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by birtanpublished on April 9, 2021

oh hello there welcome this is digital trends live I'm Gregg nibbler this is your Daily Show here from Digital Trends where we bring you the trending tech topics of the day news interviews headlines discussions and more only we've got a little secret we're not exactly live today because we wanted to play some of our favorite interviews in segments of 2019 and that it's what we're gonna do so thanks for joining us

We've got a lot in store for you the first one we're gonna play is this it's an interview with Delilah Dawson Delilah is an incredible writer and also the author of galaxy's edge black spire that is what the Disney ride is based on so she is certainly part of Disney Canon and also just an incredible person so let's go ahead and roll that one here first here it is Delilah Dawson on Digital Trends live and we all know about the launch of galaxy's edge at Disneyland if you're a star Wars fan if you're a Disney fan I mean it's huge it's one of the most exciting theme

Parks that we've ever seen come out but there's more to it than that because right now there is a backstory to that and we have the author of Disney of Star Wars Galaxies edge black spire right here joining us it is Delilah Dawson hello thank you so much for being here on the show I have so many questions for you if we want to get through if we want to talk about with this but for everybody who's watching can we get some of your back story and I know you you've authored so many different books but just what led up to this point of authoring this one painting murals I

Have an art degree and when my second child was about nine months old he stopped sleeping and I stopped sleeping and it kind of broke my brain I started hallucinating talking rats in the walls and I went to my husband and said okay I think I have a problem and he said let's get you sleep but you also need a hobby you should do something just for you and I said I can't I have babies we said we should write a book and my brain was so broken I said yeah sure okay I'll do that and yes it within a month I a month and a half I guess I had a book that I'd written and I learned online how'd you

Get traditionally published and I queried it and by the time I got to my third book Wow you know that's not how it normally works that's that's that's a pretty amazing arc for that to get right into it clearly there's some talent there that you found by talking to the rats in the walls well getting from there you know to this three-book deal and now you're here writing you know the the Star Wars book this galaxy's edge and I know it's not the first one in the series but can we get a little bit of a back story for anybody out there who wants to know what

This book is about and then we'll talk about how it translates into the theme park sure I guess my server story starts with the perfect weapon which is a novella I wrote about a bounty hunter buzina and tall from the force awakens and then I got to write phasma which was the backstory of Captain phasma and to write tell phasma we needed a main character who was a resistance spy a new character that we hadn't seen before and so we created by maratti who is general Organa's BestBuy and she's the one who teases out past this backstory and when we opened with black

Spire we see general Organa ascending by maratti out to a planet where Leia says we need we need a place that no one cares about someplace far off in the galaxy where the first order won't come to look for us we need recruits and we need a base so please go out and make that happen and so if I Moratti ends up at black fire outpost which we know as galaxy's edge so this is where so vibrato ends up there now talking about this and going out to see the actual you know galaxy's edge I understand that you were out there not very long ago what is it like being there and seeing this and

You know walking through this experience with these characters in this world that you've helped fill in the back striving you have filled in the backstory for it what does that experience like you know I always say it's kind of like that time on Sesame Street where finally everyone got to meet snuffleupagus and realized that big burn hadn't been hallucinating his best friend for 20 years galaxies edges my snuffleupagus it's it's real you can walk through it I think maybe my fellow Star Wars writers a writer Cordova crash of fate she and I and JK Rowling might be the only people

Who can walk into a world that we we got to write before we ever got to go into it so it's it's otherworldly all the little details I get caught up looking at them there's so much to see there and we were able to in my book flex fire I got to see the Disneyland galaxy's edge before my final edit so I incorporated little details that cut my eye into the book so if you've read the book as you go through you'll find out where Savi and his gatherers get their lightsaber parts you'll find out who carved with the little wooden condors and frog dogs in

Bacchus toys shop so you'll get all of these little glimpses into this world and you know otherwise you might be walking through and you'll see a tree covered with ribbons and think oh that's weird I wonder what that is and then you read the book and you find out why the trial on Wishing Tree that's great the sea and that's what I kind of wanted to ask too is just get into that is how it ties into the live-action events and I haven't been to it myself so I haven't experienced it yeah I gotta go that needs to happen soon but but how

This you know ties in is do you think this is something that everybody should read before they go experience the the theme park only of course I think that but if you're the kind of person who who likes the back story who wants the inside information in the Easter eggs it's a really fun thing it's almost kind of a scavenger hunt after you read the book to find the things in the book – you know there's character named Kim BAE who's in the book there's a k2 droid that one of the characters and Tara gates you can see in the Droid Depot so it's got that fun insider edge and then

Also at one point when you're in the park there's a really good chance that by maratti will sidle up to you and bring you into the resistance ask you to help her evade some bucketheads she is a real person and she will interact with you and like knowing her backstory is super funny I know people are telling me on to tour that they're like asking her what her latest knitting project is because we set up investment that buy is a really bad knitter but that's what she does when she's stressed and she stressed all the time as well yeah so with that kind of interaction

You know in the this experience that it's so that's so unique like you said JK Rowling you know somebody else who can have this but what is it like like I would say for somebody who's going in there to experience galaxy's edge what are some key things they should know do you think based upon the book when they go in and experience it well you should know that everyone there is a character they're not you know just Disney people from Orlando everyone there you can interact with it's the closest you can come to a Star Wars LARP they all have personalities back stories they can tell

You about the other parts about you they can point out points of interest to you you definitely want to read it if you want to know more about the drinks and the food because there's so much good things to eat and drink in galaxies edge especially in Oguz Cantina when you go in there the variety of drinks they have and there all the taps for all of the beers and ciders are all different there's a rancor tooth there's lightsaber handles there's carved forbs so you want to know about that and then you also want to know about there's a data pad app in the

Disney Play app you can download that and when you go there you can open it up when you're in blocks by outpost and you can translate the word bash if you can't read something it'll translate it you can hack the doorways you can talk to droids you can you can take jobs so if you hook up with that when you ride the Falcon you can get paid for it and like download credits onto your app so it's a really fun way to interact with things and find out about how to help the resistance or the first order and really become a part of it that sounds so much fun I am ready to go right now well with

Black spire out and I want to let everybody know where they can get it and give all that information but I have to ask you know now that this is out is this something where we're gonna get more of this story going on well we get to see more of this world exploring galaxy's edge I'm sure you probably can't tell me but I figured I had to ask anyway you know anytime Star Wars asks me to jump I will definitely say how high because it means so much to me I do have another Star Wars book out in October called the Skywalker saga that's the fairy tale retelling of episodes 1

Through 8 the movies kind of like a read out loud coffee table book for kids with gorgeous illustrations so that'll be my my next Star Wars book and then I also write star wars adventures comics whenever they ask me to as well so there's always something great coming up what a fun world what a fun job that you've you know found yourself into after that yeah so cool and I want to say thank you so much for joining us here on Digital Trends live really really appreciate it but for everybody who wants to pick up this book because I'm sure there's a lot of people right

Now I know it just came out but what is the best place that you would recommend for them to go to your local indie bookstore is a great place to support you can also find them at all the regular online huts if you want a signed one and you can't get to one of my events you can look at the books a million signed edition and then Barnes and Noble has an edition the special fold-out map where you can see a lot of the characters and places already and galaxies that should help you on your way so cool well Delilah thank you very much for joining us here on dear old

Friends laughs really appreciate it fantastic interview and can't wait to go check out not only the book I'm gonna read that but go check out the world afterward that you've helped create thanks so much thank you so much may the force be with you nice all right I still haven't been on the ride myself so I do have to get down there but we really appreciate Delilah being on the show we've been a lot more coming up for you some great interviews that we had over the last year but first we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back here and take a look at a video that includes the

Tech that died in the 2010s think about 2010 what was still around right then well we're gonna walk through some of the big ones that changed over this past decade so all that's coming up here on Digital Trends live the thing about tech is that it's always evolving and advancing and that means that sometimes perfectly good gadgets get taken out back put down and buried may they rest in peace fact is we could fill a graveyard with all the tech that was killed off over the past decade with enough terminally ill products left over to fill a

Hospital with that in mind here are 10 tech celebrities that for better or worse met their end over the past decade first up is the mp3 player when the mp3 met apple's ipod it forever changed the way we listen to music suddenly you could carry hundreds of songs thousands even right in your pocket no more walkman or discs man no more of the tapes and CDs that had to come with them one device a world of music at your fingertips suddenly it got real easy to share and download music Napster and people got real serious about listening Microsoft tried to get in on the action

