DIY Custom Built Walk In Closet / Dressing Room

published on July 13, 2020

So in this video I'm going to show youall of my tips and tricks and my designelements for building a custom closet /dressing room like this one for lessthan a thousand dollars stay with us soone of the largest challenges we facewhen we're doing renovations is how to

Deal with closet areas because let'sjust face it nowadays people tend tohave a lot more clothes shoes andaccessories than they used to and a longtime ago so homes just aren't built tohandle all your stuff which is why we

Took the 4th bedroom or turn this into awalk-in closet now when you're gettingready to finish a closet you've reallygot only three choices you can just putup the basic melamine panels acrosspiece bar shelf and that's simple

You have these metal racks that have thelittle coating on it they snap togetherthey're a little bit pain in the buttbecause you have to put a ton of holesin your wall and if you ever want tomake any adjustments to the shelf you

Also have to take the brackets out ofthe wall that are supporting the weightand so you end up with a veryrestrictive system that doesn't reallyperform very well as full of holes soeverything's always falling through and

To be honest we think the price pointisn't all that attractive the next stepup though is you've got things like theMartha Stewart systems they sell at HomeDepot there's a variety of differentcompanies they've got these preassembled

Panel systems and you just like a kityou can buy a corner of this and thispiece here and you put it all togetheryou hang it off rails on the wall andthat seems to work but the reality is isyou're getting just for let's say 10

Feet in length you're already over$1,500 to buy those systems they'rereally expensive and they're justparticle board and then the next step upfrom there is you go when you get acarpenter in and you do something custom

And that's like building a kitchen andthat can just be ridiculous so mostpeople can't afford the top the high endand then the middle option is just soexpensive for what you're getting as faras value is concerned today I'm showing

You how to build my system which isbasically off-the-shelf products verylittle cutting but there's a fewdifferent improvements in the design andthe products that were using that makeit functional versatile and in and cost

Effective right so let's get into itare going to build a few differentsectiontoday at the end of the video you cansee the effect of the whole room so thebasic function is you need to have a

Gable on each side and then arrivenow the rods that they sell in mostsituations in homes new homeconstruction they're very thin they goinside each other kind of like a showerPole what I like to do is I like to buy

The step-up it's a heavier gauge steelwe'll show you that in a little bit andthen that can go across there withoutthe need for middle supports so youdon't have to have all this bracketthing going on and it's confusing and

Ugly because it'll transfer all the loadof all the clothes over six feet noproblem so we're going to put in twoGables we're going to trim it out addthe shelf at the top but we're alsogoing to be building it in the box of

The ceiling so we can crown this all inso what we get is the effect of abeautiful finished custom-made closetbut it's so quick and simple you'regoing to love it so let's get startedI'll show you this assembly and how easy

It is now step number one this is andyou know don't don't take out yourpencil and start taking notesokay we're stepping up our game on thechannel we're going to be putting theplans and designs and measurements on

Our website okay so you can go there anddownload the plan and it's just going tobe free of charge but we want to makethis information available to you we'regonna do a few different design stylesand sizes put in the measurements there

For you to help make things easier butyou are basically going to becustomizing this to where you live so wehave eight foot panels that come fromthe from our store there's sixteeninches wide and we just cut it to fit to

The ceiling and we just slide it intothe back all right now that is simpleyou'll also notice that the walls aroundhere are covered in wallpaper and if youwant to see how we do the wallpaper it'sso simple this is one way to increase

The design factor of any room and if youwant to do this we'll put a link righthere for you as a card to the wallpapervideo this step is brilliant it's soeasy to do nowadays it's not likewallpaper a days a bowl where everything

Was just gooey and sticky and fallingall over you so we're gonna take our pinnailer now we're gonna throw a few shotsinto the corner because we know thatwhen you build a house there'syou some wither now that's not gonna go

Anywhere Steph wins done I love itstep number two they also sell at thesame store the same width of materialand a six foot panel okaynow this might look like it's a waste ofmaterial to double up like this but what

This does do is this gives me abeautiful design to the ceiling for theinside corner and this gives mestructural load for the shelf so we'regonna again throws pins in the backcorner alright and I'm just going to

Demonstrate this real quick becausewe're gonna screw this together theseare all products we found at the localbuilding store so we get these one andthen I think they're one in the ninthone in an eighth would screw okay and

