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by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Hey guys ant on the tech chap and this is the new 2020 dell xps 15 9500. now i usually get told off by my other youtube creator friends because every time i review a new dell xps 15 i say that i'm switching i've done it for last like

Three years to be honest and then late last year when i reviewed the macbook pro 16 i switched again and now we've got a brand new xps the cliche question is will i be switching well

The answer is maybe let me explain the thing is there's so many great laptops out there but i've always come back to the xps as my go-to everyday work laptop it offers that perfect balance between

Portability power and well for the sake of alliteration premiumness but as i say i've been using the macbook pro 16 for the past few months and i love it i genuinely do

But with the new xps 15 dell has fixed tweaked and upgraded almost everything i hope they would however one thing that takes away a little bit from the sheen of the new xps 15

Is the new xps 17 their new flagship laptop with a faster rtx 2060 graphics card new vapor chamber cooling and a few bells and whistles that make this seem well a little bit less exciting i will of course review the xps 17 as soon as i

Can get my hands on it so make sure you are subscribed and stay tuned for that but back to the xps 15 and as well as new 10th gen intel processors and faster gtx 1650 ti graphics we're actually getting the biggest

Design overhaul to the xps lineup in about four years it really does feel like the big brother to the xps 13 here's one i made earlier and the other one i'm missing right now is the 17 but when i

Get that i'll do a full xps lineup comparison but you can see they've gone with the same 16 by 10 aspect ratio the super thin bezels including getting rid of that chin at the bottom there's

No dell logo anymore and the new xps 15 also adds a much bigger track pad a refined keyboard richer and bassier speakers usb c charging finally and overall a much sleeker

Chassis partly as a result of dropping the older usb-a ports in favor of just having three thunderbolt 3 usb cs an sd card reader and a headphone jack with these changes though i think more

Than ever this feels like the windows macbook pro however before we jump into talking about what it's actually like to use if you should buy it let's talk about the price in the us the xps 15 starts at just 1300

Which gets you an i5 8 gigs of ram and 256 storage but it misses out on the dedicated graphics card but if you don't really care about that then it's actually really good value

But if you want the proper xps 15 with the graphics card then in the uk you're gonna have to pay at least sixteen hundred pounds or in the us seventeen hundred and fifty dollars which is quite a lot considering

You still get the same 8 gigs of ram and 256 storage and full hd screen as the base model i mean you can get the razer blade 15 with a faster graphics card and double the ram for similar money

But the one i have here with the 4k screen the graphics card 16 gigs of ram and actually one terabyte of storage although the similar skew model in the us has 512 storage it's

Really annoying dell's website is a pain in the ass and there's massive differences between the uk and the us versions including the fact that you can't actually customize this uh you can't

Change the processor or the ram at least not at the moment on the uk website whereas you count the us anyway it will cost you 2300 pounds or 2200 it's a lot of money if you are mr

Moneybags though then in the us at least you can spec this even higher with an eight core i7 the 10850h 64 gigs of ram and 2 terabytes of storage what you can do is upgrade it yourself

If you prefer using a t5 screwdriver to remove the eight torx screws you can see the ram is easily accessible as well as the m2 ssd which is under this heat shield so you could go for the 1750 model which

Gets the graphics card then upgrade the ram and ssc yourself sadly though we no longer get the option of having an oled screen on the xps they introduced it last year but they seem to have taken it away this year which is

A bit of a shame because i actually did buy the old one last year and i really liked it even though you had to forego the touchscreen it was 100 nits less bright than the lcd version but there was no competition

When it came to contrast and it was more color accurate so it's a bit of a weird thing that they'd bring it in and take it away so fast perhaps there are issues with the displays

Anyway putting money to one side for a moment i've been using this for the past few weeks and i genuinely love this thing there's a real wow factor when you first open it up and see that screen

Little things too like being able to open it with one finger or the fact it instantly logs me in with windows hello face unlock plus we get that fingerprint reader as well which you can use for things like banking and online payments

The keyboard has a new feel to it too compared to last year you can see the keycaps and the whole keyboard itself have been widened so it feels more spacious and comfortable to type on the keys also have a more rubbery less

Plasticky feel to them last year and it's still one of the quietest keyboards as well but no less tactile or responsive it's a great keyboard and paired with this huge new precision touchpad

Again giving us that macbook pro vibe it just feels more modern and refined it's lovely to use the speakers are also much better than before and i'd say that this comes second only to the macbook pro 16. it's

Incredibly punchy in fact maybe even a little too basic now as for the webcam well the good news is it's in a good place but it's on the

Top bezel unlike uh xps is from a couple of years ago where it was on the bottom and it would look up your nose quality is pretty decent it's a little bit noisy it's not the brightest but of

Course it all comes down to lighting really so you can see if i spin round there it gets a little bit better but what do you think and also in terms of audio quality how is uh my

