Digital Trends Live 11.18.19 – The Mustang Mach-E Crossover?? + Ironman Jet-Suit Speed Record

by birtanpublished on May 8, 2021

it's Monday November 18th 2019 digital trends live is about to start here some of the topics will cover Ford has unveiled the first in a new line of Mustang branded vehicles this one being the all-electric Mustang Mach II SUV we've got the details on what to expect on the new Evie and with all the streaming TV services being announced you may have forgotten that streaming video gaming launches tomorrow with

Google stadia we'll let you in on some of the last-minute announcements that they have put out and we're so used to having instant weather reports now it's easy to forget how hard that is to do accurately Cameron Clayton of Watson media and weather will join to discuss how they curate their data with the latest trends of retro and cutting-edge technology the Motorola RAZR has debuted our own Cory Gaskin was able to get some hands-on time with it will walk us through the latest foldable device some of the key features and what to expect when it does come out all that more

About digital translife all the technology that you can handle that's what's coming up today this is digital trends lives our daily show here from Digital Trends where we bring you the trending tektaalik tech topics of the day news interviews headlines discussions didn't so much more I'm so excited I just can't wait to start talking about it but I do with our mind everybody we're broadcasting live in the Samsung Q LED 4k studio and we're live on a number of different platforms right now we're on periscope Twitter twitch

Facebook youtube linkedin dailymotion apple news two different mobile apps a smart television app and a digital trends comm slash live so wherever you're finding us you can join in the conversation and that is what we encourage you to do but start off right now I'm Greg nibbler joined by Drew Purdue hello drew what I'm Greg I'm so excited to talk about tech I can hardly you know keep myself under control I can see it it's it's it's palpable in the room but there is there's a lot that's going on and to start off this Monday as usual we got a lot of stuff to bring you

Up to date on what's what's happening in the world of technology but to start off let's talk about this certainly something that's trending across a number of different sites on the internet and and really all over the place ask you with Ford unveiling their latest vehicle all-electric Mustang branded Mach II and so there's a couple of key things with this this is something we knew they were gonna be talking about and they unveiled it actually yesterday finally showcasing what it's going to look like so it is an SUV it is fully electric but it is

Branded as a Mustang and there's a couple of you know some key things with that it's not what you would think of as a standard Mustang when you take a look at that yeah doesn't really look like your typical Mustang body style but yeah yeah I don't know that's that's what people are buying these days these little crossover look in SUV's yep a crossover SUV the so it's all-electric four-door it definitely falls into that crossover segment as far as that's an engine it has a cooler has a cooler powered by cooler so it's it's taller than the standard Mustang you know

Obviously looks different as far as the technical side of things they said that it has an extended range of 300 miles with rear-wheel drive 270 miles with all-wheel drive so you do have the option on there and there's a couple of different upgrades you can do depending on what the trims are and that can change what your general range is but no matter what it is it's over 200 miles no matter how you look at it they said it's got 0 to 6 see somewhere in the mid five-second range so that's pretty good also for an SUV and then some of the specifics you

And the car has has some great horsepower so it's two and fifty five horsepower actually so it's it's a good vehicle when it comes to that as far as far as matching up to what other standards I think you would think of we have total SUV the key here is though to me is that Mustang brand name that's that's a big thing to go outside of what we all think of as a standard Mustang at least that same one they've had forever I mean the the equity that they have with that name alone is huge and Mustang fans love their Mustangs now this is the part of a suite of vehicles they're

Going to have the Mustang name attached to them but aren't the standard Mustang yeah I mean that's the Mustang name is like just like typical American muscle yeah combustion engines like the fact that they're slapping that on an electric vehicle is like a little yeah yeah and there's been some some feedback about that where some some you know some of the real Mustang fans are not happy with it but that's also not really what they're going for I don't think I don't think they're necessarily they're putting it on there because it's a very recognizable name they can put the horse

On there and then then go from there I don't think they can call it a Mustang until they jump it over some railroad tracks right yes that's like what it needs to do in order to be called a Mustang yeah and that's I think it gonna be one of the interesting things when it comes down to is how people respond that's what I want to know what people think about this you know I guess taking the Mustang name aside this is certainly a big thing for Ford because they've made it no secret that they want to push into all electric vehicles a lot they want to

Go head-to-head with Tesla I'm talking about the pricing on this so it's gonna start from about 43,000 so it's just a little bit more than Tesla but really in that same range gotcha perhaps some of the features are a little bit bigger a little bit better around that and as far as what they think but yeah definitely going at Tesla they've got some premium versions some GT versions and go all the way up to a sounds like about $60,000 depending on what you want to add on to it but but targeting in that in that vein of where Tesla's been going and they're not the

Only company that's doing it before it has made a lot of announcements about their push they also have the f-150 that's gonna be coming up maybe this year maybe our next year maybe the year after we don't know exact date but this is a big push for them can we just get past the point where we have to shoehorn the letter e every electric car named like I'm so over that like I liked the trend for a minute minute when we were going and we'd give it some like electricity oriented name like the bolt or the Volt or something like that but you got e

Really let's just get rid of that well now there's another Mustang on to it so to try to try to add that in but also I should have gone with ease dang you know trend well with the with the focus yeah that's that's what we're looking at with it you know and and definitely you know again Ford pushing into this big announcement for them with this Mustang we'll have more details coming up we have all the details right now that we know about at Digital Trends calm the LA Auto Show is going on right now and we've got Adam Cassel Kowski down there I'm sure he'll be getting all the all

The details that you need on that on this vehicle but this is just one announcement this week there's another big one coming up don't forget of Tesla announcing their cyber truck Wickham leaves on the 21st now that's a name so that's cyber truck yeah that's pretty solid so that's gonna be announced this week too and they're they're pushed back into that side of things when it comes to electric vehicles so it's it's a big week for electric vehicles yeah yeah so let us know what your comments are what you think about that in the chat whatever platform you are watching

Continuing on with our news coverage let's talk about this we've talked a lot about television streaming and how many different services are coming out with that right now but something that may have been overlooked is streaming gaming and that's Google stadia is coming out tomorrow so this is a huge announcement earlier this year it seems to have lost a little bit of steam for some but it is definitely a big deal and it's happening tomorrow and Google is making some announcements to try to buffer the initial offering so it's coming out November 19th and again you had to be

One of the founding members so they had a founders club that you could join to get it when it first rolled out and those are sold out so if you didn't get one of those you're not gonna be able to join quite yet but they announced there were gonna be 12 games to start with that you could play on the system and they got a lot of backlash about that's not very many games so they emergency announced ten more games just yesterday they're like well let's throw out ten more and there's a post that kind of came up about it just walking through you know

That the 22 games that they beefed it up to some standards in there you know Red Dead Redemption – we've got some some of the ones that we wouldn't know would be in there they added on NBA 2k they added on some other some other sports gaming ones that are gonna be coming on there we've got a full list of Digital Trends I'm come to get that pulled up right now just to let you know walk through them but 22 games where they're gonna be at and that's that's alright I suppose for starting off let me ask you this how do you feel about the streaming gaming and is this something that you would dig so

I'm very much into this idea okay just like you're paying for a subscription service so you're not you don't have to buy a console and then renew it every few years when the new one comes out you right stick with this same service and you know whatever games you want to play you can play on any device right yes essentially I love that core idea but the way that they have executed this it doesn't look terribly appealing to me like apparently if correct me if I'm wrong on this but you pay for the monthly subscription fee yes and then you have to pay for the games on top of