With this I can screw these panelstogether and then this is a little capnow when you go down to the hardwareaisle they're gonna have a wall oflittle plastic boxes and trays and youcan get these caps and this is a number

Two and it actually fits inside the headof the screw and that covers up thescrew and this way that you one way youcan attach all these borders togetherand you won't have to do any finishingand touch-up and putty and paint work

Later the next step is for this sectionof closet is to build this side it'sgonna be very similar we're going tohave one panel that goes to the ceilingone panel that comes from the store ofthe same height all right if your room

Is level and relatively flat that makesall the math really simple so we're justgonna screw those together get that inplace and that's my right side panelhere okay okay now one of the thingsyou're going to need to do in these

Situations because you're going to themiddle of a wall there's nothing to nailthe board to you have to create anailing strip so we do is we cut thisdown a little bit because we're alsogoing to put one of these one by twos

That come from the star okay and we'regonna go across the back of the walland it'll sit on top of this as well andthat'll be a back wall support for theshelf all right so what I'm gonna justpin nail all this together here real

Quick okay we're gonna take this paneland we're gonna line this up over hereknow one of the things you're gonna wantto have in this situation is a laserbecause nothing in your room is gonna belevel so you want to have a line that

You can follow so because my secondpanel is gonna go all the way to theceiling I want to come just off the edgeof that vent so I'm gonna design thisfor simplicity I like that so I'm gonnaput this one up against the laser line

Okay and then I'll nail my supportbracket to the wall I'm going to snipyou late and fire this into the wall allright beautifulokay one of the best things about thesystem is that we don't have to worry

About the structural integrity andsquaring it off as we go because when weput the shelf on it'll self squareeverything we're just gonna measure fromthe back point to the back point becausethey're fixed and then the fronts will

Just square themselves off here we gothat's a perfect 55 inches all right soI'm just gonna run downstairs draw aline on my shelf cut it with this myskill set they back up here in no timewe'll stick the shuffler 155 in shelf

That was simple yeah the only thing wewant to do here you also want to tackall this together that will give youyour structural integrity right okay nowkeep everything from moving aroundperfect peace okay so I'm gonna keep out

Of my system here is I'm gonna put apiece of one by five MDF and capped thesurface one of the things we're doinghere is we're actually gonna cap all ofthe surfaces so we're gonna cap thisjewelry we're gonna cap across the shelf

Down the side and across the top thisgives us a really nice finished look italso allows us to attach the crownmolding after where your doll done todress it alright so the key here is tostart on the outside corner everything

Is nice and flexible so we're gonna nailthis on here and that's what's gonnahold our crown molding okay now that wehave that done we're ready to put thefaces on and that's what this is forright I mean this just cleans everything

Up really nicely we also bring oneacross this area here that gets rid ofthe work from the shelf because it hasstructural integrity added by this pieceand we close up the gaps along the otherside with this one here nice well so put

One across the back to give some moresupport for the shelf and then addbaseboard and this one's finished sowhat I do is I just take a piece ofscrap do we get my cut let's do it allat once and then come back

All right 90 and 3/4 fine d and 7/8 53ok so we're just going to go flush withthe outside and then throw in some morepins always go straight and squareyou're nailing through the finished edgeof these on melamine cabinets I guess is

What you'd call it and if you go on ananglethey'll just deflect off for that trimso I'll just go square and avoid thatmistake ok now this system is great forclosets but in a few minutes we're going

To show you also how to buildaddressable shelving units shoe racksand cubby storage we're gonna do a wholewall in this room and that and thatsystem when you combine them alltogether this this technology it's a

Really simple way for just about anybodyto make their own built-insanywhere in the whole house all right afire our nail there so that this isuseful on me to use my stud finderbasically we do is you press the button

On once you're on flat on the wall willyou see the green light you starttraveling to the left and there's a studokay and then we'll confirm from thatcoming the other direction there you goand right in the middle you're

Guaranteed to have wood and we'll liftthe shelf to carry the loaduncomfortable with that we'll do itagain over here somewherewell that's really interesting okay herewe go

If you wanted to carry a lot of weightthrow three nails in theretying right now three Brad nails willcarry over a hundred pounds each sothat's a 200 pound carry load rightthere

Plus both cables and then when we're alldone because next we're gonna build thisside because this is an inside quartersystem we're gonna build this side andthen we're going to connect the shelvestogether okay I'll show you how to do

