Disney Frozen Olaf Snow Cone Maker – Unboxing

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey guys this is my box no fighting
today today I have a boxing of the air
last night called make up now this
product is one of those makers and one
of his toys which actually makes the
snow cones and this to them delicious
snow cones and the little flavorings on
the top the syrups on top is what you
can make with this actual thing okay so
this is an amazing toy I've actually had
it been in the past electric machines
which actually crushed ice and it
doesn't crush it this thing dismissed
this actually this toy believe it or not
a toy it actually believe it actually
crushes the ice thin thin and then
really releasing like them started true
snow cone I'm true snow cones out there
and I've actually seen previous videos
of this on YouTube and the videos of
this on how the snow can actually made
it looks very delicious and this is why
I bought it for you today to make a
boxing of it and I also make a review on
this in the future so this I think it
takes a functional sharp edge on I shave
err and that's why adult supervision is
suggested so any kids out that once in a
bath products don't forget to pass
before you buy it because there are
sharpies and they were just to cut you
up okay so the front we can see a little
girl and she's happy on the side it says
add eyes the first thing has to do yet
to add eyes on in match or head of Olaf
and then you have to turn the handle and
then you had the favorite flavoring and
that obviously when you tailor handling
and ice it would go directly from his
belly as you can see here into the
actual cuff at the back it says he shows
a picture of two girls enjoying it and
it says the same thing again and it says
frozen treats in minutes I was actually
being reports of this item because it's
very apparently is very hard to turn
this eye to turn the handle so I don't
know about that but in the full review I
was making a video on this because
obviously I'm I should have enough power
to do that kids handles are not hard to
turn especially if it says that kids
product okay let me just take this out
of the box now I'm just going to break
the two seals on the box as you can see
so the two stools and the box will be
broken in case way that
okay OOP let's sit on the side as well
how long
fixable okay so on the size of the votes
we can see we can tell about that you
see nothing there's nothing inside the
box right move it first of all there's
an Olaf snow cone maker exception module
so yes so this is the instruction manual
as you can see here and this is a very
useful sort of my nuclear it says what
is inside and what is not I think this
is a mistake with this because in
previous videos I've been watching is
actually it actually came to syrup so
here's this misrepresent book a bit
strange but anyway so this is true snow
cone maker right here okay so you can
see so that the hands are movable okay
very interesting and the app that's the
back the front and the back you just
like that okay great
now this is the cup which seems like
this okay so you can see that okay
that's the tune and this is the cup with
the rubberized carrot nose follow it up
so this will go in the nose now here
just like this
so go just sit in there we go
that's loose on sit up and this is the
pot way it sits down on it just beats
here which is inside the box we just put
that down on there like that just know
my thing on it's nothing
this goes here how expected now
this is actually machinery which
actually pushes the ice if you didn't
know okay so this is the way your adult
supervision is required so will active
it to the actual thickness and cut your
hands really sharp okay it's really
really shot okay so what we want to do
now is you want to get this but you want
to just push it all the way around you
want to get this and you want to push it
inside the belly
this way around get this and put it on
here like this and then get this and put
on there like this okay you just turn it
just turn it
okay just like that
not just like my sneakers not like that
is it hmm so you could put it inside
like that and you just switch you just
switch it that okay okay that's done
once you actually put it on actually
then that's great and love this is what
you get the head here and the head just
going over okay so that's the look
really I'll help you if you don't eyes
don't forget to leave this video thumbs
thumbs up if you enjoyed it I've got
photo from Amazon I don't think I'm
missing supplies to syrup bottles
because the previous leader again I'm
saying previous video spent 20 million
times because actually in previous
videos there have been the surfing
included in size the powders and also
there's also been the actual mechanism
the actual syrup bottles as well so it's
very strange how in the UK I'm which I'm
living now they don't have all of these
things so very disappointed but that's
not a problem because I don't really
need those things but I will be
contacting Amazon about that and just to
clarify that so yeah that's not a
problem I hope you enjoy this video guys
don't forget to leave the video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed this video and if you
have any any any more questions about
this video and you leave a comment down
below okay so get your frozen now and I
will be making a video review on this so
stay tuned for that
take you then bye

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