Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) – The UBER of Finance!

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

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We're gonna do a review of an awesome project called distributed credit chain we're gonna get into the details of that review afterward quick shout out to everybody who's been hitting that like button commenting and of course

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Money this project is interesting to me because it is a very simple idea that if executed right could change the way we do banking forever so today we'll go over what distributed credit chain is main problems of solving as well as the

Solutions we're going to define distributive banking will explore how distributed credit chain works we will discuss token utility we will analyze key investors in this project we are gonna look at the team and advisers the

Token metrics roadmap and I'm gonna give it my final thoughts so without further ado let's get into this what is distributed credit chain distributed credit chain is the world's first distributed banking public blockchain

With the goal to establish a decentralized ecosystem for financial service providers around the world by empowering credit with blockchain technology and returning ownership of data to individuals decentralized credit

Chains mission is to transform different financial scenarios and realize true inclusive finance what problems is solving the traditional finance industry is highly centralized financial transactions rely heavily on

Endorsement and support of large financial institutions with substantial transaction fees paid out to these institutions monopolistic financial institutions have in fact raised lending interest for borrowers and reduce

Interest income for lenders right now in most countries there are about four to five major banks that get the majority of businesses from the general public for things like day-to-day transactions giving out loan to customers and so on

And so forth the people who run these banks in your communities they know what kind of prices their competitors are offering and every bank in your area pretty much keeps prices around the same range sometimes it feels like they're

All working together there's no surprise that every bank keeps prices nice and high and at the end of the year management walks away with multi-million dollar bonuses and lavish business trips on private jets to luxurious resorts and

For doing what to put it bluntly they are getting paid that kind of money for maintaining that stranglehold that the banking industry has had in the general public for 100-plus years this kind of thing happens in a lot of different

Industries though not just banking this happened with taxi companies it used to be very pricey to take a taxi for a lot of people then one day out of nowhere BAM uber comes along what ever did was very

Simple uber created a tremendous amount of competition for all the taxi companies from around the world I looked at the stats online taxi companies now have millions of competitors millions because of new innovations like uber and

Lyft it put a lot of these taxi companies out of business but it also put a lot of money back into the hands of the consumer distributed credit chain incorporates similar fundamentals essentially they are increasing

Competition amongst each and every bank from around the world one particular feature that the platform has which I think is brilliant it's a distributed credit data sharing network this will make your local bank have to compete

With every single bank on the entire planet you the consumer will be the greatest beneficiaries of this scheme if your local bank won't offer you the lowest interest rates for your house and that's fine you'll get it from another

Bank who will be more than happy for your business I'll elaborate more on this feature as we move on in this presentation the bottom line is this though with the emergence of cryptocurrencies and new innovations

Like distributed credit chain some of these banks are going out of business that's a fact let's be clear if they don't change the way they are doing things and put customers before shareholders they're getting put out of

Business the has changed all this monopolizing and profiteering practices that these banks allegedly conduct won't be effective much longer so what is distributive banking distributed credit chain is the first distributive banking

Public chain it is built on the fundamentals of blockchain technology it is decentralized open irreversible autonomous and private it is going to transform and evolve the banking industry a distributive bank is not a

Traditional bank but rather an ecosystem of distributive financial services unlike the traditional financial services the distributive banking ecosystem creates a true peer-to-peer communications model of cooperation

Across all region sectors subjects and accounts it will enable business participants in different countries to provide financial services in a more convenient and efficient and powerful way the team will begin by focusing on

The credit industry first other features are coming so stay tuned they are focusing on the credit industry because the history of the credit industry goes a long way back it has created and played an important role in the

Exponential expansion of the human civilization for instance everyone in the Western world has an opportunity to get some form of credit this helps people buy things like houses cars start businesses

Go to schools and so on and so forth the credit industry has improved the quality of life for a lot of people in developed countries from around the world everyone wants to live in developed countries distributed credit change gives

Everybody from around the world the opportunity to improve their quality of life by providing them access to credit in a cheap and private and efficient way for example let's say a business owner in India is an urgent need for credit to

Renovate his growing business the local banks in the region are off for him roughly 10 to 12 percent interest rates respectively this is not a fair deal because for every dollar that a normal person deposits in a bank the bank is

