DigiByte Cryptocurrency ($DGB) Mass Adoption w/ Josiah Spackman

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel if you're looking for your daily dose of digi byte well you've come to the right place back on the channel my buddy Josiah is a important figure in the digi byte world you might say and I'm happy to have him back on channel

How's it going man thank you sir it's good to be here appreciate you having me back on to have a chat yeah absolutely absolutely so for folks that might not know you can give a little bit of background about you know

Your story how you got into the space and then what you do for did you bite sure so I originally myself got involved back in 2014 end of 2013 basically like most people I heard of Bitcoin back then though a

Friend of mine basically said that I could print money with my graphics card and I thought this sounds like a little thing right so I I got involved I got myself a couple of graphics cards I started mining Bitcoin but this was

Right when the first ASIC started to show up so very quickly became AI I think I managed to mine point 1 of a Bitcoin after three days or something like that which is like two bucks at the time so yeah that's when you mentally

Abandoned it because you're like okay this is it's cool but I'm over here yeah you know yeah and you do the math and you're like oh I've spent like ten dollars worth of electricity to get $2 worth like the the math doesn't check

Out so yeah yeah I found like when shortly thereafter I thought I'm a clever guy and I can see that they've got a higher maximum supply and they've got faster block times and I can mine it potentially at the same time as but that

Was the original idea potentially at the same time as Bitcoin but I thought you know what it makes more sense to use this as like as a currency cool I'm in and about a week or two after I found litecoin I actually came across digi

Might because they were doing their mine for mud with dogecoin yeah and it was a philanthropic event where they were helping victims of the Washington mudslides so I looked into it and they're just implemented digi shield I

Thought I'm a clever guy this has a bigger maximum supply and foster block timings i'm parently also a very simple man but but that was and that was it that was the start of my I had to take a bit of a sabbatical a

Bit of a break from any crypto currencies for a couple of years due to just life circumstances but yeah here we are today I kind of basically woke up one morning a little while ago and decided I wanted to help and I wanted to

Be somebody that could help educate people and teach people and show them just how cool this stuff really is like and this is exciting this is these are really interesting times that we're in and I want to be able to help people I

Want people to be able to learn new stuff want to help with tech problems all that kind of things so here we are today that's awesome that's awesome yeah and did you bite is one of those projects that I think flies under the

Radar quite a bit because it doesn't have flash you marketing it doesn't have the you know a lot of the buzz words that you hear out there but what it does do really well is the fundamental benefits of a crypto currency and a lot

Of the fundamental things that Bitcoin is so great because of did you bite has really doubled down on and I think that's why I'm I'm such a fan of it because a lot of the yeah I guess niche things that you see with proof of stake

And a bunch of other things they're cool but there is also something to be said for going back to the basics and just improving the basics even yeah and it's I mean you bring up a really good point in terms of like doubling down on a nest

Potentially one of the bitter ways of I suppose describing did you buy it we've doubled down on what's cool but we've also looked forward a bit more even things like with the thousand one supply ratios so it's yeah that's that's

Probably one of the bigger bigger ways I've actually heard of explaining it and don't get me wrong like I'm a big fan of the idea of trying things yeah yeah totally but at the same time I'm not convinced like everything needs a

Blockchain but at the same time I want to see like I want to see Bitcoin with their 1 megohm like you know what let's go for a 300 kilowatt love to see that right you know and then we've got the polar opposite which is

Bsv and they're like Giga mega bloks whatever you know yeah yeah it's like let's just put a hundred gigabyte solid state drives per block every single block you they drive you just chuck it in there and yeah it

Doesn't matter you've only got you know six SATA ports and two m dot 2 slots yeah minor detail yeah and I mean the other cool thing about digi bite is how decoupled it really is from a parent organization or a figurehead person you

Know I know that the community is very avid but it very much is a community run project and there's no one single person who can just say this needs to happen and then it happens and I think that that's something that's underrated yeah

It's it's definitely it's it's a balancing act and it's something that we kind of have to consistently fight for is the wrong word to strive for is probably our way of describing something we've got to consistently strive for as

A broader you know ecosystem it's it's really quite it's it's great we've got Jarrett who is still involved in the development and things like that but at the same time it's very different from say for example theory or a lot of

