Die Another Day – Movie Review

published on July 2, 2020

die another day was Pierce Brosnan's

final film as James Bond and since no

time to die was originally going to come

out this week I thought it'd be fun to

fill up this week with some James Bond

reviews to pretend like James Bond is

still around at least until November

when we can hopefully watch that film in

cinemas together Brosnan's fourth and

final film came out in 2002 and it

begins with him surfing into North Korea

that should have been a pretty big

indicator that this was gonna go south

really fast bonds on North Korea trying

to hunt down this ruthless terrorist he

leads him on a merry chase across a

minefield with some hover cars and

eventually the terrorist is killed after

that Bond is imprisoned in North Korea

and tortured with scorpions and all

kinds of fucked-up shit

including Madonna's opening theme song

which is another form of torture

definitely a bad bond theme song and to

make matters worse Madonna was also

given a cameo in the film and the entire

scene is like the biggest eye winking at

you see you handle your weapon Wow

I have been known to keep my tip up

here's the thing about Die Another Day

it's definitely Brosnan's worst Bond

film it's even his least favorite of the

ones he did he argued with the producers

that the gadgets were getting too

involved too crazy and that it should go

back to the darker roots of Ian

Fleming's novels clearly he wasn't a fan

of this movie strange thing about it is

it's not the most boring of his films

for me Tomorrow Never Dies it's actually

the most boring of the four movies he

did it's not the worst it's just the

least interesting the villain is like

some tech mogul Teri Hatcher's in it

it's it's just like the exact same thing

happened to Pierce Brosnan that happened

to Daniel Craig Martin Campbell came in

there made a fucking great movie with

Goldeneye and Casino Royale and then

somebody else came in and said yeah I'm

gonna make tomorrow never dies in

Quantum of Solace sorry Martin Campbell

we know you gave us an easy path but we

fucked you so despite how silly and

over-the-top Die Another Day is the best

thing I can say about it is that it's

not boring something's always happening

you can always at least look at the

movie and kind of laugh at some of the

absurdities there's a few action set

pieces that are actually kind of good

the opening minefield Chase is not too

bad there's an OK sword fight with bond

and the main villain Gustav graves which

I'll definitely talk about him later in

the video have many things to say about

that story of mine but for the most part

out of all of Brosnan's films this is

the closest that actually resembles

Austin Powers

for instance this film introduced an

invisible car and there's a car chase

across ice that uses like ten thousand

Rockets and a fucking satellite called

Icarus that the main villain has

constructed in space that reflects the

light of the Sun down to the earth and

his excuses that it will allow countries

that don't have sunlight for certain

times of the year to have crops during

those times but in reality he just wants

to use a giant fucking beam of sunlight

and trust me I haven't even gotten to

the really silly stuff yet we'll get


don't worry well bond is investigating

things in the movie which by the way I

just want to say it's kind of hard to

follow what he's actually doing

we understand that somebody may be kind

of sort of betrayed him in the opening

scene which caused him to be tortured

for many months sort of because somebody

says it once like oh I've been betrayed

by someone someone betrayed you yes I

was betrayed I'm like wait what the film

is attempting to have a plot it's

attempting to have a narrative of some

kind that you can follow and understand

with character elements that shift

around and that are interesting there's

intrigue and spy stuff but it really

doesn't care about any of that it really

really doesn't what this movie is really

interested in is excess it was

desperately trying to make bond feel

relevant and modern and apparently their

idea of that was just shoving everything

into a movie having invisible cars and

all kinds of fucking nonsense so let's

talk a little bit about Halle Berry if

you saw John wick 3 you know that Halle

Berry is more than capable of doing

awesome stuff on screen she was given a

great opportunity in that movie to

showcase a lot of skills and a lot of

training and she was fucking badass but

in some of her early 2000s action film

attempts like Catwoman and Die Another


these screenwriters the producers who

ever nobody really trusted her to do

much she got to kick a couple people in

the face so long as she took her clothes

off before she did it for instance

there's a fight scene at the end of this

movie with Rosamund Pike and Halle Berry

and Rosamund Pike just shows up looking

like Elektra or something for no reason

there's no explanation for why she's

dressed like that and and they just

start fucking fighting it's kind of man

the early 2000s I should talk about

Pierce Brosnan because I do love him as


I think he's excellent in Goldeneye and

even in some of his lesser films I think

he's still really good and I still think

he's really good as bond in this movie

he's giving it his all he's trying

really hard to in the action scenes he

gives a lot he does a lot of the stunt

work himself you can see some takes

where he does some of his stuff

but he's surrounded by noise you can't

really hone in on anything every time he

gets to have an actual conversation with

somebody it's usually a bunch of sexual

innuendos I take it mr Barnes been

explaining his Big Bang Theory oh yeah I

think I got the rest of it but I think

it's time we discuss what I really am

excited to talk about and that is the

twist of the movie so if you've never

seen this film I'm gonna get into some

spoilers the main villain of the film a

British man who's definitely white isn't

actually in reality the North Korean

terrorist from the beginning that we

thought was dead has gone through a

number of procedures to make him look

like this man this was only like 18

years ago holy shit Jesus Christ


pushing aside the obvious issues with

this storyline that is dumb that is

stupid that is just a very dumb idea

there's like the surprise of it was was

less about the story like what they

setup and more of like he actually did

that what were you thinking and he's

wearing like a Power Rangers suit and he

electrocutes people including his father

and you can see the fucking electricity

of course like it's Star Wars and this

entire finale sequence that builds from

this Icarus satellite beaming the

sunlight down to the earth melting the

fucking ice behind bond leading to him

surfing on a piece of that vehicle this

film completely lost its mind



when it comes to Pierce Brosnan's movies

goldeneyes obviously the best one I love

that movie Tomorrow Never Dies and the

world is not enough you can talk about

them and I'll probably review them one

day but die another day and Gould and I

are the ones that are the most

interesting to talk about because this

one is just so fucking nuts and

goldeneyes actually really good I

flirted with just making a hilarious 'ti

of this movie but honestly there's

enough quality elements to the film's

production to Pierce Brosnan's

performance and there's a few action

scenes that are alright David Arnold's

score is pretty good David Arnold is

still my favorite James Bond composer I

wish someone would bring him back his

last film was Quantum of Solace his

score for Casino Royale is fucking

underrated just listen to it it's all on

YouTube it's great die another day is

well it's I'm gonna give daya nother day

a d-plus

so guys stay tuned for the rest of this

week I'm gonna have at least one more

James Bond review for you I'll try to do

two but at least one for sure look

forward to that guys thank you so much

as always for watching and if you like

this you can click right here and get

stuck mine eyes


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