DISNEY+ vs NETFLIX vs HULU [Honest and In-Depth Comparison] – Tested on Phone, Laptop, and SmartTV

by birtanpublished on August 20, 2020

Hey everybody welcome back to the channel I'm Michael Bryan and in this video I will be diving in and comparing Netflix Hulu and the newest Disney Plus to help you decide which of these three platforms deserves your money and is worth watching on your TV now instead of

Maybe other videos you might have watched where people go through the libraries and just say oh I like this show I like that show this one's really good I really don't want to make it that ambiguous I really want to break it down

Into three categories in this video the first one I want to talk about the interfaces so I want to show you the interface of each of these three platforms on a computer on a phone and on a smart TV three places that I think

You are most likely to be watching one of these platforms now secondly I want to talk about the price I think it is really important to consider the different pricing options the add-ons which ones come with ads or no adds

Meaning commercials and other things like that and then lastly I think it is still important number three I will be talking about the libraries but more generally I will be talking about what kind of content is in each library as

Well as how good the originals are and I will be putting it up for a vote to see which ones you like best so as always guys this video is totally unspun surd I'm not being paid to make this so it really is an honest review based on my

Experience so if you enjoy this video please remember to like and subscribe let's get into the video so the first interface I want to show you guys is Hulu right here and Hulu is pretty straightforward I think it's a little

Bit messy as far as interfaces go and you'll see the next two in a few minutes and you know I think you might agree with me but there is a lot you can do here so I do like how it is very much tailored to you when you first set up

Your account they ask you what kind of genres you like to ask you what shows you like and they add it into the my stuff category which essentially means they show you know pop up stuff here and say hey there's a new episode of this if

You want to follow it it'll pop up now you'll also notice that right here there is only browse and my stuff you can upgrade Hulu if you want to have live TV as well that's gonna be a little bit more expensive but you would have a live

TV just a little option up there and you can watch you know basketball games and news and stuff like that which is nice to have that all in one subscription so scrolling down they have kind of this grid setup where you you know you know

As soon as you get over something you hover over something and it shows you a little bit of details about it say you want to watch something you could either you know click on it right there or you

Could say you want to go to more details and learn about it you can add it to my stuff meaning you want to follow it you want to have all these episodes popping up there and just you know make it easy to find in the future you can like and

You can dislike again kind of optimizing this this sort of algorithm here to make it show you really what you like on the homepage now when we look at browse you have tons of different options here and instead of searching these it is kind of

Nice sometimes to be able to say you know what category my in the mood for let's see what the options are then we go over to my stuff right there like I mentioned before the my stuff is going to be what you chose initially and you

Can say you know what I'm done I don't want to watch lost anymore if the ending was really weird let's get rid of it right so then when you open up the player you have a few options so you can go to up next and it just predicts

Whatever you want to watch next it could either be the next episode of something it could be another movie or I'm not sure exactly how they choose that but you have up next right there then you have full screen you have some settings

Right there the settings are not really that extensive and then we have a mini player which I do like having a mini player so you can continue watching something or if an ad is playing you can just have it play right there while

You're scrolling through and finding maybe your next show that you want to watch so next going over to Disney TV which is the newest I really like the layout of this I think it looks really really nice and as you scroll down you

See first of all they have some little featured stuff at the top then they have some major categories here so if you want to watch Disney stuff or Pixar stuff Marvel stuff whatever you're looking for they have some categories

Right there just to make it a little quicker then we go down they have they have some different kind of bins right here they have originals and you can kind of just browse through these and scroll and say you know like it's

Similar to the Netflix layout that we're used to now across the top you have home which is this right here you have search which is also kind of a Browse feature where they kind of put things in buckets or collections as they call it so if you

Want to see the Darth Vader collection or the Spider Man collection and so a lot of things that they kind of recommend then we have watchlist and so essentially if I am interested in Toy Story and I click on Toy Story right