People are familiar with etherium yeah Vitalik he's very much like a driving force you see him in there all the time arguably still very heavily involved in every single decision and pathway and things like that whereas with digibytes

So for example the Oh decrypt upgrade that we did last year so although jared was aware of it and everything along those lines he wasn't actually involved with it until the day that we actually went live that was the

Day when he first actually installed that software himself yeah he was a real late bloomer there in terms of getting trying to get out yeah and and we did so we did everything all of like the network testing the protocol level stuff

And and all of the juicy things that go along with it mm-hmm you know without his involvement so he did actually to be feared contribute to some of the the core wallet coding that kind of went into it

Before him but you get kind of the picture this debris distinct difference there between the two so he's still very actively involved yeah but it doesn't all originate from there right yeah and and all the there are a lot of decisions

That are made when you make an update to a protocol or you make an update at the protocol level and there are a lot of I mean it's high stakes right you know someone like James hundreds of millions of dollars at play here yeah oh

Sorry guys yeah sorry we'll just uh why Matt back you know I mean it doesn't even it just doesn't work that way because once once you make a mistake it's a it's an immutable mistake in a lot of ways yeah

And so there is there is a lot of testing and things that goes into a document so yeah especially with us coming up with prop Powell a lot of testing is gonna be going into that everything from testing the way that the

Algorithm is implemented through to doing testing it upgrades of the entire blockchain of things like that simulating different levels of hash rights that we could potentially expect all of that kind of juicy goodness and

And it's potentially going to take you know a few months yeah yeah these things take time especially things are very intricate like consensus algorithms that they're very challenging to to tune so that all the different I guess all the

Different levers worked out the way they should for users and for the protocol and for miners everyone's got to be you know balanced so I guess it would be it would be fair to say that you know you talked about Oh decrypt which for folks

Who are as of yet uninitiated it's basically in essence a morphing consensus mechanism is focused on crippling ASIC domination would that be fair to say yeah every ten days it morphs itself and tweaks itself and yeah

So it's it's more parameterised so you have to sort it you have to kind of keep up with the algorithm rather than you just plug in an ASIC and just keep running on the same specialized single algorithm correct so every ten days you

Need to update and reapply the bit strings to you or if PG a so don't give it kind of like it before those who are uninitiated you've got your CPU which is kind of like your most common level of mining then above that you've got your

GPU and then above that you have an FPGA and then above that you have an ASIC so the the FPGA kind of sits in between an ASIC and a GPU is kind of like a programmable ASIC that you could use to chop and change between

A couple of different yeah algorithms super malleable allows you to get changes on the fly so that I mean that's what it stands for field programmable gate array so if you know you can program it in the field and change how

It works and then you said you know prog POWs in the mix so clearly the focus still is focusing on making mining a more equitable open exchange of value creation of value and making sure that there's no single piece of tech I can

Dominate you know cuz prog POWs kind of basic focused as well yeah so they've their target hardware is very much GPU focused so they've optimized a whole lot in terms of what we've got with both your Nvidia Kemp and your AMD camp and

If Intel if we're making GPUs it's not like you're you know on board then we'll see we'll see yeah I know it might happen we don't know dreams are free but yeah so what they've done is they've kind of taken a slightly different

Approach so with with Oh decrypt we kind of we took if PGA's and we basically compared to me as a six and we see what are the differences here how close to an ASIC can we get this FPGA algorithm without actually making it ASIC my noble

Yeah just dial it back a little bit make these tweaks and and things so that it does change itself on a regular basis so that you can't mine it on an ASIC and we've got other crypts something that is if PGI targeted with prog pal and now

For all those mining non mining people sorry this this is going to be very interesting to you in just a moment here don't worry stick with us yeah stay with us it's all right we're getting there they've focused on GPUs

And they've targeted a GPU so originally what happened with it hash which aetherium uses as they basically they started from an algorithm focus and they focus specifically on the algorithm it's it's it's a slightly different approach

From Pao which is more of let's focus on the hardware that we have that we know that we've got and we're gonna just the utilization as much as we can and streamline it and optimize it for the hardware yeah rather than focusing on