Legally permitted to lend out ten times that amount using that $1 that was deposited as collateral so if the bank is offering ten to twelve percent interest rates for loans this means that they are making roughly 200 percent plus

Profits on the deals with zero liability this is not a so the question is this then where can the business owner in India turn to to access lower interest rates he can turn a distributor credit chain to get a much

Lower interest rate in Canada distributed credit chain facilitates the recording and tracing of his financial history and credit score on the blockchain architecture a Canadian bank will then be able to see his loan

Requests and assess his borrowing risk and ultimately make the decision to grant him a loan at a lower interest rate down 3% moreover he will be able to get the money that he needs at a reasonable interest rate to keep growing

His business that he's a very passionate about so let's move on to the token utility so DCG tokens what we listed on exchanges people can trade them there if they wish DCCC tokens will also be used to pay for jobs in a DCCC ecosystem like

Any work that is conducted in the distributed change ecosystem needs to be paid for with DCC tokens in a DCC system the people that require data or reports from data institutions also need to pay and DCC tokens for these services

Furthermore credit institutions also need to pay DCC tokens to the certification body when verifying the validity of the data and in addition individuals applying for credit also need to pay in DCC tokens for the

Application contract the entire ecosystem distribution of interest can be dynamically adjusted so that the credit processing resources can be tilted towards individuals but more DCC tokens this just means that the system

Will favor of people who have more DCC tokens meaning the people who contribute more to the system will benefit more from it by holding tokens so as we move on DCC tokens will also be used to incentivize people who maintain good

Credit in the ecosystem when people apply for loans a portion of that money will be put into a reward pool and that money will be shared evenly amongst all the people who are maintaining good credit in this system

And lastly DCC tokens can be used for cross-border credit credentials because the DCC system provides a cross border across scenario and cross currency credit service of digital assets DCC can correspond to values of different legal

Tenders of loans in various countries which greatly facilitates the multinational business of lending service agencies one of the many reasons I'm excited about this project is because of the people who have invested

In this already we'll get into the people who have invested and distributed credit chain but before we do that I want to show you something this chart shows the portfolio highlights by major crypto venture

Capitalist firms I'll share this on my telegram for anyone that wants this afterwards you can check it out you see all these VC firms at the bottom and you see what their major part folio holdings are as you can see on this chart right

Here almost half of these VC firms have invested in silica that's you that's huge something like this is very useful to know who the big players are and where the majority is in the market like what

People are investing in the big VC firms okay now that we've seen that let's look at who is invested in distributed credit chain you see this right it's about 22 different big VC firms that's a most I've ever seen for one project at one

Time but that's not it though they also have strategic partnerships in the blockchain industry already as you can see down here they're working like data so data is like a blockchain based digital authentication protocol backed

By the founder of TechCrunch Michael Arrington they are also partnered with guzik's that's another distributed data exchange protocol defend is a decentralized asset securitization platform Newton project on very right is

An e-commerce blockchain solution with multiple features that will be integrated with future Chinese econ companies investors in that project include a lot of VC funds and a co-founder of the last those is also

Invested in that project use chain is a platform that aims to develop the first Mir identity blotching an ecosystem an MLG is a global blockchain development and consulting firm with distributed teams across the world those are their

Strategic partners right now those are really good partnerships they're all within the blockchain space and all have a lot of experience let's move on to the team advisors so the core team is really strong they are highly educated

Individuals with relevant experience in banking business and finance stewey Zhu is the founder of distributed credit chain he was a CEO of TN tech that's like a leading financial technology company in China it was sold

In three years to a public company it did very well at TN Tech mr. Zhu led a team to develop internet-based credit systems for over a dozen of trust with multi billion USD annual loan facilitation amounts and get this

Gentleman in the middle who was the chief researcher was the former vice president at JP Morgan Chase that's big right there in the last gentleman on the right dr. Daniel Liu he's the chief innovative officer he has two PhDs the

First one is the mathematics PhD from Yale University as well as a financial engineering PhD from lip Zig University the core team is really strong now let's move on to the advisors the advisors have phd's law degrees and

