DIY Tiny House Kitchen

published on July 9, 2020

Today's video we have a treat for youfor all of the people who've beenwatching us andcrying out for tiny house livinginformation i've got a perfecttiny house kitchen for you eight feetlong it has all the amenities and it's

Gonna save you a ton of moneyand you get all the amenities at homelet's get into this sowhat we have here is a basement bar butit's an eight foot wall and it couldsecond as a beautiful model for anybody

Who wants to build a tiny houseif you're going to live out of a largevan or you're going to do a containerhouseor just put a really small spot in themiddle of the country somewhere

One thing that all tiny houses have incommon is they function almost entirelyon electric hydrofrom solar panels so what you need is away to cookwithout using way too much hydro and if

You canbuild a tiny house kitchen like thisit's going to eliminate the need for anygas supplyand any open flame and you can stillcook in your kitchen

We're going to show you all the latestadvancements on how you can do thisfirst of all let me just run down thewhole idea of this kitchen hereand then we'll start installing all thefixtures and you can follow along with

Uswhat we have here is an eight-footcounter we have a sink areawe have an 18-inch dishwasher which isawesome becausetiny house living usually is only for a

Couple people makes sensewe have a 24 inch cabinet with a undermount sinkand then this cabinet here is actuallyhalf this is dedicated for a microwavedrawer

Which is brilliant because one of thelargest challenges with tiny houselivingis counter space so this way you get aneight foot counter and your microwave ispart of the cabinetry

Pulls out you can set things in has asoft close feature we're going to showyou thatand at the very end is going to be themost amazing thing we're going to have adedicated video for the installation and

Operation of thisbut this is the new invisi cook undermountokay induction cooking stove so whatthis isit's a stove that actually gets mounted

To the underside of the granitecountertopand the technology transfers the theheatto the pan so you just cook right on topof your countertop

And then when you're done it doesn'tleave the counter hot so it's perfectlysafe as wellno open flame no need for a hood fan noneed for any kind ofpropane fuel so you avoid all those

Costs you can get this installed hereand it gives you that extra two feet ofcounter space which is brilliantso eight feet of counter almost eightfull feet of working spacethis is brilliant let's get into this

We're gonna start installing themicrowave first and show you how thatgets togetherand then the granite guy is going to behere in a few minutes to install thecountertop

We'll go through the rest of thosefeatures and show you how to put thistogether because you can live in a tinyhouse and you can install everythingyourselfso believe it or not it looks like this

Machine is designed to beexact fit for any ikea cabinet that's 24inches wideand a half drawer size brilliant allwe've got to do is take our shelfand notch out a little bit in the back

To make room for this cable because mypower supply is a little bit lower thanthe shelf height no big dealjust quick oh now we can slide this inplacethere we go i love it when installation

Is this quick and easynow matt what i'm going to get you to dohere you can hold thiswe are going to undo all this packagingthat we won't have access to laterand let's just go and install this as is

Okayall right just slide that in nowfeed that all the way down niceso one of the benefits the microwavedrawerlook at this this is awesome it comes

With a little defrost right here just tohold things off the ground for aircirculationpush a button and it closes that isawesomewow that's a good looking machine

Popcorn covers yeah yeah fantasticso there you go half of a drawerall your counter space is stillavailable loving it this is awesomenext thing to put in our little tinykitchen here

Is our tiny dishwasher it should haveall the functionality of every otherdishwasheri'm hoping that as far as electricityelectricity is concerned it's just plugand play

Let's take a have a look hereoh wow again z-line experts in packaginghere we arethis is awesome beautifulso when you set up your roughing foryour tiny kitchen make sure that you

Understandeven though it's a small appliance itstill connects the same as traditionalso you're going to need a supply linefor a 14-2 cableto come to the front underneath the

Dishwasher to make the connection forpowerand the drain supply is going to gothrough a hole in the cabinetwe have a complete tutorial on how toinstall the dishwasher you can click the

Card up here if youneed to see that right away other thanthat all you need to knowis that everything you need for yourinstallation comes with thisso you have the hardware for mounting

And installingand the toe kick all right buteverything related to connecting thewater supplyand the drain underneath the sink you'regoing to have to buy extra

Again so if you need that information wehave it in our other videothis however it's a perfect spin for aneatfit for an 18 inch space here we gobeautiful all right let's go install the

Doorthere we are that's the handle hidingthere okayquick shout out to our friends over atappliance educatorthat's a youtube channel dedicated to

Teaching people how to installappliancesthese guys actually made this possibleand put us in touch with zlineto help make this video possible so wejust wanted to say thank you very much

All right so let's just talk about someof the pros and cons of tinykitchen and tiny house living and someof the decisions you've got to makebecause oh wow this is beautifulyou know there's two kinds of tiny

Living from what i can gather from alltheinformation i've been seeing on theinternet there's the people that arelooking for tiny house living becausethey're

Economically challenged in regards toyou know how many how much money theyhave to live on and they're looking forways to lower the cost of livingand i get that you know living out ofyour van or whatever

I get the attraction but a kitchen likethis is moredesigned for like the small family thatare looking foruh a the financial aspect of it but bealso

The responsibility aspect where they'rechallengingthe status quo for the way that we liveour lives so if you'rein the world and you're one of thesesmall families and you're looking

For a way to live off the grid orlive in a much more lowerimpact on the environment kind oflifestyles closer to naturei'm telling you right now this kind ofkitchen is amazing for you because

You get all the benefits right you gettohave a kitchen that's completelydependent on electricity onlyso you can make your own power you don'thave to have the added cost because

There's no flame of a hood fanan exhaust system the space that ittakes up to put that equipment inyou don't have to have a propane supplysystem eitherespecially if you're from the south you