The algorithm algorithm is the target slightly different but it's got a very subtle change in outcome in that prog pal is very tweakable four four GPUs and things like that future optimizations in terms of new hardware that comes out

Anything along those lines very easy to modify it so that it would invalidate any potential ASIC that might come along but at the stage we're looking at it basically going it doesn't look like it's going to be possible and we've even

Seen I think there's three different independent groups have gone through and investigated and reviewed the algorithm and ahead and they've all gone yeah that looks cool that looks like a great GPU mining algorithm and there they're like

One or two minor little tweaks and improvements you can make but yeah it looks good same also for random X and now this is where it gets really exciting for the average Joe because you don't need a

Specialized GPU yeah you've got your computer if you've got an old one sure you might not make millions of dollars of you know cryptocurrency overnight with it but you've got a CPU in your desktop computer in your laptop

Potentially even in your cell phone that you can use so that means you plug your cell phone in at night you leave your laptop plugged in at night and it can mine on your existing hard work you don't have to go and purchase anything

We've removed that barrier to entry and we are further broadening the scope of people who can participate in this kind of thing further enhancing the global distribution of the base layer cryptocurrency that you haven't so huge

Benefits all around in terms of both the security and the distribution which I feel doesn't get talked about enough yeah yeah I'm with you and I think that the more access at the lowest possible exelon of technology and hardware

Requirements the more likely it is that the network becomes more decentralized in its in the truest sense because there are more people who can participate at the most core tenant of the network or the network which is mining and

Consensus and and owning a copy of the network right yeah so all these algorithms giving people an opportunity to regardless of what sort of investment they have to make in participating they can they can do so yeah

And that's that's really quite important as well one of the things that we've seen is I've done previous comparisons of digi byte with its five algorithms up against the coin or light coin with their one algorithm yeah and you see the

The distribution and like that that PI I'd section of donut graph that I was making even just updating earlier in the week was immensely different immensely different so yeah it's it's it's good for the security it's good for the

Distribution of the coin as well and it makes for a bitter bitter blockchain project really in every way so that's exciting absolutely absolutely so I mean besides consensus do you have any you know interesting news to share like is

There anything like where is digi byte going from here if we had a road map in front of us what are some of the things that are on the horizon this it's funny you actually mention that because I've just let me quickly bring this up I've

Actually put something up on github now I'm not calling in a road map because a road map implies like you hear people all the time we've got a team of developers and we're working yeah and we beat them with a stick every day to make

Sure that they're not you can okay the number of lines of code you know either yes but so instead this is what we're calling a pipeline these are things that are coming in the future thing is that either members of the community are

Interested in seeing or perhaps something that developers have indicated that they are interested to work on down the line or are currently working on there's a dizzy assets for iOS is obviously the first one great yeah which

Is long-awaited yeah yeah yeah we missed it we've actually got a new gentleman who's looking after that now for us he's finishing off a lot of the work that our existing developer is done which were

Super stoked about but the existing developer wants to get us teeth dirty on some more core level stuff cool so we've got somebody who's kind of picking up the mantle and running with it which is cool but so in terms of our like more

Bigger projects that we've got coming up we'll just really quickly list them off so we're looking at Shanor signatures we're looking at prog pow random exponentially integrating lightning Network there are further improvements

That we're doing with the Gowalla further tweaks to digi assets the opcodes and things that we're doing there and I'll kind of stop there because otherwise Esav long list manager madness yeah

Yeah I know that's a lot of good stuff and I think it's again it harkens back to the original point which is that digi bite is doubling down on a lot of the things that make Bitcoin great and you know taking a creative approach to doing

So obviously because you know Bitcoin is what it is and there it's a much different culture and that's not it's not a cut on Bitcoin either I think people sometimes take it that way but did you buy it as a place in my opinion

Where research and development projects and ideas that would never fly in the core protocol can get battle tested there and then if they provably work within did you bite I think that's just like almost mental like thought where to

Show okay in core in Bitcoin core this could work just as well and maintain decentralization maintain what's good about Bitcoin so it's almost like a battleground to allow free or decentralized community in this regard

