Do You Know Yourself? – Mind Field (Ep 8)

published on July 12, 2020

Hi I'm Michael Stevens but who are youdo you even know who you areare you your memories I don't rememberthat I don't remember that at allare you the choices you make the focustester is actually a magician that's

Scaryor are you your past I hit the back ofmy head and forgot in my entire lifejust like you hit a delete button on thecomputerhave you ever looked at a photograph of

Yourself and thought that's what I looklike we often think we look bad or notright in photos because photos show uswhat we really look like to other peoplethe you that you're used to seeing ismirror view every mirror you look into

Reverses your face most selfie camerasdo this too so we tend to prefer thatversion of ourselves if you want to seeyourself in a mirror the way otherpeople see you in real life take twomirrors and position them at a 90 degree

Angle what you see won't be your selfreversed but how you look in real lifeso who would you say you are really areyou how you look or how you dress or areyou the atoms that make you up becauseall of those things change throughout

Your life ah maybe the real commonthread that which doesn't change is yourhistory your memory but what if weremember things differently from the waythey actually happen does that mean wedon't know ourselves

False memories are frightening ly easyto create today we're gonna make someand we're gonna have a little fun doingit we have created a fake game showcalled who you werewe're gonna bring contestants down

Memory lane and have them tell us abouttheir past some of which we're going tocompletely make up we're gonna plant afew little seeds in this minefield andsee if we can grow some fake memories hiI'm Michael Stevens and welcome to the

Show that takes you on a trip downmemory lane from who you areall the way back through who you wereplease welcome today's very specialguest Timothy DeLaGhetto thanks forcoming in thanks for he excited to kind

Of dive into some memories yeah I don'treally know what to expect to begin nolet's give the audience a taste of yourlife oh my god take a look so Tim wasraised in California where he and hisparents owned and operated a Thai food

Restaurant Tim found popularity as arapper comedian actor and internetpersonality and has attracted over 3million subscribers in order to kind ofsee how you became who you are todaylet's go back to who you were let's do

Itwe spoke to your parents and they toldus some of their favorite memories fromwhen you were very very young ok I'mgoing to start with some true storiesbefore I slip in the false memory when

You were 7 you were pretty much heldprisoner by a very controllingschoolgirl the girl took control of yourlife and always wanted to know what youwere doing I remember her like she waslike my best friend sort of but then she

Was also very like possessive of me whoyou guys aren't together still no wemight be Facebook friends ok here's amemory you weren't a crybaby on thefirst day of school yeah until younotice that all the other kids were

Crying and then you joined inyou know I empathize with people rightand I was just kind of like helping themfeel like we were all a team now here'sthe fake story we made up out of thinair

Here's another memory when you wereabout four or five years old youactually took a ride in a hot-airballoon but you dropped something fromthe balloon I don't remember that at allreally I'm going do I've ever been an on

Air balloon it was in Echo Park was ityeah no clue Timothy is not acceptingthe story as truth yet time for oursecond subject Dylan how are you I'mdoing great manyou were inseparable from your Superman

Cape when you were young once you eventried to use your superpowers to stop acar driving down the street yeah to tryto stop a car like with mine with myhand just succeed you know the dudes hithis brakes

Okay next memory so when you were aboutfour or five years old you took a ridein a hot air balloon and you droppedsomething sometimes enriching the falsestory with a realistic detail cantrigger the brain to begin filling in

The memory here goes did you have afavorite toy or anything that maybe youhad brought oh I mean I had like someaction figures I think I do rememberlike losing one I'm not sure like thatwas like the what happened if I was in a

Hot air balloon that's a crazy adventureif I actually like did something likethat hi Victoria when you were aroundfour or five years old you took a ridein a hot-air balloon and you droppedsomething I don't remember that four or

Five years oldup in the air no I mean even in ahot-air balloonnone of course none of the subjectsremember the balloon ride it neverhappened but we aren't done with them

Yet 24 hours from now we'll take oursubjects to Echo Parkokay the site of their supposedchildhood balloon ride to see if any ofthe seeds I planted today have takenroot this is where you took your first

Hot air balloon rideare you serious I'm serious we might notbe able to remember our past accuratelyall the time but at least we have directinsight into our own mental states weknow how we feel what we like and why

Except we don't psychologists call ourtendency to overvalue how we explain ourown behavior while distrusting thatother people truly understand their ownthe introspection illusion aninteresting manifestation of this bias

Is something called choice blindness itis surprisingly easy to fool someoneinto believing they made a choice thatthey never did and the amazing thing isthat they'll also defend that fakechoice as if it were what they had

Always wanted we feel like we knowourselves pretty well we know why welike the things we like we know why wedecided to do the things that we did butdo we today we'll be showing oursubjects sets of photos and asking them

To choose the photo of the person theyprefer to work with but this isn'texactly what it looks likethe focus tester is actually a magicianwho will be using sleight of hand toswap some of the faces they choose for

Faces they've rejected will they catchthe trick or will they justify andexplain a decision they never actuallymade thank you for participating in thisstudy of first impressions in theworkplace you will be shown sets of

