Do Harvard Students Know Why Cows Produce Milk?

by birtanpublished on September 20, 2020

What is the kind of the the impetus have been vegetarian rather than vegan ooh interesting so actually recently I've stopped I haven't I don't eat eggs and I've like I'm also lactose intolerant I basically don't drink milk I do ya know I think I think what I'm I think I think

Through the impetus for me at least for I mean X was easy an easier decision for me but I think the emphasis for me for being vegetarian is like what would I be able to do to like if I was to if I had to make my own food everyday would I be

Able to do it and obviously with like plants seems pretty I have no like moral you know I don't have a problem with that now the product itself when it comes to like milk I don't think I have a problem with my

Ancestors like lives in India and they like a lot of them even own cows like now right and so like I can imagine relationships with cows that are like productive and like you know can be mutualistic in my opinion you know where

Like you have a cow you give it the proper love that it deserves and and maybe I mean I think perhaps I hadn't done so much thinking until recently about how the industry has been really exploited in you know in in the products

That I buy but you know at home with the milk that we drink is like farm is like from the local farm and you know we've like visited and it seems like that's that's a place that you know we like trust and and and and and so going back

To what I was saying like I can imagine myself being that farmer and like treating the animal that way and so yeah just to interject quickly do you think that drinking cow's milk is natural for humans do you think that's what the

Milks there for well ok so I think that's that's maybe not I don't know I'm not sure that I like why does not hot produce milk well okay I mean it produces milk because like it produces milk for its sports child right

Um but I think I don't not sure that that's especially relevant because you might say that like why do we like grow grass while we grow gap grass for the cow or we do we grow it for ourselves and mentioned the word dignity earlier

And do you think that the way that we can supply animals removes them of that dignity and I guess autonomy as well that they deserve yes it completely does yeah yeah it's it's very recent for me so mainly like those way things have

Been going for me is I've been like cooking all of my meals you know begin at home and sometimes that's that's harder you know when I'm out with friends and that sort of thing but I'm you know improving as much as I can and

So one of the final questions will be well what do you think is high value say taste or life definitely life yeah and would you yourself say that when you when you buy these products you are you sometimes don't have an awareness of of

What happens to the animals and so you can I do so ever it's not like an east conscience or because it's not in your you know your kind of consciousness is something you just buy without really considering yeah that's that's very

Valid and I'm really interested to know as well because we would you mentioned that the clothing aspect of it and kind of goose it's almost infamous for like the fur trim and stuff and so I was wondering when you bought the jacket

Were you aware of of it being like a real fur trim so actually I didn't buy the buy the jacket I at least to my knowledge haven't ever purchased something this kind of blatantly I used the animals as blatantly so this was a

Gift and I was not aware at the time and of course after the fact that some research and I actually usually don't have the fur collar on because of that um it's something you think about there's only that I think about often

Yeah and I've had conversations about it it's not something that I shy away from but yeah does it make you feel uncomfortable thinking about it in the same way that that foie gras made you uncomfortable and just talked to you

From buying it yeah it's for some reason no and I'm not I'm not sure why that is I also grew up hunting and so I know the first coyote and I know that coyotes are kind of pests of nature in some ways depending on how you think of it and

That they kill other wildlife that for whatever reason we deem more worthy of life perhaps that's interesting so I don't wanna keep much longer but you hear that that what you drew on that was quite interesting it was almost like her

And it was like we draw distinctions between said species of animals right do you think those distinctions are somewhat arbitrary I think probably in the grand scheme of things yeah yeah it's interesting that we do but I think

They are somewhat arbitrary do you think you could kill the animal an animal yourself personally and if we couldn't do ourselves then why is it acceptable to pay for someone else to do on our behalf do you think that behavioral

Traits that from our ancestors should set a moral precedent for what we do today interesting no I don't think that's true but I also don't think that it's I don't think it's fair to suggest necessarily that simply because of the I

Don't think that a concept of what something was naturally made for is is all that relevant right because you might say that the leaves of his ministry are really not made to be like eaten right the leaves are supposed to