That and they're the same price that they would be anywhere else so B's over the lifespan of like depending on how long you have this service for him you're gonna rack up the same amount of cost over a few years that you would if you would have just bought a console that's yeah I mean yet honestly you probably would eventually so really the only the only benefit to this is the fact that you can kind of stream it to any device you can stream to any device 4k they're saying you can get up to 60 frames per second and a lot of stuff when it comes to that side of it but

There are different tiers so there's the basic service if you have the controller you can buy a game and play on it there's the the monthly fee and then there's also though another service you can go up to a premium level and at that level then you get I think it's one to two free games per month that you can play which is kind of like a PlayStation Plus package but I'm sure that's gonna be like oh the free tier games it's just like sobriety game that's like oh it's a pixel adventure like it doesn't even use the negative ok streaming abilities that you're paying for yeah taking a look

Here then the chat at some of the comments Kealing said what kind of crap he wants catalog is 22 games could have settled on 20 or worked harder to get to 30 but 22 just sounds duct tape and it was you know just announced it was supposed to be 12 I think a lot of people had an issue with that so they threw in the ten more games they did say you know that they're working with a lot of developers they've been buying up some Studios trying to get some premium original games I think that's something they could do if they if they came out with a you know if they

Lucked into a Red Dead Redemption 2 or something and that's kind of like a that's probably not gonna happen that's a white whale but but if they found like some a really amazing game that was original then maybe that could push some yeah perhaps I think that's gonna be the thing they're gonna have to to buy up some studio that's already working on something awesome because yeah yeah I don't think they can just like turn around alright we should develop some original games right now is right it's gonna be like what like a year minimum until that thing is out yeah yeah I mean

Until you tell you really yest are having original games that you would be able to put on there yeah I mean there there's gonna be some of that but but a really premium a level game that's probably gonna be pretty difficult to to rally up but that's something that we're taking a look at right now again that's what Google stadia a lot to get through in the news but that's gonna be coming out tomorrow we'll be talking a lot about it once it does debut we've had people already playing it we can get their opinions on it so you can stay tuned for more information on Google

Stadia Digital Trends calm continuing on with our news coverage we do have something else I want to bring this up because it's a pretty big deal in the world of tech because this guy's name is out there all the time and it's John Legere of t-mobile has made an announcement that he is stepping down from being CEO now this guy you see him all over the place he's very flamboyant he's very out-there he's he says what's on his mind he's not always you know a PC CEO kind of guy on it all he says whatever he thinks and he's been certainly in the news a lot lately

Because of his push to merge sprint and create that third largest telecommunications company in America behind Verizon and AT&T and they've got all the ephedra 'la proven for that there are still some lawsuits out there that are waiting that they have to settle from different states but he's pretty confident that they would either be able to settle those or win in court and now he has made the announcement that this April he is going to be stepping down his seat oh oh it's gonna be taking over but kind of a big move when it comes to tech yeah I wonder if

This was prompted by the merger they're just like dude we can't have you you you crazy person at the head of this this giant company although I guess he was mean that was I'm a fan but like yeah it just seems like a like the timing of it was weird yeah I'm sure it's related to the merger in some way yeah but that's that's what he came out he did say that he's not retiring and he said that he's looking at other companies but it quote it can't be companies I hate which eliminates Verizon and AT&T from the list so that's the kind of guy yes that's what he

Actually said in a statement that's something you can you can read more about it Digital Trends but I think everybody won't be following along with whatever he does as long as he doesn't get off Twitter I'm still I don't be happy just to start now he's gonna be untethered for real who knows no contracts no obligations to shareholders now it's really gonna heat up by the way John if you want to join us here on Digital Trends level we'll just end that invocate invitation please join us alright a final thing that we're gonna talk about here in the news before we go

To a break we've got some great interviews coming up in the show but this one has to do with tick-tock and the possibility that they may be launching a streaming music service of their own to compete with Spotify Amazon and different Apple different services like that so this is reported that byte dance which is the parent company of tick-tock is in talks with Sony universal and Warner to license their music catalogs for the service they would do it a little bit differently where you'd have the streaming music but also you'd have video so you can add

Into your tick-tock posts it's it's kind of an interesting way that they want to go about it and combine social media with streaming music yeah it seems like they just kind of want to expand the library of songs that you have available when you're making your little tick-tock yeah sync videos or whatever which is probably a good idea right I mean there's no company that's been certainly that's had as much attention or rapid growth as tik-tok I think yeah and it comes to social media I mean right now they've got it's estimated more than a billion users well they could have yeah

Worldwide then they could have tied into this the company is estimated to be worth about 75 billion dollars so they could certainly buy their way into streaming music if that's what they wanted but I'm it'll be interesting to see how that all shakes I think it would be a good move like ask somebody who just started using talk one of them knowing parts of it is like you're like I want to make a silly video with this song and he searched for it it's just not in their library and you're like well I guess I can't use it yeah right now if it was like Spotify

And they had like every song under the Sun basically that would be it would make it much more seamless and much more fun to use well that may be something that we'll be getting so we'll find out about that but let us know what you think about that certainly sort of an interesting conversation to have all right we need to take a break here but before we talk about who our next guest is gonna be I want to say drew thank you it's always a pleasure man as always always fun up next we are going to have Joel 4e from visco yes the oh the co-founder the CEO he's gonna be joining

Us we're gonna talk about their platform we're to talk about everything that's going on with the extreme popularity of it how it's become so popular and what they're planning for the future so much to talk about and since we're broadcasting live I want to know what your questions are if you have questions drop those in there I'll relay them that's part of the fun thing about this show we're interactive so definitely do that whatever platform you are on and we'll be back here in a minute with more digital trends live

Apollo 11 your girlfriend separation TV is making history again the groundbreaking samsung q LED 8k welcome back to your digital trends live I'm Greg nobler II broadcast live here every week day nine a m– pacific noon eastern bringing you trek trending tech headlines news interviews discussions and so much more and certainly something that is trending almost all the time now is visco and we have the co-founder and CEO joining us right now Joel flurry Joel thank you so much for joining us I mean man your company is everywhere now

And I just want to talk about just to give everybody kind of a little bit of a background you know you're the co-founder when you were founding this company what was it that you didn't see out there that you thought your company could could fill the gap of and what was you know maybe some of the inspiration for founding it was an art director and designer and Greg and I were always talking about what if we built a community and what if we built kind of a tool set to help people express themselves where it wasn't about delivering value to others it was about

Yourself and so that was really this initial premise of kind of tools and community to help you on your own creative journey so let's talk about this phenomenal growth so you create this company and you put it out there and clearly a lot of other people felt the same way we're missing something like that where it's you know posting for yourself let's talk about where how you started and then where you've grown to right now yes so we launched in 2011 and we launched kind of a plugin and from there we launched a mobile app and then it was really june of 2013 when we

Launched really what is visco today so it was the community and the tools a place where you could share to to find inspiration and not really worry about what others think about you but to do it for yourself so from that time there's been no public likes or comments there's no follower account and as we talk to people our initial insight was to create something where it's not about how you want the world to see you but how you see the world and so that was really what led us to create this go the way that we did and it's really taken off I