This specific regard to test new things out yeah and and addressing a lot of those shortcomings doesn't have to be I know it's like let's be honest it's probably gonna be contentious if it's a Bitcoin yeah yeah I mean I think

Everyone has their own opinion about what should and should not be you know and you might have an opinion on this but I definitely do I don't think we're gonna see unless there's some sort of like zero-day style thing going on a

Hard fork in Bitcoin core at least in any time within the near future like we're talking decades because that's how thought these things are but that doesn't mean we can't have soft porks and things like noir signatures which

Will no doubt improve things don't have to be hard Forks they can be soft Forks and no interruption so yeah those things should have so for example when we're looking at your signatures for ourselves we're probably going to be looking at

Putting in at the same time as we do a protocol level upgrade so if you might have done a number of hard Forks in the past these are not your traditional kind of Bitcoin cash and bitcoin Forks mm-hmm everything splits off but more so that

Your viewers are aware this is more of kind of like a reorientation of the ship we're all on the boat we're all just kind of changing course a little bit because we all yeah we all basically agree this is the best way forward is

Probably a better way of putting it but when it comes to some more signatures we'll kind of look at trying to bring those in potentially at one of those reorientation x' so everybody gets it just like we did with dandelion so

Dandelion is an optional level thing in Bitcoin core mm-hmm problem is if you've only got like one or two people that are running it doesn't really do a lot doesn't work yet so with dandelion for your IP preserving privacy measures it's

Will it needs most people out there to be using it we've got a lot of people that are running notes who are both mining pools we've got exchanges with God's blockchain explorers all of that kind of

Juicy goodness they all have it turned on by default which is great so sure some of them are gonna go in and see instantly turn it off yeah totally cool no worries but the majority of the network supports it which means that

When you now take your handy-dandy cell phone and you fire it up it works so we're pretty stoked about that kind of thing same sort of thing with Schnoor signatures and potentially even there they're looking into what's involved in

A core level coin join and coin shuffle so yeah interesting we'll see we'll see yeah from a technical perspective that one's challenging aren't also like just from from buy-in I think some people with the ideas of coin joins and mixers

And other things the regulatory uncertainty there I think makes people super scared of of taking that type type of step yes lest you draw regulatory scrutiny that is otherwise undue you know and I don't think it's

Like a everyone who does it is bad it's more of a how is it going to be perceived and if someone makes the law how do you wind it back you know and this is a lot of the thing as well so it's not just with these like they say

Coin joins but also when we look at staking as well yeah and there is still uncertainty about would the United States for example classify that as a security true yeah no I totally agree because you know stake however you

Evaluate it is at stake in something is at stake in an organization is at stake in a project you know that the questions are are valid and there are arguments in both directions that make sense it's just

Will we have clarity not anytime soon and lately yeah yeah and it will likely happen where you know clarity comes out of someone getting hit with a really big stick and that yeah that's the problem at hand here and so you know people hate

On me a ton for saying you know I'm all for quick you know quicker regulations and not saying haphazard slapped together stuff but if we work with regulators in some cases clarity is better than non clarity like you know

Regulations gonna come no matter what so let's figure out how we can regulate properly in a way that doesn't completely you know stifle innovation but also that projects are no longer spending so much money and time on the

Regulatory like I think if you look at projects like like AOS and the hope you know backing company behind it in block one the amount of time and money that they spent you know even before the SEC situation on regulatory and legal

Matters is insane you know so people say well where did all that ICO money go I can tell you I'm sure a lot of that money went to lawyers and accountants and regulatory like lobbyists and other things like that

Because there is no clarity and if you're going to start touching enterprise you're gonna start touching you know real people's money wouldn't it be better if you could take that lawyer money and either send it towards like

Develop R&D man but yeah you know and if there's earlier things I'm sorry to all the lawyers out there don't get me wrong you just hate to spend money on a lawyer right it's it's a necessary I don't wanna say necessary evil cuz again you

Can't win this one man you can't win sorry-sorry oh no yeah but but that's true right so we've done that we've done like ways and we actually we win we've got an independent legal opinion mm-hmm in the

United States company were willing to stake their name on it basically go yep we don't believe that you are a security here is why and you can take this and show it to exchanges if you like yeah some people in the community actually

