for US border agents

narco corridos are wildly popular and

occasionally politically troubling the

state of Chihuahua in Mexico prohibit

narco corridos music on radio TV or

concerts until recently narco performers

were banned from the Mexican states of

Sinaloa and Chihuahua while the

documentary narco cultura spawned fresh

outraged north of the border when many

American and Canadian audiences were

first exposed to these violent ballads

I think we can be the next hip hop the

closest comparison to American border

agents hijacking a hyper specific local

sound it's known in Europe where the

British government has attempted to

popularize moderate Muslim hip-hop in

the wake of popular songs like this

which as a heads-up to sensitive viewers

is actually kind of intense and so the

government helped to fund a series of

hip hop concerts called spit and light

an attempt to highlight for British

Muslim youth a more moderate side of

Islam promoting artists like poetic

pilgrimage whether the goal is

preventing the growth of violent

religious extremism or the deaths of

children crossing the us-mexico border

there is something unsettling about

inserting what is effectively native

advertising into not just a YouTube

video but authentic regional culture

especially when it's done by the ad

agency responsible for caduceus this

year's in field fest is gonna be epic

you got Bruno Mars and train performing

a beer garden and my favorite the bikini


seriously the agency that works with US

Customs and Border Protection invented a

controversial party center the star of

the show isn't the beautiful horses or

the determined jockeys who ride them to

glory instead we're given keg is's a

centaur who loves to party kirito's are

endlessly romantic with a storied

history their direct narrative style is

a huge part of their appeal and it also

makes the genre of much easier to hijack

whether you want to talk about drug

trafficking or safe borders or your AMC

show god


Heisenberg what do you think would you

listen to a song that you knew was

designed by an ad agency or the

government to act as propaganda let us

know what you think in the comments and

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watched a ton of videos and I'm so

psyched you're here and I hope you'll

stick around and love this video so

let's see what you had to say about last

week's episode about hip hop music and

whether or not it is racist nicholas

alexander along with many of you claimed

that it's not really racism the way

kicking a black person out of a diner or

denying them a job or a pay raises and

my disagreeing with that is that there's

this thing called dog whistle politics

it's basically code words the idea that

people say things to one group of people

and they actually mean a completely

different things so racism 2014 isn't

the same as not letting people of a

different color sit with you at the same

dining table or go to the same college

as you but it's often about the way that

we code and create culture and to

exclude certain people so when people

talk about states rights they're

actually talking about segregation maybe

not you specifically but that's sort of

what people are doing I'm not saying I'm

a hundred percent right but it's

definitely my opinion so I do think that

I'm right but it was an interesting

comment that a lot of you made Jack

Byrnes is one of many people who said

that he didn't think that the

Confederate flag is racist that said he

did think that some people use it for

racist purposes which is sort of my

whole argument with the Confederate flag

I know that there are people who fly

that flag and don't hate minorities and

as pointed out by Jack and a few others

there are minorities who fly the

Confederate flag but I do think it's

not unlike the argument around the

Washington Redskins name how many people

do you have to offend in order for

something to be deemed completely

unacceptable I think the fact that the

Confederate flag stands for an era in

the south when African Americans were

use as slaves is enough to say it's a

flag that is emblematic of slavery Diego

Mark commented I prefer narco music what

did you think of the episode Diego Grim

Reaper said that if you want something

that is country and rap keep her first

ahead in the direction of boondocks but

if you're not familiar is a Juggalo

rapper sign of psychopathic records I'm

glad you mentioned that Grim Reaper

because this is a point in the video

where I tell you that I once put on face

paint and interviewed boondocks and

blaze you dead homie and we're gonna

play like 30 seconds of that or

something right now I look cool as hell

what's up ninjas

I'm Sam Sutherland for Ock's TV and yes

I am wearing clown makeup because over

the next few minutes I'm gonna be

interviewing so 6 social club Blais you

dead homey and boondocks

and they're gonna be introducing me to

the wild and crazy world of Juggalo

culture and stay tuned because there are

definitely going to be gun threats made

in this video

Joel Sherman called me a jack wagon

which rules and is a phrase that I will

totally hijack and be using in future

videos and made the point that many of

you made that the Civil War was not

about keeping or losing slaves but was

about southern independence from the

northern Union and I think it's critical

to point out that whenever anyone brings

up that it wasn't about slavery which I

understand that it wasn't but was in

fact about the southern economy and

Taxation and independence that really

what that boils down to is an attempt to

hold on to a southern way of life which

was all built on the backs of the

enslavement of African Americans the

southern economy didn't work the issues

with taxes the independence the idea of

states rights all these things only

function with slavery so I don't

understand why you guys don't just agree

that I want this isn't a debate that is

raging in the state still is it it can't

be I'm from Canada diabolical by design

had maybe my favorite one-liner in the

comments last week where he remarks that

being from Georgia if a bunch of white

guys are in the woods chanting together

with Confederate flags and shotguns it's

not hip-hop it's a Klan rally for this

week's book recommendation I'm going to

not mention anything that many of you

probably haven't read and talk about the

filter bubble by Eli Pariser what I

think is great about this is

this is the guy that invented upworthy a

site that I love and presumably many of

you loathe but this book is an

incredibly intelligent look at

algorithms and personalization and how

they're used on the internet on places

like Facebook and Google completely

affect our worldview and Eli is actually

the first person who introduced me to

the idea of these meager queridos I was

aware of narcocorridos obviously this is

something that comes up in the news

every now and again it's kind of a sexy

fun thing to talk about the Mexican

gangster rap that sounds like polka but

the fact that your worldview can be so

completely influenced by the media that

you are fed whether that is government

propaganda or whether that is Google

ranking search based on who it thinks

that you are so even though it's not

brand new I highly recommend the filter

bubble by Eli Pariser even and

especially if you hate upworthy


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