Here it'll bring me over to you know the page right there and I can click the plus and actually have this added to my watchlist meaning like hey I want to watch this maybe out right now but in the future you can go over to

Your watchlist and it should pop up right there with things that either you are watching or that you want to watch then we have originals I think this is a little strange because there are so many Disney originals it's kind of mostly

Disney stuff they make a lot of content then we have movies we have series and so that's just more ways you can look up different things of course you can categorize them as well now let's look at actually what this player looks like

When you open something up so like I said overall I really do like this interface let's say we're gonna watch free solo so something I like which is pretty standard is you have suggested you have extras and you have details

This is something just like on Hulu and that makes sense because Hulu is actually owned by Disney so it makes sense that there are some parallels here looking at the background of these three apps really quickly it makes sense and

You really start to see why there are certain differences so Netflix started off in the 90s being kind of like a blockbuster alternative where they word male you movies or dvds really and so you kind of have some remnants where it

Really is focused more on movies a little bit less on TV shows like live TV like American Idol you're not going to see that kind of stuff on here now of course they do have their originals but you still see some

Remnants like I said right up there with like DVD so some of their subscription options allow you to get DVDs in the mail still if that's what you're looking for I think a lot of people maybe don't want that but maybe if you live far away

Maybe if you don't have fast internet connection then maybe that's something for you now Hulu on the flip side was started in the early 2000s and essentially what Hulu was originally was a website where

You would go to watch last night's show so if you're watching like American Idol or Survivor one of those shows they might be posted on like the CBS website or whatever whoever was hosting it they might have it onto their website for

Free Hulu would kind of pulled them all together and show them for free on here now no longer is it free now yet to pay for it but it still kind of explains why it focuses more on kind of TV shows like that now Disney TV plot and Disney Plus

Right here is of course the newest one so it has a more modern look a lot of original content and they really kind of plucked the best from all of the other ones but I still do think Netflix seems to be the smoothest and the best looking

Interface in my opinion it's also the most consistent across different platforms of course they've been iterating for sometime so getting into it now you start off on the top with something big

Right there in Netflix film Netflix original they're kind of just plugging whatever they want right there as you scroll down you have some categories similar to what we were seeing on the other ones so on Disney plus right there

I think they took that from this and you can go across and you have all these different categories you can you know continue watching whatever you were watching before or you can go down and find some new stuff Netflix does a

Really good job of suggesting content down here you know a separate banner for each show that you watch so it'll say like hey because you watched the blacklist maybe you liked this because you watched supernatural maybe you liked

This and so they have do they do a really good job of helping you find new content now as we go across you have TV shows right there movies recently added stuff which is exciting because it's such a large library stuff gets put up

And taking down all the time then we have my list right there which essentially is similar to what we saw on Hulu and on Disney Plus where you can just add things and say I want to watch it later and just click it right there

More info of course is going to be another option and if we actually go into the player so like let's click on supernatural right there and if we just want to watch that you can go to play of course also the thumbs up thumbs down

Again optimizing so that they'll either stop showing you it or show you it more in the future they give you a little description right there I really think this is this is a really clean layout ok so then within the actual player you

Have more options here where you still have right there you can go and very quickly find the next season the next episode you can change subtitles if there's something's wrong you can report it right there you can skip forward and

Back change the volume and of course they tell you a little bit about what you're watching looking at Netflix on a fire TV stick you'll see that it looks really similar you have an almost identical layout that we saw on the

Website and on the app and then on the left side you have your tabs instead of being across the top it's on the bottom of course you have your different profiles and you have a kids mode that you can activate if you have little kids

Watching this and you don't want them seeing some bad content now aesthetically the Hulu interface looks pretty nice how it changes colors every time you go to a different show but it can be a little

Clunky sometimes when you're trying to navigate like this which is why it is nice that this is compatible with Alexa right now so you can search with Alexa you can also do that with Netflix as well next Disney Plus on the fire TV