Think especially as seen with Gen Z so that initial idea was around a creative where they're always being judged by their portfolio their day rate dependent upon the level of engagement they could guarantee and now what we're seeing is over 75% of our twenty million plus weekly active users are under the age of 25 and so Gen Z has come in and really found this safe space to be who they are what do you think it is yes specifically I mean talking about safe space that's certainly a great one what do you think it is that's so

Attractive to that particular user base I think for for Gen Z in particular as digital natives they live their entire life online for many of them their parents probably even registered social handles before they were born and I think for them they look at that there are social platforms not as like a 1/4 size for everything but really what do I need for one-to-one messaging what do I need for one-to-many what do I need to broadcast they have this PlayBook on how to navigate and so I think in particular for gens either looking for that space where they're not being judged where

They're not comparing themselves to someone else the recent recently launched a survey which over 80% mentioned they have not shared something they've made out of fear of what others think about it and so for us they're looking for that safe space to be creative and be expressive and that's that's definitely powerful when it comes to mental health and you know there's so many studies that we could talk about just about the effects of that about likes and sharing and how that affects you mentally so certainly if somebody's sharing something just for

Themselves not concerned about what those likes are I mean that's that's tremendous talking about visco itself also you know you have your on platform with over 20 million users but off platform you are huge as well and I wanted to talk about that some of the integration into like tik-tok in particular how have you felt about that increasing use on tic-tac the hash tags what does that done for your business yes so disco from the beginning is not been about creating a walled garden in which the content so we want to help you be expressive share who you

Are both on and off of disco and so we've seen this across multitude of platforms tik-tok definitely we've seen a recent increase but recently just launched a new lens with snapchat in a partner ship and we're continuing to build value both on and off disco in our partnerships what about some of the trends some of the user bases and I have to ask this because certainly it's been something to everybody you know what I'm going to ask what are you how do you feel about the trend of visco girl yeah um I'm thankful purely from the

Standpoint that it's giving us a platform to continue to enter a conversation to talk about what we care about so much and that is the positive impact that mental that creativity has on mental health and so the visco girl trends not a new one for us it's something that's been on platform since probably about 2015 I think what we've seen though is that it's taken a life of its own and grown far beyond disco and far beyond what's on our platform because when you go on disco and you search for disco girl you're gonna see a much more diverse perspective and

Different walks of life as disco is over 80% outside the US and so it's very you know there's a lot of source of inspiration there's a lot of different when it means to be a girl and identity on disco yeah this recent trends definitely taken off it's given us an opportunity to speak can be in front of and those conversations that we have so many friends coming up to me being like oh my gosh you never put two and two together just wanted to thank you as I've Dovan into this like as I talked to my kids about it I'm able to realize this is a space

Where they're safe from all the pressure of some of the other platforms and they're able to be who they are how's it been for you just on a personal level you mentioned your friends coming up and saying like oh my gosh I had no idea just seeing this you know clearly the success has been building for all these years so that's not something new but now even just this I guess newfound popularity are some other people discovering visco that weren't native users before what's that been like just on a personal level to see that in the media and how you've experienced it we

All have a story to tell and so for me I really just love seeing this become more of a household people exploring it expressing who they are really diving into it and so for me it's just been a great thing to see that's awesome well Joel I want to ask you because you just mentioned that you have the new lens for snapchat that were snap that's coming out what are some other things on the horizon for visco that we could expect so to take a quick step back in 2017 we launched a membership and now to the end

Of 2019 we reached north of two million paid subscribers and Ron pace will double that in the next couple quarters so for us we've been focused we started a little bit more in video for our members we'll be continuing to really double down on video and have a lot of exciting new features on the video front and that's really a big core focus of what we're feature well thank you so much for joining us here Digital Trends live to talk about it congratulations on the success I mean that's just tremendous for for anything to launch would be this huge you know and and then

It's gonna be an exciting I feel like next year's gonna be a really big year for visco as well all right Joel thanks for joining us here at Digital Trends live alright so there we go visco right here on Digital Trends laugh that's one of the great things we get to do we get to talk to you incredible creators and founders of companies and tech that you use and and discuss it right here and get get it straight from their mouth so we've got a lot more coming up and we want to thank everybody who's joining us so whatever

Platform you're on thank you for joining us here on Digital Trends live and like I said we have a lot to talk about and coming up next we have another great interview for you so to remind you we have Cameron Clayton who's GM of Watson media and weather so we're gonna talk about how you know we're so used to seeing all of our weather reports just right there instantly knowing what's going on but that's a really hard thing to do so we're gonna talk about how they curated an IBM all that more coming up dropping the comments questions back here minute with more general trends

Live Apollo 11 you're go for separation TV is making history again the groundbreaking samsung q led 8k welcome back to you Digital Trends live I'm Greg nibbler feel free to share the show wherever you're watching and let other people know about it it's a lot of fun it's interactive and we get to talk to you about tech headlines and news interviews discussions and sometimes peel the curtain back a little bit and

Talk about the technology that makes things happens that we utilize every day in so many different industries do and that's in part I think what we're gonna be talking about right now we've got Cameron Clayton the general manager for Watson Media and whether at IBM thanks so much for joining us oh thanks for having me it's great to be here I want to give everybody just an understanding of what that means for Watson media and weather and and what's involved in that so it's basically the way the company which is now owned by IBM we have 300 million mobile users every day another

Hundred million people using us on on the wave on and where they're underground and essentially you know we're here to predict the future and help people make better decisions whether it's what's aware business planning or even government's how they can support their citizens and it's something that that we all utilize so much on your mobile device I mean you said how many hundreds of millions of people and we're all use utilizing it and we just it's easy to forget that hasn't always been there we didn't always have instant access to this

That's right and it's there's also what we call a mirror logical divide so sort of between the you know North America Japan Western Europe have all invested as governments and countries in the science of weather but in the rest of the world they haven't and so there's a big disparity that's existing between you know the kind of forecast you can get in Africa versus the kind of forecast you can get and we enjoy here in the United States and then locations are that a pretty massive on businesses and just on people's lives every day why is that that there's such a disparity

Between the two I think it's really come down to you know government's nationalistic ly you know they're just or their citizens and you know some have invested a lot of money to invest other others haven't you know but with the launch of of graph which is our new global high resolution with a forecasting model it's the first global model of its kind in the world now sort of it evens out that that divide it makes it evil even playing field and it basically means every person on earth gets a where the full cost down to a two mile gridded radius

So essentially what that means is you know a farmer in Kenya is gonna have the same forecast as a farmer in Kansas we think that's a really big deal I mean that's huge and down to two miles I mean let's let's walk through this so IBM graphics announced just a just a few days ago actually let's walk through what exactly that is and then get into some more of those implications sure so IBM graph is this high-resolution global atmospheric forecast so this you think about that's the the math and the science that's going on like billions of computations going on

And what we're trying to do there is is model exactly what's happening in the atmosphere at two miles everywhere around the world and as we sort of we all inherently understand this but it's it's really about democratizing this kind of high quality forecasts but you can't do that without supercomputing right so on one hand you need the science on the other hand you need supercomputers to be able to do that so the other big firsts with graph is that we're using an IBM supercomputer that's GPU or graphical processing actually is like a game is dream it has a bunch of

