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by birtanpublished on September 20, 2020

Welcome to home renovation YouTube channel that's designed to help homeowners do DIY projects and renovate their homes and get professional results today we are talking about tiling your bathroom shower now this is a really popular DIY project but there are a lot

Of people doing it wrong and you have to be careful because if you're gonna do a tile job in your home and you don't get a professional finish it's gonna show when you go to sell your house and it's gonna affect the value of your home so

Stay with us today we're going to show you how to do it and do it right now you know that I'm a firm believer that the best contractor you can have in your house is yourself but this is one

Of these topics of conversation we need to have because there is information that you're missing if you're just going to go and tile your bathroom and if you're going to start on one side and work your way across start at the bottom

And build up you're gonna tile it wrong it's not that simple bathrooms are unique in design both in the dimensions of the walls and the fact that we complicate our lives using a variety different style sizes of stone

And we complicate our lives with shower knishes so what we're gonna follow through today is a step-by-step tutorial on how to layout your shower and it's not going to matter what kind of style you use it's all about in the process

All right so today is about how to organize yourself so that you're gonna start in the right place you can finish in the right place and you're gonna have beautiful lines and not have a bunch of stupid little slivers laying around or

Have everything seem like it's sitting to the one side or all on a slope okay so here comes a whole pile of information for you hopefully this will help you with your project at home so that you can have a professional-looking

Shower and you can do it for free all right here we go so this is a pretty basic and normal tile installation we have a tub that's put on a floor and it's a wood frame construction house so the floor is not level you don't want to

Try to level your tub all right it is a really difficult process you're not going to get the structural support that you want and it's going to cause a difficulty if your tub is out by more than one degree then maybe you need to

Take a look at some leveling solutions before you put the tub in but in most cases the tub is never installed level but the tile needs to be and this is one of the first secrets you need to identify the high point on this tub okay

And the low point on the tub and realize that you can always cut a little bit off the bottom to make it keep this Lane level at the top all right but what you can't do is you can't stretch the tile so if you start at the high side and you

Come across and then you have this huge gap you're in a lot of trouble and you're not gonna get a good look so here's what we do first step is really a good tile job is go out and buy yourself that laser level

I'm gonna put that in the description below everybody needs one of these if you're gonna renovate at home missus they must have tool you get a laser level out and you just screw to the wall and then you can have your line to work

With the entire time I like to use mine actually max gave me one of his camera stands and so it threads on top and I can raise it up because I'm going through the whole process every one of my lines perfect it takes all the

Guesswork out of what you're doing and then remember most people their eyes aren't perfectly balanced one is higher than the other one and if you install tile based on what you see you're most likely always going to put it on an

Angle so use a laser level so that everybody who comes into room is going to see it's perfect next when you build your niche you need to take your tile and in this case we have a four by 16 and you need to think about where the

Niche goes in advance you can't just cut it out into the wall and put the hole where you think it's comfortable it's going to look good it has to be where the tile finishes and where the tile lines starts okay and this is something

That you have to measure out now we've got a video that explains how to do this really well so we're gonna have a link at the description below remember the most important process here is pick your tile first before you build your

Bathroom all right you need to have your tile on hand so that you can measure out how tall it is from the tub to the niche before you build your niche so that your lines line up where they need to be whether it's gonna be a four by sixteen

Like this so I got a twenty inch to the top and then another 16 inches to here or if you have a different size stone you've got to sort that out in advance so that you can finish right on these lines and these lines will connect and

Be very continuous you're not going to get slivers slivers are the enemy okay so whenever you're tiling and you get slivers which have little thin pieces in either direction that's a sure tell-tale sign that

Someone's done something wrong so we need to avoid that now once you've got your niche set up and cut out and waterproofed and you're all ready to go now you have to take into account the dimension of your stone and

There are really only two ways to do this you have to set up a center line on your wall and you're either going to start with your stone center of the stone on the center line we're gonna start with a

Grout on the center line now in this case we're going with a half offset which means we're going like this so no matter what stone we start with the next row is gonna be the exact opposite so this is not a concern if you're doing

Stack stone then it becomes really crucial okay to make sure that you get that perfect so all you do is you set up your center line here by measuring this out and I know it's a 60 inch tub with one inch of drywall so I'm looking at

Twenty nine and a half inches is my center line okay draw that on the wall and the way we do tile layout is actually it's a physical way we do it we take our tile and we lay them out now in this case I

