Down the 5G & COVID-19 Conspiracy Rabbithole

published on July 2, 2020

5g seems to be an easy

scapegoat here they've been theories

about telecommunications conspiracy

theories for

years you could communicate with the

phone but it could also be enough that

it could fry a person's brain

there were 5g conspiracy theories before

that was conquered

that's how the coronal wave starts are

people dying yes we have no idea what

this can do

i tell you how excited we are i am here

i am

i'm lee adams pandemic isn't over and

we're still going down the rabbit hole

oh what kind of danger

since early march when a lot of the

shelter and place orders were beginning

to be rolled out around the country

i've started noticing a theory that

seems to have exploded across the


blaming the cellular technology 5g for

the pandemic that we're all living


i've seen maps online comparing the

rollout of 5g towers with the spread of

the virus

forums dedicated to the theorized

dangers of 5g radiation

and even celebrities circulating some of

these theories online

and all of this online activity has

pushed some people to the point of

vandalizing and burning down 5g

towers in the real world flames consumed

a cellular tower

last friday the first of seven such

fires in quebec

and in a moment where we still don't

seem to have any more answers than we

did the last time i fell down this

rabbit hole

i'm right back in the barn right back

with individuals from across the


and hopefully we'll understand what if

any relationship exists

between 5g and kobit 19

i'm misha dola professor here at king's

college in london

i have co-founded a lot of industry

standards worked for big operator for

quite a few years

what exactly is 5g so 5g

is as you can guess already our next

generation telco

technology and in 5g what we will have

better or more

is data so the data rate will just be

multiplied by a factor of 10


um so my name's josh smith i'm a senior

researcher at the center for the

analysis of social media

at demos which is a think tank in the uk

we've been studying

social media and the kind of political

and social

movements that have been going on um on

it having like a very cursory knowledge

of what 5g is

i'm not really understanding how


from cell towers has anything to do with

the pandemic

so i think 5g and covid19

there's a number of striking things kind

of similarities there right they're both

completely invisible to the naked eye

they're both ubiquitous

they're everywhere or at least they're

gonna be everywhere in 5g's case they

feel like they're everywhere

exactly and they're really really only

properly understood by a small minority

so i think all of this makes it really


for people who are looking for a kind of

simple explanation

for why this kind of chaotic quite scary

pandemic is going on

my name's thanos i'm 37 i'm from

melbourne australia

up until two weeks ago i was a security


which works under victoria police i


a movement about seven weeks ago about

the corruption and the lies that's going

on in the world

in january when all the coronavirus

stuff was going around that's what first

peaked my interest

wuhan was actually a test site

for the first implemented to its full

extent of the way it works

5g network and then i asked myself the


i said i'll have a look what the

symptoms of radiation poisoning are

there's something called radiation

induced pneumonia

which is caused from radiation which

inflames the lungs

why chi attaches to the air atoms okay

so microwave radiation it attaches the


atoms you breathe it in with the air

that's how the coronal virus corona


when i was in florence i began to feel

very ill

there's five new 5g towers they dug up

the streets and laid the fiber optics

while everyone was you know at home

muted i was surprised they didn't put

blindfolds on

do you think it was a hoax or it was a

ploy to keep people inside

i think yes the initial phases were


to keep people quiet you know are people

dying yes

why i think they're testing it that's my

theory i think they're testing it

we have no idea what this can do

my name is david carpenter i'm a public

health physician i'm a graduate of

harvard medical school

i got involved in the whole issue of

electromagnetic fields of which 5g

is one is there any connection from your

perspective between

5g and this pandemic absolutely not

people that have been saying well wuhan

had a lot of 5g therefore

it generated the kobit 19 there's

absolutely no basis for that

whatsoever one of the issues is does

radio frequency irradiation affect the

immune system

because anything that affects the immune

system can clearly

affect your resistance to a viral

infection i think the evidence is that

it has no effect on the immune system at


or none that that has really been

clearly demonstrated

5g in the gigahertz range doesn't


the body or it doesn't go through a

window it doesn't

go through a wall of a house whereas 4g


i should stay at this point though one

of the big problems with 5g is there's

almost no research on it nobody's been