Nvidia graphics cards in it and we use that to simulate atmosphere like I mentioned there every two miles around the world Wow how do you how do you curate the data I mean I'm sure there's just so many sources obviously you need a supercomputer to handle it all but what are the general sources is it satellite imagery or a combination of historical data how are you able to predict it because that seems like that's always just such a hard thing to do no matter how much info you have but you can get it down with miles actually we designed it to be

Able to take in all the knowing sources we have today so weather satellites its weather stations its weather balloons it's planes it's phones it's cars you know we're taking all those sources in today but the craft was also built to be able to you know be ready for a sort of future proofed if you like to go to take in all the new sources for tomorrow so whether it's drones or you know autonomous tractors or you know you name it we don't even know what's coming right ah but all those different IT sensor devices can all be inputted in to this

Graph with a model to make it even better and even more accurate in the future so getting it down to that tight of a radius to chumma within two miles which is just mind-boggling to even think about it really is so with that kind of detailed information what are some of the ramifications you mentioned you know as we talked about the beginning the disparity as far as information for it for everybody so now that this farmer in Kenya can know it's within two miles what's that going to do for their lives you know so I think the implications are

Almost so many and so loud not sure we even understand all of them yeah because we're just getting started but you know many farmers in in in Kenya for example live on a hundred US dollars a year and so if they're planning crops twice a year you know the implications financially for them a huge if this you know a sudden you know monsoon right after they plant their crops that crops gonna be completely gone they'll lose all of those resources and and income I think that's hard for up many of us in the Western world to understand probably more tangible for us is is flying so you

Know here IBM we've helped the commercial airlines reduce turbulence here in North America by 50 percent in the last 10 years with graph will basically going to extend that capability to the whole world so flying from say Paris you know Johannesburg an hour in advance the pilots gonna get a notification about potential turbulence and and get rerouted changing altitudes etc you know you could imagine oil rake you know preparing for a thunderstorm on a summer afternoon you know an hour in advance of that that

Thunderstorm even being visible perfect sunny day and then you know thunderstorm pops up but don't get an hour advance warning of those kinds of things that's pretty incredible yeah thinking about it beyond that you know that personal level that we all have at our phone just the real the real implications of what that can mean for so many different industries well from from here and you know now that none of that's ruled out how is it being implemented what's the schedule on that yeah so it rolled out on as you mentioned last Thursday the November 14th to basically all of our

Consumer audiences for free or sort of a free upgrade if you like and so now we have you know three and a half billion smartphone users around the world will have access at no charge to the graph where the data so doesn't matter where you are in the world if you have a smartphone you know you go to Apple or Google App Store and download our apps and and have access information for our enterprise customers it's rolling out by industry so travel and transportation is rolling out right now to the aviation industry then we're moving on to agriculture and rolling out to our

Agriculture customers around the world there'll be power and utility companies and so we're rolling launch for the enterprise by industry over the next six months Wow well that's that's amazing you know that we're getting this that much closer I mean there's always that that old saying you know whether the weatherman is right or not it's always 5050 but you know this is something that we're getting a lot closer to getting a to getting more accurate yeah and and it's really because of you know the massive improvements in computing right cloud computing has reduced the cost of

This computing and of material way and the other big change is being a I bring out official intelligence on top of all these data sources those are the two sort of magical things that have you know democratized this weather made it possible for us to you know develop craft well I want to say thank you so much for joining us here on Digital Trends live I mean it's fascinating seeing this use I mean you mentioned AI yeah another great use of artificial intelligence and what it can mean for us but certainly something we're all gonna

Be taking advantage of so everybody out there you know you're on your phone you're probably using the service already just didn't even realize it right well thank you very much for being your a Digital Trends live with us my pleasure thanks for having me so that is just fascinating to think about you know something that we're all using but just where does all that data come from what's really hard to do that and that's certainly an insight to that and that's what we want to give you here on Digital Trends live among many other things so we have lots to talk about as usual so

Many guests going to through the show I want to remind everybody we are broadcasting live run in a number of different platforms we can take your comments your questions if you have those drop them in up next that we're gonna be talking about that new Motorola RAZR the fold but with the actual foldable screen in a room Cory Gaskin was able to get his hands on it we're gonna talk about his review what he thought of it if you have questions about it drop those in that's a good time to ask those right now we're gonna take a quick break and we're back here

In a minute with more digital trends live Apollo 11 your goal for separation TV is making history again the groundbreaking samsung q LED 8k welcome back to Digital Trends live I'm Greg nibbler thanks for joining us we would like to keep you up to date on everything that is trending in technology and definitely a lot of

People are talking about the latest foldable phone that has entered into the race and that is the Motorola RAZR combining both the retro aspect of a razor that we're all familiar with with the flip phone and a foldable screen and our own Cory Gascon was able to get his hands on that we've got a full review at Digital Trends but we have him here now joining us to actually talk about it so Cory walk us through this what does this phone actually like when you get your hands on it well when you get your hands on it the first thing that you realize is that it is a Motorola RAZR kind of a

Bladder pass that really brings you back and you know that it's you almost think for a second wait a second was this like one of those old razors because there are so many variants but this is a brand new type where when you flip that open you get a beautiful screen inside that looks so modern and it looks really good from initial impressions and the best thing about it is that there's no crease on the inside they did like a lot of work with the hinge to make sure that when the phone folds shut the screen actually is increasing and is kind of forming like a teardrop shape to avoid

That crease so that's the one first thing that's going to like strike you with it otherwise it looks so much like the Motorola RAZR it has that distinctive chin at the bottom where where it flips down and just makes that latch almost and it's almost it's the same thinness actually as the original RAZR – so it's palpable small you know easy to open but there are a few little quibbles that I have with some of the design really when it comes down to it it looks really great looks really futuristic and really you know nostalgic but the hinge itself doesn't

Quite have that snap that a flip phone so yeah you know but that's hopefully something they'll resolve in the first in the next generation but it is very sturdy when it's all the way open and it's all the way closed it's not like it's a floppy wobbly hinge it's just that when you're flipping it open since it is packing a lot in there as a new modern smartphone it's heavy the top part is a little heavier so you have to kind of like pull it push it through the range of motion to get it all the way open so that's my first little quibble with it but otherwise you know the

Hinges are pretty well covered you can see them but it's like a very seamless kind of experience and when it's open it just looks like a smartphone in a Motorola razors form-factor well a couple of things I would say the functionality a couple of things with that too just just talking about that you know you mentioned that the snap I think yeah that's something that we probably all want but realistically when you have something as has complex as a foldable screen I'm gonna guess that was probably lower on their list of things to worry about but I'm talking about the

The actual functionality of it I had a couple of just quick questions on that you know compare that we've had the Samsung Galaxy fall which was out the huawei mate X and whatever issues that went on with them this seems to be one that so far has rolled out with a lot of without a lot of issues at least not that we know so far for the screens there's that smaller screen on the front when you have it folded close how did you think that that was a what do you think you can utilize that for I guess how did you like it functionally when you were going through it what did you

Feel about that side of it well Motorola was smart to make sure that that screen wasn't just for display it's a full 2.7 inch touch screen so you can do a few things from the outside you can do quick replies to emails and text messages or reply through voice and you can you know get quick notifications any notification of course an alert will come through there you can also take selfies through there which is kind of cool and easy to use and you know when you're holding it in your hand and that's like small folded clothes form-factor it's pretty easy to