Faces and be asked to select whichperson you would prefer to work with areyou ready to begin so would you ratherwork with person a or person B personthat's his complexes again in person aor person B a B so it made a pile of

Your ideal workplace colleagueseffectively now part two is to if youcould fill out the women in theworkplace segment of the questionnaireall of this business about filling out asurvey it's just to distract them from

What's about to happen because ourmagician is gonna make a swab there itistwo of the eight photos have beenswapped out for pictures our subjectrejected what will she say when

Presented with photos of people shedidn't actually choose now and thereweren't merits I want to ask you what itwas about them that made you pick themwe'll start with a picture that she didpick before we slip in the rejects so

Why did you want to work with this postshe looks nice she looks really nice butI think the person I compared her todidn't look very friendly gotchahere's another a pair of photos whereshe had a clear preference person B

There's the B now we're going to showher the picture she actually rejectedwhy did you want to work with thisperson um she just looked nicer than theother one yeah that was one where theother girl didn't look very nice at all

Is she just miss remembering this onechoice how about another photo sherejected why did you prefer to work withthis person she looks super sweet sothat was what you were thinking when youchose that chose oh I feel like she'd be

One of those girls that would like onthe birthdays get you the car this isn'tjust simple misremembering this isfabricating a past that never happenedwill any of our other subjects justifychoices they never made person a or

Person B hey now they present him with aphoto he rejected so why did you chooseto work with this personshe gave off the appearance a genuineperson who would be easy to work withpeople are completely fabricating

Justifications for things they nevereven did I think we could actually upthe ante we've been swappingtwo of the eight faces now we'll swapfour let's see if she justifies thephotos that she actually rejected

I liked her look I like to work withconfident people so to me she looks likea confident person it's a woman I wantto like help other women grow andsucceed and give them advice and Igravitated towards that picture because

Of that reason she looked like a type ofperson you could confide in and askadvice and learn from her experiences soI think she had that type of look shelooks like she might be like a wise typeof person she looks confident so I think

That's why I picked her she seems sosure of her decisions but let's give herone last look in particular I'm curiousabout how you feel about these four youknow there's the confidence and kindnessand somebody young like your like that

Would be people I could work with so Istand by my decision cool yes perfectthe interesting thing about this studyis they are not actually the ones whochose these ones were they were switchedwhile you were filling in the

Questionnaire it's this phenomenonwhat's known as choice blindness if wethink we made a choice we will find away to justify that choice even if wedon't know that's what we made okay it'slike a debate like no matter what what

Side I was owned I was gonna givereasons for that I'm not happy that Idid that but um that's the reason whyyou pulled this complete switcheroo onme and I wasn't even like consciousabout it that's scary

You may think you know why you do thethings you do but in a pinch your mindcan replace the truth the actual pastwith completely new explanations thatyou will confidently believe to beexactly what happened but what if

Fabricating the past is all you can dothat may be the case for someone withextreme dissociative amnesia when youcan't remember your life at all whathappens to your sense of selfso Scott you have retrograde amnesia

Correct tell me what that ishow it happened I walked into a restroomat my office building but I slipped onan oily substance and hit the back of myhead and suffered you know it was likefour or five inch laceration and that

Gave me retrograde amnesia which meanseverything autobiographical andhistorical and my life were completelyerased erased just like he had a deletebutton on the computerI forgot my entire life I had no idea

Who my wife was her name my childrenit was absolutely horrifying and it'shappened eight years ago mm-hmm whatmemories did you have you still knewEnglish you still knew things like howto ride a bike that's a totally

Different kind of memory when I handedhim a toothbrush she didn't call me ashair with it he put it in his mouth buthe didn't know what it was called andyou didn't remember ever using onebefore you didn't have the

Autobiographical memories that involvedtoothbrushes but you knew how to operateit because that's a procedural memoryexactly well technically things likethat you know are stored in a differentpart of the brain so it was almost like

You were you were born into thisperson's body didn't get to choose youhave a name you have a wife you have ahouse you have a past mm-hmm and youhave to just accept that all of thoseare what you've been dealt right that's

Exactly how I felt like I stepped intosomebody else's life and a lot of it Ididn't believe I just couldn't picturethat you know I flew airplanes or or wasin the NFL it just seemed like nothing Iwould ever do and a lot of it you know

She had to prove to me she put togethera whole album full of pictures she kindof put my life in a chronological orderhow that kind of you know filled some ofthe gaps of who I was and I've heardthat you know you are who you are from

The things you've experienced in yourmemories and when I hear that it's likea knife in my heart because it's likethen Who am I so Scott when you're askedwho are you what do you say it's hard toanswer that question because I haven't

Figured out who I am I'm developingeveryday my personality and Who I ambut inside of my brain I don't know whoI amyou are the collection of all of yourmemories right I mean that's your story

Those are things that happened to youand they're in the past they can't bechanged but it can be created anilluminating Harvard study foundnumerous examples of seemingly sanepeople who believed that they had

Recovered memories of past lives andalien abductions and there's no deceitthese people actually believed thatthese events occurred and I remember Iwas just really scared to death oncepeople have decided that a memory is