That as well we'll finish trimming it upboom we'll have to install the rods of afinished closet about another 10 minutesso in this situation we're coming aroundthe corner right up to the edge of acabinet you know what we're gonna do is

Resist the temptation to attach thegables to the cabinet this can betemporary what we're doing here is we'reattaching something to the wall so it'spermanent but don't attach them togethernow just also note in the floor here we

Have our area vent heat great system weinstalled this I think I think we showedhow to install this in the engineeredflooring video so this is an engineeredhardwood if you want to see that videojust click the link right here because

Between the hardware the wallpaper andthese custom cabinets that's basicallyall there is to making this beautifulwell aside from the amazing pot lightswe got but that's about all you need toknow what it would do something like

This at homebeautiful I've actually moved that ventbecause it was under the window and sothe dresser was in the way so we movedit with a design in mind to keep thatyou know available to heat the room so

What I'm gonna do is I'm going to takethis panel that I have my 1 by 2attached to now and I'm gonna get thefloor to ceiling panel I'm just gonnaput them all in positionscrew the tube main panels together nail

This one into the wall BAM we've got anend gable and it's fixed in place sothere's panel number one floor toceiling right and again we're notconcerned about how tight it is at theceiling because our going to be adding

Caulking and paint and crown that'spanel number two okay so what I want todo herefirst I want to get this fixed in placeabove where this cabinet is because Iknow when I'm compressed this way I can

Find my level from there that's funnybecause this is a brand new house andthe outside of the room verses 16 inchesin is it's over a quarter inch gap rightit's amazing so in order for me to buildthis properly I have to shim the bottom

Of these or I have to scribe the bottomof these and cut them either way itworks fine but since we're going to beusing the 1×2 going right to the floorI'm not going to worry too much aboutthat I'm just going to go make a quick

Shim for myself out of some leftovermaterial stick that underneath for nowfor a low transfer and once I've gotthat in place then I'll keep going onokay I just found another useful use fora carpenter pencil I shoved the whole

Thing in that gap further that's myoh brother pencilsproblem solved time to move on I'm gonnakeep building anyway we're gonna justkeep on attacking here I wanted to havestability left right so I'm gonna get my

Laser level throw a line tackle thistogether all right so now the key hereis to understand that we're going toneed some gable support here and then ashelf to go from this side and then tieright into the other shelf and I bought

A couple of mending plates for thatyou're there all right so you go to thelocal store and you can buy thesemending plates and the top of the holehere is actually beveled out so that thescrew sit straight flush in there so

We're using 5/8 screws after thethickness of the metal they won'tpenetrate the bottom side of the shelfokay so you can stick these on and tie areally nice and tight together tell usthe transfers weight from one panel to

The next cause it's brilliantso what we have to do now is we have todecide where to put this end Gable okaybecause this is a closed rod nowtraditionally although we're using 16inch panels the close rod becomes about

12 inches off the wall all right so ifyou're not sure what to do at your housejust grab a hanger it'll help youorganize this now if you put this hangertight against the wall that means everytime you hang something

Against the wall you're gonna causedamage you want to cut it come on acouple inches oh that gives you theability to hang just about anythingincluding coats and you're gonna havelots of room so if that's the center of

There then from the wall I'm looking atalmost 12 inches okay so you can alwaysgive yourself lots of room but you'regonna be carrying coats go to 12 inchesnothing wrong with that all right that'syour Center know if a center is at 12

That means you actually want to giveyourself almost 24 inches of actualspace so we're bringing our gable 4 herewe don't want to just put it up againsthere because that makes part of thecloset useless right so what we want to

Do is we want to measure and install ourshelf and our gable at the same time wewant to cut the gable so that we can putit in a position where we want it tocarry the weight while we put this inand attach remaining plates it's a

Little tricky but we'll get there butthe point is is we want this gable here24 inches off the wall okay make senseso the gable again there's gonna be astandard stock item from the store thesame was the other two and this one all

Right so that means we don't have tomeasure that we'll stick it in place andget on with our life that'll be good sowhile we need now is to measure ourshelf all right and this shelf here isgoing to be 49 and the hair and it

Should be the same here yes so I'm gonnago cut a shelf that's 49 in my hairand I'm going to cut out this backcorner to sit around this edge here comeon tight to here use the mending platesthrow a couple of nails in again we're

Gonna put a crossbar in here to carrysome weight we're gonna throw in thispanel here we're almost donealright so I've got my shelf I've got mysupport board and I've got my little 1by 2 because we're gonna have to lay all