With its Zune music player but that poor thing was Claire dead in 2009 cut to the past decade and ironically it was Apple's own iPhone that hammered the final nail into the mp3 players coffin today with streaming services like Spotify and smartphone serving as music players there's just no need for an mp3 player plus the mp3 itself was declared dead in 2017 by the folks that created it next instant messengers if you were a teen in the late 90s or early aughts then you probably spent hours chatting with your friends on MSN Messenger a well Instant

Messenger or maybe even yahoo messenger oh we were so cute back then text chat was a relatively new thing and it had never been so easy to have conversations online a little later bbm that's blackberry messenger brought instant messaging voice and even video calls to mobile and that's only important because the group chats location sharing and other features it had soon got copied by others that did it better eventually Microsoft bought Skype in 2012 and shuttered MSN Verizon acquired AOL in 2015 and finally disconnected aim in 2017 and Yahoo Messenger was shut

Down in 2018 now how about DVDs this is a contentious one because DVDs are still being made and you can still watch them you probably are but the rental stores and DVD players are essentially gone yeah you can still rent a DVD from red box or Netflix and play it on a blu-ray player which you can buy today but blockbuster is gone and regular DVD players are a thing of the past you probably don't display your DVD collection like you used to and you can blame streaming services for that today just about anything you want to watch is

Available online whether you stream it for free rent it or purchase it and store it in a digital Locker I bet the folks who were at Blockbuster are kicking themselves every day for not buying Netflix in 2004 50 million dollar the chain was over and done with four years later and now Netflix is worth well many billions of dollars here's one that hits close to my heart plasma TVs plasma the original flat-screen TV you know some TV geeks still mourn the passing of plasma TVs or at least they did until OLED came around plasmas had amazing black levels and

Color but unfortunately they were heavy power-hungry and couldn't very bright perfect for basement home theaters but not powerful enough to battle a sun-soaked living room plasma TVs were phased out when LED backlit LCD TVs had clearly taken over due to being lighter and less expensive to make now net neutrality oh this is a tough one because it got a little political the death of net neutrality is considered by some to be the most defining tech moment of the past decade the idea behind net neutrality is that everything on the Internet should be treated equally this

Means that if Comcast is your internet provider it shouldn't be able to slow down your Netflix connection in favor of say your Hulu connection it shouldn't make Amazon load slower than eBay and so on in June of 2018 FCC rolled back some rules and net neutrality died it's not clear what this may mean for our future but ISPs are definitely slowing down torrents and file sharing next up Microsoft Kinect I know remember the Kinect I mean of course you do but you also forgot about it didn't you the Kinect was launched in 2010 and for its

Time it was pretty clever it had an advanced infrared camera system sensors and a microphone that could automatically recognize you log you in to Xbox Live track your motion and respond to voice commands it was like a we face ID and Alexa all-in-one and it worked well mostly there were glitches and it required a ton of space to use plus the titles that came out which use Kinect were lame and so though ahead of its time Kinect dies Google Plus this would be funny if it wasn't so sad look Google is infamous for spinning up

Different services and products then promptly killing them off a huge and growing Google graveyard includes Google Reader Google Buzz Google glass project era Nexus player bump chromecast Audio inbox by Gmail project tango Google now aloe Picasa Google Wave Google Goggles Google daydream and the list goes on and on but its biggest death of the last decade was Google Plus which was its attempt to build a social network that would rival Facebook and that's the end of that next up is Windows Phone and yeah I think we all know what happened here Microsoft went after Apple because

The iPhone was killing it and built a phone using Windows which was having some trouble on desktop already never mind a phone version nobody wanted to build apps for it few people bought it and dead finally you got vine and it would be easy to forget vine since everyone is so distracted with tik-tok but vine really started the whole short form video craze tik-tok just picked it up and ran with it thanks misko girls maybe the best thing about vine is that like Twitter it forced creatives to do more in less time

And space vine may be gone but it has left its mark on the coming decade already that's our list but I'd be remiss if we didn't have some honorable mentions here's to early discovery sites like StumbleUpon and Digg small smartphones like the iPhone se or the Sony compact let's pour one out for us be a CD players and cars mini USB hotmail via PlayStation View and tumblr and to be sure owning your software camcorders iTunes landline phones headphone jack Sat Navs and digital compact cameras are all on life support so we'll have that

Conversation in another 10 years hello this is digital trends live and you are watching our episode where we take a look at some of our favorite interviews of 2019 we've been very fortunate to have some incredible creators here on the show and certainly Ryan vocalis falls into that category he's the person behind the amazing show the toys that made us and he joined us to talk about the new season of that so let's go ahead and roll it right now here it is Brian on digital trends live

I'm excited to talk about this because I have some comments and questions I want to bring up but we are bringing on right now Brian VOC wise founder and CEO of comedy dynamics back again hello doing good as always wherever you're sitting your background is amazing and I want to analyze every single thing that you've got you know how many white walls we get to see so that's it this is great but let's talk about what's coming out right now the toys that made us this is such an amazing show back again can you walk through for anybody who doesn't know

What the show is who's been missing out what it's about yeah it's called the toys have made us season three is on the way comes out November 15 and it's real simple it's about the history of every episode is about the history of one toy line I know people here to word history and they get all freaked out it is a fun show as you may know my background is in comedy so it is a very fun show it is a very funny show so don't don't be scared by the word history what each episode is about one toy the origin up until the day we lock the episode and that's what's so

Great about it because that the previous seasons what you covered transformers GI Joes actually could we have run through some of the ones before then I want to talk about this season's toys all right you want me to list all eight is that is that a challenge that's oh if you could do it off a memory let's see let's see if I could do it is it alright here we go Star Wars GI Joe Barbie he-man Star Trek transformers My Little Pony and I always forget one like I have a weird memory why would I forget Oh

Lego literally the only toy I still play with today the way it's meant to be played with I forgot Lego that's amazing job there it is right there so that's that's what we can do for every time now is run through those but talking about this season so this season in particular there's some really interesting was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being a part of it you've got on top of that the wrestling action figures which is something that I grew up with now for you did you play with any of these toys as a kid like what's your

What's your selection process like for deciding what's gonna be on this so we have like three quote-unquote rules that we use the first is I like to think about this thing I call in my brain the Mount Rushmore of toys and the idea being even if somebody doesn't know about a toy like my wife she don't know anything about transformers but she can recognize Optimus Prime or bumblebee well we need at least one character from a line to qualify for a theoretical Mount Rushmore toys number two I want that toy to be in production since inception up until today eight that in

That way we're gonna get at least two but with some of these toys three or four generations that have been playing with the toy so I mean we hear from people my grandfather played with GI Joe my father played with GI Joe I played with GI Joe and now my son plays with GI Joe so we want a multi-generational toy what we don't want even though this is painful I like I get people are like you gotta do an episode on masks how come you haven't done silverhawks and I'm always like mask was on the air for two years no one knows what the hell it is now I loved it

But Netflix gives us a lot of money and a lot of trust you know I'm not gonna spend an entire budgets worth of money an entire episodes budget unmasked so that's number two and then number three does it have a good story like we needed to have a good story some toys are very successful but it's a boring story I'd like it came out it was a hit we've been making it for 40 years that is not good television so we need to have ups downs you know a little drama a lot of company so we need all of that and that's that's the three

Quote-unquote rules well certainly a toy that's had a lot of drama over the years as Power Rangers and you're covering that in this season and you actually have one of the Power Rangers themselves on the show what was that like bringing him on board and working through that process there there was nobody nicer cooler and funnier than Walter I he is a wonderful wonderful kind soul we're doing another show right now I can't say anything about it yet and I am hoping very much that Walter will be a part of it so I always think actions speak louder than words right so there's no

Better proof of how much I love them then I'm trying to get him on the next thing that's that's amazing right they're just a band and you know meeting people like that going through this I have to think also going into the backstory you find out some pretty crazy things about these toys when you really dig into them and just the effect they have on anything can you walk through maybe one or two of the craziest things you found out while making this this series I mean one of my favorites is that Hasbro was intending to put out GI Joe without Cobra and it

