DJI Osmo Pocket Review (6 Months Later) – 4K camera for YouTube

by birtanpublished on September 20, 2020

Can you start a YouTube channel using only the DJI Osmo pocket in this video I'll be reviewing this little camera and explaining why I think it might be the best first camera you can buy if you're doing like a travel vlog or any type of channel like that so I'll explain the

Different channels that fit into this category and I'll show you a lot more about this camera and actually a channel that I've started using only this camera so there's a lot to talk about it's a very impressive little camera for about

$350 shoots 4k 60 has an amazing little mechanical gimbal on it and it's actually really one-of-a-kind so there's a lot to talk about this video let's get into it so it's important to note that I bought this back in December and that's

What most of the reviews were made and so many months later now DJI has released too many firmware updates and software updates so changes to the app and changes to the camera so that now it yes it does have hyperlapse finally yes

It does have Pro Mode so you can change the white balance in the camera you can change the exposure in the camera it also has a ton of other stuff like I save and I'll show you that later on in the video

But there's a lot to talk about this camera you definitely don't want to miss this stick around for this entire video because there are so many different settings in here that are just absolutely amazing for the price point

Of this camera so you might have seen a couple reviews out there that maybe you compare this camera to the GoPro or maybe to the newest DJI camera but honestly this one is totally different and it deserves its own category because

It doesn't just stabilize digitally like you might see you don't need a massive mechanical gimbal that uses gravity on it you don't need electrical gimbal this thing right here is literally just a drone camera mounted onto a little stick

Basically and you can carry it around capture amazing cinematic footage and there are different ways you can stabilize it so a lot of videos that I saw it didn't even show this there are three different stabilization methods

For this one so the first one is tilt control one as you can see I can turn this in any any orientation I want so if I tilt it like this it stays level tilted like this it stays level and the only thing that you can actually do is

Turn it this way and so because of that you end up with a really nice smooth footage in any type of walking situation when you're bouncing around or rotating or anything holds it extremely still the second

Stabilization method is called first-person view and the way you access it is by going down into the settings below and tapping that right there and it goes into first-person view and first-person view means that

Whenever you turn it it essentially turns with the unit in every direction you turn it but it'll either slow follow or fast fall at which you can control with this right here so slow follow you turn you see it's a little more lag so

It just moves it out a little bit more now the third way you can stabilize top that again and it gets follow this is where it's really really cool so if you're following first of all you can turn in will follow and make nice smooth

Footage or you can actually plug in your phone and choose a subject to track and it'll track a subject so I could be walking around and you know I'll show you that right now you can be walking around and this will literally follow

You and it's almost like having a personalized cameraman so really an amazing thing that this little camera can do like I said it does so much more than you realize for just $350 so just to give you guys a quick tour of this

Device right here you'll see that you have a three axis gimbal on the top your camera lens is right there then you have a little screen right there it's fairly straightforward you have a little adapter here that you can flip around

And plug into your phone and I'll show you that in just one second then you have just two mechanical buttons one of them is going to recenter or turn it around and the other one is going to be a record button on the side you have a

Micro SD slot on the bottom USB C to charge this and that's literally all there is except actually there is also a microphone on the bottom so you want to make sure we in your filming you don't accidentally cover up the microphone

Keep your hand open or hold it from the side a little bit more like that so before we get any farther in this video if you're new here and you are starting a YouTube channel or Facebook or Instagram or any kind of online

Influence start your growth now by going down and clicking the subscribe button my brother and I are putting out videos every single week we have a very aggressive schedule this month and we're putting so many videos out to help you

Guys and just free education here guys it's all about learning and helping you grow your channels as we try to grow our own so the stabilization is cool and it obviously shoots video and takes photos but what else can this camera actually

Do well from the main window right there if you go over and swipe right then you can go down and see not only to the video but they have slow-motion right there which when you go over again you see you can do 1080p at four times so

Essentially 120 frames per second slowed down to 30 so you get some really nice slow cinematic footage and when it's stabilized it's even more amazing and cinematic so I'll show you some more clips like that in a second the next one

Down is time-lapse and when you go down to time-lapsed you'll see again there are two different ways you can do this so you can have a still time-lapse which is really cool for a lot of you know just

B-roll trying to enhance and show the audience what they're looking at where they are and speed up time or something you know anything of that sort but there's also a motion lapse which is amazing because that's something you

Typically need a multi-thousand dollar camera setup to do and this little 350 dollar camera just brings your video up to the next level instantly with a motion lapse and essentially what it is is a time-lapse that starts in one spot

And sort of pans over to the next designated spot it's really easy to set this up all you do is turn the gimbal to wherever you want the starting position to be change this little knob on the side so you can go up or down so we'll

Start up and then you just half the middle then turn it to wherever the end position is and go down and do that and if you're using mobile you can actually set up you know three or four different spots rather than just this one right

Here moving down the last thing you have is panorama as you see right there panorama has two different ways you can do this these are just gonna be still shots you can do a 180 panorama which your phone probably already does or you

Can do a 3×3 pamorah panorama which is just a very wide angle shot it'll take you know nine total pictures and smash them together two cool ways to take different photos for Instagram if that's what you're looking for but overall this

Thing really excels with video so some quick tips with this if you're gonna use it you want to know that the right button here is going to be your way to go instantly to video or instantly to photo no matter what you're in it'll go

To photo or to video if you double tap it it'll recenter as you'll see right there it'll recenter and then if you triple tap it it actually turns around into selfie mode and you can record yourself so just cool ways you can flip

