Doom of Valyria: what destroyed Daenerys’ ancestors?

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

In Game of Thrones Season seven we learned that Jon Snow's real name is Aegon Targaryen he's the son of Rhaegar Targaryen which means Daenerys is John's aunt yes John has sex with his aunt Rhaegar dead now so is Viserys Targaryen

And Aerys and Aemon Targaryen in the books they're still Bloodraven Targaryen bastard and young Griff who claims to be tug Aryan but Brendan's a tree and Griff might be fake go watch those videos so really Daenerys and John are the last

Targaryen last of the dynasty that ruled Westeros for centuries and last of the Dragonlords of Illyria Valyria was an empire that ruled half the world for thousands of years until 400 years ago

It exploded this was the doom of Valyria and it's a mystery connecting to magic faceless men Lannister gold and the legacy of Daenerys and John's family so Valyria was a peninsula to the east of Westeros

Thousands of years ago the Valyrians were shepherds among volcanic mountains called the 14 flames until they discovered dragons and trained them as weapons of war at the time the area was dominated by a gase by old case an

Empire built on slavery so the Valyrians and their dragons conquered the ghiscari and took them as their own slaves the Valerians expanded building an empire across most of the known world they called themselves the freehold because

All landowners had a say in government but wherever they conquered the freehold took slaves sending thousands down the 14 flames to mine for gold and silver Valyria had advanced technology and magic they used dragon flame to shape

Stone into beautiful towers they made Valyrian steel swords long roads and colonies fill areas like ancient Rome just with dragons and with incest and the Dragonlords traditionally married their own siblings they believed they

Were descended from dragons and wanted to keep their blood pure the Dragonlords lived in the capital city of Valyria using magic and politics in an endless struggle for power and glory Valyria was the center of civilization

Until the doom came every Hill in Valyria erupted with fire smoke and lava so hot that Dragons were burned from the sky the earth cracked open and swallowed whole town's Lakes boiled and the sea flooded in the clouds rained obsidian

And black blood within hours the whole Peninsula was shattered the Empire gone all Valeria's knowledge and technology like how to make Valyrian steel who was lost the only dragon Lords to survive this doom with a Targaryen who had left

Valyria years earlier because de nies Targaryen foresaw the doom in a dream so these Targaryen 's the ancestors of Daenerys and John settled on Dragonstone and would later conquer Westeros now 400 years after the doom Valyria is a

Smoking ruin a cursed and demon haunted in the show Tyrion and Jorah visit the ruins and survived but in the books no one returns from Valyria whole fleets and armies have disappeared there including Tyrians uncle Gary and

Lannister euron greyjoy claims to have been there but he might be lying whether the danger is demons or toxic volcanic fumes the place is dangerous the doom still rules Valyria but what was the doom and what caused it the doom might

Have been a natural volcanic eruption author George modern compared the doom to the eruption of krakatoa and the fall of Pompeii but Valyria pieces involved magic Valyria is a place of fire magic and

It's got dragons and volcanoes it's called the lands of the long summer compare that with far north Westeros called the lands of always winter which has White Walkers and ice magic these two places seem like centers of Ice and

Fire in this world maybe they're connected to the irregular seasons the North had an icy disaster in the long night and Valyria had a fiery disaster in the doom and this affected the world's magic when the doom fell on

Valyria magic died in the West and it's only recently returning so the point is that Valyria had some serious cosmic elemental magic happening and the Valyrians fucked with it the Valyrians were sorcerers and for

Thousands of years they used spells to tame the fourteen flames but at the same time they mined the flames for gold and silver these were volcanoes full of magma and fire worms and slaves were killed by the

Hundreds and yet they kept mining deeper and deeper like some cazador shit in Lord of the Rings the dwarves of Moria delved too greedily and too deep and they awoke the fiery Balrog maybe Valyrian is similar they got too greedy

Dealt too deep and set off the fourteen flames because that's what happens when you mess with magic in this world we're told over and over that magic is dangerous with illyrians in their arrogance thought they could control