The back again to keep it straight justa quick note you'll see while we'reworking here there's a lot of theseblack marks when you go to buy yourproduct don't be concerned about it itreally is just shipping dirt and where

And there it'll all wipe up when you'redone don't even bother trying to cleanit beforeyou start just wait till you're allfinished give it a good wipe it'll alllook brand-new then so let's stick this

All in place nowhere we go yeah we'll start here comedown in a position here we go give thisroughly where we want it now we want toget this you said 24 yeah so what I'mgoing to do is I'm going to end up

Putting this gable just off the thatline of the wallpaper there that'll beniceokay you get that nail together okayjust a quick tip when you're nailingthings into just drywall and it's giving

You a little bit of resistance if youput one nail on an angle up and one nailon an angle down that actually will holdthe drywall okay and keep it in positionfor you it's a great way to solve thatproblem so what I'm doing is I'm

Basically screwing there left side ofthe mending plate to one pin and thenwhen I attach the screws to the otherside it'll pull it tight into positionI'll show you that in just a second herebending plates are really popular in

Office furniture right which is actuallywhere I first never use them man I musthave been 22 years old it's working foran office furniture installation companyyou know one of those firms they go inthere and they'll set up a hundred or

200 offices on the floor in a couple ofdays just ridiculous but I learned somehandy tricks here we go oh here we areright couple brackets couple of screwsyou get a nice transition BAMso we're gonna recap because now we have

The basics of our of our shelving systemwe're also gonna take our piece of 1 by5 from the face here bring it across andmeasure up to the depth of this cornerokay we'll attach it in the corner thatway our crown can be continuous all

Right and then it's just a matter ofgetting our 1 by 2 floor to ceiling hereand then trim me out the Front's of therest of this this bad boys donefrom the face of that to the other sideof this

ThereI'd like to do my shelves so if bothends flush and then I'll go to themiddle and I'll manipulate whatever isleft and then work another way out thatmakes that pretty solving okay now I

Have to put this piece in so now I canmeasure that the other detail herethat's going to be interesting is wewant to do something in this corner todress it up so what I'm going to do isI'm going to take some of the one by two

And I'm going to just go from the top ofthe cabinet up to the bottom here andI'm gonna put an inside corner on justto help dress that up and make it lookintentional that's really nice in a lotof cases if you're going more than three

Or four feet then you want to put acenter panel in as additional supportand you can take a look at the other endof the room you'll notice that we did iswe did a center support wall there wastwo panels that were at the six feet and

Then we added the 1 by 2 floor toceiling on it and that offered greatstructural support so we could putmultiple rods in also is a great cleanlook balanced so nice symmetry beautifulnow in this situation here you'll see

That the flooring comes pretty short ofthe baseboard so what I did is I'mactually going to be adding a piece ofshoe mold okay and so then I can dressthat up and close those gaps if you'rein a house and your baseboard is too

Thin to cover don't be surprised in mostconstruction the baseboards are thin andthey take cord around or shoe mold toadd additional depth to cover all theedges of the flooringokay so the rod systems come with this

Awesome heavy-duty hardware and theyhave one thing in common there's alocation on the bottom of each of thesepieces okay and so what I like to do isI set it up a five and a half inchesfrom the shelf and 11 a half inches in

Sorry five and a quarter down I'm gonnahave pinches in I'll make my markpre-drill the hole just a little bitbecause the screws that we use to mountthese they have a hard time with themelamine so if you pre-drill it it

Really helps a lot so here we go sowe're gonna put thatpre-drill this hole just enough so thatthe screw s the melamine alright therewe go and then we're gonna justpre-drill the hardware the center of

Those holes as well now the two men'sare different one receives a rod theother one the rod sits on and the otherall the screw locations are in differentspots so make sure when you do this youdon't create drill a bunch of holes they

Aren't gonna use just Merc the ones setthe bottom up one two and three here wego beautiful screws come in the bagthey are Phillips I don't know how Ifeel about Phillips screws alright andbecause your hole is pre-drill this just

Pops in real easy okay there's my heavysteel bar right and it's cut so take thecut end and insert it in extendedbracket area there there we goand you just drop some place Oh sexybeautiful we're just gonna finish off

All of our decorations now all rightagain we're just gonna make it nice andflush here and then we'll do the otherside how is shooting square perfectalright and then we're gonna set theseup in here nice and snug so if you're