Was horrible who was hired to make the comic book they got a box of GI Joe toys and they were like oh Hasbro forgot to put in the bad guys so they called Hasbro they're like hey hey you forgot to put it in the bad guys and hazard was like oh there are no bad guys and Barbeau was like what do you mean there's no bad guys who they all come with guns and tanks right planes who they gonna fight and has bros like I guess Star Wars figures and Barbie dolls and stuff and I was like well maybe that's cool for you but we can't make a comic book

Without bad guys and Hasbro was like it you make the bad guy and there was some random staff meeting at marble so they're like all right we need a bad guy who's the bad guy and someone was like what about Cobra that sounds cool that's crazy I I had no I mean I'm somebody who played with GI Joes that's just weird it's crazy that someone who go through that entire process and not think about the fact that oh yeah you need some conflict or something to like build up within the toy well it's hysterical and the epitome of our show where we find fun facts but try

To show it in a fun way but if you look at the Jen one line of GI Joe it's like 18 Joe's three or four Joe vehicles yeah new Cobra dudes – Cobra dudes yeah that's pretty sure Joe would have won that one right well um you know mate crate in the series – ty I just I have so many question about it cuz I'm a fan of these toys and just hearing this this history but I'm since you work in comedy you've got to have people coming up to you all the time and probably trying to pitch different toys other ones that you want to get to that you haven't gotten to yet or if this continues on that you

Would really like to go down the road of there's the obvious ones like Hot Wheels right another one that's obvious but most people don't realize it's obvious is nerf nerf has been it's so funny if you look at the top five toys over the last 30-plus years it goes up and down and left and right and people things are always coming in and out the only toy that is always in the top five and usually is number one is nerf so I would love to do a nerf episode because a it's very popular but be great story the founding of the line how it all happened the business story behind it a lot of

Comedy early nerf is not what is now nerf or even what would be nerf by the 90s now nerf is like Gatling gun like it's it's a great story but the episode that I hope I get a chance to do hopefully and I would hope this would be the last episode we can do would be an episode called the toys that should have not been made and the example the the spinal cop there's a lot of them but the spinal column of that episode would be ljn's dune line because that movie everybody before that movie came out felt about it the way everybody felt about Star Wars a

New hope so we literally could do interviews where we show Jim Swearengen from Star Wars being like the moment I read the script it was I knew it would be a big hit and of course Star Wars was a big hit there is people at LJN who said the same thing about dune like and that movie everything it touched it destroyed yeah Lynch didn't direct for 10 years LJN went out of business like and I'm also obsessed with the movie and the toy line so that I would hope would be the last episode cuz it's the perfect bookend to the first episode which was

All about Star Wars that's an amazing idea now it makes me want to ask you about dune and just the remakes that are coming out and how you think they're gonna do but we can save that for another episode but that's this is we're out right now so the toys that made a season 3 I guess you know I want to say that this is such an amazing concept of where you've gone with this and I love that idea I think really think you should pitch that to Netflix of the toys that shouldn't be made I mean Gobots I don't know Gobots are kind of along those lines for me we already have

People suggesting other toys to I'm seeing us come to our chats micromachines Thundercats I'm sure you get it all the time but first I promise you it will it might be eight seconds long we will get to my growth machines I love I played with my groom machines I did not play with same with me I I was obsessed with Micro Machines right between that I mean you get the guy at the speed talking guy back whatever his name was boom that just right to sight ready well bright thank you once again for joining us anytime you have something to talk about please

Join us here on digital trends lab and everybody go watch the toys that made us season three on Netflix cannot wait November 15 November 15th on Netflix so save the date watch it in just a couple of weeks you can check out all the episodes right there Brian as always thank you for being here in digital trends live thank you for having me I have watched that season and I have to tell you it is amazing and nostalgic at the same time so thank you to Brian for joining us here on Digital Trends live and coming up next we're gonna take a

Break and then we're gonna have an astronaut on the show which astronaut well you're gonna have to stick around to find out that is coming up right after this break here on Digital Trends live Oh welcome back to Digital Trends live I'm Gregg nibbler and we are walking through some of our favorite interviews of 2019 and this is definitely one of mine is with an astronaut now I promised you I'd wait until you tell now here it is it's Mike Massimino Mike Massimino on

The show so let's go ahead and roll this interview right now with former astronaut Mike Massimino if you watch this show a lot you know we talked about space travel the future of space travel where it's going with space tourism we have these commercial n of these getting involved we've got SpaceX which is launching actually pretty soon with their Falcon heavy rocket and all kinds of things with that but we need to talk about the people in space what it's gonna be like where does it go how does it go in the future and we have somebody who is a perfect expert to be talking

About that right and how we have joining us Mike Massimino hello Mike hey Greg how are you doing great thanks so much for being on here I think you're on you're a couple of months ago but you were in a car driving around to some secret location oh it wasn't a secret location was a Long Island Expressway that's right I think what were we talking about I can't remember what that I think it was a land and landing on Mars yes well let's talk about it what you got there to there because I could see it behind you and you know it's something that I actually hadn't thought

About what it's like living up there in space and what you eat I mean let's talk about ribby what what does it currently like like what are meals like in space currently meals are pretty good similar a lot of things we get on earth we can get in space or just packaged differently we have dehydrated food you had water – and we hide things like spaghetti and meatballs shrimp cocktail things like that you also have meals ready-to-eat which are thermal stabilized with a long shelf life you just warm those up things like

Lasagna fajitas hamburger stuff like that you can you can warm those items up in a food warmer or a convection oven and that's worked pretty good it's great but never been able to take raw ingredients and bake them in space all that stuff that we've had so far has been cooked on the ground on earth shipped up to space and and just reheated so this is what we're excited about now is this new technology a new oven that allows us to cook or bake in space by it's companies called zero-g kitchen and they've worked with another company called nano racks

To integrate it into the International Space Station we're going to now be able to take raw ingredients and bake them cook them in space and the first thing that's going to be cooked is a chocolate chip cookie nice well I want to talk about the technology behind it and and how is how it works actually for this zero-g oven but that's just kind of answer this – why is it important to be able to cook with raw ingredients in space well as we venture further off into into our exploration with people to beyond the space station we're going to need ways to be able to provide food and

Water and safety breathing air of course the food is a big part of that and we can't we're not going to be able to cook everything ahead of time and bring it's not going to work the stuffs not going to stay fresh for as long as we'd like we need to find ways to be able to grow food along the way we've done those experiments on the International Space Station successfully so far and be able to grow plants like lettuce so we can eat and we also want to be able to cook while on our way as well I think this is pretty pretty vital to our ability to travel long distances and not to have to

Have everything ready to go it's that's really infeasible we're gonna have to be able to grow food make food prepare food cook along the way so I think it's important for that I think that food is more than just food in space and I think it is to some extent on the ground as well but particularly when you're in a stream environment away from home it serves not only to give you nourishment but also to give you this this sense of comfort of community of sharing a meal with someone of reminding you from home when you're away and that's why I think in this case it's chocolate chip cookie

Is a pretty good choice or that particularly I'm happy about partnering with Doubletree from Hilton on this project because it's the same exact cookie that they serve in the hotels you're traveling around the world I always find it very comforting to enter the hotel and see those chocolate chip cookies they're waiting reminds me of home makes me feel feel at home feel comfort even though I might be in a place I've never been to before an unfamiliar place now space is like the extreme experience in that regard being away from home so I

Think that having these cookies available to space travelers I think is going to be meaningful not only to give you some food to eat but also to give you that comfort when you're away from home like that you're right it's almost like it's baked into our DNA so to speak you know for comfort food for to have that as part of just our experience and especially in space if you're out there like that you know you want something comforting yeah it's not just it's not just to keep you going to do it really is the mission you can go or you can eat you could eat stuff from tubes for a

Little bit of time but after a while you it's not good for morale and I think this is the next step there is not having things you can just warm up but also having things that you can actually cook so talking about these doubletree by hilton via these chocolate chip cookies and the zero-g oven let's talk about the tech behind it how does how do we make this happen up there well there's the oven is is provided by zero zero g kitchen they're the the material the the ingredients are going to be pre-mixed so it's the same recipe the same exact cookie that is supplied at