Be for photosynthesis so maybe we shouldn't have spinach or you know that these rocks weren't made I mean I know I'm not sure that we can I guess what it's naturally isn't always what is relevant but when when when a behavior

That causes has a victim involved the issue of weather and other exploitation is justified should be questioned and I think the for me the reason asking that question is not to it's not to maybe ask whether it be naturally cause be moral

Or immoral but is more to draw the the line of saying well just because we've always done something doesn't mean it should be set as a standard for a contemporary society fair enough no I don't think that's what I'm arguing

At all I do think we need to be very deliberate about the decisions that we make but I'm not sure that like considering the considering the lack of information that we haven't sent in the sense that like you know we don't really

Know what it we don't know they we didn't understand consciousness well enough I don't think we understand animal psychology well enough to suggest necessarily that that that you know and and in the way that I see it like the

Relationships that that my ancestors have with their their animals is not like it's not demeaning I don't think and I mean and and going back to the moral issue that we were talking about before

In what sense is it diminutive to animals to treat them in this way i don't know i mean i i'm actually very uncomfortable saying that that's what that relationship looks like and maybe it's it's it's it's a it's a reimagine

Ation then of what it means to to relate with the animal world in that way and and what it means to relate with nature but do you think how we use i guess before ancestrally when it was a necessity was somewhat more symbiotic

But in a modern society where it's not a necessity and because it's industrialized at such a scale than that that kind of natural hump or that a natural harmony with with the world is somewhat no longer there and so

Interesting i think yeah i think maybe that's something that we should be more deliberate about but I think the movements that we are seeing two words more these sorts of more productive relationships whether I mean obviously

These are small steps but like you know cage-free farming and and and those kinds of things like you know obviously I don't think we we are necessarily making I don't know that we're like coming to better terms with what Morley

Is right or wrong because I don't know to be honest I feel like on this issue there's there's a lot of ambiguity in terms of what what we decide for for our relationship with the animal world and I think people I think I think my my final

Point I do have to run it's not my final point that people just have to be comfortable with I think I think maybe the the paradigm of like anything that you do anything that you eat like you should feel comfortable doing to the

Animal produced it or anything that you you know anything that you in general like whether it's the tree or whatnot like if you feel like you would actually feel bad cutting down a tree then you should

Not you know use products that that that perm that would promote that sort of behavior and so maybe maybe that that's the ownership and the the responsibility that we should see is that you know try to try to try to view that when you're

Not so I guess this the final part makes I really understand you need to go is is we use that word relationship and use use that a few times but animal relationship but a relationship it contains two or several parties but

Both parties are a consensual and mutually agreeing in that relationship but the animals that we exploit are not agreeing to be used and that this centaur green to be taken to slaughter houses and even in the case of dairy and

Egg laying hens they're all still taken to that slaughterhouse and so the final point I'd leave you on is if if you're vegetarian for maybe moral considerations then to be I guess to be consistent dairy and eggs still fit into

That moral consideration of animals or builder yeah the final question I'll ask you that is what do you think is higher value taste or life taste or life yeah I would say I'd say outside life is more it's more valuable

Yeah well thank you so much I really appreciate that husband back to you yeah it really enjoyed them so what do you think as high-value taste or life definitely but you know somewhat juxtaposes our actions though when we

When we buy the product and in doing so take the life yeah yeah just yeah I won't keep for anyone I appreciate have a nice day thank you so much hope you find interesting it's not provoking at least

Right a bit of research and see what you come up with thank you do you think that being ism is something that people should be considering on unlike an ethical level absolutely yeah and I mean III think that something that is

Important too that I've found is important to point out to a lot of people and this was part of a conversation that I had with my mother after which she also like considered you know veganism and has like transition

More towards it is that it you know if if the the if the sort of moral consideration of treatment of animals you know maybe doesn't appeal to somebody there's also the fact that you know workers in like in animal

Agriculture are heavily exploited they work under terrible conditions so in essence what is the conclusion could be made that if we even if we value humans with animal consideration and not non-human animals we would still be

Logically morally obliged to be vegan purely because of the human exploitation that occurs as well absolutely and I think that's a really valid point yeah thank you so much for the conversation yeah I really appreciate


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