Do Real Combat Veterans Make Better Action Films?

by birtanpublished on August 5, 2020

So if you've been watching our YouTube channel for a while you're probably familiar with our giant gun wall our massive collection of every single airsoft pistol and rifle Under the Sun we're kind of obsessed with military culture but this is all just

Make-believe here we're not veterans we don't have military experience but this week we're gonna be working with some guys who done it for real and in very high-level ways where should being a commercial for the black rifle coffee

Company a company that consists of a bunch of veterans like Matt Logan Evan JT people who've served in the Army and have real combat experience so the big challenge here is a commercial for their company something that's supposed to be

In their voice and speak to their audience which is also comprised of tons and tons of veterans how do we find that authenticity and that voice here when we ourselves don't have the same experience as they do

we're here at the ranch today because we're looking at locations and we came here because we're a couple of boys on the journey see we need to find a road a pastoral road we need to find a better

And of course a place that's good play long pre-production day for black rifle coffee cup company commercial we are in the break room and we have to make this into a shootable

Set and we're gonna be breaking some furniture we're gonna build them score them so we can throw people into them later scoring means prepping a piece of furniture so that when you use it in a stunt

It breaks the way that you want it to break rather than breaking and unexpected and unintended ways a stunt isn't being done properly unless you can control the risk factors if I'm gonna hit somebody with this stool I need to

Control the risk factor by having me determine where the chair breaks these are stunt mugs we're prepping them right now they're very delicate as we treated with extreme caution or if they will break very easily first shot of the day

I'm about to go in that looks really good Sam Gabe what are you doing got it got it got it got it Jared's gonna beat me up with a cup slam me in the face and then throw me on the floor really excited about this actually

You know it's been a long time that I've wanted to break the coffee cup on his head daddy didn't raise no bitch good that's all that matters all right let's make it happen all right and action well they will break

I got a nice little goose egg from that mug the cuts are no joke that was our test dummy and now I'm scoring them all because I want them to break easier it's all good though and I'm ready to fall and bleed I don't want people to get

Injured trying to like get bonked on you know wood mat is it tough food but he's not it's not man he needs to act throughout this whole piece so I don't want him to like get bombed up and you know be sore yeah you got a dope back

Wrong with me just giving dudes compliments about their back if I die or get stitches from this I'm angry P got anger buy a shirt in my honor three two great he gave me a nice pad so that helped got the shot I'm stoked so

Don't say they got those twos I think it's gonna break easier three two one action three-two-one kick each one of these takes costs $200 in

Mugs alone so this is what it feels like now where you're shooting what is probably one of the most difficult shots of the day Logan is gonna take a sip out of his mug it's smashed in the back by Matt wielding a giant stool it's tough

Because when we're rehearsing it it's really hard to get smacked in the back with a stool and throw a mug perfectly up in the air to a point where someone behind them can catch it so we're easing it by having someone to

Basically be out of frame here allowing Logan to go down with the first mug someone just go swinging and comedic Lea tosses a mug up for Matt to catch solving all of our mug problems there's two takes we only have two breakaway

Stools guys we came all the way to San Antonio Texas to see if I could throw this mug up if I miss right the whole shoot is canceled everyone goes home and we never do a shoot with black

Ever again mom's sphaghetti dude would you takes we're gonna get in one Jake is your cup of parsley filled yes hell yeah we're rolling no going back now three two one pure chaos okay all the guys are playing

Smash right now and if I've learned anything it's that when they play smash they pay attention the most out of any time during the day so I'm gonna go and tell them about all of our sick new merchandise that's gonna be available

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You lost some data that'll never happen again with that just keep it in there cliff a little cold you could use a hat since we got plenty of hats hey we got that one too that's that one's always there guess what this is

Available starting tomorrow this is our first edition ever bomber jacket my expectation is that this will be gone by cyber monday probably the same thing with this oh and Chris is a bunch of other stuff that's in there all of these

Items and more are available in the store right now if we try to make them the highest quality so that when you support us by buying our merch man you get quality just like our videos so head on over to corridor digital dot store

And day two of the black rifle coffee company commercial you're having a car chase with this tank looking of Agape drug this is the LM TV it's a light