Between you know whatever you're doing and then back to vlog mode hold it out like this actually you know what we'll test the audio out as well to show you what vlog mode really looks like so we're on blue mountain right now and

Right now it's a little cloudy but right before I started filming this it was sunny and you could see everything but you could see Mount Baker over there you can see Canada and you could see like all kinds of just mountains in every

Direction you can see the ocean over there or at least a bay so really really cool spot if it's not cloudy although I feel like it usually is because you're at the level of the clouds it's like five thousand eight hundred feet up here

Okay so in order to track things all you have to do is in the app tap and drag a little wreck around your subject and you'll see little green rectangle shows up around them and it's in tracking mode so if I

Set this down you'll see it's gonna track me no matter where I go sometimes it overshoots so if I'm walking around talking it's gonna be following me as if it were just like a cameraman there if you move fast

Sometimes it overshoots though like you tall right there but overall it's generally pretty good at following you can change it from fast fall to slow fall I always just leave it at fast when it's following me and again this is also

The onboard audio so you can see what the microphones sound like I'm literally right in front of it it's in front-facing mode so it's important to note that it does sound better in front-facing mode actually let's turn it

Around really quick so when it's in rear mode like this you'll notice the audio is not quite as good as it was when he was in normal selfie mode so because the microphones are on the front selfie mode is going to be the better audio when

You're recording so I want to show you guys how you actually connect this to your phone so all you have to do is flip the little thing around so you have your adaptor sticking out and then this right here is USBC like I said there's also an

Apple one and then you just plug it in when you have the MIMO app open you want to download the DJI MIMO app because there's a lot of DJI apps actually so once you're in the app we'll try to show it all right here you have a little

Joystick in the corner you can control where it's looking and then over here is essentially where all of your main camera settings are between you know this one and right there so right there you'll see you have your settings when

You want to go follow or if you want to do you know first-person view whatever it is fast follow slow follow right here you can change the quality of it so if you want 1080 or 4k and then with each one you can change the frame rate

Unfortunately you can't do super fine with 4k so you can do 1080p super fine quality if you hit the three dots you get a lot of other options with you know what kind of file format you want if you want a grid if you want anything you

Know a ton of other stuff right there and it's really cool how you can change all of that within the app now as you go down you have you know time-lapse hyperlapse is another one that I like you know you can also access it from a

Little screen right here when it's not connected to your phone but just showing you right here hyperlapse is essentially just sort of like a fast-forward it's a time-lapse where you're actually moving and walking around and so typically you

Want to be in follow mode so you're selected on a single object when you're going the whole time so it stays you know relatively in the middle of your video I save is cool because you can take a video and it instantly saves it

Directly to your phone and so that's just something cool you can there's also beauty options right there if you want to call them beauty options whatever you want to call them and it'll essentially change like your your eyes

And your nose and you know stuff like that I don't never mess with that I don't take selfies with this and if I do you know it's a face beyond recovery anyway so something that they're sort of pushing really hard in this app is in

The top corner a story mode if you just tap the little colorful box you'll see all these different stories that you can make and you'll see right there all it does is so if we just say start we can take several different videos so we'll

Take one just kind of panning across this way it'll say start so we'll pan so that was obviously a really bad one because I was using my studio right here but if you go to preview it essentially makes these little so just kind of a

Cool thing that it does right there what makes these little stories for you and edits everything you know automatically right on board so there's probably like 10 or 12 different stories you can use right there and honestly they're all

Really cool if you want to post something to Instagram it's just a fun little thing to do overall I'm not using those on YouTube really I usually do my own editing hopefully you're doing your own editing

But if not it's just a cool thing cool at least a fun thing to have on this camera something else to note here is if you turn it 90 degrees it flips into portrait mode and it acts totally the same except the camera is now vertical

So if you're doing Instagram videos you definitely want to know to always use it this way a little weird you have to hold it sideways but at least you get those really nice vertical shots also within here if you go down from the top you

Have your settings up there and then you can go and change just the basics of what your file format is and then pro mode you can turn on or off so if you go to pro mode and you turn it on in the top corner you have this little icon and

When you go there you can change you know your exposure and you can change you know your volume you can change your color temperature there's a lot of that you can actually change with pro mode just by going up to the top corner and

You can change tons of different things so exposure will just have Auto right now it seems to work very well with that so now that the Osmo pockets been out on the market for quite some time there quite a few accessories out for it when

They first released it and when I actually first bought it there were almost no accessories I had to build my own tripod for it but now that it's been out there's tons of things you can attach it to GoPro mounts now there's

Different stands for it and you can even have like Bluetooth mount for it so you can connect wirelessly with your phone that's great if you have a phone that maybe doesn't have USB C and you don't have an Apple phone you can try using

Bluetooth overall there's definitely a lot this camera keeps impressing me and I'm sure DJI is going to keep releasing updates for it just to key making it more and more impressive definitely a great camera I highly recommend this for

Any channel that is going to be a Travel Channel or a vlog channel or a channel that's just looking for some extra b-roll literally any style of channel could use this if you're doing like a boring one just like this where you're

Sitting and talking maybe then it's not the best camera to get but it's still a great camera for almost any application at all so I think that's pretty much all I have to say about the DJI Osmo pocket I hope you enjoyed this video if you did

Please remember to Like and subscribe also comment down below I want to know what are your thoughts on the DJI Osmo pocket will you be buying one will you not be buying one and if not why not let me know what you are looking for that

This thing does not have to offer and as always guys if you want to find out more tips for starting a YouTube channel we have a free pdf down in the description literally just click on it download it and use it as much as you want come back

And comment and let us know what you think of it thanks for watching guys I'll see you next time

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