Have about two inches left over which will work perfect all right the other option is to start right there about a half tile and then I go over like this and then I'm finishing over

Here with almost a half but an inch shy of a half so now I know that no matter what I'm doing with my design I'm in good shape okay if I follow that up I'm gonna have that situation there and that's gonna be perfect so in every

Situation along this wall I'm not going to get a sliver and the opposite is true here consider what it looks like when you wrap it around the wall so we'll start off the centerline and of course we're gonna be a little bit short now

We're going to be cutting two inches off we don't want to start this row with a two inch of cut that's not a good look because it'll be look like it's almost a full tile we should start the next tile as a full tile okay now here we have the

Centerline of the tub my my tile isn't on that center line when I do that so now I want to take a look at this two tiles is more than I need because I'm also gonna have a door casing okay so what we want to do in this case because

We're doing half offset is we want to move our center line if you will right on the middle of the tub it's not enough it won't make it all the way to the casing of the door so here what I'm going to suggest is we're going

To go like this we're gonna measure off and put a mark for our door casing and in this case we're gonna go with 2 and 1/8 it's a very standard building casing if yours is bigger then make that mark now we're gonna measure from here to

That mark it's 32 inches so 16 is actually the middle okay right here and we're gonna use that as our center line on this wall and on the other side we'll do something very similar but we're gonna be allowed to go a little bit

Further okay so we can go with a full tile and half tile over here and then we're going to do that on this side just to keep things simple so we don't have so much cutting is we will lay out two full tiles okay and then we will just go

With a half tile full tile half tile and we use a decorative edge that's it so this side did we don't have to do any configuring at all it doesn't matter if our grout line here is a little bit different than the other side because

They are on opposite walls okay so you're gonna be fine so now we've got a configuration use the center line approach whenever you're wondering if you're going to have issues because like 5 or 7 here

That's my tile I'm gonna have cut off over here every single time on the left side only and over here I'm gonna be building with full tile half tile and that will keep things nice and clean and simple and it will all look amazing whoo

So once you've got your configuration worked out and you're happy with where your starting and stopping and you know how you're going to finish I wants time to start setting your tile and the way we do that is we take our laser level

And we check all our quarters for the high and low point and here we are looking at 3 and 7/8 300 7/8 3 and 7/8 got a move so I can see my laser 3 and 3/4 and then a little bit shorter than that this wall ok 3 and 1/2 over here so

That means that this wall and this the beginning of this wall are the same height that's my low side so this is where I'm going to start tiling ok and then I'm going to grind the bottom of these tiles

To fit all the way around knowing that I'm going to finish it with a silicon if you're grinding off 1/8 to 1/4 or 3/8 of tile okay you're not gonna notice that visually when you're finished that's not a concern what you will notice when

You're finished is if you start on the high side and you end up with a 3/8 Grove line over here because then you're gonna have to use a massive amount of silicone to close that gap or you're gonna see

Silicone and grout and that will just look ridiculous so here we go now we've got all that sorted out remember once you get the first line done the rest of it it's just Lego ok so it's all about

Taking your time and be impatient sorting out all your details before you start and then you won't run into trouble once you start mixing cement and putting it on the wall all right so instead of just leaving you

With the information on how to lay it out and then letting you figure it all out on your own from there we're gonna do the first row and demonstrate the process that you're gonna have to go through like I said once you get the

First row down the rest of it's just like Lego and it's rather simple now um many of you know I do a lot of shopping at the Home Depot not because we're sponsored but because it's close and I've gotten spoiled with

It we didn't use to have much competition in Canada until the Lowe's showed up a few years back so for a lot of years is pretty much the only game in town so I'm gonna show you this little clip system these are some spacers and

These are some flat clips that are great for small tile okay there are other clips I've got a curved bottom and they're designed to really move tile around in weird situations but if you're gonna use a leveling clip system from

The Home Depot make sure you get the ones with the flat bottom not the curved bottom for wall tile or it will drive you crazy now I'm gonna just forget the cement that I want to show you this when I hold this tile flat against the wall

And then come in contact with the tub and then I go you'll see that it falls okay because the back of these tubs they have this little scoop curve they can be a little maddening so if you have access to the map I ultralight cement or some

Other lightweight compound or something that'll bond to the waterproofing membrane that we rolled on we'll hold the tile to the wall so it doesn't slip that'll really be helpful otherwise you're gonna have to do this okay I need