Don't need to worry about heating yourtiny house in the winter so then you canhave your entire system runon just the solar panel array on theroof which is brilliantbecause the solar panel technology has

Come a long wayin the next couple years we're going tohave solar power solar power that canactually replace all the energy needsfor your whole homeall right now these door panels they

Just stick together really simple i justlove itnow all the hardware for attaching thedoor panel comes in the bagthat's in the dishwasher the first timei ever installed this i freaked out i

Didn't know what i was doingi sent matt to the store to buy hardwarei was guilty i broke my own rule ididn't read the instructions firstall right here we go now we gotall this here

Brilliant take off this extra packagingbefore we attach the handleokayall rightright all we got to do now is take awayall that protective coating

That takes a few minutes so we'll dothat later um now we just got to getready because our granite guy is comingto install our countertopafter that we're going to be able toinstall the sink and the faucet and then

It's time for us to do the invisa cooknow this is going to be an amazinglittle featureif you like this kind of informationgive us a thumbs up while we're waitingfor our granite guy

And don't forget to ask your questionsabout tiny house living in the commentssection belowi am by no means an expert on all thingsrelated to tiny housesbut i can help you solve a lot of your

Problems with the way you're designingthem sofeel free to jump into the conversationall rightwell the counters are in just installedthe microwave again

Remember the reason was is i wasconcerned about this handle being in theway because what they do when they bringin a granite slabis they stand it like this and they liftit up put the weight on the edge

And then they roll it and i was afraidthat this might have just beenin the way and got all scratched upthat's right check it out real quick andput it back next couple things we got inour little tiny kitchen here

We have a great 24 inch sinknow a lot of people think sinks need tobe really big butif you have a smaller spaceyou can still have a huge sink checkthis out

Alright that's 10 inch deep one largesquarethat is big enough to handle just aboutany of your workoh yes it comes coated lovelyfantastic sink from zline it's part of

Their newofferings and of course it's going tocome with the basket strainerand installation hardware for the sinkto the marbleor your granite or your cords here we

Aredouble check this out brilliantso traditionally plumbing starts fromthe basket strainer onthat's your responsibility as ahomeowner so there is something called

The tail pieceit's a little piece of copper or brassand it has a little flattenedhead on it and you would stick thatright in heretighten this on and then you can connect

It to your abs plumbing i thinkafter we install the sink we'll showthat in another video but for now i justwant to show you a really cool featurewhen we had the countertop delivered weasked them not to install it

Which basically means to put silicone tohold it in place sowe have the ability to slide this offhere we go and i'm going to roll it upbecause remember i talked about theinvisia countertop it's actually going

To be installed right hereso what we did is we had the graniteguyswe machined out the underside to thecorrect thicknessthat we need to mount the stove because

There's a certain thickness of granitethat can communicate with the pot andthe stove together to cause the cookingactionso when my buddy curtis comes here frominvisio cook

We're going to be able to install thishere lay it downand then the last piece of this cabinethere will just be a tilt drawerand that'll access the electronics tofunction the stove

So until that's installed we can't putour sink inyeah now this particular countertopsnug as a bug and a rug the company thatwe use comes in and they have a speciallittle tabs

It's all computer laser generated andthey cut the countertop exactly the samecontour as the wallso if you're not going to use abacksplash you can actually finish thisoff with just a bead of clear silicone

And then finallywe have the z-line faucetnownow being economical is in your purviewand this is a brilliantlittle faucet it's only a few hundred

Dollarsit's a single hole has a pull downcontraption here okay wonderfulnothing wrong with this at all andgenerally if you want an easyinstallation

You can install this before your you putthe sink inbecausethat is easy right you just shove it inthe hole but here's the thingwith this particular countertop in the

Cabinet our sinkis actually just a little bit biggerthan our sink cabinetokay so once we have this countertoprolled forwardand we install the invisicook i'm going

To then install my sink on my cabinetand lay this down over top of iti'm just over here checking out theappliance educatoryoutube channel these are the guys thatmade all this possible get all these

Appliances in herethey connected us up with z-line they'vegot a bunch of different install videoson here andi was just checking because this went inso easily i'm thinking i'm missing

Something butapparently not listen if you're doingall your own home appliances andinstallations i'm going to recommend youknow go check them outall right so these are the guys that

Made all this possible applianceeducator they hooked us up with thez-line brandlisten they're making videos like maddogs to help people out to do theinstallation so if you

Are a homeowner that's going to bebuying appliances i suggest subscribe totheir channelthey may not have a video for you todaybut they're gonna have it soon becausethey're making a lot of great content

And i was just checking to make surethat this was right becausethe best of my knowledge it was thatsimple i plugged it in i screwed thebracket in the framei mean and that's it

This also reacts to a pushbrilliant loving this product and ofcourse no kitchen would be completewithout a fridgelisten the way we design this area isthis we've got an eight foot island

Gives us six feet of storage and a twofoot deep half fridgeokay now this fridge is from king'sbottle they're amazingthey make quality product right that'sjust

Awesome and it also has seating for fourwhich means this entire kitchen diningroom is 100 square feetnow you can put this kind of aconfiguration inside of a shippingcontainer

Or a very very small building and livequite comfortably and have allyour needs supplied now let's get tosome before and after shotsthanks for watching our video today ifyou learned something that was helpful

Then give us a thumbs upso consider subscribing to our channeland turn on the notifications so thatyou are notified every time we have anew videowhich should be about twice a week okay

Soif you want to see what we're currentlyworking on then check out our link forinstagram it's in the description downbelowand other than that maybe if you're

Renovating your house and you're lookingfor a little more helpwe do have a members program we're hereto help you out check the link righthere and look at our member programit might be right for you otherwise

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