Finishing this off I'm just gonna attackthe corner on an angle because this isall MDF and it won't fire out the nailthe other side here we gothe only thing left this part of thecloset is to put a rod here and a rod

Down here now this is tall enough at 6feet and change you can do two rods forseparates you know that's that'sbasically means you can hang your shirtsabove and pants underneath or whateverwhatever over here we have

Lots of full-length activity and they'regonna be put in their luggage and behindthe back corner as well that's awesomeokay so we got lots of hanging closetnow before we get into doing crownmolding that we want to finish off the

Adjustable shelving unit so we're gonnarearrange the lights in camera actionhere we're gonna start building theother units on the other wall so nowwe're at a point where we're going tobuild the different kind of system this

Is just a just a little wall shelve unitand the same kind of principle applieshere only this time we're using a 12inch deep pre-drilled hole wall board asthe cables we're still gonna put the 1by 5 across the top but we're also going

To build the lower shelf with a 1 by 6across the bottom that allows us tocontinue the baseboard trim all aroundthe entire room because a really nicelook that complements the crown so whatwe're gonna end up with is a baseboard

Into the 1 by 6 right into the shelfthat's going to be fixed in place andevery unit we build will have the sameshelf for the same height fixed in placeso we have the face of the 1 by 6 theface of the 1 by 5 and you guessed it

When you build a bunch of these unitsyou stack them together and you put the1 by 2 on the front BAM you have exactlythe same symmetry and look and thatsystem can be duplicated over and overand over again and you can build

Whatever you want inside of the confinesof that because as long as use the samewidth of with gable you can do it everyou want in each unit and then trim theface to close it all up and cover it upand make it look pretty that's why the

System works so well now what we'regonna do is we have a 90 almost 6-inchceilingso we're gonna just cut all of them offat 95 because we're doing the 1 by 6we're also gonna put a shelf at the very

Top underneath that 1 by 5 okay they'llgive a nice close that off we won't seethe edge of the ceiling and the ugly dryoffyou know the wallpaper mistake I made upthere but what it does is it contains

Everything defines everything it makesit a really nice little quality spaceand it keeps everything rigid too soeach of one of these units is gonna havea lower middle and a top shelf that'sfixed and other shelves will be

Adjustable that functions really niceand it also makes everything nice andsturdy so we're gonna go to install itit'll be rock-solid so we're gonna justput together a couple units real quickand then we're gonna install all of our

Crown so we're going to show you how tomake the assembly if you have a niceflat surface you can assemble thesereally quick with an air nailer andsquare we're going to show you thattrick so you can get that done and then

As far as the crown molding is concernedif you'd like to see how to put crownmolding up so we're using kind of like aStyrofoam crown molding with a plasterface on it it's an awesome product we'regonna put a link in the description

Below so that you can take a look atthat source online but we'll also putthe card up here so that you can clickand watch that video because there's areally simple way to install a crownmolding and all that information is in

The video so I'll just go let you checkit out you can actually click it andit'll open the page you can pause thevideo you can watch that when this one'sdone alright so I'm gonna go and makeall my cuts and I'm gonna come up here

And talk you through the process becauseit is just that simple we'll whip thistogether not now one word of cautionhere with a little bit of a tip for youthese boards here to come pre-drilledlet me show you they only have a

Finished one edge okay now they comefrom the factory 97 inches even thoughthey say 96 the point of that is theirdesigns that no matter which end youmeasure from the first hole is inexactly the same location so that you

Can take the board here with the whitefacing you and the holes will line upwith the board here but the white facingyou with with the pre-drilled holesfacing each other they'll all be in lineif you have them all stacked like this

And cut all the tops off you're going tohave to invert and you'll end up withthem upside down in your holes will beout of alignment so take extra cautionthink through your process make sureyou're not messing that up what I do is

I stack them all the finished edgesfacing me holes up holes down holes upholes down and then I make my cuts thatway I'm confident my always cutting thetop off and not causing myself an issuefirst of all we're gonna remember that

We're going to put a shelf at the bottomone in the middle and we'll identifythat in a minute and one of the top atthe bottom of the topper simple so we'regonna just put B for bottom on theseokay so we don't get confused as we go

Along T for top that'll get covered nowfrom the ground we're adding a 1 by 6and those are five and a half inches andyou can make marks with pencil all daylong on melamine because it'll alwayswash off so don't be a little frayed of