Paid for a formal legal opinion that basically said you are not a security as far as we're concerned we might still be one day but differences like you mentioned of being hit with that stick and being that target are a lot slimmer

Yeah absolutely if you have a provable defense and that's where that's where the clarity thing comes into play because if you're a project and you know we know even if you disagree with it because regulations happen people

Disagree with them they may be unfair but as long as you know what those bounds are innovators will find a way around to make the things work the way they should be even with those those kind of those

Guardrails around you and so I would trust people more people are more likely to innovate around regulations that are a little bit opaque or dense then there will be people who are just scared to even try because there's no clarity and

I know it's this is a contentious topic but the reality is we want I think we all want the same thing and that's for this space to actually do good and develop quickly and to get in the hands of more people and I think this is a

Component that has to be thought about and everyone has to sort of take an active role in whether they agree with me and agree with you or disagree with us or whatever well people I guess that's kind of one

Of the beauties of cryptocurrencies people don't actually have to do diddly squat if they don't want to true yeah you don't have to we actually be getting a lot of people and they'll join our telegram channels

For example and they'll go alright guys what's happening what are you gonna do today to help further did you buy yeah and and obviously we greeted it with yeah you're you're most welcome to help us you know we're

Looking at we're talking with this exchange over here working on this particular project we're busy building this documentation and they're like yeah no thanks that's right yeah thanks for asking though but but yeah like that's

That's kind of the beauty of a permissionless project but but like you say to further their that yeah we've got a few people like for example Rudy who has been a big proponent and and he's heavily involved alongside and to mighty

Mmm-hmm in the cove in nineteen allured half which the Dutch government is currently going through in reviewing and as far as I'm aware they're in like a kind of a finalist stage at the moment yeah they've been using their they're

Looking at ways that did you by can be used within the application as well yeah and and to my D who are heavily involved with it are built basically their entire product suite on top of the did you might watch chain and digi ID so you

Know that's that's really exciting and we kind of we look at this as an opportunity like what's actually the the current population of the Netherlands good question that one I would have no idea

Seventeen million people and so they basically look at it and they go well we're gonna need maybe sixty percent of people out there using this kind of an application yeah and you look at it and we go right even if this is let's say

Fifty percent just for a nice round number of seventeen million mm-hmm so eight and a half million people using this application even if they themselves do not know it's digi bite underneath and how it's being used

And all of the intricacies about why it's being used and what it's doing getting that kind of thing out there and into the hands of people I think is actually really both a noble but also really exciting prospect yeah totally

And look if you did your job as a developer of a service that based on blockchain or not the users should not feel or have to worry about how it works behind the scenes because if they do

Then you haven't abstract it enough to the point where it's it's a good user experience yeah the rest comes later if they say wow like this really did it you know did a great job doing XYZ then you can say

Well you know guess what this is the backbone this is how it works in mmm and that I think that's that's the key that's the key to a lot of this stuff is yeah yeah easy to use stuff in people's hands that makes their lives better and

Then saying hey you know what enabled this to work the way that it does you know blockchain crypto all these other you know there are tons of other technologies that I think have a lot of the propensity to make people's lives a

Lot better but need to develop you know further this this was something that I think you actually mentioned in our first video that we did together was you were talking about building an application on aetherium

And what's involved with that and what what the end users should have for an expectation what has in terms of like say for example delays or the costs involved and all that kind of thing and as a developer it's interesting weighing

That all up I mean I'm not a developer I'm more saying like as you are a developer laying it all out but as an end user most of the time what an in user just wants pretty little button that they can click

On find the scenes usually doesn't matter quite so much so yeah like you mentioned think I want to say to them hey you know I'm glad you enjoyed it sweet I've worked really hard on this I'm really proud of this did you know

That it's blockchain and okay wow wow that's really cool me yeah totally yeah and you know if you look at the way stuff is sold you know I hate to liken this to like you know sales bin but the reality is that's the way the world

Works they don't they don't lead with here's this half-assed thing but it's gonna be great they lead with how is this gonna change your life and make it better yes and now here's the product here's how you get it and then once