Magic but it blew up in their face so now their ruins stand like Ozymandias or atlantis a warning against hubris and the mining of magic volcanoes but there's still more to the story in book four irons the faceless men a

Cult of assassins who worship death she's trained by the kindly man who tells her that the faceless men began in Valyria among the slaves who mined in the fourteen flames he says the slaves suffered so badly in

The mines that they wished for death the first faceless man gave the gift of death to a slave aya argues that the man should have killed the Valyrian slave masters instead and he replies that the faceless would bring the gift to them as

Well but that is a tale for another day so this is a hint that the faceless men caused the doom of Valyria which makes sense the men arose from Valyrian slaves and they're now based in Braavos which was founded by ex slaves escaping

Valyria and the faceless men worship death so killing thousands in a doom is probably their idea of a good time but how could the faceless cause the doom one theory is that they used dragon eggs at summer Hall it seems that dragon eggs

Caused a deadly fire maybe the faceless used lots of eggs to the 14 flames but there's another possibility that ties in to a prophecy the world book says the Valyrian sorcerers foretold that the gold of

Casterly Rock would destroy them Casterly Rock is home to the Lannisters who were famous for their gold mines even in Valyrian times but for some reason the Valyrians never contacted the rich Lannisters even though they were so

Hungry for gold that they were mining volcanoes maybe the Valyrians avoided the Lannisters because of this prophecy but the Lannisters back then really wanted a Valyrian steel sword all the cool Westerosi families had one lakh

Starks ice and tarly's heart's pain so in the century before the doom the Lannisters bought the Valyrian sword bright roar for a huge amount of gold we don't know who sold bright roar to the Lannisters but if this gold went to

Valyria it could have fulfilled the prophecy of Illyria's destruction how could gold cause the doom the great families of Valyria were in constant conflict sometimes they assassinated each other which was a problem because

Some of these Valyrians were sorcerers who spells held back the 14 flames the world book suggests that too many of these sorcerers were assassinated so the spells failed and that's why the doom happened maybe these assassinations were

Carried out by the assassins of the faceless men the faceless men don't kill for free they charge a high price so maybe they were paid with that Lannister gold that a Valyrian got by selling bright raw so the Valyrians were so

Caught up in their petty political conflicts that they paid for their own destruction giving prophecy gold to the death cult that arose from their own slavery and oppression as Tyrion says Valyria was

Built on blood and fire and they raped what they disowned so that theory brings together all the hints from the text Lannister gold paid for faceless assassinations the destabilized magic and caused the doom but you can add some

Tin foil on top because it may be that the Valerians ordered these assassinations not knowing that there cause the doom but maybe it was deliberate maybe one of these warring families wanted to wipe out the

Competition and be the Last Dragon Lord standing we know the Targaryen were a fairly minor house in Valyria when they left for Dragonstone their rivals thought them cowards but maybe the Targaryen x' ordered these

Assassinations to cause the doom to destroy their enemies they made up some excuse about a dream and went to Dragonstone and watched their own homeland burn leaving them the only dragon Lords in the world free to become

The unopposed rulers of whatever realm they chose maybe House Targaryen Daenerys and John's family is founded on a terrible genocide all betrayal but that's just speculation whatever caused the doom Valyria has lessons for its

Descendants Daenerys and John because the Valyrians were kinda assholes they seem to think that just cuz they were magic and pretty they could enslave the world they conquered peaceful peoples and worked thousands of slaves to death

With their theories of racial superiority they are basically Nazis with dragons so when they destroyed themselves with their own fire and blood it's kind of hard to feel sorry for them Valyrian

Blood gives Dany and John the power of dragons magic and prophecy but the ruins of Valyria should remind them to use their power with humility and compassion the doom of Valyria destroyed a whole civilizations knowledge skills like the

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Scripting help and thanks to the page including Zack Whiteman thorny Eckstrom Ganon McDonald Lesley Machado Tristan Szabo Natasha Lee and says e Besh Cheers you

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