Medium tactical vehicle it's a twenty three thousand pound coffee shop on wheels built in Texas a fully custom water tank onboard a generator HD unit and do about 400 cups of coffee in our state-of-the-art this year she's been to

Florida she's been all the way up to Seattle Washington and everywhere in between so pretty freakin cool I've only been employed with black rifle for I'd say 1415 months like these guys are the hardest-working guys in the world they

Just took everything they learned in the military and applied it to working in coffee in video production in content all of that stuff they take what they've earned and they turn it right back into the veteran community they donate a

Major portion of the proceeds to charities throughout for 70% veteran rate of employment here at black rifle coffee and there's this whole stigma that veterans are broken and dead the pts and nobody wants to work with them

And everything like that but the majority those people are guys that are like what do I do with my life now the stories I hear from guys that man I wanted to kill myself but then I saw what these guys were doing how they took

Their life and made something out of themselves after the military these guys showed me that I'm not broken when I come back and there's something for me and I think these guys like they really bring it home what it means to be a

Veteran post-war entrepreneur and just all around good people it's it's it's amazing to see how powerful these guys are and how much of an influence they have on other people to be better

It's the biggest pile of trash I've ever driven in my life so Sam and Clint will walk you guys through each of the setups that we're gonna need to do the big truck big truck take those this way make sounds this is the tiny car for this

Tiny rock it goes this way too we want to drive at the safe distance for that being said it's like whatever is close as reasonably possible unless the cars are like 10 feet apart basically we're not gonna see both in the same shop I

Don't extend it so I can like really swing it around oh shit I didn't get anything there sorry let's

Reset on the cul-de-sac for one more run all right let we're taking up we're rolling dude that was awesome 22 over 120 this is what we can't do in LA but this

Is this is like right here's what got me into this whole thing in the first place is leaning out of car at high speeds getting crazy shots of other cars like seriously my first filmmaking was like Gameboy pocket like stop-motion with Hot

Wheels that was Razia looking yeah awesome acting so we've gotten to day three here at the black rifle coffee ranch and everything went really smoothly outside of a little trouble from some donkeys but I think that's

Because after spending days together on set with tiny guns – and now with this production here we've really found we work well together this is for the gag okay no that's just for daddy it's Saturday I like how I'm gonna have to do

A helicopter stunt in a robe that's gonna be an interesting one to figure out but I'm ready for it don't get kids out owners over here awesome man I've watched quarters since your guys's

First video I mean he had an executive protection job and I watched a bunch of YouTube videos dude five years ago I was carrying a gun for a living like that's the honest truth of it and now I'm like infatuated with your rig of how to shoot

Black magic it's gets to hopefully make a couple people laugh yeah I've been thinking about this a lot this week there's this like a little weird thing in the back of my mind because a lot of this stuff that we've done over the last

Ten years here like all these action scenes even the movies that like we watched for inspiration are kinda like stories about what like you guys did in real life you try and bring as much authenticity to like anything you're

Doing even if it's fake or like acting or it's like a fictional setting there's this little of there's a little fear in the back of my mind that like are we posers like these guys reowww dude if anything might take away and all of that

If you guys are taking a satirical approach to military content I'd say most people in the veteran community have a sense of like McCobb humor and and you can kind of laugh at everything that you've gone through it's not posed

At all if anything you're bringing value and call me to a much needed community I truly believe art as a whole is an outlet whatever you internalize and you compartmentalize to get through certain issues you kind of have to vent that

Creatively to make sense of it gives you a second chance of being a normal human again because for so long you can't really have a motion you know you're on target you're just like I'm getting shot at I have to return fire and everything

Else doesn't matter than the survival of me and my friends around me how do we create opportunity for the veteran community to succeed in civilian culture with whatever art that they want to I think the systemic problem with a lot of

The civilian approach and a narrative for the veteran community is that we're all broken individuals that are pill-popping depressive and guys and we're just like you guys we just had a different life trajectory and now we're

Back and just doing what we love that's making people laugh have fun live life is so short there's no dress rehearsal we've been here for almost ten days two productions five full production days and we're done

We have finished you're gonna party tonight on last weekend in Texas and we're gonna make – dope ass videos so subscribe to Cordura crew that's follow the journey

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