Stick you'll see again looks very similar to how it looked on the website slightly different as you go down and then of course you go over much like Netflix to see all the different tabs so we see a lot of similarities here

Between this one and Netflix the Disney Plus app right here you'll see is again very clean looks a lot like we saw on the Smart TV and on the website and it is very easy to navigate you can easily go through and find you know Star Wars

Stuff if you're looking for that a lot of the content on here category 3 your content is going to be basically the entire collection of Disney stuff so Disney owns a lot of different things you don't even realize and so they kind

Of brought it all together here we have Star Wars Pixar Disney Marvel we have National Geographic and a lot more than that so really a really honestly a very complete library I'm very impressed with that I haven't really been looking for

Anything that wasn't here yet so you see like the entire series of Toy Story whereas if you're looking on like Netflix for example you might find like one single movie out of a series every now and then I like that they have the

Completeness on this now across the bottom something that's different here that you don't see on the other two you know like the website and on the Smart TV is actually the download option the Hulu app again I think it's a little bit

Too large everything seems to require a lot of scrolling to get to the next thing and everything pretty much takes up your entire screen but again on the bottom you have downloads so that is nice you can download stuff on here

Now finally Netflix again I think is the cleanest app and it looks very very similar to how it does on every other device and it's very easy right here to pick up where you left off it shows you exactly where you left off plays in the

Middle of the episode and remembers it pretty much everything you need it to and again you actually have more options on here than the other two apps so but science was having downloads right there there is coming soon so you can see the

Content that is exciting and up and coming then over in the settings there you can go to app settings and you have tons of different options about notifications for when new shows come online you can change what what's

Downloaded so if it's on Wi-Fi only now category three here what I would say about the flix library as you scroll down it really seems to be primarily movies or at least it was movies now it's shifting

More towards Netflix originals which tend to be a little bit more shows and some movies in there as well and the Netflix originals are pretty good so I know stranger things was their big hit everybody loves it I watched I loved it

And so their original seemed to be really good one last thing to note about these three apps which I think really pulls Netflix ahead is the little cast icon that makes it so much easier to cast from the Netflix app you can cast

The entire thing on any TV you want or you can actually go into the individual show and then cast once you have it up looking at the pricing for Hulu you have many different options you can pay $6 per month for the ad supported version

You can get Hulu without ads for $12 per month you can pay an extra 40 to get live TV in there or you can pay about $10 extra for one of the many add-ons that you see on the bottom now Netflix is a little bit simpler having only

Three different options and they make it very clear what each option is the upgrades instead of giving you you know different things like no ads or whatever they actually just upgrade the quality and increase the number of screens you

Can watch simultaneously now Disney Plus is the simplest meaning that you only have a seven dollar per month plan or you can upgrade to 13 dollars per month which includes Hulu and ESPN plus okay so that was a lot of information but

Which one is actually the best to use first of all if you're looking for a good interface very smooth very easy to use and is well tailored to you as well as being consistent across different platforms

I think Netflix takes the cake on that one being a really good interface although Disney Plus is a close second now if you're looking for something that's more live TV ish if you're more interested in like American Idol

Survivor type stuff or or Rick and Morty for example then you might be looking for Hulu now Hulu is also great if you're trying to have more add-ons so if you want like stars or if you want Cinemax

You know HBO stuff like that added on or even live TV added on then Hulu is really a great option to have everything kind of in one place now thirdly if you're looking for the best most complete library I would say Disney is

Assuming that you like that style of movies or TV shows now if you're not interested in Disney types if they make sense you would not even consider that but if you're looking for Disney stuff it is very complete

Everything from Disney is pretty much there I would also say Disney really has the best price although Hulu does have some very cheap options if you are willing to have ads in there I'm usually not willing to have that which is why I

Give the crown to Disney on price but overall guys that is my analysis of these three different platforms comment down below which one you like and why I want to hear from you guys as always thanks for watching I'll see you next


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