Real the brain can fill in details thatnever happened especially if the cluesyou're getting or what people aretelling you isn't entirely accurateleading cognitive psychologist ElizabethLoftus made that point in a 1996

Experiment where she convinced over 25percent of the subjects that they hadbeen lost in a shopping mall as a childyour brain will just take those untruthsand run with them and fill in detailsout of nowhere completely changing your

Personal historywhen we last saw our who you weresubjects they did not recall the falsememory we planted when you were aboutfour or five years old you actually tooka ride in a hot-air balloon but you

Dropped something Yanis you took a ridein a hot-air balloon and you droppedsomething I don't remember that we'velet the memory sink in overnight andtoday we're going to see if physicalstimuli will help solidify this story in

Their minds today is all about you and alittle drive down your memory lane thisis where you rode over in a hot-airballoon in a hot-air balloon that'sright maybe my parents mistake me forlike a another kid some other kids will

Get out and walk around and see what cancome back let it all soak in and tell meif anything's coming back to you hmmI don't know man snot snot popping upyou dropped something when you were inthis hot air balloon will this be the

Detail that pushes tend to remember theevent what could I have dropped what didI walk around with back then I spentanother 15 minutes attempting tokick-start Tim's brain with details ofthe false balloon story as anything come

Backnow Tim's brain doesn't seem susceptibleto the false memory let's check in withthe other subjects this is where youtook your hot air balloon ride reallyyeah this is Echo Park yeah and there's

About 15 years ago yeah you don'tremember any of anything from this no ofcourse he doesn't it never happened thisis where you took your first hot airballoon ride this is this is it yeah areyou serious I'm serious does this bring

Back memories you don't rememberanything from this um I do remember likesomething as a kid I drop something hedropped something now how do you supposehe got that idea you dropped somethingDylan's mind is gradually taking an idea

We planted and adopting it as his ownmemory detail I kind of been around hereriding my bike then we took a hot-airballoon ride and possibly dropped aSuperman cape for some people physicalsensations can be an effective trigger

To bring back real or imaginary memorieswhat about smells and sounds well when Iwas four or five and I was here Iremember it smelling fresh this sensorymemory may be a jumping-off point tobegin accepting the false memory

Remember looking down on the park fromabove I might rememberbeing able to overlook the waterI remember like standing over andsquatting and like just being so happyto be up there in the wind blowing my

Hair back and my dad kept telling me tosit down and I wouldn't sit down yeahyou weren't scaredhow high up were you probably like 800feet no kiddingyeah Wow Victoria's false memory is

Beginning to take hold with the help ofher imaginative subconscious brain whatdo you remember seeing from up in thehot air balloon the water fountains forsure yeah and I could have been crazybut I think that I could have felt like

Almost a little bit of mist hit my skinfrom the water fountain what color wasthe balloon I want to say it was red redyeah let's see if the seed I plantedearlier has taken hold you took a ridein a hot-air balloon and you dropped

Something I don't remember that youdropped something I did I thought aJoe's a huge Barney fan and I just likeremember just like looking down and himjust being gone about where did it falldo you think I would say six or seven

Blocks away oh really so not in thewaterno by now it seems Victoria's brain hasturned our suggested memory into acomplete childhood experience I rememberwaking up at like 9:00 in the morning

Getting in the car and then my mom and Ibeing in the car having no idea where wewere going cuz he loved to do that justput the family in the car and just gosomewhere and just like Surprise usVictoria is personalizing this false

Memory by merging it with Pleasantdetails from her childhoodand next thing you know like we're justlike flying over like the whole likeGreater Los Angeles area so who do youthink was in the basket with you

Well definitely both my parents I knowwe got something eat afterwards I almostlike want to say yeah like a churro orsomething like thatpost balloon cheer oh yeah it's aclassic

Now that our subjects are convinced thatthe balloon ride happened it's time fora reality checktell your mom the memory we went on likea hot air balloon ride and I dropped Ithink my Superman cape what there was

Never a balloon ride we made the wholestory up well you made most of it up ohwowbut isn't that amazing because rememberwe planted that storyno that is that's actually really crazy

I was actually having like these theselike weird faint memories of me likelooking over like the pond and like youknow I don't even know that's Dylan BendEcho Park before oh wowand now it's Victoria's turn for a rude

Awakening from her father story is nottrue you've never been in a hot airballoon what are you talking about whywould you make that up did you trulybelieve that you'd been in a hot airballoon

Yes you remembered so many details yeahof something that never happened yes howmany times you've been in a hot airballoon none so what were youremembering I'm not entirely surebecause I really do feel like I have a

Memory we all are susceptible to this Ireally felt like I had experienced thatexperience and what about our youtuberTimwe'll Tim I'll tell you what it's notsurprising that you don't remember

Anything from it because it neverhappenedTim wasn't susceptible but falsememories are common and can havereal-world implications the InnocenceProject of the United States claims that

Faulty eyewitness memories account for72% of convictions overturned by DNAevidence so who are you well how couldyou be any one thing you are alwayschanging if you can lose track of yourpast and your memories can be altered or

Implanted in the end who are you reallymaybe you're the stories you're tellingyourself and as always thanks forwatching

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