The hotel it's going to be pre-mixed ingredients which is good because it makes it easier on the astronauts and you want to try to no matter what you're doing you design something for space travel you want to make it astronaut proof so they'll be taking that that dough and putting it into the oven it'll actually bake we're not exactly sure how all that's going to work we expect it to work just fine we expect the experiment to be successful but we're really not sure of the the effect of zero gravity is going to have on the baking process don't wait

Yes I've take a look at it right now as we as we see you know how it's it looks like it's perfectly easily set up like you said it's astronaut proof so you know you can you can throw in your ingredients have it ready to go and so this is gonna be going up on a rocket here pretty soon is that right like I think next next month I believe is when it's scheduled for yeah it scheduled before the end of the year okay you know it this one says you know who is exactly sure when they're going to happen but the plan is to have it launched sometime this fall that'll be the oven and the

Ingredients will be launched on a cargo ship up to the space station I think they'll set it up as soon as they get this stuff because though that's what they normally normally do in space you get the experiment going get the new piece of equipment set up and they also gonna be motivated to see what other cookies turn out but there's also I think the educational research aspect of this we've never baked anything never cooked anything in space before and so it's it's a research project I think the cookie is a good test case I think it'll be leading leading us to doing other

Items food items the space cooking more in space but really not sure how it's going to turn out whether they're the differences then the major difference that we have between space and Earth is the lack of gravity in space and so not sure how that's going to affect the cooking process I think my prediction is that the cookies gonna be a bit fluffier maybe a little bit bigger puffier than what we have on space because it doesn't have zero it doesn't have gravity affecting the baking process but we'll see and I think it's gonna be an important information not only for the

Cookie cooking but also for for what other things we might prepare and cook in space long-term in the future it's gonna say it could be actually better than it is down here if it's can cook from all sides like that as it's floating around you know I have to tell you Craig just about everything is better in space man so why should it I shouldn't baking a cookie and eating it be any different yeah I think it's gonna be better and there's a lot to this I know you know you're you like to get into the details of things and you have limited time but but for your for

Your viewers to learn more for you to learn more for all of us learn more about this and they keep up with the project they can go to cookies in space com2 track it and learn more about it cookies and space comm so go there take a look follow along and Mike it's always so nice to have you here on the like anytime anytime you want to join let us know gladinet drive him down and drive it in my car down the long i'll express way this time comfortable definitely alright mike massimino thank you very much so cookies would space calm take a look at

Everything that they're doing that was a good one but i'll tell you what i've got another good one coming up so this is digital trends live playing our favorite interviews of the past year well at least some of them but this next one this is a real good one I'm promising you right now I'm just gonna say this The Punisher stick around back in a minute with Ward digital trends live

welcome back to Digital Trends flat sorry that was my that was my best impression of the Punisher hello everyone welcome back to Digital Trends live I'm Gregg nibbler and we are playing some of our favorite interviews of the past year and that is why this next one is on here we have Jon Bernthal on the show yes he's the guy who loved to hate and the walking dead he is Frank Castle and he is also the star of Ghost Recon break point which is a new game that came out this last year he was the star of it so we're gonna go ahead and

Roll that right now it was so much fun talking to him here it is Jon Bernthal on Digital Trends live and we have a lot to talk about right now because coming up on October 4th Ubisoft is letting releasing the latest in the Ghost Recon series and our next guest you know him from The Punisher you know I'm from The Walking Dead you know I'm from the upcoming the many Saints of Newark and the star of the new Ghost Recon police we have Jon Bernthal Jon thanks for joining us doing good and we have so much to talk about with this excited to have you on the show I want to see if

You can walk us through a little bit of a backstory about this character that you're playing oh cool walkers you know he's a ghost himself I think he's he gets disillusioned with sort of standards and protocols of being a ghost and I think he thinks that kind of the moral compass the procedures that ghosts go through sort of wholesome backing and nfx sort of his ability to complete the mission on hand and he thinks sort of in the in the world that they're in that there's no time for those sort of for having a moral compass

Or the sort of procedures that are in place he thinks that they hold him back so he starts his new group the wolves that accomplishes the task by any means necessary what is it like for you just as an actor going from you know researching roles for like the Punisher or Shane Walter any of those other ones but going into this and playing a particular character in a video game what's the process like is it different look I think characters a character you know what what excited me about this right off the jump was the quality of writing this you know

Visit my mom did the stuff that I had to do in this game was was was written by combat vet you know and then I I really appreciated that and respected that there are special forces technical advisors on set at all times helping me not just with the way that you know I hold a weapon or move or talk but getting into sort of the feelings that are behind the scenes and they were there to provide support and insight and I think anytime that you get to work in in hand with the vet and and and when they're generous enough just sort of open up about their experiences that's

Something that you have to treasure in that it's one of the things I'm most grateful for in my career is the the best that I've gotten to work with and a deep respect for for Ubisoft that they tried to you know tackle that in this way and that they really strive towards authenticity that's someone I really appreciate and that I think that's a huge part of it too which is what makes these games so great is that authenticity factor I feel like that's what a lot of people want and trading with the Special Forces I have to ask I mean that's like you said an incredible

Honor what's one of the maybe one of the neatest things that you learned while doing that well again I mean you know you know the physical training which yeah yeah you know it's amazing and unbelievably valuable and you know the weapons and the protocol and all those things again I think if if ever no matter what you do if you ever get the opportunity to really sit down with with that tip of the spear guys who have really been through it and and they open up to you about their experience it's just an unbelievable blessing and again it's something that I I just really

Cherished so that that was the best part and now you know just like many others that I've gotten work with over the years now you know mildew bomb is the Green Beret who I worked closest with on this become you know an unbelievably close so that's by far and I always think with this in this business it's the people that you need along the way of it that's the best part of it and you know you making a new friend either dude there's nothing there's nothing better than that tired about the the authenticity and going off of that talking about the

Accuracy of the game the graphics are incredible and I know that you went through a really extensive motion picture or motion capture process for that I want to ask about what that process is like and what it's like seeing your full likeness on screen when it's all done even in mocap yeah I thought maybe I would sort of tolerate my big old nose and my giant ears on mocap better than I can on film in television but it was it was equally as revolting to me but the process of a man was the process of it was really interesting I was staggered I was blown

Away by the technicians you know there's so many people that work on this game all over the world and the thing that was made apparent to me right off the jump was how how passionate they are about the game how much this means to them and I'm I'm a huge junkie for passion I only want to work on things that are driven from people who really care about them and there's no question how much this game means to the people that make it across the board I know so little about he's like computers from text I'm kind of a monkey and I was really blown away

By what these folks can do and it was great to sort of like not understand any of it and be in great hands and the process you know the actual process of the mocap was it was really fun and and rewarding you know that acting in that world was really rewarding the process I really enjoyed you know doing it doing it in one take when doing it in a room with a hundred cameras that you don't go up for standard coverage I thought that that was uh that was a really fun and rewarding and challenging way to just do the kind of work that I normally do

That's yeah it's got to be an interesting experience I mean and talking about it from the videogames standpoint you've played so many different iconic characters I just want to ask this like in the video game itself in Ghost Recon which of your past characters do you think would do the best oh man you know look at that I always would put money on Frank Castle and you know I think I think Frank I bring I think Frank would feel right at home in this world you know I think yeah he would he would hand out a good can ass whoopin in this world

For sure yeah I'd have to agree on that that's that's pretty safe bet well talking about you know all of these you know you've played so many iconic characters in the past but we see so many different video games being made into movies or franchises and there's there's a lot of rich stories in there is there any classic video game character that you would ever consider playing in an actual role oh man video games playing with the kids is Mike Tyson's punch-out you know Little Mac um he's really small but that would be really cool I think you know a little

Mac you know as his his rise up through the ranks I really dug that game Castlevania I mean I'm always going broad price you know aging myself here but you know that's that sort of the limits of my my video game knowledge but yeah I guess that's the best I can do for you though so I think Castlevania would be perfect that that's got to happen he's got to be getting that done right now well going with that like talking about some past games what was your favorite game as a kid was a Castlevania or pac-man or something else um you know I liked Galaga man I really

Liked Galaga that and then I still if I see it it you know the old-school Galaga in arcade is it's hard for me too it's hard for me to pass that one by you know I'm still very much into that well yeah I agree Galaga is awesome I still love that one all right yeah yeah it's it's a classic I feel like that's one that's never gonna go away it doesn't even matter you mentioned aging yourself I feel like everybody can still enjoy it looking at it you know looking at it from this I did want to ask just a couple of questions