Doing that the idea here is we want tohave all of these boards standing up onend okay and then we're gonna nail itall togetherseems a little precarious and at timesit is okay BAM okay so this mark is at

Exactly five and a half inches now Iknow the one by six is exactly five anda half inches so I'm going to installmyself just an eighth longer than thatokay and I'm gonna come bring it upflush and throw one nail in it real

Quick just to get this started thereokay now I'm gonna come over here andMark Waid five and a half inches plusthe hair and I'm gonna get this nail injust so that things aren't falling allover the place now here's a teachable

Moment for us that was too close to theedge and I didn't make sure I was on a90 degrees so my nail came through now Igot two options I can try to pull thenail out it's going to destroy the wholething or I can just snip it off not

Worry about itremember everything here's getting thatone by one by six face so it's not gonnabe a problem now what we want to do nowis we want to install this shelfperfectly square so we can set the

Square on here and just come over andmanipulate the location of thatand that's brilliantly the other thingyou can do is you can take it to theother side all right and you can use itto trace a line so when you're shooting

Your nails and you know where the top ofthat shelf is okay here we go makes thisnice and simple and you can push thisunder pressure a little bit and theneven with your knee push back the otherway make sure that it's nice and square

There we go we'll do the same thing withthe other side beautiful now we're gonnado the same thing at the other endknowing that we're putting in a 1 by 5we'll set the height of that self aswell here we go with our shelf again 1

By 5 is 4 and a half inches now rememberwe cut these at 95 they're gonna beshorter the ceiling so what we're gonnahave is we're gonna have a piece of 1 by5 coming across the top so that we canput our crown molding on it this shelf

Doesn't need to come flush to it sowe're gonna intentionally install itcloser to the top just so that itbecomes a visibly finished space okay sowe're gonna assume that we're an inchfrom the ceiling and we're gonna go to 4

Inches after that so I'm actually gonnamark it at 3 all right you'll see theeffect when we're all done this is gonnawork out really nice if my 1 by 5 at thetop comes to this point when you're onthe ground looking up it looks very

Finished and you don't have to worryabout being precise because when you'reworking like this for yourself the lastthing you want is create so much mathbecause you'll never get anything doneyou'll be forever scribing so that's why

Using the crown helps because crownsolves all your problems with all yourmath you all you have to do is measurefrom the ground up every single timeit'd be perfect every timetrace my line line okay okay so the

Middle shelf we want to have thatconsistent on every unit that I builthere I'm building for so we only want toget this one measurement one time so Ihave a unit like this that's getting abottom and a top the next unit to the

Side of it is actually designed to be in13-inch cubbyholesokay so we're 13 inches up and acrossbecause the in this particular casethey're using the the fabric boxes fromIkea to use like drawers not all of them

But some of them so we're going to makea very consistent so we're going tomeasure the total here and that is justunder 87 okay and we're going to go 13 678 78 off 87 reasoning 9 but I also have1 2 3 4 5 shelves to do that and that's

5 and 5/8 25 base has 3 inches andchange that leaves me an extra 3 inchesokay so what I've got is I've got anidea of having a 13 inch space so Iworked 13 into my total measurement itgives me 6 spaces alright so if I'm

Doing 6 spaces that gives me 5 moreshelves so 5 shelves at that thicknessis another 3 inches give or take theidea is I still have an extra 3 inchesto go forward just to go so I'm gonna go13 and 1/2 on the height okay and then

We'll do that way so let's do the maththat way we'll go 13 and a half on theheight plus 5/8 we're looking for themiddle so we're going to put in fivemore shells 1 3 13 and 1/2 20 13 and 1/2times 3 is 39 40 laughs BAM there we go

Okay so I'm measuring 40 and a halfthere you go plus my five-eighthsand that's gonna be my fixed shelf it'sgonna be the same height okay every unitthat I make the rest of the shelves areadjustable so you can have some fun with

It but having this fixed shelf the sameheight everywhere it's very importantand it'll look a lot nicer if it's thesame so I use the square and I'll holdit against the panel I push with my kneeI've already traced my line so I know

Exactly where that but that panel is andI shoot in square so just a quick recapthe reason we have a fixed shelf topmiddle and bottom is because we have awall paper on the back we're notthrowing l-brackets on we're not

Attaching this to the wall with a bunchof fancy hardware we're simply creatingthis box to behold its own structurebecause the rest of us have adjustableshelves I can't have the Middle's bowingall over the place and it's really