exposed for

for a long enough time for us to know

whether it causes diseases in people

people have pointed to this idea that 5g

emits this like

harmful radiation right what is that

radiation that 5g gives off and how does

that radiation work

nobody can transmit at any radiation

power as they want

there's a lot of regulatory work out

there there's loads of bodies which make


that nobody is surpassing any of the

limits which have been set

and these studies have been conducted

and have been updated all the time

we had all these discussions every

single generation as 3g came along

4g came along now it's 5g out there and

i have to say that we as a telco


probably should have done better if i

can cook chicken in the microwave

i go well if a microwave can do that and

if a military

system can do that why couldn't

a tower that's designed for


fry a person's brain i just found on

amazon i asked people

on i'm not a i'm not a scientist i'm an

expert emf

detector tester and right now you see

it's zero zero which is really good

but now if i put it close to the screen

it goes up some

do you use any devices to protect

yourself from emf radiation

no i don't use any devices a lot of

these devices that people

try to say will protect you i think are


scam snake oil snake oil

yeah anytime there's a controversial

subject people

distort the real evidence they've been

theories about telecommunications

conspiracy theories for years

people stumble across some content

related to 5g

it's really a motive it's really visual

in many cases

it provides a simple explanation for a

confusing thing

and these are being seen on platforms

which are designed

to produce and get people to share

content that they're likely to click on

the second thing that we've seen

and this kind of came from an

investigation that i was involved with

with the bbc is that far-right groups

we've seen kind of extremist and fringe


using the fact that people are sharing

covid related material and obviously

it's on everyone's minds at the moment

the fact that this stuff is shareable

means that

groups are using it to get their agenda

across we've heard

today of 5g masts being

burned down by people who have read


rumors on social media

i'm catherine collins and i'm director

of corporate affairs and brand at


so openreach is basically the uk's

largest broadband provider with a

national provider

now we do have a small role in 5g

because obviously we supply often the


that runs to you know be a 4g mast a 5g

master so we do

provide some services to the mobile

companies we have been seeing

that people have been spreading

messaging online that has linked 5g

to covet 19 how have you all responded

to this messaging becoming more

visible and what steps are you taking to

sort of distance the technology from

this pandemic so we predominantly relied

actually on the government who've been

quite good about this in the uk they've

got a disinformation unit

where they've been trying to work with

some of the social operators to try and

take down the information

twitter have been really good so

obviously we're super concerned about it

we've had

days of action where people have you

know tried to attack and burn down the


i mean some of this infrastructure also

is supporting the health services you

know we run 999 services

some of the mosques that were set on

light were actually supporting some of

the hospitals with covered victims in

we've seen more cases in six weeks

than we did in the entire last year in

terms of any kind of abuse of an


there was one guy he basically had his

van attacked he had to basically shelter

in his van

we had another guy an apprentice in

london and he had someone spit at him

who said he had covert

he basically said i've got coverage

you're killing us and spat at the guy

it's been really quite extreme some of

them are there

you know covet cases in areas where

there's 5g sure

there are because simply covet is now

almost everywhere

and we do have territories where 5g is

rolled out but is 5g

responsible no because we have a lot of

evidence there are loads of cities in

the world and loads of countries which

don't have 5g

such as iran doesn't have 5g loads of

cases gateshead the city where it all

started ironically

has a lot of code cases has no 5g so

therefore you know let's not confuse

correlation with causality

are there any real world consequences to

the spread of this information online i

mean that's kind of the golden

question right we know that

misinformation has in the past

being used to kind of exacerbate social


so that there's a danger that it not

only divides people from like the

government and the health organizations

but also turns people against each other


communities in half and splits um you

know populations in half

again at exactly the time we need a kind

of people to pull together socially to


you know help solve this crisis


technical problems too so hi how are you

i had i had all manners of uh difficult


i'm good good good

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