About tech to and especially since you're you know you travel all over the world you're filming all over the place you're constantly on the go what is the one piece of tech that you can't live without one piece of – yeah you know obviously I you know sadly I I I try to tell my kids that there was a time in which we could actually do things you know without a phone you know but it seems harder and harder but I do think you know that the most important thing is that the weather you know the weather app on on your phone you know it's very it's very important and I am very

Grateful for that because you never know what the weather is gonna be like in different places it uh you know it used to be that you'd have to call the weather you know but it would be very hard to call the weather in different spots I think that phone you just type the old city in and get the weather you know I'm pretty into that okay there is controversy when it comes to weather apps we've had debates about this which weather app didn't trust the most would you – good old weather on my iPhone I didn't even know that there were okay you I don't Google what's the best

Weather app then because there's huge debates about we just found out about one called I think it's called dark sky that one of our people here drew PRNDL was telling me about that's actually pretty accurate that one and Weather Underground that's another one I would weather maybe he was just tricking me I don't know but Weather Underground definitely yeah I would go with that one okay a couple other questions here and I know that we gotta let go and I really appreciate you having some time here with this when it comes going back to you know the Walking Dead and with your

Amazing role in that you know iconic character and we're just seeing now we just heard that there's gonna be another series a third one set in The Walking Dead universe just want to see if you had any thoughts about it about the expansion of that universe and where you think it could go you never never underestimate you know the power of that series and those folks you know I you know my best friends in the world are still the people that made Walking Dead with you know Norman and and Andy and Sarah and Steven and Scott man and

Recipes Melissa and you know Jeffrey de menthe I mean you know was such a beautiful family you know Rooker all everybody you know and I know that the family's or went on and there was something really magical and really special that happened in those woods in Georgia you know what ten years ago and and it changed all of our lives and not just like in a career way I just think that like we this family was sort of birthed and and you know we all just love you said there's something just so special about it and and and I believe in it I

Think it it really taps into this this question that we all secretly kind of asked ourselves you know what would we do if you strip off the veneer in the comfort of everyday life and have to go out there and survive and you know the kernel that question is something that I think lives in all of us I think that's why the show has sort of you know reigned supreme for so long so I'm not surprised after chewing another one you know I just for me when I think about that show I just think about you know there's a family that is sort of important to me and that the fans are

Walking Dead family and you know I just love all those folks so much and you know good good I'm glad because I think you're right it taps into that kind of that primal fear that we all have of you just let loose in the wild and think we're trying to attack you but then that going back to that family side of things and those characters they developed so yeah I'm looking forward to seeing I will definitely check out what the what the news is one final thing that I wanted to ask you because you're I am a huge Sopranos fan and I know that you're in the many

Saints of Newark is there anything you can tell us about what to expect with that when it comes out no man you know David Chase you know you know it's a it's an unbelievable honor to be a part of it it was in my opinion the greatest television show in history I agree unbelievable honor to do it with Michael Gandolfini this is such a personal and in my opinion kind of heroic journey of his to play a younger version of the role that his father played and I believe in him I love him I love mr. chase a great cast Vera Farmiga I mean just like you know I really hope people

Dig it and it's unbelievably humbling because it's just you know you can never I can't say enough good that the best part for me honestly about being in that movie and the process of doing that movie is being able to go back and re-watch the show and living with that show it's just so freakin good man so yeah I just really hope people dig it well I can't wait for that and I can't wait to play Ghost Recon break point and I want to say thank you so much for joining us – any final thing that you want to give to fans for playing this game that they should expect you guys

Are gonna be blown away I'm really excited for you and you know walk in the streets in New York and there's a lot of people on the street so we're really excited in that that's awesome I really enjoyed this process and it's just it's just really well done and and I just I hope you all have fun playing it I hope it ignites your imagination and yeah I just I'm grateful to be part of it well John thank you so much for taking some time to talk to us really really appreciate it and hopefully we'll talk to you soon that was so much fun having John Ruan

Just so he knows he's welcome anytime a digital trends lab maybe we'll get him back 2020 but coming up next we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back we're gonna play one of our videos showcasing some of the biggest internet pho cause of the last decade there's a lot to choose from when it comes to that we're gonna pick out our highlights and that's in a video coming up so stick around back here in a minute with more digital trends live

Internet mistakes tend to take on lives of their own finding their way across oceans and living on forever in memes and gifts or is it jiss its gifts anyway sometimes these mishaps spotlight the darkness that comes with being online but there are more whimsical moments as well here are some of the most hilarious internet mishaps from the past decade that hopefully didn't get anyone fired even though some of them probably did let's do this first up the sad sinister truth behind the mysterious snake people the 2010s were the decade when millennials were

Accused of destroying everything from napkins to cereal to golf and that was just in 2016 it's no wonder then that Eric Bailey created a browser extension that automatically changed the word Millennials to snake people their evil eye tells you but the browser extension also swapped out other words leading to an iconic New York Times correction in a 2018 story titled president Trump's exaggerated and misleading claims on trade The Times included the following quote America's trade deficit narrowed dramatically during the time of shedding and cold rocks now the shedding and cold

Rocks part is snake people speak for the Great Recession senior editor Justin bank wrote about his use of the snake people extension saying that while it was embarrassing he still condoned the use of these quote unquote goofy diversions as for Bailey who created it he told Gizmodo computers were a mistake so take that Fox has all the stuff related news lorem ipsum is a fake latin text that professionals use as a placeholder when laying out webpages brochures and stuff the letters TK are also used to mean to come as in these words aren't ready yet

So don't hit publish yet well someone at Fox News used neither and instead inserted the much more interesting we stuff yo and here is some stuff for yo into headlines and paragraphs on a webpage prototype somehow all that gibberish briefly made it onto fox news's main page during routine site maintenance the mistake was quickly fixed but for a short time the hole Paige had revived a story about world zombie' day so angry apparently artificial intelligence goes Nazi when the whole garbage in garbage out model

Is allowed to take hold Microsoft released a chat bot named Tay on Twitter in 2016 and trolls inundated it with racist anti-semitic sexist slurs unfortunately Tay parroted the tormentors and Microsoft hurriedly took the bots offline after less than a day having learned it's lesson Microsoft then released though a tamer chat bot that doesn't do politics no way EA in 2017 Electronic Arts released Star Wars Battlefront two fans were dismayed with the game's long grind times and use of paid loot boxes they were complaining on Reddit and an EA account responded quote

The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes end quote and they said that the company appreciated the candid feedback and the passion the community has put forth that passion was on full display when the comet received over six hundred and eighty-three thousand down votes it now has the dubious distinction of a Guinness World Record for most downloaded reddit comment EA ended up suspending microtransactions before the game was released proving that every down vote counts

Oopsie Mik oops face this has got to be my favorite one look back in the 18th century Captain George Vancouver went around naming locations and sites after his ship HMS discovery there's a discovery passage Island Bay and port and if we still did things that way you might one day sail through boaty mcboatface seed in 2016 britain's Natural Environment Research Council thought to itself hey let's let the internet have a go at naming a polar research ship what could possibly go wrong into that optimism stumbled James hand

Who came up with boaty mcboatface yes I'm serious with over 100,000 votes boaty mcboatface was the contests clear winner but it was not to be the NERC went with the much more dignified RRS Sir David Attenborough but the bow deed moniker lives on as the name of one of the ships submersibles Godspeed you noble vessel bye bye baby for years Justin Bieber's baby was YouTube's most disliked video then YouTube's own creation unseated the reigning champ the 2018 of YouTube rewind now has over 17 million dislikes far surpassing the 10

Million baby took years to accumulate the backlash to 2018 s rewind was fast and fierce creator marques Brownlee gave a detailed breakdown about what went wrong viewers and stars had certain expectations and instead YouTube seemed to be catering to advertisers shoving and cameos by Will Smith Trevor Noah and John Oliver while leaving out some of the site's biggest albeit controversial creators the rest was a chaotic barrage of clips with little context said Brownlee hello dollhouse quick if you're watching this hit pause and mute your echo

Speaker so Amazon's you know who doesn't light up now if the news anchor in this story had just done what I did maybe this wouldn't have happened see Amazon's Alexa doesn't take a day off she's always listening and in 2017 she tried to order a bunch of doll houses first a Dallas child managed to order a 162 dollar dollhouse through her family's echo dot then a reporter at a San Diego California station covering the story said during the broadcast I love the little girls saying Alexa ordered me a dollhouse yeah you can guess what happened next