Difficult to put these things lift theminto place without wrecking them if youdon't have the middle stability know oneof the reasons why we cut these panels alot shorter than the ceiling so you canlift them in place remember

96 inches is 96 inches if you havesomething thin but if you would makesomething thick you've got to take somedepth off there so you can crack rollthis into position Here I am I'm stillhaving problems unbelievable it's not

The end of the world there's a quickeasy fix for this but I need you tobring me up my skills up all right whatI'm actually gonna do is I'm gonna takeoff a little bit of a triangle off theback corner right across the bottom in

The back so I have room to rock it inplace all right instead of messing withthe top so two things there one I don'tmind making mistakes I show it on camerabecause you're gonna run into thingslike this and knowing how to fix it is

Probably the most important issue numbertwo when we're doing our math on ourshelves I'm trying to get close withoutgetting really too detailed I don't wantto get into nanometers trying to keep itsimple remember if the last shelf is a

Little bit longer right when you look upat it it's automatically looking smalleranyway so if it's got a little extra gapup therethis is visually it comes acrossperfect so not already now all we got to

Do here just take our square and I'mfeeling like an idiot okay we're justgonna take off the last little bit it'sof no value to us this is just a greatlife lesson so whenever you do incarpentry and you've got something of

Substance and you're putting it upagainst the ceiling this is a quick easyfixgentle with this okay cuz it said notbuilt to be the most durable thing inthe world until it's installed let me

Show the camera so what I'm doing is I'msliding my square around until my angleis lower than the shelf now I'm safe togo yeah and one more time addyall right we're gonna see how easy thisworks this time and it's probably better

If I just manage it myselfoh come onall right sometimes it is the simplethings that drive you nuts rightthis doesn't work we're gonna go back toHome Depot

Yeah there's like this doesn't work Ihave to cut down the top of it this isgonna work I have faithOh what the hellwait a minute it's not about that oh Icut the cabinets at 95 it's 95 and a

Quarter and he was on a roof obviouslyhe's getting late in the day I assumedthat the ceiling was 96 but I forgotMatt we put in 3/4 inch hardwood so nowthey shoulda just use a measuring tapeall right so I'm just gonna take a

Little bit extra off the top everythingabove that fixed shelf is actually justwasted space anyway so third time's thecharmcustom-built babythis just makes more sense Thunder okay

Now that we have one in place really thesecret here is not that tricky we wantto just measure to the existing heightof the shelf height of that shelf andheight of that shelf translate thatinformation on the next board nail will

Three shelves in and then keep onattaching and attaching and attachingokay so the only thing that we'remissing here is getting this cabinetinstalled vertically and plumb so we'regonna do that's gonna cut me a couple of

Pieces that are 18 and 1/2 the 1 by 2we're gonna install it as a nailingsurface underneath the Shelf here andthen underneath the shelf at the topwe're gonna throw a laser level on getthis perfectly in line and put our piece

Of 1 by 2 on the side here oh just acouple more details and then you'll beable to make miles and miles of thiscabinetrywe go now it's the same process right sowe're building our own component system

Based on this piece being attached tothe wall and plumb and having ourfinished trim on so we have to take astep forward before we can go backwardsagain what I've done is I've cut 3 1 by6 I'm just laying it up against the

Shelf you can see how it's gonna finishup put a mark up here that is where my 1by 5 is gonna finish and then I want toget the actual measurement for my 1 by 2because we're gonna do over the facelooks like Maddie this is gonna be

Pretty much perfect we're gonna go 85 85and a half shy okay all right now thatmight sound with an unfamiliar but whenwe're working and we're taking ameasurement if my measurement is just alittle bit less than 85 I don't want to

Say 84 and 7/16 when you're on the sawif I make a measurement I say give mesomething 84 or 85 shy you'll line up 85and you just what you do let me justgive you a little example here wherewe're talking 85 I'm gonna extend my

Whole tape why notso if I'm making a mark at 85 okayusually I'll make a mark at the pointand then thickness of the blade so theysaw a guy knows to cut that pencil outif I say 85 shy when he's making his

Markhe'll just go a little bit left of themark and he'll still take the pencil outthat's just really effective way tocommunicate one by two and I don'tremember the number anymore so we do

What City five and a halfwrite that down 50 bucksoh you got some money back oh my niceguy all right all right so what we'regonna do over here is we're just gonnaguesstimate we're gonna set this up for

