Disney Frozen Olaf Snow Cone Maker – Full Review

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hi everybody this is my box and fun
today today I'm gonna have a review and
this review is going to be on the Olaf
snow cone maker now we can clearly see
that this dough can make I make snow
cones are using a grater inside its
tummy right here but what I said ms
camera I'm ice cubes I don't really have
an ice fridge freezer which I actually
have managed to put it having to install
it I just bought this for like a pound
or so from asda ok you get that are your
local supermarket and a pack of whites
which you put in here so first of all we
can see this is removable this is where
you have to put the ice inside it and
they have to push it down to the ice
comes out so we can see inside here all
right that's the greater ok that is the
main greater all right out of batt is
where you wind it in order to crush the
ice so this turns around ok this is a
cup where a good all the snow coolers
and that it'll spin it Olaf girls coming
ok so first of all you have to do is you
have to put all the ice and like as you
can see inside
so you want to get everything I say and
put it inside okay and then you push
down with this much ice and push down
and you rotate okay can you see that I
see me a bit hard to turn I don't know
how children are going to turn this ok
okay so you see this is the snow cone
just know now you want to just pay down
like that so that's a lie but I feel
like your work into it it's much better
and this thing is very unstable if you
have to make sure that you know hit me
Clippers in a chikee isn't it ok then
I'll eat you want I serve at this ice go
after problem please superstar let's ice
I'll take it down until Olaf's head
doesn't get down hola hola okay until
Olaf's head to think they get down there
you know the snow cone how to be made
specifically yet so you have to get the
head time but not first line and you
want to get it at the same time Oh a
little bit of snow cone in there we want
to pie down so this is a snow cone okay
so the final finished the final surge
put up I'm going out on the syrup saw
some roaster up and on there so you can
see that okay at some time I read syrup
if you don't know what is amazing you
should try it from peel from India and
Mauritius you should know what this is
okay so there we go the lovely snow cone
I'm going to try now mmm
be very very nice i love this local it's
so nice yummy hey guys so if you wanted
to also mold it you can mold it by using
a cup putting a stick in it and pressing
it down so this is amazing kind of Guler
ice kind of ice snow cone maker very
very efficient item and it's very
affordable to you for 60 99 amazon take
care and subscribe see you later guys

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