Just you know snap a quick fixture so that works pretty well the other thing is that the you can do video calls on there so they're trying to build out more and more things that you can do on there and without having to open your phone so it's a good experience to start but most things you'll definitely want to flip that open for him so but yeah one note of ledger is saying about you know what they did to to avoid some of the issues that like the Galaxy fold and others did the thing is nobody has it for every long period of time yet so that'll happen in December and it'll get

It's real stress test and the one thing that Samsung did when they released the galaxy fold is that they told us at least when they really used it that it could withstand I think it was 200,000 open and closed cycles whereas Motorola was specifically tight-lipped about how many cycles they could handle they didn't want to disclose it at all so we just don't have the data there yet so going from there talking about the actual performance of the phone itself let's walk through some of the internal sides of it and what what we're dealing with when it comes to that yeah well

When you get into the internals it's a little bit disappointing as you may or may not know it's a $1500 phone which you know you're paying for the floor I'm you're paying for something that's a little bit cutting edge and for that you have to pay a bit of a premium it's stainless steel and glass so you are getting some of the premium materials but yeah $1500 isn't unfortunately gonna get you one of the highest spec phones when it comes to the internals you have a Snapdragon 710 processor which is just like a little step below the 800 series which is what you'll find in most

Flagship smartphones it's supposed to be for kind of value flagship phones and you know it performs well when I was using it I couldn't tell you know much skipping or issues or hanging but you know when it comes to gaming or something that's more intense like that you're not going to get reached the same level of performance that you're going to get you know even the galaxy fold for instance which has flagship level internals with that 800 series snapdragon there's six gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage so that's nice storage

Is not expandable but the other concession there's two other concessions that you're making for this Motorola form factor raiser form factor and first is the camera you step down from what is now expected to be at least a two or three camera setup these days for a flagship smartphone to a 116 megapixel camera which we're just gonna have to see how well it performs it doesn't happen a lot of tricks in its bag it's there's really nothing new there so kind of a run-of-the-mill 16 megapixels like smartphone or a smartphone camera so a little disappointing that you have to

Skip out on being more modern and more you know versatile but the other concession is potentially battery life there's another thing that Motorola was really tight-lipped about in terms of what they expect they call it all-day battery life which is tough because that's kind of when I hear that I think about what you know Apple tells me about the smartwatches that it's all-day battery life which is like you'll make it through a day just you'll be fine like but barely you know especially with heavy use and that was to keep form-factor slim as well as keep that

The snapdragon 710 kind of necessitated that – you need a bigger battery for a bigger processor so these are some of the things that you're gonna have to step down on if you want that beautiful iconic cutting edge right nostalgic phone well it sounds like a really interesting balance that they went with when it comes to that as far as you know going for that nostalgia factor but not giving all of those highest end things and still charging a premium high I mean $1500 per phone is a lot you would expect to have all the best of the best but it's a really it's interesting move

I be curious to see how many people actually go out and get it at that $1500 price just last question here like going forward do you think we're gonna see any more innovation on this line maybe leading up to CES or anything else in the foldable space in the foldable displace we're not expecting anything too much before CES this thing's like that might change during MWC in February but yet 2020 is deftly gonna be the year of the foldable phone so with this foldable we're gonna expect the release in December or with pre-orders start in December and then

Release in January so we'll actually get to see one of the first foldables to fold horizontally rather than vertically rather than horizontally and make it more pocketable but we'll we'll just have to see I hope there's a second generation razor because I'd love to see one with top-tier flagship specs nice well Cory thank you so much for joining us as always to talk about this and keep us up to date on it you can check out Cory's review at Digital Trends calm or just walk through his hands on that he got with it there at the event really cool information cool stuff to see and

Cory as always thanks for joining us here thank you alright continuing on here with Digital Trends live we are alive we want to thank everybody for joining us we like to keep you up-to-date on everything going on in tech and since we're live we can take your comments and questions as we go throughout the show so make sure you drop those in there and let us know what you want to talk about what you think about it you know what do you think about this Motorola RAZR phone is that something you're gonna go buy I would want to know about that so coming up

Next though we have will Marx who is the senior vice president of business development at digital at ovation ovation is a digital media platform we can watch all kinds of different programming we're going to talk about one in particular called a journey and their overall goals with their platform so a lot to talk about there a lot to uncover we're gonna be doing that live so stick around back in a minute with more digital trends alive Apollo 11 your GoPro separation TV is making history again the

Groundbreaking samsung q LED 8k hey welcome back to you digital trends live again thanks for joining us we broadcast live here every weekday at nine a m– pacific noon Eastern so hit that subscribe button whatever platform you're on that means you can join us for the show and I'm Greg noble are joining us now we're gonna talk about some more digital media we have from ovation the senior vice president of business development and digital it's will marks hello will thanks for joining us good morning how you doing doing great I want to give everybody just kind of a

Base understanding in case you know they they aren't familiar it's a really great platform can you talk about what ovation is for everybody out there sure ovation is America's leading cable arts television channel were in about 40 million homes carrying on all the big distributors so DirecTV Verizon charter Comcast and we've been around about 15 years about 15 years and and so certainly a long-standing player when it comes to digital media and and obviously available in so many different places the platform itself is really interesting and I know in particular

There's a show that we were gonna be talking about one called journey and can you walk us through what journey is yeah so about two-and-a-half years ago we realized that cultural travel programming was working really well on air so we launched up a sub-brand out of ovation called journey and journey is our cultural digital travel app and platform and it's available on iOS Android TV OS fire all the big players one of the one of our biggest partners is Roku another big one is sumo and it's it's it's just been very successful for us over the last couple of years we've

Been very proud of it and the programming is really interesting too about how its curated can we walk through what some of the different shows are that are available through journey yeah so when we started journey we really wanted to do a couple different things we wanted to have very diverse programming on on both sides of the camera so in front of the camera and behind the camera we wanted to cover the type of travel that is not normally seen on TV so not just you know you're in some place for 24 hours and it's getting run but to

Real narrative storytelling in an unscripted way and so some of the shows we have you're showing some some footage from one of the older Anthony Bourdain series it's really successful for us so that we run on ovation and we run on journey and then we also have some cool journey only things we've been doing we have a great series called chasing the Sun with a photojournalist named Steve Friedman the first season was an acquisition the second and third seasons we did as co-production so we're looking to do more of that we have a there's that there's a footage right there we

Have a great show called Lee Chan's world food food tour where she goes around the world the kind of explores her heritage through the story of food we have a great show here in the States called Rock Park which is all about visiting as many of the national parks as these two best friends can go and do and it's a lot of fun and that's kind of it's it's really the gamut it's it's us-based of its international based stuff like I said we're proud of the proud of the journey we've been on so far talking about the programming Sam I myself am a huge fan of travel shows so

I'm a big fan of everything a journey is doing actually in the space but when it comes to you know the personal touch that you get with some of that programming that really is where where it matters and that's what I think makes a big difference in some of the some of the programs that you have are really curated with that aspect like you said you know traveling somebody's past or doing it was as the two best friends going to a national park you know you can experience it with them how do you curate that and how do you how do you find these programs so we have a

Dedicated development staff and we have a great guy named Jeff mccrane who heads it up and he really that's what he does is he goes and he works with every content distributor in town he works he looks on the internet he works all the agents here in LA and we really every time try to focus and you pointed out very well kind of authentic deep storytelling and that's that's sort of the ethos of the product and we and the other thing is again I mentioned this at the top we really want it to have non-traditional stories so you know diversity behind the camera women own