Voice because in this crazy what we live in web chats video calls and all that stuff is a lot more important so uh hopefully this has given you an idea of the webcam quality

As for the screen itself i've got the 4k touch version here and i love the fact that we now get this 16 by 10 aspect ratio i really wish more laptops had this and while you do get slightly bigger

Letterboxing when watching videos everything else is just so much nicer and less claustrophobic to use than a typical 16×9 it really does make a difference and while i'm sad there's no oled option

The lcd display is stunning brightness peaks at 500 nits it supports display hdr400 and it covers an impressive 100 srgb 100 adobe rgb and 93 p3 color gamut so it's definitely above average for color

Accuracy all right let's talk performance and to see how much faster the new 2020 xps 15 is let's bring in last year's model these are the specs side by side so it'll be

Interesting to see how much faster the 10th gen i7 is and if the gtx 1650 ti is really that much of an upgrade over last year's 1650 the new xps is nearly 26 percent faster in cinebench

80 faster in geekbench 5 single core test and 19 faster in multi-core moving on to the graphics and again using geekbench 5 the new xps is nearly 9 faster in opencl and about 9.5 faster in cuda in 3d mark

Time spy which tests both the processor and the graphics we see a huge 35 boost but how does all this translate into real world use while jumping into a bit of call of duty playing warzone

At 1080p on last year's xps and 1200p on the new 16×10 xps with high settings i averaged 46 and 57 fps respectively so an impressive 24 boost in rainbow six siege again with

High settings we're looking at 106 versus 113 fps so only a six and a half percent increase and finally in fortnight we get 72 fps on last year's model versus 79 on the new one that's an almost 10 jump

Now unfortunately i don't have a ton of time for gaming anymore so more importantly for me is how it handles video editing in premiere pro just scrubbing through the timeline feels pretty similar on both but when it

Comes to export times a 10 minute h264 4k video took 5 minutes and 26 seconds on last year's xps versus 4 minutes and 36 seconds on the new one that's a fairly substantial 15 faster export time although it is worth

Mentioning that even the newer 1650 ti doesn't have nvidia's newer end bank encoder so it doesn't benefit as much from their recent driver update that boosts performance with adobe however the xps 17 with the rtx 2060 will

Support it and this is the point in the review just like every year with the xps 15 where i have to talk about throttling for example in cinebench we start out at about 4.3 gigahertz then within

30 seconds or so it's down to as low as 2.8 as it throttles to cool down and then when i run cinebench twice in a row the score drops by 20 and i measured the process of

Temperature going above 95 degrees celsius and even hitting a hundred on the outside using my handy laser thermometer i recorded nearly 50 degrees in the center of the keyboard so whether you're using keyboard

Shortcuts while video editing or have your fingers on the wasd keys when gaming after five or ten minutes under load it can get uncomfortably hot so with that said i'd love to see a

Version of the xps 15 with a new amd ryzen 4 000 series chip i think that could be really interesting but i also can't wait to see how this compares with the xps 17 with its fancy vapor chamber cooling but what

About battery life because presumably to fit in this new form factor dell's actually reduced the size of the battery from 97 watt hours down to 86 watt hours which is a bit disappointing especially as for example

The macbook pro 16 manages to pack in a massive 99.9 watt hour battery despite this though battery life in my experience is similar to last year's 4k model one hour of youtube at 50 brightness use

15 of the battery and with normal use i'm getting about six hours from the 4k xps 15. as usual though if battery life is important to you then save 300 and go for the full hd plus

Model it will get you probably between 10 and 12 hours so with all that said should you buy the new xps 15. well as a package with a fresh new design taller screen usbc charging better

Speakers a more spacious keyboard and a huge trackpad plus with an average 19 performance boost the xps 15 9500 is an incredible laptop but i do highly recommend it however it's still let down by

Overheating and throttling plus with the price increase while it's still cheaper than the macbook pro 16 it is a lot of money but if you can afford it or if you even buy a cheaper one and upgrade the ram and ssd yourself

You won't be disappointed and as for the question which i know you guys have watched all the way through just for me to answer of whether i'm twitching well i'm going to be annoying and say i actually don't know yet because i want

To test out the xps 17 see how much better that is in terms of performance and cooling and also to see if a 17 inch laptop is still portable enough that i can use it when i'm going on my travels so i'm going to

Hold off judgment until then and also i want to do a proper comparison video with my macbook pro 16 and the xps 15 and also problem 17 to see which is best obviously these are all super expensive super high

In laptops and they're all incredible but you know if you're going to drop two or three grand on a laptop it pays to do some research and test them properly so again stay tuned for that

And make sure you subscribe and also follow me on instagram at the tech chat there's loads of behind the scenes techy goodness and i'll catch you next time right here on the tech chat

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