Master's degrees in areas of finance capital markets big data analysis research business and some are venture capitalists they have all owned and ran successful businesses related to the field of business AI technology and

Finance what I don't see on the website though are team members with blockchain development experience I know that they have these team members with blockchain experience because their test net is already running but I would like to see

Them shine some light on some blockchain developers so people are aware that they have them over although I think the team advisors partners and backers are all-star if this thing works and they are successful these guys are going to

Hall of Fame so let's take a look at the token metrics the ticker is DCC it's an ERG 20 token so the ico they're selling it for just under 4 cents they had a fundraising goal 49 mil in which they reach the total tokens that they have

It's 10 billion and available tokens that they were selling was 22% of the tokens ok and now you notice the one thing that I don't like here is the 80 to 100% bonus and USD for the pre-sale initially when I saw those who turned me

Off from the project but then I pulled the white paper up and read the token metrics section after I read it I realize it's not as bad as it looks people don't like bonuses because when companies give up bonuses the people who

Receive the bonuses I'll use this case an example are already at 80 to 100 percent profit when the tokens get released so people are more likely to dump two tokens to collect their profits that's why you see a lot of tokens drop

In value right after release cuz hey a hundred percent profit is not bad at all me personally I think this is a very good project and didn't need to give off the bonuses but let's look at their rationale for the token metrics so we

Can get a better understanding of why they did that and what's gonna happen the key right here is this the team only sold 22% of the tokens for the total IC o—- 18% of the tokens were sold in a private

Sale which included the 80 to 100% bonuses but there's a catch those tokens that were sold in the private sale are locked for six months 25% of the tokens sold in a private sale will be unlocked three days prior to any exchange listed

And 25% will be unlocked every two months thereafter so they'll get it all in like six months for the people who participated in the private sale two to four percent of the token sale went to your average ICO

Investors they have no lockup the foundation would get twenty eight percent of the tokens which will be locked up for approximately one to two years marketing will get 15% of the tokens and that will be unlocked slowly

Over three years the ecosystem rewards will be unlocked over appear to seventeen years the team will also get twenty percent However 25 percent of the team's tokens will be unlocked six months after any exchange listing

Another 25 percent will be unlocked one year after any exchange listen and 25 percent will be unlocked every year thereafter with the full amount being unlocked in three years so yeah the token metrics aren't that bad now let's

Move on to the road map as you can see here I like how they had their Testament running last year that's a huge bonus for me from q1 to q2 the first personal loan product app launched on DC and DC

Explorer launched the Explorer is launched right now I believe there should be two credit chain open platform launch second app launch interface for more than five financial institutions with services ranging from loan data and

Risk control in 2018 q3 q4 open self-creation API and distributed credit chain they will establish DCC and FPC I don't know what that means in q4 they were entered the Indonesian landing market in 2019 q1

Q2 they enter Vietnam and other Southeast Asian country lending markets in q3 the q4 they will continue to develop and expand in the Southeast Asian landing markets and in 2020 will be the public chain migration that's

Kind of long I would like it if they compress that and work harder to speed that up I really like small roadmaps also in 2020 they will initiate development of asset management and settlement systems so let's bring this

All together and I'll give it my final thoughts I wish I saw this sooner because I would have invested in the ICL I probably would've tried to get in the pre sale I really like this project because the idea is revolutionary and

The investors and partnerships are extraordinary a team and advisors are highly educated individuals of high-quality experience in relevant fields they are more than equipped to handle the task at hand aside from the

Big bonuses which were offered in the private sale that only affects 18% of the total tokens I don't see many flaws in this project now in my opinion if this would be the credit chain follows their roadmap and takes their marketing

Very seriously there's no telling how far they can go because coins like ripple and Tron are third intent because their marketing are arguably among the best and a cryptocurrency space

What distributor credit chain is trying to do reminds me of uber if distributive credit chains plans work and they are able to force these banks to compete with one another I believe that they will change the banking industry forever

So that was my presentation on distributor credit chain if you want to join the etherium giveaway contest all you got to do is like the video comment down below with your Theor and wallet address and make sure you're subscribed

To the channel I hope you guys have a great week this was k7 from crypto PD oh we got more news and crypto reviews to come and I'm out

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