Product company's minority-owned production companies not the type of host you're used to seeing always on air and those are some of the core tenants we had when we when we started to curate and launch which is great just gives that a whole different kind of look to it to all of those different stories and learning something about it that's that's the fun of travel programming to me talking about it from watching and you know with this breadth of experience 15 years as a company and really understanding the digital market how have you seen that

Shift in the last few years you know shift from I guess viewing habits of the way that people were and where they're going right now yeah I mean the biggest one and this is not you know any very profound thing right is the consumer deeply wants their content on any piece of glass at any time so I came from I was a Disney guy I was a Comcast guy I had worked at Verizon and Intel when Intel started Intel media and and that's that that's the continuum right there is the consumer wants the programming of their choice on their piece of glass of choice whether it's a six-inch piece of

Glass or 11 inch piece of glass or a 55 inch piece of glass and so we in the programming and distribution community really have to meet that that need from the consumer and try to be a little ahead of the curve and anticipate what they want and so for us even as a shop like ovation which is a linear cable network coming through we've launched TV Everywhere apps for our programming we have authenticated viewing for our programming we have short form so on the on the traditional side we have it and then clearly on a digital first brand like journey that's always been the the

You know the tip of the spear for us and it's got to be especially with the rapid advancement of Technology and the different ways that people consume content whatever it is you know trying to adapt to that and adopt these new technologies is gonna be challenging where do you see this going and say like the next few years is there any particular avenue of viewing that you think people are going to be wanting to consume yeah I mean we we are bullish here on ad-supported video we're very bullish on Avon all of the products I spoke about and journey itself to its

Core is an Avon product I feel like for us to compete in s Fahd you're gonna get stepped on by by all the giant dinosaurs or align your pterodactyls or elephants whatever they might be today you know the billions of dollars that at Disney or a Time Warner or a you know someone can put into their s Bob products is just way out of scale for us in terms of marketing it's for it but Evod we can do you know add a good price we can find good partners we can do things non-exclusively window them in our territories or we know them for our

Platforms and find a path for us that makes sense so it's a nice balance for us interesting yeah I mean it is so important to have that I think a lot of people forget you know yeah Disney sure you can spend billions and billions of dollars on that but I mean you to get these quality programming you know you have to have advertising that base for that stuff that's just how it works and so that's an interesting platform to go about it and how you integrate that is certainly always I would imagine constantly evolving yes it's it's you know just even in the last handful of

Years to see the rise of Roku these free ad-supported streaming television players like a Pluto which you know got acquired and to be and know these guys we think they're all interesting partners we're also very bullish on the the OEM partners so the glass is stopped so whether it's a Samsung or an LG or a Vizio we're bullish on all of those guys because they make it very easy for the consumer to find programming immediately by in television you take it home and there's basically a full cable package there as soon as you plug in your Ethernet or you type in your Wi-Fi

Password and that's for young consumers I just see it and we just see it as it as a as a paradigm shift for them it's a different way to get your programming and you're in your house without a truck roll and you know all the other stuff we used to do you know years ago right it just streamlines that process so so much better you had to get a get a hold of what you want to watch well well I mean I know we're out of time but I want to say thank you very much for joining us to talk about this it's fascinating congratulations on all the success journey I mean I'll say that's it's a

Great platform and really excited to watch that but ovation generals enjoy appreciate the time will do thanks for being here at just roll trends live take care all right so really interesting learning about that right we're all consuming content in so many different ways and just how get that to ourselves how we're watching it and finding out a little bit about behind the scenes on how its brought to us always fascinating discussions so we've got more coming up though lots of discussions to be have we've got some more news we're gonna bring you up to

Date on here in a minute we'll be back right after this break on digital trends live TV is making history again the groundbreaking samsung q LED 8k and welcome back to Digital Trends live again we're live here every weekday not in Pacific noon Eastern so thanks for joining us share the show everybody know about it you can drop in your comments as we go throughout the show because we

Are interactive I like to remind everybody of that we want to know what you think about the conversations we're having but let's bring you up to date on some more trending news right now and this is one that is both exciting and I don't know if I would want to do it or not but I want to know your thoughts on this it has to do with jet suits yes jet suits are a thing now we've all seen the videos of the flyboard which is more kind of the green Goblin's style jet suit where these rolling around on that but this is something that's different we're talking about the Iron Man suits

This comes from Richard browning who's a British invents inventor and daredevil he's often called the real-life Iron Man based on this suit that he's got and this is something that happened over the weekend where he broke a world record so he broke the world record for flying in a jet suit which I wasn't even sure that there was one but he had the record before the previous record was flying 32 miles an hour was something like this but this time he was able to break that by quite a bit so he ended up going I believe it's 85 miles per hour 85 miles per hour in 5.06 is what he was able to

Fly in this now the sparks coming out of the back I was wondering if that was intentional or not I was not able to get the info on that so that may just be part of it or maybe for show but as you can see the way that he's able to just stand there and hover is pretty amazing he's got the three packs on the arm on each arm for that stabilization and then the thrust is coming from the back so the way he's kind of work this out in order to handle that pretty incredible now this isn't something you're going to be able to go out and just buy right now but it is something of their

Actively working on and the other thing that they talked about is yeah they set this record 485 miles per hour but they would like to get it up to 200 miles per hours so they believe at least Richard Brennan believes that they can actually utilize this technology and get up to that so they they for this one while earlier this year you may have remembered they were actually in the news earlier for a long distance flight they flew 0.8 miles with it they can't store a lot of fuel on these things so the long-distance side of it is something it's gotta be worked out as

They go forward but they three point eight miles to an island outside of England we talked about it here on Digital Trends lab we got coverage at different trends comm but now with this speed record they want to be able to go up to more than double that more than W 84 miles an hour and go up to 200 miles per hour the video is pretty impressive it shows that the stabilization is pretty amazing what they're able to do but pretty cool stuff when it comes to tech again I don't think I would want to get in this snow for a long time but I'm glad there's people out there that are

Doing it so you can check that out at Digital Trends dot-com all right continuing on with our trending news here and talking about different things that are happening this next one is in Las Vegas and it's something that well a little over a year from now if you are going to a convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center which a lot of us probably have at some point or another you're gonna be able to try something out from the boring company yes the boring company owned by Elon Musk and it is a new tunnel they are digging showcasing their ability and technology

To create faster travel faster commuting so this one is a sample that they're doing well it's more than a sample I mean it really is a full-on tunnel system that they're building but it's just at the LBCC so however if you if you've never been there the L VCC is quite big it's 200 acres and what they're going to be able to do is with that 3.2 million square foot space is with this tunnel that they're digging underneath you're going going to be able to get from one side to the other in approximately one minute again if you there's kind of a demonstration

Showcasing where they're gonna have these three stops for it so get off there if you've ever been there and again this is a huge huge campus and we go there for the Consumer Electronics Show a lot but there's all kinds of conventions it takes a long time to get from one end to the other especially with all the people involved this would be able to MIT that really easily and they're saying this is something they can build in just a little over a year so they just started it they broke ground on it there's gonna be two tunnels gonna be 40