Some of these clips now now these clips are big wedges designed to close up all the the tile lippisch okay when you're installing wall tile but you'll see the very end here is very thin and it has a flat section and that can be used just

Down here to make sure that everything doesn't come in contact with the tub because there's this scoop we have a little bit of flexibility but you'll notice my line doesn't have to be on the edge it's just there as a visual aid

Really and now I've got a sixteenth here and a little bit more here so and just slowly push down on this side until I get that scoop happening and lift up this side a little bit until my line is very consistent across that tile okay

Now I love it no because it's sensitive and because of the scoop what I'm gonna suggest is you tile the first row and if you don't have an ultra light cement that'll hold the tile in place then you let it dry overnight before you come

Back and build the rest of the shower once you've got your first row all perfectly level let the cement set up and bond so that you can build on a nice level surface then you're not going to run into problems like I need to do is

Take your little clips knowing that you're half offset put one just to the each side of the center line so that when you come back tomorrow your clips are in place here we go and we'll just do that on every one of our our tiles

Until the whole first row is done and then we're good to go this one is short I need it cut to do your best to be as accurate as you can with the limitation may be the wall it may be part of the tub depending on the

Situation here so pay attention to what your company running into and then remember you have mercy you've got the thickness of the tile on the other side plus cement that'll be built out so if this is the actual you actually want to

Cut just a little bit more off okay give yourself a little bit of mercy there now on the other side by the way it's really handy to have somebody around who can do all your cutting point here we go we're gonna see if because of

That scoop on the tub if I'm gonna be able to get this one installed at all I think I'm gonna be able to make that work okay so I have just enough mercy I'm gonna be able to tie all this one as well without

Cutting now if you wanted to see my cutting process you're gonna have to watch another video for that I'm a big believer in using a grinder and a simple scratch tool all right so before we set our tiles into place we're gonna put our

Clips on remember you're putting the clip in position so that when I put my next row on it'll pick that up now you see how off for this look how crooked that is all right this is where these yellow things come in so handy whoa

There we go it's a very consistent line now that's a good point so my son is doing my cutting for me today I asked if he could use the sharpie instead of my black workers from Milwaukee and like it doesn't really matter the brand they're

Both permanent markers but you see this is a glazed tile so it comes right off so if you have a glazed wall tile which you probably should in a shower anyway this is great because you can make a mark now that's not gonna wash off on a

Wet saw very easily and it's really easy to read versus trying to put a pencil line on that that's why I like using these these are great okay so he's cutting that tile we've already decided that we're gonna

Be going full tile over here as well so I'll get started with that one and you can see that this doesn't really take a whole lot of time even when the tubble is not tub is not level it's not a huge process to go through this now if you're

Wondering why I'm not worried about cement down here it's because I don't need to be concerned about putting some in where the tile flanges it's so recessed what I'm gonna be doing is I'm going to be finishing that one off with

A silicone anyway we'll just leave that there for now until the other tile gets in place but what I am gonna do is use this yeah that was good we're gonna measure our cut are you gonna be ridiculously you gotta be joking it's

Exact right to my tune in eighth line that is crazy we got that one cutting out awesome thank you all right now the only trick you have to remember here folks just keep the cut line in behind the closed joint don't make that mistake

And have that showing okay here we go now we got the cut line going into the corner I'm gonna get our spacers in before we press it to the wall too tightly remember because there's a half tile on the next row you're gonna need

To put a spacer for the other side of that tile as well same thing here this tile is gonna be a half tile so it needs to and then one more to pick up the full tile it goes there who are Bert thank you now let's just double-check this

With a sixteenth grout line Wow that is awesome no that doesn't happen every day but when it happens it feels good because now I know that I can use half tile all the way up that wall and so I can set my cutter off and say go

Make ten tiles cut in half because I know we're gonna need them exactly like that all right here we go and we're just using a little bit of space just to get it off the tub and there is a practical reason for this all right I'm not just

Doing it to level I'm using these spacers as well because acrylic tubs that you're gonna be buying out there today when you fill them full of water there's a lot of deflection they move okay and you don't want your tile

Sitting directly on it or it will squeak as people get in and out of the tub yeah remember this is gonna be a half tile here you're gonna need to get that spacer in there as well now it was a great time to go around and

Make sure everything is just the way you want it this is the time to be picky folks all right I'm not happy with the way this is sitting look man we got to come around the other side so here we go now we got screw and