Every Alexa and hearing distance took it as a command most of the orders didn't actually go through since Alexa requires a verbal confirmation before making the purchase still it's not a flawless system and a year later a commercial caused Alexa to order cat food for a viewer a walk-in to remember the Internet has allowed interview from home to be possible and that's what Professor Robert E Kelly was doing with the BBC when he and his family unintentionally became stars in 2017 Kelly was discussing the impeachment of South Korea's then president when his daughter

Marched into the room then his son followed propelling himself in a baby walker finally Kelly's wife burst in after them trying to corral them out of frame though the professor initially seemed distraught about the collision of his personal and professional worlds most viewers found it funny endearing and completely relatable that's one heck of a year for internet mishaps here's to another decade of entertainment served up by the worldwide interwebs we'll see you in 2020

hello this is digital trends live this is our daily show here from Digital Trends and we're taking a look back at some of our favorite moments from 2019 and while we record a lot here out of our portland oregon studio we also have our New York studio and that's where this interview took place with our own geremy Kaplan sitting down with Kelvin Beecham yes the NFL player Kelvin Beecham so we're gonna roll that right now here it is on Digital Trends live thanks Greg yes great to be here I'm

Joined by Kelvin Beecham NFL player activist investor philanthropist professional speaker you have a vast number of titles my friend I need to show them down a little bit thank you very much for coming to join us thanks for having me I'm here we're here to talk a little bit about some of your investment choices and what it's like to be both a football player and an investor how do you how do you balance all of these different job titles how do you wear all these different hats you know one is plan football that's the main thing because if if the funding

Stops from my professional career no the other stuff off the field can prosper but honestly it's really putting a lot of focus there you know on the football side but during the off time and during that kind of downtime yeah kind of looking at things that I'm fascinated about things that I'm curious about areas that I'm curious about industries that are that I'm curious about I'm just kind of diving down and kind of chasing that going down a little rabbit hole and finding out a little bit more about those particular topics so which industries are you interested in

You know today was actually talking about the self driving trucks industry so you have companies like starsky's robotics just doing some things in that particular space embark has another company that's doing some things around that that particular sector and one of the guys I was talking to today I asked him well how big is the market is it is it I want to take all market or is it a market that is it is gonna be just one clear defined winner in that particular market he said what the market is huge so you know for me it's just you know you kind of hear about little numbers

About different types of things and then you kind of ask people in your network about them to see what they think about it and it provides some dialogue and be able to share notes and it kind of come to a conclusion and you have a particular opinion I have a particular opinion and we see you know just how those perspectives play a role and you know kind of development as investors well I have an opinion but you've got several hundred million dollars to invent one day but the self-driving truck thing is fascinating a lot of people think about

Self-driving cars and it's fun to talk about those of course but you're right trucks were the money is that right that's gonna happen a lot sooner let's go happen a lot sooner you know you think about workforce development I think that's the the the pros and cons that everybody keeps kind of coming back to you think about use cases you know seven driving cars is a use case but self-driving trucks is I take a better use case because you think about safety being one you think about how much of our economy is is done on the roads as far as traveling if we can make that

That particular process more efficient what would our economy you know look like you think about different countries that have already been using some of these self-driving trucks I can't remember if it was Germany or somebody in Europe that had started to put maybe like a seven mile highway together of a self-driving truck just kind of just testing it out so there are a number of different countries that are starting to go down this particular route with self-driving trucks and for me it's just again it's something fascinating you know instead of talking

About Matt in Game of Thrones I talk about you know self-driving trucks and tech I find it fascinating to do you worry at all about there's a lot there's a conversation that I hear about what happens to the jobs the truck drivers themselves and is that something that that you're fretting about a little bit you know the thing is is is I can see both sides of the equation you know coming from the rural areas of Texas you know you realize that truck drivers are that is the economy that is where what people what people do for for their livelihood and you also look at the

Numbers right now some of the numbers suggest that there aren't a lot of people that actually want to drive trucks so you know we're like it's a tough life so where do we you know draw the line you know I think and think about the industry of farmers when you think about agriculture technology you know act tech is becoming a kind of buzzword as of late you know agriculture precision you think about drones and in robotics playing a role in agriculture technology but how does that affect the farmer you know well how many farmers are there that still want to actually

Form and then you think about the age range of a farmer the average age of a farmer you know it's between 50 and 65 years old how many young people actually want to get in a farmer so it's all these different scenarios and perspective that you can kind of lean owner you could come to take the conversation and tilt the conversation you know whether it's a positive or negative in those particular trends what's fascinating about that is you're talking about changing perceptions to because people say farmer and you think hey seeds straw hat right but farmers

Today have to know about this vast array of technologies self-driving tractors are changing around that is that's something else haven't haven't invested in anything in that space but have looked at quite a few things in that particular sector I think one is called think I want to say red red flag is the company just came out of washi not too long ago but that was doing mowing you know I mean I got I got a land back at home so if I can actually have a robotic tractor that actually mold the land yeah instead of me having to do it I wouldn't mind doing you're sitting there with a

Joystick or hey hey I mean programming it you know and this is the pattern that I want to have done so it's companies that are out there that are doing some innovative things as it pertains to agriculture technology and like you say if farmers do need to know about these different these different technologies after because if it makes their business better and it makes their business more efficient you know what does that do for for you know our society and our economy do you also think about the companies that are doing a lot of these indoor farming type of type of projects you

Know you think about aero forms vertical farming vertical farming you know that's that's down in new jersey and how they're changing the game and as far as being able to produce a lot more healthy greens but saving us water you know so it's it's these these these very innovative technologies that are coming out that are making you know let's have these kind of horror conversations you know all right well what about the human aspect of this well what about the efficiency aspect of this so like I said there there are ways and you can swing those conversations and let's just

Society change right and as we lose some jobs we gain other jobs that's what they yeah that's what I keep getting come wrapping my head back around is that yes we might have fewer people driving trucks but then there's a whole fleet management career that can that's gonna go I mean I was looking at a bloomberg yesterday and Bloomberg laid out about ten jobs that are hot the highest paying jobs right now number one was dating data scientist yep how does data sciences play a role in agriculture technology how does data sciences play a role in self-driving

Trucks they play a huge role so there is you know you may have taken a job from you know a farmer but you've been able to provide another job for data scientists well some people may say here's the here's the the the the counter-argument to that well do we want people behind their computers all the time it's so many ways in which you could take this conversation and so many rabbit holes you can go down to try to make the shoe fit but you know I really feel at the end of the day that the technology is really kind of changing the way that we do things and industries

That we never really thought about yeah and it's all about perception too it's about how you look at it whether you're losing jobs or gaining jobs that's all about perception and speaking about perception my friend I remind you viewers professional football player here soken you are a man yourself who has changed people's perceptions what's that like I mean do you find that people have expectations about who you are and then you sit down and say well actually that's not who I am whatsoever well you know the thing is is I used to in college I used to ask this question is

Perception reality you know and I think with with social media and how social medias has become a thing over the last five years last ten years we have you want to say it's for good and for evil exactly you know some people you know can turn into a superstar overnight and you may be you know on social media and not have any followers you may be you know a billionaire walking around right next to you have no idea you know but I think that perception it has for me has done me well you know cuz you know I came in as a seventh round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft I was perceived not to be

A guy that could make the team play for a long time and now this is going to my eighth year in the league and I'm still you know doing all right I ain't kicked the bucket just yet but you know at the end of the day what perceptions or what I guess barriers or barriers to entry that people put on it's up to you to kind of defy those perceptions I like that I liked it a lot well one last one that stopped it going to touch on I know you care about stem as well is that something that you're investing in or just me you're passionate about you're trying to change

The conversation there you know I've done a lot in that particular area whether it's investing in minority individuals that are wanting to pursue those particular those particular fields I think that you have to bring awareness to the fact that there is a lack of diversity within STEM education and not only STEM education but also equity in education you also have to think about ways to provide access to it an access to not only college but also a career and if you don't want to go to college well what are the alternatives if you think about someone to take take