Feet below the surface and it's because of their boring tools that why this is such a big tech story they've worked on contracts with a number of different cities there's speculative things that have been happening they were going to build one underneath the LA freeway that got nixed by some neighborhood organizations but this is one that's actually going through and if this is successful their plans are to possibly build this down the strip in Las Vegas out to the airport they've got talks with Chicago about doing this because if you can put this underground you can cut

Out so much traffic in travel time and they can go very very fast so they said that this thing could go up to depending on how it ends up being up to 150 miles an hour as it's going through there we're not quite to a Hyperloop but this could be the start of something like a Hyperloop which once you get into this kind of technology so pretty cool and they said by CES Consumer Electronics Show which is in January of 2021 that this will be ready to go for people going there to try this out and I can assure you that Digital Trends will be there to try that out when that does

Launch won't be there this year but a little over a year from now they're saying they can complete it that fast they can pretty big pretty big example case for them to put to other cities to see where it goes we check that out and Digital Trends calm all right one more trending story to talk about when it comes to you space technology certainly we we discussed that a lot whether it's commercial use NASA's use we're really in a boon for space exploration the technology involved in it and we often hear about all of the US plans maybe the European plans to go to Mars put

Somebody on Mars don't forget about the Chinese the Chinese have some really ambitious plans there Chinese space agency to go to the moon is one of the huge things that they want to do they're gonna put people in the moon but they also want to get to Mars with their Rovers and they did a test of their Rover over this last weekend and it's kind of showcased some of the really cool abilities they have one of the main things there is when you they dropped it from this huge tower to kind of simulate what it would be like landing on the surface one of the big things that you

Have to worry about is a soft landing I mean you're you're falling down from space it's very easy to crash and destroy these things there's plenty of examples of that so they showcased how they believe that their Lander is going to be able to land safely on on Mars and it's pretty amazing actually it worked very well so this is one of the first things and a number of things that they're planning on doing so this right there you're showcasing it's got some of the thrust that comes out from the bottom it's got to avoid obstacles it's got to land

Safely whether it's and maybe adjust itself it's gonna land on a rock so there's a lot of technological sides to come into that but they think they're gonna be able to get that up there very soon heading to Mars so to launch their probe onto the surface their lander in competition may be in cooperation but let's be honest there's some competition going on there with the US and the ESA maybe the Japanese Space Agency but that's where we're at right now taking a look at that so definitely really fascinating stuff we're gonna talk about more with Mars coming up in a bit we'll

Have Georgina at orbit on so don't forget to stick around for that segment but before we do that we're gonna take a break and we're gonna come back we're going to talk about different ways that we are able to stay healthy we're talking to stay healthy so different applications that can help us when it comes to health technology of really great use cases of that we've got true the founders on that are gonna be joining us here after this break so stick around back here in a minute with more digital trends

Govan separation TV is making history again the groundbreaking samsung q le d 8k this is digital trends live thank you for joining us we're interactive we can take your comments your questions whatever you want to bring up as we go throughout the show so drop those into the chat and I'm Gregg nibbler and we certainly love to talk about different ways that technology can help our lives out particularly when it comes to health we

See some amazing advancements in that we're going to talk about some of those right now we have from the founder and CEO of stay healthy John Collins and the president Ziggy Crowe Mendell are both joining us right now John and Ziggy thank you so much for joining us here on the show all right we are alive right now this is part of being live at a John and siggy can you hear me right now yes hello thanks for joining us I'm excited to talk about this and we like to talk about the different ways that technology is being utilized to help people out

Let's talk about the founding of stay healthy and John maybe you can start us off walk us through what was some of the inspiration that you wanted to form this for stay healthy was founded in 1995 in Iowa by a couple professors out of Iowa State University and the purpose was to utilize the many emerging internet so that we could provide access to high quality medical grade clinical devices and equipment and screening tools at no cost the first kiosk that they created was a desktop version and then in 1998 I took the company over and we focused on what

We saw is the biggest emerging problem in at that time which was excess body fat and that situations any NGO was yeah let's talk about some of those the statistics side of that as far as maybe giving people an overview of of how that's gotten worse what are the trends right now what's kind of a big good big picture view of that you know you know that's about 1998 so at that time the excess body fat percent so the population of the u.s. at large was 60 percent today that is 70 percent and if you read the latest research you will see that it is predicted that

In the next 20-30 years it could get close to 100 percent the latest study that just came out of our children on a worldwide basis said that in the next 10 years the number of children worldwide who are obese not just excess fat will exceed 250 million so the trends are extremely bad and very very poor and so let's talk about stay healthy in some of the ways that you what the app does I guess walk people through the process of if they are using this app what are the things that it does so you yes we have a few apps but really we're talking about color quest yeah so

Line is we've created a mobile app that helps engage and educate children about their bodies and about healthier eating choices because they're not teaching that in school anymore and we landed when we did our research in the app stores we landed on two activities that are wildly popular amongst children and adults and that was coloring and puzzles so we led with coloring you'll notice sometimes if you couldn't do a restaurant many times they'll offer a child something to color some crayons it's because it keeps them focused it keeps them calm so we've used that what

We do is we create color quest which is a bunch of cartoon characters that we've developed that are hearts different organs body parts as well as fruits and vegetables and they get to color that in using tools on their app to bring brushes and colors and then they bring it to life via augmented reality in the environment and that character shows up the way they color it but before they can engage in that character they get served up a health tip about that free vegetable or organ so they're learning as they're being entertained I think that combination of gaming is definitely

Something that's that's huge you know for kids to learn and we've seen that from a number of different ways it's just it's a really great way to interact and with this technology constantly advancing I would imagine it's it's it's a constant not a struggle but definitely a constant learning curve on thinking out how to incorporate that in you mentioned augmented reality and that is certainly something we're seeing a lot of advancement in so with you with AR and within your app how do you use it know you mentioned that you get to see it in life but how do they

Gage with it what are some of the different aspects of that right so they're able to once the character is in their environment they're able to zoom in walk around that character they can shoot a video or a photo to show the family or grandma or what have you and they could go ahead and share that as well on social media again at the core of it where we saw is there's hundreds of millions of downloads for other coloring apps but the children are literally coloring you know sports cars and you know flowers and butterflies or not and the parents that since they're

Doing this important activity anyways why not color things that they can learn about educate again about their own bodies and food because it is not being taught today you know so we want the children you know when we hand them a pizza it would be great for the child to maybe say hey mom no why don't we try some broccoli right you know without it I think the important thing here which we have to keep in mind is is the result we released Kelly quest they are on the You Tube channel almost two months ago and since then we've had 20 million plus views across all our channels we were

Then approached by Universal then Universal Music Group and asked us if we could take the same characters and the same subjects so that we could prompt not just education about the organs and you know about the healthy foods but also activity what can we do that handles what is such a big problem today which is children who are inactive and Ziggy and the team it stay healthy came up with the state healthy shake that was released as a single some six weeks ago by Universal and we have a new single coming out which you know we can announce in a couple of weeks on Black

Friday which actually again prompts activity and if the state healthy shake is a dance using the same characters and telling children hey have fun do this dance do these activities and that's already up to close to 600,000 views as training 20 number one and 24 countries around the world so it would the way we look at it is obviously as a company you take a chance and you create something you believe in you what you said yourself quite often people find out what they thought would work did not in our case it has and we're very excited they were able to help children through