Then wallboard so let's make sure we measure we measure to the screw here we go Mady when I put my tile right on the tub see my mark hits that tub the tile I was happening as I go to the back that's a

Lot higher than what I wanted okay so what I know is I'm going to need a little bit of grinding work done here and we use a 4 inch grinder with a continuous rim blade that just chews through this stuff like butter and what

I'm going to do is I'm going to take in the account that I'm taking that extra eighth off and I'm going to go from that down to zero just by turning my wrist and creating mmm nothing to it alright we're going to start with that cut that

Dry in that and then we will stick that one in alright so my son just told me well alright way to show them the technique that takes years of practice so or you can just measure you know your 3/16 is the zero and you can take

Another tile and line it up and I'm pretty sure most homeowners are smart enough to figure this one out but you can just use that in here get the same result a little bit straighter to the lines a lot straighter than your cutting

black crap out there I mean it rubs off max but usually it takes a little bit of your skin with it right all right here it comes the moment of truth so we've got our end cut and our slope cut into

This now you will see that this tile we cut off a little bit more than we needed to it's not a concern because the amount that I cut is actually equivalent to the size of the bead of the silicon joint

That I'm going to be using and that's why it's always a safe place to start if you go with a 3/16 cut to maybe a quarter when you know you're gonna have an issue you'll always be fine no here we go now this is where the

Trick comes in because this little spacer it has steps on it okay see those ridges and the way it works is you put it underneath in your on the flat spot but when you start turning it left every time you hit another step it raises the

Edge of that tile okay I know sits there now it's actually too tall right now so that gap is gonna be easily covered with silicone so I know this tile is gonna install just fine some cement well here's your option right you either

Cut the bottom of the tub to make it your first row tile level so that your niche can be installed level or you gotta wait to cut your nation until after you've started installing your stone and then match this being crooked

As well it's funny because even though it's just a little bit crooked it really shows there's something about things that just aren't level that they just scream at you okay No back to our program need one here one

There and one in the corner okay and for anybody who's watching this and you're not familiar with this kind of leveling system this just sits here and when when everything is done and dry it just it breaks right off

It'll this least stays on behind the wall so what this does is you use these same yellow clips there and you cause compression to pull everything nice and tight that's the whole point of that system ok so what I'm gonna do now is

Leave this installed just temporarily and you'll see visually visually this this this looks ok but when this corner is raised up to where it should be everything is gonna look amazing er this corner needs just a

Little touch there we go no that is perfect the back of this top is actually not level either so this corner is actually higher than this corner very interesting so that means that in this corner we're gonna need to

Take out that 3/16 and then on the other side we're gonna go up to a full quarter so we're going to just do this little trick that I showed you we're gonna have my boy grind that out I'm gonna just mark where the red line

Is and bring it over here translate you see how much taller it is it's another eighth of taller so what I'll do is I'll just take this line then I'm gonna go like this I'm going to line up my marker with my

Bent wrist then I'm going to straighten my wrist as I come across there's my line there's my angle okay now one more thing to consider here and that is the edge of the tunnel when I come across the line up my spaces I don't want to

Just cut all the way across I have to stop at the edge of this tub okay all right take a quick second and we rub all the extra off this is just communicate with my cutter okay he's been with me on enough for these jobs he knows that

That's gonna be the edge of the tub so I can just give them both of these and they'll come back finished and we'll finish the video one of the things that we're gonna be doing here is you're gonna be using a

Edging on the tile so what I do take my knife and I'm just gonna clean this cement off the back of that time what I'm doing is I'm just getting rid of the cement there cuz my tile edge has a piece that slides in behind it's about

An inch so you want to just clean the cement from behind the tile if you're smart enough to think in advance don't add it to the first place now that is all we can do today all right we do not want to start building on this tile

Because the cement will not hold the weight and it'll all start to sloped into the tub and your lines will go to a disaster be patient and do yourself a favor don't run forward thinking you're saving yourself time and energy because

You'll be ripping it all off the wall tomorrow morning now if you'd like to see how this project turns out check out the link at the end of the video for a reality my division episode give us a thumbs up if you like the content don't

Forget to subscribe if you haven't and by all means hit that little bell icon it'll get a little exclamation marks and they'll tell you yes you will be notified if every time a video comes up from us which is every week Saturday

Night of 9 and we throw in a few extras now and again too don't forget that your questions in the comment section below I'm a little crazy but I still answer those every single day we're here to help we want to see you succeed click

The video to see how this project turned them

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