The client okay and we're gonna put inenough of these little pegs oh mygoodness oh not as easy to think whenyou pull the whole handful of our thingsand we're gonna just toss these inroughly whatever one foot is

Okay and then we'll go up to roughlywherever the two feet mark is and so onand so forth and we'll establish moreshelves than you'll need and then theyno one's gonna be more shelves thanevery foot I think in most situations

That is more than a sufficient and youcan buy these pegs in bulk and so Ibought a bag of 100 that's more thanenough to do a few shelves here takecare of this when I say more than enoughI think I'm gonna have four left over

Anyway here we goand when you go to cut yourself justremember your spaces you want to take ahealthy eighth of an inch off of thatjust so that there's room to drop themall in place and they're not going to be

Sitting there fighting with you so whatI did here is I just took my laser andand I just checked the wall itself tomake sure it was relatively level Blumsorry cover your buddy out there whodoesn't like my slang what I'm gonna do

Because I don't need to follow thecontour and scribe I'm simply gonnainstall this trim board on the shelveswell like maybe a sixteenth or a 32nd ofan inch overlap just to get rid of thisline if I go perfectly flush and sugg

Lee soon as I go BAMit's actually pretty okay and I'mnailing set a square go from two degreesso the nails passing through the fronton the way in just to make sure that I'mnot gonna have an issue when you're

Putting on your finished trims it's thewrong time to have a nail fire out onyou all right okay now just slide thecabinet against the wall and we're gonnatake our level and double check and thisis the best thing about a level you

Don't have to be straight off the wallyou can just take it directed up againstthe back and we are really close here Idon't think I can make that anymorelevel if I wanted to I actually reallylike where it's sitting alright so

Before we do anything else we're gonnafire a couple of nails in just so itdoesn't move around on uswe're gonna grab our sub finder andwe're gonna find out where the wood isit could be just about anywhere interior

Walls can be really confusing becauseyou don't know if they started from theleft or the right to do their 60s oncenter we found it so take care of thatand it should be about the same spot uphere and it is okay now that's all in

This bed now it's plumb it's flush it'spretty we can just keep stacking thesetogether now so when it comes tosymmetry if I'm using nailing blocks youhave to put them everywhere even ifyou're not using it as a nailing block

You want to have that line of sight thatvisual very consistent okay here we gothat's how we attach that cabinet so nowwe're going to attach the cabinet to thecabinet we don't want to be too farfront here but we want to be somewhere

Inconspicuous we're gonna go just underthe shelf make sure the fresh theFront's are we'll flush there we go nowthat's some nice and flush and we'regonna grab our white plastic cap numbertwo size from the little bin in the

Screw drawer and we're gonna kick thaton to coverage done we're gonna just dotop middle bottom and then we're doneoff to the next cabinet we're expectingthese cells via thirteen inches in thiscabinet right so I'm gonna throw my

Screw in and just around twelve I'manticipating that is gonna be veryinvisible when it's all done okay I'mgonna put this one towards the back sono one will ever see itbest thing about the screws when you

Sink it flush there's still no no 3/16left it doesn't never poke out the otherside so you don't have to worry aboutthat kind of damage the head of thescrew is usually its own stopper so it'shard to drive it too deep unless you're

Really trying cabinet after cabinetafter cabinet but before we do rememberour system is simple now I have this twopanels together I'm gonna take anotherpiece of one by two I'm going tolaminate that middle we're gonna put the

1 by 5 across the top and then we'reready to do all the crown work the onlything that's left does it take over some45 minute drywall compound the quick-setmake up a little bit of a pastethumbnail all of the little pinholes

Because that's the perfect way to finishthat off that'll dry without shrinkingand then you can give it one more quickpaint after you've done all yourcaulking work all right well the onlything left to do I guess is let's do the

Reveal or the final project and enjoythis when we're done we'll talk aboutthe cost to build all of this system thewhole roofas you can see this closet is a greatexample of what it takes it's just a few

Simple tools and a little bit ofunderstanding on how to put some thingstogether anybody can build their owncustom closet for less than a thousandbucks and you can have all the storageand all the space that you want Wow

Thanks for joining us today if you'dlike to see the other elements on how tobuild this one we've got a playlist foryou that shows you how to do thewallpaper the engineered flooring andeven the whole reason why we renovated

This brand new house you can click thelink right here we'll see in the nextvideo don't forget to ask all yourquestions and give us a thumbs up

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