Oriented companies that have come out lombo school hobart in school pursuit here in new york they're finding that you know finding ways to have an alternative model to you know instead of going to college if you don't fit a test or they're out to go here's some alternatives to go that that particular route but it's that whole that whole trajectory access awareness college readiness the alternative aspect and then also getting a career and then like I talked about earlier with the Bloomberg reporters you can make you know seventy to ninety five thousand

Dollars coming out of school that's well above you know you know the medium income for for right now so it's system some some positives to actually having a good hold on some of the STEM disciplines so you can be successful not only in life but you know as far as your career and your family's Korean generationally do you think the government is doing enough or is that something we need to really maybe more regulations more push to improve you know you know there's been a company called that has really done a ton with making sure that the government

Is doing everything that they can to try to implement it and make it a part of the curriculum but I think it's holistic it's everybody playing a role is its kids playing a role as parents playing a role is the school system playing a role is the government it's the private sector playing a role its public-private partnerships planner role I think it has to be holistic it can't just be one entity doing this or one entity doing X it has to be collaboration yeah I'm an only way for us to get this generation of kids to be successful in the global economy it's

What do it together words of wisdom that's right fascinating conversation with Kelvin Beecham professional football player investor philanthropist and all-around great guy thank you again a pleasure talking back to you Greg for a lot more cool stuff from Digital Trends live and again huge thank you to Kelvin for being here on the show here on Digital Trends live and thanks to everybody who's tuning in we have more coming up though so we've got another great interview for you talking

About the Simpsons but before that we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back we're gonna watch one of Riley wins shows it's called the deets where he talks about space junk yes it's a big deal and this one was a little bit controversial we had some people that agreed and disagreed which is why we're playing it for you right now after this breaks us to Brownback here I mean it was more Digital Trends live if you think pollution in our oceans is bad just wait until you hear about the

Pollution we're building up in space the european space agency says we've got over 750 thousand individual pieces of debris currently orbiting the planet and every single one of them is a catastrophe waiting to happen in other words earth has some space junk in its trunk and if we keep dumping stuff in the sky humanity could be big trouble you're watching the DEP's a show where we demystify the technologies that are shaping the future I'm your host Riley Winn when you look up in the sky at night you're seeing more than just stars

The space around our planet is filled with discarded satellites upper stages of rockets and thousands of pieces of space litter but exactly how much junk have we thrown into the final frontier there are more than 5,000 objects larger than 3 feet long 20,000 objects over 4 inches and around 750,000 1/2 inch long objects orbiting the Earth at any given moment and the problem will just keep getting worse because of our heavy reliance on satellites Elon Musk wants to put over 12,000 satellites into space within the next few years as part of Project StarLink scientists at the

European Space Agency or ESA are so worried about the amount of space clutter we're generating they're sounding the alarm about something called Kessler syndrome that's a cascade effect of collisions that creates more and more debris until space travel becomes effectively impossible we're not there yet but satellites already have to make special maneuvers to avoid snacking into trash you may be thinking hmm okay I get why bigger Tabriz a problem but what about the stuff that's smaller than half an inch is that really an issue well these tiny chunks of junk are

Typically traveling at tens of thousands of miles an hour making them more dangerous than bullets from a gun at those high speeds a piece of space junk just a single centimeter in diameter can easily have the same level of energy on impact as a double-decker bus driving at freeway speeds the ESA is calling attention to the space junk issue releasing a visual aid to help humans understand how bad the problem really is check it out it begins nine and a half billion miles away where space debris is scarce then zooms into what's called the

Geostationary ring of Earth's orbit where the average distance between two objects is less than 120 miles next is low Earth orbit where two-thirds of all large man-made space objects are spinning around including active satellites defunct satellites rocket stages and more sharing this orbit with all the debris is the International Space Station which sports plenty of scars from collisions with these tiny fragments a Dutch artist is also shining light on the issue literally Dan Rose cigar day has come up with a project where he shines ultra

Powerful LEDs into the sky to pinpoint the individual pieces of space junk as they whiz past Earth at speeds of up to 17,000 miles per hour so there's plenty of work being done to spread awareness about the issue but who's actually trying to fix it researchers at Cheng hua university in China have come up with the solution for dealing with extraterrestrial trash a trash eating spacecraft the idea is that it will fly around capturing small debris size less than 10 centimeters in diameter using a net then that same craft will brine the space junk into

Powder and use it for fuel the Japanese aerospace exploration agency or JAXA have worked on a similar concept with a giant net but this one has electronics payslip six football fields long what that does is creates a magnetic force strong enough to affect movement of targeted trash slowing it down and causing its orbit to decay the idea is that the junk would burn up as it enters the Earth's atmosphere but rather than cleaning up the trash in space why don't you mean just stop polluting it to begin with well there's something called the space debris office and yes

That really is a thing they created a space sustainability rating it's a set of guidelines for future satellite operators and space launches these guidelines are currently being developed by the World Economic Forum MIT and the European Space Agency sounds great right except anyone trying to clean up space pollution will face the same resistance as anyone try clean up pollution here on earth it will force companies to put sustainability ahead of profit if all goes as planned humanity will be able to get its act together in the next few decades and nip

This problem in the bud before we trap ourselves under an impenetrable umbrella of high velocity space garbage welcome back to Digital Trends live I'm Gregg nibbler thanks for joining us as we take a look at some of our favorite interviews of 2019 and this was definitely one of mine The Simpsons finally debuted in its entirety for you to stream on Disney Plus and to celebrate we had former executive

Producer and showrunner Bill Oakley in studio to talk about some of his favorite episodes without further ado let's roll it right now bill Oakley on general trends live means Disney Plus has launched and of all of different programming that's on there certainly something that a lot of people been excited about is the entire catalog of The Simpsons now available to stream for the first time and help us walk through some of this has walk through some episodes and walk through the actual streaming side of things we have former writer and showrunner for the Simpsons

Mr. bill Oakley back on the show bill thanks it's a pleasure to be here Greg thank you very much it's always nice to talk to bill and you know I'm now it says as an Instagram star of course but also the Simpsons a little thing that you kind of worked on there yeah a long time ago look this is huge so this is the first time that you can actually stream all of the Simpsons episodes right yeah this is a big deal like because the thing I've noticed is that people who are like – under the age of 20 are really as familiar with the Simpsons as you might think because

They've had the opportunity for years now to stream a Futurama and Bob's Burgers on Netflix and they just put it on and it just runs continuously where's the Simpsons you didn't have that you had to log on to that the Simpsons world which required you to already have an account on FXX I believe and it also forced you to watch the commercials at least in my experience before I gave up trying to do it what yeah and if you had that experience that I mean I'm sure everybody else has yeah and I was pretty dedicated to trying to watch those and then I was like screw it I'll watch them

For free on on you know some pirate sites right well that's what are the things you know with a show like that that can especially in a you know this day and age with everything being available for streaming if you can't stream it that eliminates that whole audience and that looks like you said that under-20 audience I'm sure they know you know of the Simpsons but not knowing those episodes and we're going to get into actually some things so we have a we have a list up at Digital Trends right now of bills top 15 classic episodes and I want to talk about that

Here before we do that though before we talk about any of the episodes there's something particularly with the streaming side of things so Disney Plus launching today and you know at this moment it's been having some issues which most new streaming services probably would but there's something with the Simpsons in particular on how it's being portrayed right I think the thing is is fans really want to see the show in its original aspect ratio which is 4 by 3 & 4 by 3 is like you know where's old TVs it was like this

Yeah there's today's TVs HD TVs are sixteen by nine so on FXX and other places they had reformatted the show to be in sixteen by nine where that where it cuts off the edges of certain jokes you're seeing this right now here's a perfect example of the whole joke of that scene which is that all the beer is coming from the same pipe yeah it's completely cut off and I've seen dozens of these online I think there actually may even be a reddit dedicated to it like the one that I noticed in particular was on who shot mr. burns one of the most important

Clues as to who shot him was completely cut off by this reformatting I mean and I assume they probably have some reason some business reason why they do this right like little kids don't like it when things are in four by three or something like that that's not the point I mean at the very least they could have allowed the people to just click and as they did briefly I think on Simpsons world that you could click and change it to four by three I hope that they bring that option to Disney Plus because it's it's like that's what the fans want to see like the hardcore fans want to see