People like it here's how it works and here's why it works and all that sort of thing so what what you're saying though is what we need to do with the likes of random mix and things is we need to say to people we're making some changes so

That everybody can participate in mining securing the network and being rewarded with did you might for doing so predict precisely yeah the the how matters a bit less than the what and there will be a lot there will be a

Significant number of people who really care what it how it works and those are people who you know they'll ask the question though yeah they they come and ask you and they come and watch you know they look for they seek that those

Answers out but the average person who is a you know Pat who's passive in this industry they want the bottom line how what does this do to make my life for people around me around these I guess it's the way it is their lives better

Right and then after that they might come into a say I want to know how it works maybe tell them then afterwards yeah and then any on cuz I mean for me personally I want to know what something's all about like if I'm going

To buy something the first thing I look at is like does this thing do what it's supposed to do well yes and like how does it impact my life and then afterwards once I like it like okay now I want to know every single thing about

How this works it's like you try to you look at like you look at a Tesla like okay this is a cool car it's fast it has you know some cool technology in it that's the first place you go it's like how cool how does it look what is it you

Know how much does it cost and all that thing then you start watching these teardown videos where you're like I want to know how what the battery cell density is and I want to know all this and they're there what do you call it

The the production line and say how its automated you know that's that all comes secondary to what the product is what it means and how why it matters this is actually really interesting because this is potentially something as well so

You've mentioned at the very start of this video how how the marketing is being community driven in things and it is something that has been being worked on to grow what I think as a project not just specifically digi by but

Specifically did you mind but as an entire crypto space we've kind of gone more like down the specifics realm mm-hmm so my wife and I were looking at getting an electric scooter for for her and she basically she was

Like I want the xiaomi one and they've got two options they've got the pro model and they've got the the regular model yeah and you know can I get two working back on the regular model yes cool I'm getting the regular model and I

Don't need to spend the extra money whereas I was more interested in the how does it work what's the maximum speed what's the actual range of them all of that and you know what are we getting for that

Additional money kind of thing and I think that that's what the these projects as a whole did you buy it included but not just limited to did you I have gone here's a marketing sheet yeah yeah it all of this stuff when my

Wife just wants to know can I get to working back on this that's what's important to her for her decision to use it is what's important to a lot of people and so I wonder if this I mean this this is kind of coming as a bit of

Like a realization moment for me here that there's a lot more that we can be doing to reach more people like I mentioned at the start here this is something that I'm interested in education specifically around the

Technicals and things like that it's what really gets me going and you know that the how the production line works at isla Factory I love it yep but if we can teach more people that this is an electric car and that you're

Bitter for the environment for reasons whatever and sure people can debate the whole what goes into the battery creation and stuff yeah totally but whatever in terms of the actual did you buy blockchain if we can basically

Come to them and say we're going to be doing some upgrades to the network so that you can participate in mining is potentially bitter than saying hey we're going to be replacing an ASIC specific algorithm with a GPU or CPU focused what

Yeah same outcome yeah same exact topic exactly but ninety percent of people are gonna go I can mine on my computer now with one click cool yeah cool thanks you know those who are interested can go how does it work

Yeah totally it's been this has been interesting this has been it's cool man hey you don't really you never know what will come out of these what will come out of these chats you know it could be real-time

Development of new you know new strategies and things to you know to better the the space but Josiah I think that's just about as good of a place to to stop as I can think of possibly is this been

Crazy thank you so much absolutely yeah thanks for joining and and folks who are watching please do check out digi bite if you're just coming to this video like what is did you bite there's a ton of

Content online I've made some videos Josiah's made a ton of videos I'll link his channel up as well down below so you can check that out but Joe sigh before we sign off where can people find you online and interact

With you if they have questions you want to find out more about did you buy I run a podcast as well which force is featured on did you find in France calm you can go and check that out it'll take you through a YouTube channel I do

Videos every other day keeping people up to date with the news and things like that what's going on cool stuff happening so you have the occasional live stream like this or you can hit me up on twitter i'm at d g/b underscore

Chillin happy to answer any questions absolutely guys and of course have a fantastic rest of your day night evening day you know whatever wherever you are enjoy it and have a good one thanks man Cheers

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