Coloring and through activity in a way that they're engaging and in a way that's you know 20 million people plus have already seen it so it's nice to be to receive that confirmation which means that the the content that you're putting out there is certainly something that you know 20 million I mean that's that's huge that means that that kids are wanting to engage in that and looking at this going forward you know you mentioned what a huge issue this is and I want to go back to you know you mentioned results and talked about that's the key thing here how much of an

Effect have you seen so far other than the downloads obviously that's that's tremendous where are you at right now as far as that and then where do you think that you can get in the next couple of years utilizing this tech our company's been around now for over 20 years mm-hmm we have never received market response like we're receiving right now Plus partners who are coming on board such as Daniel Baldwin from the Baldwin acting family when he saw this he said I'm getting behind this and with the rest of our family Herb Dean here is the number one referee and Ultimate Fighting he

Just signed an agreement with us so what we're seeing is an awful lot of people are buying into the issue and saying yes we want to help we want to help the kids we understand there's a problem something needs to be done so the more we can spread the word and the more we can have people use it and the more we can get celebrity and sponsor support the better off we are and that is is happening in a big way well talking about that of spreading the word and letting people know how they can use it where can they go get it what is the best way to get involved with both this

App and your and the other suite of products that you have so the best place to go is go to either the Google Play Store the App Store you can download color quest they are also color quest they are calm and then stay you can learn about a lot of the other applications that we're developing right now as well well John and Ziggy I want to say thank you so much for joining us to I mean congratulations on the success that you've had so far that's that's tremendous after all that time too and you seeing this huge response to a are clearly it's resonating with people and

You're on the right track and obviously we all want to change those trends and where we're at with obesity and and really thank you for joining us here on general friends live to talk about your your application and everything that you're doing well thank you so much appreciate you take care you too so really great learning about that and and what people are doing to help combat issues and health technology is tremendous it's something that we we've seen a lot of growth in and when you get to see results like that that's a really great thing as well so we've got more

Coming up what's what we're gonna do is we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back we're going to talk about Mars actually and some surprising results about oxygen being found on Mars in different levels what does it mean is there life for other Martians well we're gonna talk about that a little bit more can we help we have George II know who's gonna join us so stick around back here a minute with more digital trends live

TV is making history again the groundbreaking samsung q le d 8k this is digital trends live thanks for joining us i'm greg nibbler and we love keeping you up-to-date on stories that are going on in technology and we talked a lot about space travel a lot about the news coming out about different exploratory programs and we have some news today we're gonna discuss did you so of course as always we have Georgina Trevor Don hello thanks for joining us always good to talk to you and this study this this information that was revealed it was about the Curiosity rover and some

Things that I've found I want you to kind of walk through what this discovery was and we'll talk about what this could possibly mean sure so the Curiosity rover is currently exploring an area of Mars called the Gale Crater and one of the tools that have involved is a suite or the sample analysis at Mars or sound to which it can the atmosphere and so it's been taking readings from the Martian atmosphere and it's found in some ways what we expected which is that the atmosphere has a mostly made up of carbon dioxide and in addition there are

Small amounts of other gases like nitrogen and argon and oxygen so so far so normal but what's the new findings that are really unusual is that the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere seemed to vary in a very strange manner yeah if we have a look at this graph here you can see those yellow highlighted areas or places where the oxygen levels are up to 30% higher than we would have expected based on seasonal variation so the levels of nitrogen and argon they're predictably where as the oxygen is just all over the place and one of the reasons this is so

Interesting is that we just don't know why that is yeah that's something I mean when you think about Mars obviously there's there's different kinds of chemical reactions that can happen but I mean to have a spike like that on what's basically a dead planet that is that would certainly cause some concern so I mean I can think about what some of the ramifications are but walk us through what some of the possibilities are that could be causing the spike sure so the presence of oxygen it can indeed be associated with microbial life so one of the more fringe theories is that there's

Some kind of microbes somewhere beneath the surface producing oxygen but that's not very likely the more likely options would be firstly that there's something happening in the atmosphere that we don't understand that there's some kind of chemical process happening in the apples of the earth although the scientists think that's probably not the case here because if it was in the atmosphere you would expect a regular seasonal variation and that's not what we see so the other possibility is that there's some kind of what's called a chemical sync somewhere so

There's something on Mars which is absorbing and/or producing oxygen and the most likely explanation for that is that it'll be something geological so it could be something in the soil or maybe something in the rocks that are beneath the surface that are producing oxygen and that's why we're finding these strange readings what kinds of things I mean could that be or is that really what the mystery is what kind of geological activity could be happening yeah I mean the reason it's very hard to tell is that the the Sam instrument on curiosity it can tell you what the

Atmosphere is made of but it can tell you the sources of those so we know that there are certain geological processes which would result in higher levels of oxygen but we can't say given the tools we have at the moment which one is happening here although one interesting finding is that last year there was similar findings regarding the levels of methane in that case the Curiosity rover found that levels of methane were rising by up to 60% at certain times they just seemed to spike and we don't know why that is either but interestingly it does seem to be a correlation between the

Oxygen levels and the Me's benefits for at least part of the year so these two factors are both history's at the moment but they seem to be related somehow the same thing so hopefully with some more data but we'd be able to build up and answer not only the oxygen question also the me think well is there enough data that we can gather with the Rovers that are on there right now or is this something that's gonna have to happen with the next batch well like I say curiosity can gather data about the atmospheric conditions as they exist what it can't do is is look

For the information about the source but there are I mean there's another mission on Mars called insight which is a lambda and that's focused more on it specifically looking for mass graves but part of that involves drilling down through the surface of Mars so there's a possibility that really might turn up new information which would help explain something about these geological processes well it's really fascinating and I love these mysteries that we're finding out it's like why yeah why is this happening but how can we do it and that's that also look I think showcases

Some of the tremendous advancements that we've had that we're able to analyze it we're where we are right now but just what's coming up on the horizon is so exciting when it comes to Mars yeah it's amazing there's gonna be a lot more great information coming out in the next few years well as always thank you for joining us and check out offered use articles in general trends it's really really interesting and we go in-depth on a bunch of this and thank you as always for being your in digital trends live my pleasure thanks all right so learning about Mars always so much

Fun so I highly suggest that we have so many great articles at the website and articles on everything that we've covered here today on digital trance and that's what we like to do keep you up-to-date on tech and we've covered a wide gamut of that today all kinds of different technology that we talked about we do that live here every single weekday at 9:00 a.m. Pacific noon Eastern and I want to remind everybody to hit that subscribe button let me get the notifications when we do go live and talking about going live I also want to let you know about some things we're

Gonna be talking about tomorrow so Google stadia is gonna be launching well from Matt Smith our senior editor on to discuss that launch he's been using a demo version and he'll share his opinions which I'm sure those a lot of those and from key phases to fire Phillips Sargent of Open University will join the program to explore where emojis are now playing a part in our communications from electoral politics the culture wars campaigns against online abuse so let's talk about their lidar technology mainly known for its use in autonomous vehicles will have

Louis L Dada the CEO of quanta G a leading provider of lidar technology will be on to discuss the growing use cases for light are beyond autonomous vehicles and all that more will keep you up to date on everything going on in the world of technology so make sure you join us here every weekday 90 Pacific noon Eastern and we will keep you up-to-date with all that for Digital Trends I'm Gregg nibbler thanks for watching continued tech news coverage go to digital trends calm

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