The show in it the way it was well and like you're saying you know to for people who are just getting introduced to it if you're having those jokes cut off I mean that's just a huge huge part of what The Simpsons is it's all that you know the the topical humor is always funny but it's that those little things like that like the pipe showing that all the beers the same like those are the those are the hidden gems that you really want to see totally I mean I don't think it's to be honest I think that's probably 20 percent fifty or twenty percent of the value of the show

And all the kids watching the show will not care but I think in terms of fanservice I think that they have to put it on a four by three and hopefully that will be rectified very quickly well yeah if you definitely want to see that happen so maybe this is just something for the rollout though they'll fix going on down the line well talking about you know the Simpsons now being available for everybody to watch and we wanted to focus on in particular some of the classic episodes so whether this is somebody who's watching for the first time or somebody wants to revisit it and

Go through some of those some of those amazing episodes from the past we've got the article up at Digital Trends which is 15:1 ones yeah you know I got to say this was a hard assignment because I haven't I don't think I've ever done a list like this and and I would say the criteria that I was given was for someone who's never seen the Simpsons at all okay what are what are these episodes but give me a catalogue of episodes and I cut it down first I started with 40 and then I was like okay well that's too many to put in a list so I cut it down to 15 and like these are

15 episodes that really give you that give a viewer especially if you were has never seen the show a kind of a crash course yeah and the different types of Simpsons episodes be they're too sentimental ones the totally crazy ones the domestic ones the work ones and that cut or that you know the parody ones that kind of things so this was an assignment to cover classic Simpsons and and give a person who never seen it a crash course so I made a list of 15 but I think we're gonna talk about the top five once again it's impossible to weed it out that much right it's really a

Just a judgment call but these under duress I had it was I forced I didn't send an email so so let's walk through this so walk through five of them and I know we kind of have a little list of going of these and maybe we can just give a quick quick showcase of it and let's talk about mr. plow first yeah and showcases this is honestly one of my favorites of all time because the jingle is always stuck in my head but what is it about this one that you think somebody new to the Simpsons would want to catch okay well this one is this it's so trite to say it's a classic but the

Thing about this one is it really it has it's just it's got a great mix of kind of a fairly grounded story it's kind of realistic it's not like a crazy episode and it's kind of has the family dynamic it has a funny number of funny parodies has a funny musical guest and it has like it just has a lot of real memorable moments but it's a real solid story and it's also you know what it's different it's not that kind of thing you'd see on friends you never see a thing where somebody would get a snowplow you know it's like it really is a Simpsons up type story yeah call mr. plow that's my

Name that name again is ministry play always running in the back of my head somewhere so mr. plow definitely want somebody someone should check out so that was yes he's in poor episode 9 and again we're walking through some of the classic ones let's go to Lisa so Lisa's substitute and that's one of the things the Simpson CEO there's so many great explorations of the characters on there Lisa's substitute let's talk about this way absolutely this one is this is probably one of the most touching episodes of the series and the thing about this it's completely different

Than in many episodes it's very realistic it could have been filmed as a as a movie or a TV show as a drama for the most part and it also has Dustin Hoffman who although he used a pseudonym yeah it's Dustin Hoffman playing that character so it's got it it's real moving it's about the family it gets to the core of the relationship between homer and Lisa and I think it's a great like it's it's a great one to add to the mix yeah like again if you were showing this to say if you're trying to show somebody who's never seen the sisters before what this show has to offer this

Is a totally different value than mr. plow or the monorail show or whatever you know well it's bringing up that breadth of different programming like you said you know whether this is a drama episode there's parody episodes this comedy episodes there's you know the hijinks all of it you can kind of find something that that fits all of those also so many celebrity guest stars Dustin Hoffman under a pseudonym you know I mean there you go so that's season 2 episode 19 for that one I'm walking through five of these there's the full list of digital

Trends dot-com of 15 of them let's go to Simpson and Delilah yeah I think this might be the one where I totally fell in love with the series like really this way I mean I was already back in the old days when this was being broadcast on network television that like the first season was kind of a mixed bag this isn't this is second season right let me double check here we'll find out yet anyway this is where at the point I think this is the episode where I was like this thing is a classic it's gonna go on forever season 2 episode 2 yeah like the first season I think many

People think is a mixed bag but it still was great that was when the show was at its height in terms of ratings right but this was when I think that the they had kind of like the various peaks and valleys of season one had been ironed out and this story in particular is so entertaining and again it's not really a story that you'd see on any other show and it's got that great um guest star as well and I forgot his name now I mean that's the thing there's so many episodes and there's so many amazing ones to walk through and you forget you know who some of the people are that it

That that joined all of these right we'll see forgot who the guests are woods but that's you're forgiven for not remembering every single episode 40 episodes in my head right now and I'm yeah walking through all of them and that's that's why it's so hard you know to narrow this down so we appreciate you do this so we had Simpson and Delilah that was and then Lisa substitute mr. plow walking through just five of these for the Simpsons that are now streaming on Disney Plus king size Homer that ones I feel like is a favorite with a lot of

People yeah this is actually one from I tried not to put too many episodes that I was responsible for on this list it's not to be obnoxious but this one I produced with Josh Weinstein of course in season seven and it was it just was a real suit again this is something you wouldn't see in any other show it's a real simple idea where Homer decides to go on disability by by weight fat self up for 300 pounds and which that that humor is so far ahead of its time is it oh yeah I feel there's so many different series that have taken something from The Simpsons that's

That's all I wonder drink that's it yeah and this is another one I think you would have me hard-pressed to see on any other series and it also has a great has a pretty good amount of sincerity in it as well and then it has a kind of action-adventure third act so you get again you get a mixed you get a a smorgasbord of different values right in this episode but it's a good one and it's not not too similar to any of the other ones that I've picked for the top five yeah again giving like a well-rounded look at the Simmons as much as you can in that short amount of time

With these episodes so we're walking through the five that Bill's picked just for here for this segment so the last one is radio Bart okay now this one is a good one this one I would say this is probably my favorite Simpsons episode of all time and it's never on any other lists and this is the strange thing about this I think this one is the Platonic ideal of a Simpsons episode it is not too crazy it's not a monorail episode it is not right it's not super like grounded it's it but it it's Bart it's got everything you want that's the thing about it is like I said

The other one was a smorgasbord with this one this is the super smorgasbord because not only does it have a story that was sort of drawn from the headlines about kids falling down the well back in those days but it also has its very believable and it also has that great musical number with we're sending our love down the well it's got sting as the guest musical guest star and it's it's an involving kind of story with it kind of a emotional third act where Bart you know was feeling bad about what he's done yeah I'm being punished you know by you know my Karma

Bad behavior and I think this one of all the episodes that I often put this on my top ten list and I never seen it on any other ones because I think it's like if you could boil everything that made the symptoms great to every and I mean everything not just the various extremes yeah everything that made the Simpsons great down into one episode this episode has it wow I mean that's a huge endorsement right there so that's Radio Bart again another one four four bills top five to talk about and then I mean top five for this segment there's so many like you said you have 40 in your

Head nerd it down to 15 for the article alright that's that digital trends swing encourage everybody to go there and take a look at it and then 5 for this so will you be watching these episodes even despite the fact that the the ratio is off I don't have Disney Plus Greg I was thinking about getting it but like I first of all I've seen all these episodes 20 or 30 times it's it true you know Josh and I used to watch the old episodes on our lunch hour when we were working at The Simpsons even so like like I don't I don't know whether I

Really need another streaming service fair enough like so many people probably saying today like I already got Hulu Netflix better I don't know and at least like two or three others yeah and like I thing is I'm not like I'm not although I know the mandalorian is terrific I'm not dying to see it right it's not working through all that and I'm very familiar with these Simpsons episodes but I will I mean I'm sure I will eventually be forced to subscribe to Disney Plus and then I will stream Simpsons all day long

Yeah background nice well that's what I intended you I did subscribe to it but I'm definitely gonna be watching The Simpsons although we need to fix that ratio well bill thank you so much as always for being here on the show my pleasure always fun to talk to you again so cool having bill Oakley in studio follow him on Instagram it's fantastic and you're all fantastic for joining us here on the show we have had so much fun bringing you this every single day and we've got a lot in store for you coming up so thanks for tuning in hit that subscribe button that way you get the

Notifications when we do go live which is every weekday that's the secret but we appreciate you joining us so we will talk to you soon with another episode of digital trends live you

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